I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 91

The house was extremely quiet. Only Qi Feiyun treated the wounds for them.

Ji wensong first looked out of the window at the heavy night. After standing still for a moment, he walked to the corner.

Ji Yao and Qin yubai both stared at each other. Yu Guang noticed Ji wensong’s trend and turned his eyes at the same time.

The back of the chair behind him was held down by his slender arms, and the tall shadow fell on his head. Yan Shuangse shrunk and slowly raised his face.

Ji wensong had no expression on his face.

He is usually very gentle. Although that kind of gentleness also has a strong sense of oppression, his expressionless appearance like now can not only be described as terror. Ordinary people will feel their legs soft just by glancing at it.

Yan Shuang, who was watched by him, still looked blankly and innocent.

“They can’t win or lose,” Ji wensong said faintly. “For you, who do you choose?”

In an instant, several lines of sight in the house focused on Yan Shuang.

The eyes that are too hot are just like a black eye.

There is also a peeping eye, which is faint, but full of sense of existence.

Yan Shuang withstood the pressure of several lines of sight on the front and back, as if he were sitting in the center of the eyes of a storm, and even his chair seemed to become shaky.

Everyone is waiting for his answer.

Yan Shuang slowly turned his face and looked at the two people sitting face to face because of his scars.

The expressions on the faces of the two men were almost the same.

Tension, worry, anxiety and… Fear.

They are afraid that the person chosen is not themselves.

Perhaps they didn’t even notice that they had put themselves at both ends of the scale for Yan Shuang to weigh them, and jumped up on their own initiative.

Like a commodity for sale.

Yan Shuang’s eyes wandered back and forth between them. As his eyes fell on different faces, their expressions changed constantly with his eyes.

Yan Shuang’s eyes were always wavering, and tears had quietly appeared in his eyes. It seemed that he was about to collapse because he didn’t know who to choose.

Finally, he ducked his head in their eager gaze.

Ji wensong smiled. He turned his face, looked at them and sneered, “your baby is very greedy.”

“No -”

A fierce denial came at once.

“Not so…”

Tears filled his eyes, and then rolled down his cheeks. Yan Shuang raised his face and argued excitedly. His argument had no content. He could only repeat his denial pale and empty. Anyone would feel that he was unable to choose between the two and was insatiable.

But neither of them felt so.

Qin yubai stood up and directly faced Ji wensong with a heavy tone. “Mr. Ji, this is my family business. Please don’t embarrass my brother.”

Ji Yao also stood up and Jane said, “father, don’t force him.”

“You two are in the same heart at this time.”

Ji wensong shook his head slightly. He straightened up and looked meaningfully at Yan Shuang, who was crying very poor.

To tell the truth, he has also seen many emotional swindlers who are good at playing with feelings, and some even make a living.

But they are not as good as Yan Shuang.

It’s like a natural gift.

What’s more terrible is that Ji wensong didn’t realize what Yan Shuang really wanted.

He hides his desires, but wantonly plays with the desires of others.

Such a fundamentally unfair game, anyone who participates in it is doomed to be the loser of his men.

Ji wensong took back his eyes. “I had prepared a special program tonight, but your program is also special enough.” Ji wensong stretched out his hand and nodded in the air, “just exchange.”

The bodyguard outside brought in several boxes and soon put chips and poker in the middle of the opposite table.

“Bet a game,” Ji wensong said slowly. “Soha, a game will win or lose,” he waved to Qi Feiyun. “You deal cards so as not to say that I am partial to my son.”


In this way to determine Yan Shuang’s “ownership”?

Qin yubai subconsciously refused.

For what? Yan Shuang was his!

Glancing at Yan Shuang curled up in the chair, he couldn’t say anything if he wanted to take Yan Shuang away immediately.

Yan Shuang is wavering.

He is not wavering, but does not know who he is and where to go. His brain is struggling with reality and falsehood.

… and he caused all this.

“I object,” Ji yaoleng said. “As I said, he is not an object.”

“… I object, too.” Qin yubai followed the trend.

Ji wensong said with a smile, “just now, I’ve been playing hard. Now it’s like this. Well, he doesn’t choose, and you don’t choose. I’ll choose for you.”

Ji wensong waved lightly, and the bodyguard behind him immediately made a move to the corner where Yan Shuang stayed.

“Father -”

“Mr. Ji -”

It was another anxious call to stop with one voice.

“Well, well,” Ji wensong waved his hand, “I know you two have reconciled. In this way, tonight I’ll take this child home and torture him. Who does he want to follow in the end, so as not to pinch you when you meet. It’s not worth it.”

“I bet.”

Qin Yu white iron green face, “don’t touch him, I bet.”

He can’t let Yan Shuang because he was hurt a little.

Ji wensong glanced at his son.

Ji Yao’s face was gloomy. He didn’t speak, but sat down silently.

“OK,” Ji wensong said, “that’s sensible.”

One chip, one million.

They piled 50 big chips in front of each other.

The total amount of 100 million is the amount originally provided for all guests to play together.

“You can admit defeat at any time,” Ji wensong lit a cigarette, took a sip with interest, and said to Qin yubai, “don’t worry, if he loses, I won’t give him a penny.”

Ji Yao has reached the age of 18. His total trust amount is not small. Some of them are real estate. It is stipulated that he shall not sell before marriage. There is also a limit of 10% of the remaining cash flow stocks, funds and bonds a year, which is almost 50 million.

His father still felt that he didn’t have enough control over him and wanted to take advantage of this gamble to make him have nothing in the short term.

Unless he… Admits defeat now.

When he asked his father for help in Switzerland, his father said a word.

“You have learned to bow your head now. This is the first thing that makes me happy when you grow up.”

However, some things cannot be bowed.

Ji Yao raised his eyes and said to Qin yubai, “as far as I know, President Qin’s cash flow is a little nervous now.”

Qin yubai’s hand tightened and said faintly, “don’t work hard.”

Ji wensong really felt more interesting the more he saw the play, raised his chin and motioned to the quiet doctor, “deal cards.”

Soha, a total of only five cards, five will decide the outcome.

Qi Feiyun issued the first card.

The first card is a dark card, which is buckled on the table. Ji Yao and Qin yubai both choose not to see it.

The second card starts with a clear card.

Jiyao’s is Hongxin 8, and Qin yubai’s is Meihua 4.

Ji Yao, who has a larger face, can bet first.

He pushed ten chips.

Qin Yu’s white face didn’t change color, “I’ll follow.”

Qi Feiyun continued to deal cards.

Ji Yao’s is still Hongxin, even 7 close to Hongxin 8.

Qin yubai’s eyes flickered as soon as the two adjacent Tonghua cards came out. After seeing his square 4, his face was a little Ji.

He doesn’t doubt that Ji wensong will do it on purpose, so he doesn’t believe that Ji Yao’s luck will be really good enough to get a flush.

After Ji Yao continued to make ten chips, Qin yubai still chose to follow him without hesitation.

Ji wensong raised his legs and glanced at Yan Shuang in the corner.

Yan Shuang was still immersed in his own world with a drooping face. He didn’t seem to know that in addition to fighting for him, they had piled tens of millions of chips for him on the gambling table in just one minute.

Qi Feiyun dealt cards continuously. The two people had no scruples at all. No matter who launched the chips, the other person followed up without a second pause.

They were ready to buy tickets for $50 million from the beginning of the gamble.

The rest is left to heaven.

Fate is doomed. It seems really fair.

The last card is dealt.

Ji Yao’s cards are really not the same flower. There are only the first 7 and 8 hearts, and the rest are a spade 6 and a plum blossom 10.

Qin yubai’s card is more dominant from the open card. There are three 4 of different colors and a 9 of a square.

If Ji Yao’s bottom card is not 9, Ji Yao will lose.

Qin Yu has a diamond 9 on his white hand, and Ji Yao has a smaller probability of playing 9.

This is not a movie. Qin yubai doesn’t believe in miracles. He has a high probability of winning the bet!

A hundred million chips have been piled up on the table.

This is actually a “clear card” gamble, because they all know that the other party can’t let go.

The loser can only lose everything.

“Unveil it.” Qin yubai looked very calm.

Ji Yao’s face has not changed. He has made the consciousness of “even if he loses now, he will win back”.

When the finger touched the dark card, a sound came from the corner.


Yan Shuang, who had been silent, came down from his chair.

His eyes were slightly red and swollen, tears remained on his face, but his expression finally calmed down.

Qin yubai looked at him and released his hands involuntarily. “Shuangshuang, I’m going to win soon. Wait a minute, I’ll take you home.”

Yan Shuang looked at Qi Feiyun, “Sir, can you explain to me how to play this gambling game?”

Qi Feiyun said simply, “if Mr. Ji’s card is not 9, he will lose.”

“If it was 9, he would win, wouldn’t he?”

“That’s right.”

Yan Shuang nodded gently. He looked at Ji Yao again. Ji Yao looked flat. He knew he would probably lose, “it doesn’t matter. I can afford to lose.”

“How much is… Here?”

“One hundred million.”

Ji wensong answered him.

Ji wensong only smoked one-third of his cigarettes. It was a fast gambling game. Both sides on the gambling table recognized that the value of the swing man was far more than the chips on their table.

Ji wensong smiled deeply, “you are very valuable.”

Ji Yao frowned slightly. He didn’t like Ji wensong’s saying that he linked money to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang nodded and didn’t show any shocked expression because of this amazing figure. He turned around, stood at the end of the gambling table and said to Qin yubai, “I have a few questions to ask you.”

He looked extremely calm, as if he had finally awakened from the chaos.

Under his gaze, Qin yubai felt the fear he had never felt when he had just bet thousands of chips.

“Don’t lie to me, will you?”

The tone begged. Those beautiful eyes were shrouded in smoke. They were praying him not to deceive him even once.

Qin yubai was stiff for a long time. He didn’t want to respond, but found that he couldn’t control his body. After a long time, he gently nodded.

“Qin Qing is your brother, isn’t he?”

The Adam’s apple rolled hard, and the throat seemed to be stuck.

“… really?”

Trembling, people can no longer have the heart to deceive him.

“… yes.”

“I look like him, don’t I?”


“I am…” Yan Shuang choked, swallowed his voice to cry, and tried to calm down, “his double?”


Qin yubai couldn’t tell the answer if he was struck by lightning.

Yes or no?


At the beginning, he approached Yan Shuang with this idea, and he always treated Yan Shuang as a “double”.


Tonight, he has figured out that he can accept that Qin Qing has always been his brother, but he obviously has a desire to surpass this identity. He wants to be his lover and drive away all the people around him.

So no.

No, he didn’t think so. Qin yubai was hoarse in his chest, but he looked at Yan Shuang’s clear eyes. He… Couldn’t tell any lies anymore.

“OK, thank you.”

Yan Shuang didn’t ask for his answer. He faced him and bowed deeply, “thank you for your care during this time.”

He turned and looked at Ji Yao.

Ji Yao’s expression is full of sympathy, heartache, pity… Maybe there are other emotions.

Because in fact, Qin yubai has lost no matter whether his hand is 9 or not.

He should be happy that he is the real winner of the bet.

“Ji Yao, can you answer me a question, too?”

Yan Shuang was careful. The corners of his mouth seemed to want to rise, but he could only barely raise a little arc.

Ji Yao said softly, “you ask.”

“Before you knew me… Did you know Qin Qing?”

The arrogant and arrogant mask seemed unable to maintain his arrogant and arrogant expression.

Seeing his reaction, Yan Shuang smiled, but it was more ugly than crying, “thank you, I see.”

Yan Shuang turned around with tears in his eyes. “Brother, this is the last time I call you that. I just remember a little. I am an orphan. I come from the Star welfare home. There… Is my home.”

He didn’t see Qin yubai’s reaction. He turned to Ji wensong and bowed deeply, “I’m sorry to disturb today’s party. Please give up this gamble.”

He leaned over and took the two cards from the gambling table and clung to his palm.

“I’m not worth money.”

“Please don’t waste so much money for me.”

“… with so much money, as long as you can donate a little, the brothers and sisters of the welfare home… There will be meat for every meal…”

“Thank you.”

He turned and left with the two open cards.

No one spoke, no one stopped him.

After opening the heavy door, Yan Shuang walked with a bitter face for a few steps, his expression became more and more relaxed. As he walked, he tore up the two cards in his hand.

Where’s the winner?

Aren’t they all dealers?

The fingertips swung at will, and the pieces of cards fell in succession. Yan Shuang hooked his lips, untied the buttons of his suit, and walked into the boundless night alone in the autumn wind.


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