I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 93

Dark bedding reflects the man’s white texture. The raised lines of the arms are beautiful and smooth, holding the slender waist of the same man.

The morning sunshine sneaked in along the gap of the landing curtain and hit Yan Shuang’s eyes, waking him from his deep sleep.

The consciousness slowly wakes up, and the crazy memory of last night also returns to the brain.

Although the pain has been shielded, Yan Shuang can’t help but want to stretch out and relax.

It was really a little too late last night. They moved from the kitchen to the living room and finally to the bedroom.

It hardly stopped all night.

Each other exhausted their energy and went to bed without even taking a bath.

I don’t know what time it is.

Yan Shuang leaned over his face and looked at Qi Feiyun on his side.

Qi Feiyun was still sleeping, half his face was buried in the pillow, his hair covered his forehead in disorder, and he slept with his eyes closed. He looked like the standard portrait of a beautiful man in the book. He looked quite calm and quiet. He couldn’t see the ruthlessness that he wanted to die with Yan Shuang last night.

Old virgin.

It’s suffocating.

Yan Shuang checked the backstage, and Qi Feiyun’s indescribable plot was a little faster than the original world.

He really worked hard and was moved by himself.

In order to express his gratitude for Qi Feiyun’s cooperation, Yan Shuang kicked the sleeping Qi Feiyun.

The beautiful man was shocked, his eyelashes flashed slightly, and he woke up in an instant. His smoke gray eyes were hazy with a touch of sleepiness. It was a beautiful scene that had not been peeped at at ordinary times.

Yan Shuang made an interesting appearance, “Why are your eyes gray? Are you mixed?”

Yan Shuang’s voice is a little hoarse, with the lazy characteristic of the morning.

Qi Feiyun wondered in a trance whether he was still in a dream.

How could he wake up in the same bed with someone?

Yan Shuang lowered his eyes, looked at Qi Feiyun, half narrowed his eyes, stretched out his fingers and touched his face.

Different temperatures belonging to two people begin to transfer where the skin contacts.

Qi Feiyun’s fingers are very long and his joints are not too big or small. He neither looks too thin and weak, nor too strong and has no beauty. It is just right for the creator to carefully design and draw.

The strength of his fingers slightly traced the outline of Yan Shuang’s face.

The smoke gray pupils still seem to have not fully awakened, misty rain, the most gentle.

Yan Shuang lowered his head, kissed his raised joints along his fingertips, and the fingers touching his face stopped. Yan Shuang raised his eyelashes and looked at Qi Feiyun with a faint smile on his face.

His appearance is the purest, absolutely vulgar and colorless. Such a face should be a cool flower of kaolin, but on the contrary, he loves playing in the world most.

It’s a pity… And fascinating.

The tip of his tongue loomed out of his snow-white teeth and licked Qi Feiyun gently along his finger belly. His gentle eyes comparable to those of elk in the forest were staring at him all the time.

Eyes and actions are completely opposite.

I don’t know whether he meant it or was by nature.

“Mr. Qi, I’m hungry…”

The smoke gray pupils dispersed the fog in a flash.

Qi Feiyun woke up completely.

“What do you call me?”

Yan Shuang lay on his arm and said carelessly, “teacher Qi.”

Qi Feiyun looked at him steadily.

Yan Shuang pretended to be confused, “why, can’t you?”

“You look like one of my university professors.”

Qi Feiyun’s eyes flashed slightly.

“… he is actually my tutor.”

“Before the college entrance examination, because history was really bad, I simply asked a professor of the History Department of my favorite university to help with tutoring.”

“I was only seventeen at that time. He was a full round older than me.”

“He is very tall and elegant. By the way,” Yan Shuang tilted his head and kissed Qi Feiyun’s fingers, “… His fingers are also very long.”

“I fell in love with him at first sight.”

“But he’s super old-fashioned. I’m a boy and a minor. He wants to be half a meter away from me when he lectures.”

Yan bilaterally licked Qi Feiyun’s fingers and continued, “once the weather was very hot. I wore a pair of summer shorts. When I gave a lecture, he kept secretly staring at me. I was so hot that I…”

Yan Shuang leaned over and hung his lips above Qi Feiyun’s lips, spraying a little heat.

“… couldn’t help seducing him.”

The plump lips become more and more bright after a night.

Qi Feiyun said faintly, “the story is well made up.”

Yan Shuang chuckled, “did you find it?”

“It’s the plot of the Yellow cartoon I’ve seen, which is very consistent with my sexual fantasy,” Yan Shuang lay on Qi Feiyun, and his smile became simple and clear again. “Mr. Qi, you look super like the teacher in the cartoon.”

i see.

From the first meeting, I timidly asked “can I call you teacher”, full of worship and respect, but what I thought was “this man is a bit like the Yellow cartoon character I’ve seen”.

Although Qi Feiyun already knew that the other party was not a “good child”, he was often refreshed by his new side.

Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand to cover Yan Shuang’s face and pushed hard, “go down.”

Yan Shuangyang fell on his back and lied on the bed, “no, I have a sour back and leg cramp. I feel bad. I can’t get up. Take me to take a bath. You didn’t wear t last night…” he suddenly raised his face, looked at Qi Feiyun who got out of bed and said in shock, “… I shouldn’t be pregnant?”

Qi Feiyun paused as he got out of bed.

When Yan Shuang was reading “maybe he was pregnant”, Qi Feiyun turned back and picked up the man. Yan Shuang quickly hooked his neck and grinned, “you don’t want to scare me.”

Qi Feiyun glanced sideways at him.

Yan Shuang raised his eyebrows.

Qi Feiyun took back his eyes and silently held the man into the bathroom.

The bathtub was soon filled with warm water. Yan Shuang lay on the edge of the bathtub and was cleaned by Qi Feiyun. While humming an unknown tune, he joked about the length of Qi Feiyun’s fingers.

The whole bathroom was almost filled with his voice alone.

Qi Feiyun didn’t feel noisy at all.

He always knew that his voice was “good”.

As long as you speak, you can cause a lot of trouble.

Over time, he became silent. He liked listening more than expressing. Unfortunately, because he was too silent, people around him mistook him for a dull and quiet person.

In fact… He likes excitement best.

Yan Shuang sat obediently on the chair and asked Qi Feiyun to blow his hair, “yes, Mr. Qi.”

Fingers caress the scalp, a little itchy.

Yan Shuang smiled.

“In fact, I made up the cartoon just now.”

He held the chair and looked up. The hot wind blew away his black hair. He smiled and joked, “I have a chance to play the follow-up plot together.”

Being played from beginning to end.

Why don’t you feel angry at all?

Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand to cover Yan Shuang’s eyes and didn’t let him see the smile on his face.

Qi Feiyun sent Yan Shuang back to school before he went to work. Yan bilaterally untied his seat belt and said naturally, “I have the last class at 4 p.m. and you wait for me here before 5 p.m. in the evening, I want to eat chengyunji. This restaurant should be very difficult to book. Think of a way by yourself. I believe you.”

With one breath, Yan Shuang leaned over and kissed Qi Feiyun on the face. He got out of the car and slammed the door in one go.

Qi Feiyun, who was arranged plainly, sat in the car and was dazed for a long time before he recovered.

When he recovered, he smiled again.

Very, very, very interesting.

The smile lingered on the face for a short time and then faded away.

Obviously, he is more fascinated by Yan Shuang now than before.

So… Did Yan Shuang deliberately play a role in front of him?

A question worth pondering.

Qi Feiyun didn’t force himself to come up with an answer immediately. He regained his steady self-control and started the car.

Yan Shuang went back to the dormitory and changed into ordinary clothes.

Ji Yao didn’t come to school.

I think so.

Xiaoji was bluffed by his last kill. Now his mental state must be very poor. Laoji can’t let the impulsive Xiaoji come out to see him.

Although Ji wensong tries his best to make himself look cold and inhuman, it is obvious that Ji Yao is of great significance to him.

Under the control of Ji wensong, Yan Shuang predicted that Ji Yao would have no chance to contact him in the short term.

Then the violent Xiaoji can only vent his anger on the “suspect” Wei Yichen.

When Ji Yao took the tie to ask Wei Yichen, with Wei Yichen’s memory, he could lock Qi Feiyun’s face in about a second.

But Wei Yichen will carry the black pot.

He should be happy to be misunderstood. He’s the one who slept with Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang turned his pen and deduced the plot that would happen later bit by bit.

As long as Qi Feiyun walks into Wei Yichen’s sight, with Wei Yichen’s keen degree, he will find that Qi Feiyun’s Swiss trip coincides with his height with Ji Yao and Qin yubai. At that time, Wei Yichen will naturally come to the door.

The alarm clock of the mobile phone rang.

It’s five o’clock.

It’s time to enjoy his dinner.

Qi Feiyun didn’t appear at the agreed place.

Yan Shuang was not surprised.

Qi Feiyun was very busy and alert. He resisted his temptation again and again, which he could do at will.

Anyway, if he doesn’t, someone will.

Yan Shuang walked with his bag on his side. After walking for about three or five minutes, he stopped and the car following him stopped.

It’s the familiar black car.

His beginning in the world.

They looked at each other from a distance through the window glass.

Qin yubai can clearly see Yan Shuang, beautiful and bright. Standing on the street in autumn is the warmest scenery in his eyes.

Yan Shuang came over.

He stood beside the car. Qin yubai immediately rolled down the window, “Shuangshuang…”

Yan Shuang interrupted, “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll take you to the Cantonese restaurant I ordered yesterday. The master has been waiting for us.”

Qin yubai got out of the car nervously, hesitated and opened the back door for Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang sat in and said, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

Qin Yu’s white face showed astringent meaning, “… Good.”

The car was quiet. Qin yubai could only capture Yan Shuang’s face from the rearview mirror.


Everything has changed.

That face had never shown such an expression in front of him.

It seems that he… Has nothing to do with him.

The heart is aching.

You can’t live without doing evil.

Qin yubai said to himself.

Every pain he has suffered now is the sweet he has overdrawn.

Now… It’s time for him to pay his debts.

Yan Shuang almost cried when he ate the last dessert.

My God?

It’s delicious!

You can always believe in Qin yubai’s delicious taste!

“I’m full.”

Yan Shuang rubbed his stomach. “Dinner is delicious. Thank you today. Can you take me back to Dr. Qi?”

Qin yubai almost didn’t eat a bite. He had been watching Yan Shuang eat. Seeing that Yan Shuang liked it, he gave Yan Shuang his share.

Yan Shuang has been eating hard, like deliberately avoiding something.


Qin yubai doesn’t know what to say. It seems that everything is wrong now.

The car drove downstairs.

Yan Shuang got out of the car. Qin Yu Baishi couldn’t help but follow him out of the car. “Shuangshuang, can you listen to me? Just one.”

Yan Shuang kept walking and expressed his attitude with practical actions.

“I went to the Star welfare home…”


Yan Shuang stopped at the entrance to the apartment.

“It has changed a lot.”

Qin yubai’s voice was a little disappointed.

“Someone has gone ahead of me to do the reconstruction.”

Yan Shuang: Damn it, Ji wensong, wait for me! I want you to know what a father owes a son!

“So I can only donate a little to show my heart.”

Yan Shuang went to the backstage immediately.

Ten million!

Yan Shuang turned back.

In fact, Qin yubai looks very ordinary today. With his elegant suit and meticulous hair, he is really trapped and miserable, but he still maintains his demeanor.

“Shuangshuang, I hurt you. I know it’s all my fault…”

Qin yubai saw that Yan Shuang was finally willing to turn back. He took a step forward and looked earnestly, “… Only one thing, I like you. It’s true, not as a substitute for anyone, but you, Yan Shuang. What I like is you, Yan Shuang.”

Yan Shuang stared at him and said plainly, “we’ve broken up.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and was silent.

In the unknown silence, Qin yubai felt the pain of a sharp knife hanging on the top.

He is waiting. He is waiting. Yan Shuang is willing to believe him or not… Give him a chance to start over.


Yan Shuang opened his mouth, and Qin yubai’s heart tightened.

“… I’d like Sichuan food tomorrow.”

Qin yubai almost breathed deeply.

“OK, no problem. Do you want to eat at noon or at night?”

“Whatever. I have time.”

“Well… What else would you like to eat besides Sichuan food? I can take you to lunch and dinner.”

Qin yubai said eagerly.

“Have some Western food for a change.”

“Good, good,” Qin yubai’s voice was more relaxed and gentle than ever before. “I’ll take you to eat delicious food.”

Yan Shuang finally smiled at him.

Well, from today on, he announced that Qin yubai is no longer a stingy Qin big egg. In the future, he will respectfully call him – Qin chef.

After getting a meal ticket, Yan Shuang walked into the apartment in a good mood. Then he found that he couldn’t go upstairs without a card and began to send text messages to harass Qi Feiyun.

Looking at Qin yubai’s attitude of sending him here today, nine times out of ten, he is temporarily entrusted to Qi Feiyun.

Actually, it’s reasonable.

Qi Feiyun hypnotized him. After sales must find him.

“Meet and return in half an hour.”

Yan Shuang cut at his mobile phone and leaned against the elevator waiting for Qi Feiyun to come back to pick up people. He shook his feet in boredom and turned to see a man coming in in the night.

In the increasingly cold autumn night, the man was only wearing sports shorts and vest, with a towel around his wrist and hot air on his head. It was obvious that he had just carried out strenuous exercise.

The administrator politely greeted the newly moved residents, “Mr. Sheng, there is your express.”

“Thank you.”

Sheng Guangming took the express, glanced at the information above and walked to the elevator.

Next to the elevator, there was a boy with extremely delicate and beautiful appearance, white skin, black and big eyes, staring at him closely.

Sheng Guangming opened his eyes slightly and pointed to himself, “are you looking at me?”

Yan Shuang shook his head.

No, he’s looking at his pectoralis major.

As one of the slag attacks, Sheng Guangming’s appearance is undoubtedly of an extremely high level. His hair is a little long. After exercise, he is soaked in sweat and put it in front of his forehead. His facial features are a typical northern outline, open and close. His wheat skin and muscles are as clear as carving. Although he is a boxer, his temperament is surprisingly mild.

Sheng Guangming smiled, shook his head and brushed the elevator card. When he entered the elevator, the boy followed.

Sheng Guangming was stunned and said, “are you a resident here? Non residents are not allowed to go upstairs.”

Although the boy looks harmless, isn’t it all his fault when Sheng Guangming thinks that if the boy has any bad intentions towards other residents, he accidentally lets people in like this?

Facing his question, the boy smiled softly at him, stared at him with his lips pursed, then stretched out his hand and began to move up, down, left and right.

… it turned out to be deaf and dumb.

Sheng Guangming couldn’t help feeling a deep guilt about his suspicion just now.

“What floor do you live on?”

Sheng Guangming asked Yan Shuang with an exaggerated mouth. Seeing that Yan Shuang didn’t speak, he compared the elevator buttons of the next set and repeated, “what floor do you live on?”

“Ding -”

The elevator door opened.

Yan Shuang went out first.

Sheng Guangming hurriedly followed him out. When he saw Yan Shuang pressing the fingerprint lock, he was surprised and said, “are you the powerful surgeon?”

It’s too young.

The boy looks young at best.

Sheng Guangming said. He immediately realized that he wanted to fork over and hurriedly said, “are you a relative of Dr. Qi?”

He said and regretted. The boy turned his back to him. How can he know what he was talking about? When he was about to turn around and ask.

The password lock is open.

The boy turned back and gave him a pure and warm smile.

“I’m not his relative. I’m here to sleep with him.”


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