I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 90

The lights were bright and bright, and the expensive aroma was everywhere in the air. The guests took a vague look at the strange and tangled three people and looked away. The eyes met and implied that a slightly surprised smile hung on the corners of the lips, and sometimes someone whispered. They were all discussing who was sacred when they were held tight by the two people.

“Let go -”

“It’s you who should let go.”

The tone of voice was cold and fierce to the extreme, the competition was relative, and the atmosphere was imminent.

The strength from the arms on both sides was almost equal. They held Yan Shuang’s arms tightly and wanted to take the man from each other.

None of them would let go and none of them would lose the contest.

Yan Shuangzheng, who was contested, hung his face and rehearsed in his brain.

In the story of the original book, the identity of Yan Shuang and below was brought into the party by Qin yubai. He followed Qin yubai with a wine cup and a plate. He was humble and invisible. No one asked who he was.

Before the auction, Qin yubai saw someone moving the piano. Yan Shuang looked at it more, and Qin yubai deliberately humiliated and embarrassed him. At that time, Qin yubai had been a little superior to Yan Shuang, and also deliberately reminded himself that Yan Shuang was far worse than Qin Qing in this way.

Ji Yao saw this scene, so he came to rescue Yan Shuang.

At the beginning, Ji Yao didn’t mean to play. It was Cui Zheng who coaxed around. The young owner of the Lin family strongly invited him and Ji wensong on the stage put pressure on him. Ji Yao reluctantly played a song.

At that time, Qin yubai and Ji Yao were dispensable to Yan Shuang, and there was no direct conflict between them.

They all want dignity.

There are still a few characters, and the plot is not bad.

The only difference is “Yan Shuang”.

He carefully set up the stage, waiting for these characters to jump up and perform their part of the play and lay the curtain call for him.

Now – it’s his turn.

“It hurts…”

The subtle voice trembled and overflowed from the lips, suppressing the unbearable pain.

The force that gripped both sides of his arm almost loosened at the same time.

While they loosened, Yan Shuang sat down on the ground like a force in a cry of surprise.

“Shuangshuang -”

“Yan Shuang -”

They bent their knees almost at the same time.

“I’m fine…” Yan Shuang pressed his forehead with one hand, and the cold sweat overflowed from his hair. Facing the two people who bent down to pull him, he shook his head powerlessly and repeated, “I’m fine…”

He said nothing, but his face was as white as paper, his eyes were loose and free, and his expression was sleepwalking. He suddenly had a cold war, and his lips trembled.


His voice was so light that Qin yubai and Ji Yao thought they had heard wrong.

Yan Shuang sat blankly on the ground, and the focal length of his eyes was still a point looking into the air.

“I feel a little pain.”

“I want to go home…”

This time, they heard clearly.

The intense pain swept Qin yubai’s whole body in an instant, and the eyes that endured the acid swelling lost the last line of defense and reason.

Why and how did he force Yan Shuang into this?

“I’ll take you back…”

He was interrupted by a powerful fist.

The neatly arranged chairs crashed to the ground like dominoes, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

The guests retreated in alarm and gave way to a circular space. They watched the unexpected absurd scene at the dinner party and watched a hot upstart in the circle fight with the childe of an old family without image.

Cui Zheng has been silly.

He admitted that he had forgiven Ji Yao at this moment.

It turned out that Ji Yao had been merciful to him.

It’s Qin yubai who really killed him! What’s the point of fighting and dying? Two people for a man, as for?

Cui Zheng loved to have fun, but it was beyond the scope of fun and was about to become a murder capital. He hurriedly wanted to go up and pay homage to the master to ensure safety. As soon as he stepped out, he was pushed away by the people behind him.

His strength was impartial and just pushed him back to his original position.

Cui Zhengyi sat down and watched Ji wensong walk to the front of the encirclement circle. On his side stood the talkers of Xiao Cui’s family.

Everyone was quiet. There were only two people fighting in the whole banquet hall.

Some people felt that the young master of the Ji family was making a big party. Some did not give Ji wensong face and quietly retreated.

“Don’t go,” Ji wensong opened his mouth, looked gently at the people who were going to withdraw from the periphery, and smiled. “It’s rare to have such a good play. You’d better stay and enjoy it.”

He smiled, but the atmosphere in the hall became more and more depressed. Even the careless Cui Zheng felt the oppression of the coming mountain rain.

The two people in the encirclement are still inseparable, as if they really have to fall today.

A few wisps of blood splashed on the light colored carpet. It was shocking. The guests didn’t dare to go, but they really didn’t dare to look. They bowed their heads and avoided their eyes.

“Brother-in-law, that’s enough,” Xiao Suinian frowned and whispered, “if you go on like this, something will happen.”

“Nothing,” Ji wensong said lightly. “Since he took the initiative, it shows that he is ready to win.”

Xiao Suinian winked at Xiao Qingyang silently.

Xiao Qingyang nodded his head gently. As soon as he moved, he was drunk again.


Ji wensong’s tone was faint, “let him make enough trouble.”

In addition to the two noble boys who fought hard to separate the meat, the people sitting on the ground also attracted the attention of many people.

It is said that this beautiful young man is Qin yubai’s brother. Doesn’t Qin yubai’s brother never show up? Why did these two people fight for him?

Among the crowd of onlookers, a pair of gray pupils are silently watching Yan Shuang sitting on the ground motionless.

Qi Feiyun thought: what is Yan Shuang thinking now?

Do you feel that your thoughts are being pulled inexplicably, lost, and don’t know who you are?

As the person who operated the knife, Qi Feiyun didn’t feel any guilt about Yan Shuang’s sad situation.

He remembered a doll bought for him by his family when he was young.

In fact, he likes it very much, but he never plays. He only puts it on a high cabinet.

One day, relatives came to the family. A boy of his age quarreled to play with the doll.

Seven or eight years old is the most naughty age of the boy. The doll he got was soon broken by the boy.

Relatives hurriedly asked the boy to apologize. He immediately forgave him, silently picked up the broken doll on the ground and went back to his room.

As he turned around, he heard them say, “this child is really sensible.”.

The mood now is similar to that at that time.

The two people who fought hard gradually exhausted their physical strength and were shaky.

Seeing this, Ji wensong finally waved his hand.

The bodyguards who had been waiting in the dark for a long time rushed up and held them separately.

Ji Yao didn’t leave his hand at all. Similarly, he was hit back by the same attack, and his whole body was colored.

Qin yubai is not much better. In the last two months, he almost finished his fight in his life. As soon as the old injury healed, he added a new injury. He stretched out his hand to wipe the lower nose blood and pointed to Yan Shuang sitting on the ground, “Shuangshuang…”

The sound in his throat caused his injury, and he coughed hard.

Yan Shuangmu turned around and saw Qin yubai’s face full of blood. His eyes seemed to wake up again, and his face showed a frightened expression, “big brother…”

“Yan Shuang -”

As like as two peas, Yan Shuang turned to another voice. The expression was almost the same as panic and worry.

“Well,” Ji wensong said, “help the two upstairs to sober up.”

“Yes -”

The bodyguards immediately carried out the order and helped them upstairs.

Both of them stared at Yan Shuang sitting on the ground. Yan Shuang was also looking at them. His expression looked so helpless that he seemed to be about to cry.

His arm was lifted, Yan Shuang looked up, still sobbing.

“Get up,” Ji wensong said faintly, “go up and finish the play.”

Yan Shuang: that’s necessary. He’s a director.

Ji wensong pulled the people up and dragged Yan Shuang upstairs. Xiao Suinian had to stay to clean up the mess. The guests heard clearly just now. Ji wensong asked the bodyguard to “sober up” the two. The matter became qualitative. When they drank too much, they had a quarrel. Everyone was a circle of people and tacitly understood it.

Xiao Suinian saw off the guests with her husband and son, and clicked the list to find Qi Feiyun.

“Are you the representative of St. Peter’s hospital? Please stay. The child is hurt…” she said tactfully. The other party should have seen it just now.

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment, “OK.”

“It’s really troublesome for you,” said Xiao Suinian with a smile. “The money raised today will be donated to the hospital.”

Qi Feiyun nodded lightly.

Xiao Suinian was still relieved of the people in St. Peter’s hospital. He immediately called the servant to take Qi Feiyun up.

Up the revolving stairs, the servant quietly led him to the innermost room upstairs. The bodyguard in black stood at the door to guard the door. After listening to the servant’s explanation, he nodded gently and opened the door behind him.

The servant didn’t dare go any further, “Mr. Qi, please come in.”

The half open door showed a bright light and a man’s dignified voice.

“Are you going to win or lose today?”

Qi Feiyun dodged into the door.

Ji wensong turned back.

He unbuttoned his suit coat and put his hands in the pockets of his trousers. His eyes were burning.

“Miss Xiao asked me to come up and help them deal with their wounds.”

“What to deal with,” Ji wensong sneered. “It’s so glorious to be jealous and hurt. Keep it.”

Qi Feiyun was silent.

Ji wensong waved in with a cold face, “the medicine box is in the dark space under the sofa.”

The two injured people sat on the sofa on one side. At the moment, they sat opposite each other. They still glared at each other with hatred. Their faces were scarred and full of hostility. Their dark suits were covered with dust, and their white shirts were stained with blood. They were embarrassed and disgraceful.

Qi Feiyun took the medicine box and glanced at Yan Shuang sitting in the other chair.

His thin body seems to have completely lost the control of his bones, and his limbs are all hanging down. He really looks like a broken doll.

Qi Feiyun thought of the day he closed the door and stared at the broken doll in his hand. He was not sad at all, but excitedly… Twisted its hands and feet.


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