I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 9

“When it comes to ancient Greek literature, the same-sex complex must be inseparable, and many European writers are also deeply influenced by it.”

“Students,” the professor held his glasses, “do you think this is a very interesting topic?”

The students present laughed one after another.

“For example, the famous Socrates, his student Alcibiades, fell deeply in love with the old teacher…”

There was another burst of laughter under the stage.

The professor hurriedly said, “I’m married. I love your teacher’s mother very much. Don’t get me wrong, male students.”

After a class, I hardly heard of laughter.

The professor is knowledgeable, quotes from classics, and has fun and humor in class. Yan Shuang listens very carefully and takes full notes. When attending the class, he is completely absorbed in the joy of learning. To be exact, it is the joy of improving his grade point and winning the scholarship.

“After class homework has been sent to the public mailbox. Remind you that this homework is a group homework. Form a team by yourself. The theme is very interesting. I look forward to your performance.”

Professor expression connotation, sold a pass, ha ha smiled, packed up his things and left.

“Let’s go, canteen.”

“Which canteen to go to? East canteen or west canteen…”

“Go to the East canteen and have dumplings.”

The students went to the canteen or out of school for dinner in groups. Yan Shuang was the only one who silently packed up paper and pens next to the unexpected empty seat.

The advantage of transparent people is here. Even if they are very ugly, others will laugh and pass. They won’t really care what’s going on behind them.

The low temperature rubbed around, and Yan Shuang hurried to catch up.

The crowd poured out of the teaching building. There were too many people. The stairs were crowded and noisy. Ji Yao was surrounded by a border, but few people approached. Yan Shuang stepped in and dodged and moved, so he could keep up with Ji Yao.

From this teaching building, there are three roads, one to the canteen, one to the school gate and one to the dormitory building.

Ji Yao chose the one with the least people.

He really went to class empty handed, didn’t even listen to a class, and occasionally glanced at the back

Ji Yao stopped. He didn’t look back and said, “what are you doing with me?”

“I, I also go back to the dormitory to get my laundry…”

The slender figure walked to the remote path on the other side without hesitation.

Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes.

That’s it?

In the end, is it dirty and clean, or is it afraid that touching your hands will be addictive?

He remembered clearly that Ji Yao’s indescribable plot of Yan Shuang was second only to Qi Feiyun, a human extreme sports lover.

The young man is sullen.

According to the original plot, Yan Shuang, who was critically hit, will stand in place and cry.

Anyway, Ji Yao won’t look back. Whoever he loves, he’s gone.

There was no one in the dormitory. Instead, Yan Shuang saved the effort of explaining to others. He packed a set of changed clothes from the cabinet and stuffed them into his schoolbag. Yan Shuang also had to go to lunch.

Hey, if only someone had given him a lunch for nothing.

“Buzz -”

Something came from the mobile phone.

Yan Shuang took it out and had a look.

Someone sent him a message, just two words – “back door.”

Behind the Wutong tree of the school, the familiar luxury cars, familiar men, familiar white prostitute opportunities.

“Get in the car.” Wei Yichen opened the rear door.

Yan Shuang walked directly around him, went straight to the co driver’s side, opened the door, got on the bus, fastened his seat belt, and waved to Wei Yichen who was still outside the car, “master, drive.”

“Mr. Wei, Wei tezhu, can we discuss something?”

As soon as Wei Yichen got on the bus, Yan Shuang twisted his face and his tone was artificial.

Wei Yichen ignored him, and Yan Shuang said in a charming voice: “brother Wei…”


Yan Shuang said to himself, “the next time you pick me up, you should give me ten minutes in advance. No, just five minutes. Let me know.”

“What?” Wei Yichen and Yu Guang sneered at Yan Shuang, “do you want to leave time to make up, Mr. Yan?”

He added the word “Sir”, and the meaning of humiliation was self-evident.

“No,” Yan Shuang said with a pure face, “I’ll leave time to wash my ass.”

The palm holding the steering wheel tightened. Wei Yichen’s face was cold and stopped answering.

“Where are you going? This is not the way to the hotel.” Yan Shuang looks out on the window and thinks that Wei Yichen is going to send him to Qin’s house. Is the plot going so fast? Didn’t he save hundreds of meals?

Without saying a word, Wei Yichen drove into the shady path and stopped all the way to a quiet garden.

Yan bilateral got off the bus and said, “I still have classes in the afternoon. I can’t skip classes anymore.”

It took him at least fifteen minutes on the road. After calculating the time, he had to go back after staying here for an hour at most.

Wei Yichen ignored him, “Mr. Yan, this way, please.”

Yan Shuang followed him with his schoolbag and said discontentedly, “is Qin yubai a dog? Didn’t he do it all night last night? It’s noon.”

Wei Yichen jumped at his temple and said coldly, “President Qin asked you to eat with him.”


There is no such plot in the original book.

It seems that the power of the butterfly effect has begun to take shape in this book.

Good, speed up, speed up!

Like this, the more stories that can both whore and brush the emotional line, the better!

Yan Shuang this “ah?” It’s like “why don’t you call him if you don’t go to bed”.

Wei Yichen seemed unbearable. He stopped and turned back to Yan Shuang: “Mr. Yan, please respect yourself.”

Yan Shuang opened his mouth, “what did you say? Let me respect myself?”

“Yes, as you said, it’s day.”

Yan Shuang smiled. He took a step forward, pointed his finger on Wei Yichen’s black tie, and looked straight into Wei Yichen’s eyes through the lens, “you can do bad things in the daytime…”

Wei Yichen’s lips moved. Before he spoke, Yan Shuang let go of his hand and looked pale, “especially for animals.” He rubbed Wei Yichen’s shoulder heavily, bumped Wei Yichen’s straight suit into a little light fold, looked back and raised a sweet smile to Wei Yichen, “don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about your boss, I’m talking about… Myself.”

This is a wine shop.

Qin yubai private.

After entertaining the guests, Qin yubai suddenly felt very tired. He wanted to listen to Qin Qing’s voice, or have lunch with Qin Qing. He called home, but the servant said Qin Qing had eaten and slept.

“Let him sleep and don’t wake him up.” Qin Yu Bai gently asked, hung up the phone, and sent Wei Yichen to pick him up as a substitute for comfort.

Now, the substitute is holding a silver fork in his right hand to fork up a whole steak. The hungry ghost is eating it like reincarnation. It’s hard to see that it’s just disgusting to him.

Qin yubai took a knife and fork and said coldly, “are you a wild dog?”

Yan Shuang ate meat. He didn’t eat breakfast. He was starving to death.

For Qin yubai’s sake of inviting him to lunch, he won’t quarrel with him.

“Wei Yichen,” Qin Yu baiphen told the housekeeper assistant standing still with his hands down, “teach the wild dog how to eat Western food sometime.”

Wei Yichen, who had seen Yan Shuang’s perfect dining etiquette, bowed his head and responded respectfully.

“OK,” Yan Shuang cooked a steak in one breath and ate all the side dishes on the plate. He felt quite full. “I’m finished. Take your time.”

Yan Shuang stood up.

“Sit down -”

Qin Yu said coldly.

“Have you forgotten your identity again?”

Yan Shuang sat down and looked provocatively at Qin yubai. “President Qin, you don’t have to remind me of my identity. If it wasn’t for that contract, I wouldn’t want to see you at all.”

“Really?” Qin yubai took a sip of red wine and sneered, “who pestered me last night? The sheets were wet?”

Yan Shuang’s face turned red. He slapped the table angrily, “Mr. Qin! It’s Day!”

Wei Yichen: ”

“Day?” Qin Yu Bai shook the red wine glass. His smile disappeared. He said coldly, “come here.”

Yan Shuang: No, you have to have class, son of a bitch!

“Disobedient servants pay a price.”

Qin yubai leaned back slightly and said to Wei Yichen, “make a phone call and let Yan Guofu go to the cold storage to cool down.”

Yan Shuang doesn’t move.

“I heard that people will be paralyzed if they stay in the cold storage for more than eight hours…”

Yan Shuang stood up.

Da baa.

Yan Guofu is his strong labor force! How can I be paralyzed!

Qin yubai chuckled.

Even if Yan Shuang pretended again, he couldn’t hide his concern for the only family member, even if it wasn’t his biological father.

Yan Shuang walks to Qin yubai.

Qin yubai: “squat down.”

Yan Shuang did as he said.

Qin yubai: ”

“I want you to squat down, not like a gangster on the street,” Qin yubai pinched Yan Shuang’s chin, “or do you want Yan Guofu to go to jail?”

Yan Shuang had to change a better squatting posture.

It’s really nice to pay so much attention to slag attack.

Qin yubai’s eyes fell, and he noticed that Yan Shuang was wearing a shirt with a very high collar and a very wide and unfit shirt.

From his venomous point of view, this shirt is not the kind of goods sold cheaply in street stores, but it looks like a private custom-made shirt.

Qin Yu Bai Song opened his hand to hold Yan Shuang’s chin and suddenly pulled Yan Shuang into his arms.

“You let me go -” Yan Shuang struggled. “I’m going back to class.”

Qin yubai clasped his waist with one hand, put his other hand into the high button collar and jerked the collar out.

A piece of silk is sewn on the inside of the collar, and a flower English letter – y is embroidered on the silk.

“Cough…” Yan Shuang was strangled by Qin yubai. His pain was shielded. He could only feel the rapid burning from his face to his neck, “put… Open…”

The boy’s snow-white face was stained with blood caused by dyspnea. Wei Yichen’s eyes moved slightly and gently reminded: “President Qin.”

The man in his arms is struggling weakly. The flower shaped “Y” is shaking at the moment, like a face, laughing at him. Qin Yu Bai coldly glances at Wei Yichen, finally loosens his strength and throws Yan Shuang aside.

Yan Shuang fell to the ground and coughed.

I thought it was three degrees today.

Lost again.

“Clothes, whose?”

Qin Yu said faintly.

Yan Shuang’s cough slowly weakened. He covered his neck, lowered his head and said nothing.

“You really are…” Qin yubai raised the red wine glass by the table and bent over, “very disobedient.”

Such an expensive shirt, obviously belonging to a man, wearing on his little servant really made him… Angry.

The slightly cool liquor poured slowly on the snow-white shirt.

Yan Shuang didn’t move. His black hair covered the upper half of his face, which covered most of his expression. Qin yubai only saw his stubborn lips. Yan Shuang seemed to be too determined to open his mouth and wanted to hide the name of the owner of the shirt.

The bright red liquor on the clothes spread silently and slowly.

Melodious music sounded in the quiet room, breaking the stalemate in one room.

Qin yubai’s eyes fell on Yan Shuang’s broken canvas bag and raised his chin to Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen understood, opened his schoolbag and was stunned when he saw the change of clothes inside. Then he took out the top mobile phone as if he didn’t see it.

“Give me back -”

Yan Shuang, who had been quiet all the time, suddenly burst up and robbed Wei Yichen’s mobile phone.

Qin yubai suddenly got up, controlled Yan Shuang in his arms with one hand and took the mobile phone from Wei Yichen.

It’s an empty number.

Qin yubai’s arms were horizontal and trapped Yan Shuang like a chain. His lips leaned against Yan Shuang’s thin ears, and the heat surged, “who?”

Yan Shuang was just silent.

Laugh to death. He doesn’t know the number he didn’t save.

Qin Yu, with a cold face, slid open the answer button, and then turned on the hands-free.

The other end of the phone was silent for two seconds, and Qin Yu Bai’s unexpected but very familiar voice came from the speaker.

Cold, with an innate pride.

“Where is it?”

“Why not go back to the hotel?”


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