I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 95

“… haven’t you come for many days? You saw it with your own eyes that day?”

“There’s still a fake. Several cars came together. There’s a big battle.”

Zhang Shuai pushed the people around him, and the corners of his mouth talked in the direction of the front side. “Ask him, don’t you know everything? The whole school just talked to Ji yaoneng.”

“Forget it, we don’t know him well…”

“Why don’t you know someone in a dormitory?”

“Fuck, you don’t have a dormitory, why don’t you ask?!”

Yan Shuang listened to the laughter behind him and probably knew what they were going to ask.

Ji Yao hasn’t come to school for a week.

Yan Shuang never got any news about Ji Yao since the banquet.

There is a rumor that Ji Yao has dropped out of school.

As for whether the rumor is true or false, there is no way to study it.

Yan Shuang, who is regarded as an insider by most people, actually doesn’t know anything.

But he can probably guess what happened during the disappearance of Ji Yao.

Xiao Ji should be going through a very difficult period of labor.

Just get through it.

You’ll get sick after you get through it.

Abnormal can adapt to the plot of this book, Yan Shuang thought happily.

After class, the music sounded. Yan Shuang packed his schoolbag. After all, the people who wanted to come forward to inquire about the news did not dare to come forward.

Strange to say, when Ji Yao was still at school, Yan Shuang followed him all day like a little daughter-in-law, and he didn’t dare to breathe. When Ji Yao was gone, Yan Shuang looked a lot colder and wrote three words – “don’t bother me”.

“It’s cool. Are you cold when you wear so little?”

Qin Yu and Bai Wenhe, like a real brother, asked Yan Shuang who got on the bus.

“I don’t want to talk today.”

Yan Shuang said faintly.

Qin Yu Bai pursed his lips and really calmed down and stopped talking.

During this period, he was responsible for Yan Shuang’s lunch and dinner.

No matter how busy he is, he will find time to pick up Yan Shuang for dinner in person.

Yan Shuang seldom talked to him. He would say one or two words occasionally when he was in a good mood, such as “this shop is delicious and I want to come again tomorrow”.

After dinner, Yan Shuang still didn’t mean to talk to him.

Qin yubai can only endure the astringency and send Yan Shuang back.

Thousands of lights were on the street, and black vehicles moved slowly forward in the traffic flow. Qin yubai whispered and the vice president at the other end of the phone opened a conference phone, glancing through the rear-view mirror at the back seat.

Yan Shuangzheng was lying on the window looking at the street view outside the car.

Bright and gorgeous lights flashed across his face, with a silent smile on his face, which made people unable to see what he was thinking at this moment.

Until now, Qin yubai realized how absurd his decision was.

The human brain and spiritual world are such complex and dangerous places.

He thought everything too simple.

Even if that matter was not exposed, he and Yan Shuang would never be so “happy” as he thought.

Now… Even Qi Feiyun is not sure that he can restore Yan Shuang’s memory and think of everything.

Only when Yan Shuang remembered everything, he was qualified to strive for a real opportunity to come back.

After so many years of ups and downs in the mall, he has been used to reaching his goals by all means.

For the first time, he wanted to use… His heart.

The car stopped under the apartment. Yan Shuang pushed open the door and Qin yubai got off the car.

“Shuangshuang,” Qin yubai looked a little unnatural, “I may be a little busy recently. I can’t come to dinner with you…”

Yan Shuang:!!!

Rice – his rice——

Slag attack is really unreliable. Even if you become a cook, it is still unreliable!

Yan Shuang lowered his head in a faint tone, “whatever you want.”

The obvious displeasure made Qin yubai feel the joy of long absence after a moment of bleary.

In fact, Yan Shuang also enjoys eating with him, right?

Qin yubai tentatively stretched out his hand.

“Hands are so cold,” he said, holding the hands he hadn’t touched for a long time. His chest was trembling, but his face was silent. “Tomorrow I’ll ask the Secretary to send you some sets of winter clothes.”

Yan Shuang didn’t pull back, “when will you finish?”

The tight chest was filled with wild joy.

Qin yubai had no time to think about whether it was the sequelae of hypnosis or whether Yan Shuang was moved by his unimpeded company during this period of time. He quickly replied, “I’ll do it as soon as possible.”

Staring at Yan Shuang’s drooping face, Qin yubai’s tone gradually became gentle, “I will accompany you as soon as I’m finished.”

Yan Shuang gave a “um” sound, but Qin yubai held his hand tighter when he wanted to pull away.

Yan Shuang raised his eyes.

Qin yubai’s eyes inlaid in the sunken sockets are staring at him darkly.

It’s sudden and natural.

They kissed.

Leaning against the car, Qin yubai hugged Yan Shuang and kissed him selflessly. His palm was tightly full of strong possessiveness and close to Yan Shuang’s waist.

Yan Shuang pushed him away at the right time.

Although Qin yubai didn’t give up, he didn’t dare to force him. Finally, he kissed Yan Shuang on the forehead.

“Wait for me.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes drive Qin yubai away. Qin yubai’s eyes are very sticky. He doesn’t move away from Yan Shuang until the last second.

Yan Shuang: chef, his dear chef, we must come back to him quickly——

With no food to eat recently, Yan Shuang turned and walked to the apartment, took two steps, glanced at the dark trees next to him, and stopped.

“Mr. Sheng?”

Sheng Guangming came back from running and took a shortcut. As soon as he wanted to get out of the trees, he saw Yan Shuang kissing a man through the cracks in the branches and leaves.

——He’s not even his doctor neighbor.

Sheng guangming: ”

You have to pretend to be dead.

Silently praying, Yan Shuang hurried up, and then he came out. When nothing happened, he was caught.

The leaves rustled out of the bright area silently.

He was vigorous and fell quietly like a large cat, shaking the leaves on his head.

Yan Shuang smiled at him in a gentle tone, “has Mr. Sheng seen it for a long time?”

Sheng Guangming wanted to say hello and fooled him. During this time, he met Yan Shuang almost every day in the building. He looked up and didn’t look down. Each time, the other party politely took the initiative to say hello to him, and he was embarrassed to pretend he didn’t see it.

But Yan Shuang said this as if he was peeping on purpose. He quickly explained, “I didn’t wait there. I was just about to come out, and you happened to be there…”

He won’t say the rest.

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly. He was carrying an old canvas bag. He looked gentle and restrained. He really looked like a college student.

Forget it, no matter how many explanations there are, they will drag on endlessly. Sheng Guangming straightened his face and rolled up the towel on the back of his hand, “sorry, I didn’t mean to see it.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes with a smile. “I like to be seen.”

Sheng guangming: ”

In the distance, the lights flashed to the place where they stood.

Sheng Guangming and Yan Shuang looked back almost at the same time.

Another black car, but not the one before.

A man wearing glasses came down from the car. He looked like a social elite. His expression revealed a calm and rigorous demeanor. Unlike Qi Feiyun, this man looked colder.

Sheng Guangming has also been in the underground boxing ring for a year and met many rich people. Like this one, they are usually the deputy of the rich. They are commonly known as white gloves. They do some dirty work for the rich. Their means are so cruel that they are amazing.

When Sheng Guangming was analyzing the visitor in his heart, Yan Shuang beside him had stretched out his hand and waved in a casual tone, “you’re coming.”


He has been waiting for him for a long time.

Wei Yichen stood by the car. His hair in front of his forehead was cut short, and his temples were shaved short and neat. When he came close, Yan Shuang found that there were still faint residual scars on his left cheek.

It seems that I have suffered a little.

Yan Shuang smiled, put his hand on his arm naturally, looked at him up and down, “I’m thin.”

Wei Yichen looked down at him.

Since he became an adult, he has never lived in hiding like this in recent times.

Qin yubai was fine, but he was almost blocked in this circle, and no one dared to hire him.

That silent young master Ji is really a dog that can bite.

Even Wei Yichen himself didn’t want to understand why Ji Yao was so close to him – before he saw the gray tie.

Yan Shuang looked at the wound on his face and smiled. There was a superficial malice in his smile.

Wei Yichen takes back his eyes and lightly sweeps aside Sheng Guangming, who is completely unable to hide his amazement.

Sheng guangming: “…” is there any kind-hearted person who wants to buy a house?

Yan Shuang smiled at him, looked up at the man he was holding and said, “don’t misunderstand, it’s just an ordinary neighbor. Go up first.”

Yan Shuang took the man into the apartment.

Sheng Guangming takes a rest at the door for his exploding brain.

He’s a little confused. He has to work hard.

First of all, it is known that, um, Yan Shuang is Qi Feiyun’s, um, it’s that anyway.

Then, Yan Shuang got out of another man’s car this evening, and they kissed, eh.

Then another man came over. Well, Yan Shuang went to the apartment with that man.

So, when his neighbor comes back, there are, uh, three men next door.



Sheng Guangming kept “3” in his mind for a long time and pressed down the letter behind him.

Hope is just a pure affair!

Sheng Guangming was dizzy, as if he had been beaten on his temples in the boxing ring. He sat on the steps and slowed down for a while. When the phone rang, he recovered.


“Fuck, why are you weak? What’s the matter? It’s not smooth to open a shop?”

“No,” said Sheng Guangming. “It’s going well. It’s about to open.”

“Scare me. You just answered the phone. It’s like you’ve lost millions.”


Sheng Guangming smiled bitterly.

Hide the situation of “bad neighbors” from the homosexual part, roughly talk to the former agent and current good friends, and hope the other party can give him advice.

“What can you do? You can’t control other people’s private life. He is your neighbor and doesn’t live in the same room with you. Once the door is closed, you should know who you know. If you can’t stand it, call the police.”

call the police?

Sheng Guangming hesitated and whispered, “I’m still a student with him.”

If you call the police, won’t you… Ruin Yan Shuang’s future?

He is so young.

The other end of the phone was silent.

“How old are the students?”

“It should be a college student.”

“Fuck! I also want to talk to college students -”

Sheng Guangming hung up the phone decisively.

Forget it, it’s no use asking anyone.

He scratched his short hair hard. Sheng Guangming stood up, breathed softly, and decided to go to the supermarket at the door to buy some beer. Before running a few steps, Sheng Guangming ran into Qi Feiyun’s car.

People and cars passed by wrong, and Sheng Guangming was stunned in an instant.


The freshly refreshed spirit withered again.

In the apartment, Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang like his master and took a bottle of gas and water from the refrigerator. “What can I do for you?”

“Have a good time?” Wei Yichen said faintly.

Yan Shuang looked back, drank water and smiled, “I don’t like your tone. You’d better think clearly before talking to me.”

His tone didn’t even like Wei Yichen himself.

He is dissatisfied.

He and Yan Shuang know who the tie is best.

But why did Yan Shuang tell Ji Yao it was his?

Is it to protect the doctor?

Think about it carefully. Yan Shuang’s attitude towards the doctor is really very unusual.

In the bathroom, he witnessed the undercurrent between them.

In the photos taken secretly by Yao Jing, the disputes between them are also watched by him.

Even during his trip to Switzerland, which left him out, Qi Feiyun also had a shadow.

That’s too much.

Until now, Yan Shuang… Lives here

He once thought he could stand everything. It didn’t matter if Yan Shuang looked at him like an ant.

Now he knows.

There is only one thing he can’t stand.

“Tie…” Wei Yichen took out the folded tie from his pocket and dropped it on his hand. “I’ve got it back.”

Paid a little price worth mentioning.

“Well,” Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and pressed the high chair beside the cooking table to sit down. He didn’t care, “didn’t I give it to Ji Yao? He said it was his.”

Yan Shuang looked up and drank again. Then he said innocently, “what do you mean, this is yours?”

Wei Yichen was stunned.

Yan Shuang sat opposite him, looking at himself. He didn’t mean to pretend to be stupid at all.

The previous sense of disobedience came out again.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang in front of him and felt a strange feeling in his heart.

The melodious sound of opening the fingerprint lock came, and the door opened. Qi Feiyun stood at the door and looked at the housekeeper at home without expression.

Yan Shuang: “you’re back.”

Qi Feiyun stood at the door and looked coldly at Wei Yichen.

“Dr. Qi,” Wei Yichen turned around and gently bent down in his usual posture, “long time no see.”

“Dr. Smith asked me to say hello to your student.”

He swept almost all kinds of beer on the supermarket shelves in one breath. He carried a heavy plastic bag in one hand and opened a can of beer in the other hand. Sheng Guangming drank while walking. His mood gradually became optimistic in the thick aroma of late cinnamon.

In fact, his agent is quite right. Anyway, he’s just a neighbor. What does it have to do with him? Neighbors who don’t do decoration all day are good neighbors!

A thin figure was sitting on a bench by the side of the road.

Sheng Guangming’s pace gradually slowed down.

It’s Yan Shuang.

With his hands on his side, his face bowed, his slippers on, and his feet swinging back and forth, he looked… As if he had been driven out in a hurry.

Qi Feiyun and Wei Yichen were in the Imperial City PK and asked Yan Shuang to walk down for two rounds. Although Yan Shuang wanted to see the slag attack and tear each other, in order not to break the hypnosis for the time being, he had to go downstairs and sit downstairs shaking his slippers.

A can of beer suddenly appeared in sight.

Yan Shuang looked up.

Sheng Guangming was looking at him and looked a little hesitant, “drink?”

Sheng Guangming doesn’t know why he would sit down and drink beer with Yan Shuang.

Probably because… The other party is still very quiet when drinking beer.

A college student who looks good.

“Go to school.”

Suddenly, Yan Shuang almost didn’t spray out. He turned his face in surprise.

“You are still a student,” said Sheng Guangming, holding the cold beer can in one hand to calm himself and slowly speaking the organized language. “Reading can change a person’s destiny. You are still so young. It is the best time to enrich yourself. Study well and you will be very promising in the future.”

Yan Shuangjing listened quietly and thought that Sheng Guangming’s setting was like this. A person, as his name is, wants light. His world has no haze and can’t see places in the world that can’t be illuminated.

“Sorry, it affects you,” Yan Shuang smiled. “Don’t worry, doctor Qi will soon be bored with me.”

He didn’t answer Sheng Guangming directly.

Although Sheng Guangming was disappointed, he also knew that the other party could not change his life path just by listening to him in a few words.

Sheng Guangming took a sip of beer. “Are you in college?”


“Which university?”

Yan Shuang looked at him in surprise again.

Sheng Guangming hurriedly said, “I don’t mean to pry into your privacy…”

Yan Shuang interrupted him and calmly said the university that changed Sheng Guangming’s color.

Sheng Guangming’s face was stunned. His wheat skin was shining slightly under the street lamp, and his correct facial features were about to shift.

He took a deep breath and took another sip of wine.

“You may not believe it.”

“In our village, if someone’s child gets into this university, he has to invite the whole village to dinner.”

“Such a good University…”

Sheng Guangming didn’t doubt Yan Shuang’s lying, but his face was full of bitterness. He repeated “such a good university”. It was a pity in his tone. It seemed that he wanted to go to the nationally famous university for Yan Shuang.

“I went to college because…”

Yan Shuang stopped deliberately until Sheng Guangming looked at him carefully.

“College students sell at a higher price.”

Sheng guangming: ”

This time he was speechless for a while and immediately said, “you’re teasing me, aren’t you?”

Knowing that the other party could be admitted to the country’s top university, it is difficult for Sheng Guangming to define Yan Shuang purely as a “juvenile delinquent”.

In his opinion, those who will fall are unclear.

Like Yan Shuang, he must be very smart. He knows the truth. The other party can’t not understand it.

In this case, it can only be explained by “personal choice”.

It’s not the scope of his intervention at all.

“Do you have money to go back?”

Sheng Guangming took out his wallet. “Is a hundred taxis enough?”

He saw that Yan Shuang was thinly dressed. It was estimated that he was driven out directly and didn’t even take his bag.

How dangerous it is to do this business.

His neighbor should look like a good customer in case he meets

Sheng Guangming can’t think about it. If he thinks about it, he will sigh.

Such a good university.

“I don’t take people’s money for nothing,” Yan Shuang blinked. “I have to provide service.”

Sheng Guangming smoked at the corner of his mouth, “OK, then sing me a song.”

“What do you want to hear?” Yan Shuang has a wonderful way.

Sheng Guangming folded the money in half and patted it directly in his hand, with a correct voice, “volunteers – March -”

Seeing that the other party was finally speechless, Sheng Guangming was in a much better mood. With a grin, his skin color was black and his teeth looked particularly white. “Study hard, or you will definitely regret it in the future while you are still young…” he waved his hand and left with a bag of beer.

What a good man.

Unfortunately, it’s great.

You can’t rub sand in your eyes.

But the plot is better.

Yan took the 100 yuan he left in his hands and smiled.

In the apartment, Wei Yichen was shocked after hearing Qi Feiyun’s explanation.

Although he had guessed more than 60% of the things through clues, he never thought Qin yubai would do so, and Qi Feiyun could do it.

“So, you mean he really forgot whose tie is…” Wei Yichen suddenly paused, raised his face and showed vigilance. “You said he forgot you and Ji Yao, but he clearly remembered me.”

In the cafe, Yan Shuang was so ruthless and cold, but he did remember him.

He didn’t forget him!

Ji Yao, Qi Feiyun, he forgot everything.

But I didn’t forget him!

Like a surprise from the sky, Wei Yichen began to doubt whether his ears had auditory hallucinations because it was too grand.

He wanted it too much, so… Did God finally reward him?

He kept pretending that he didn’t care. He said he wouldn’t fight for what he couldn’t get anyway.

But who doesn’t want it?

When it rained, he looked at his classmates being picked up by his parents one by one. He looked coldly and felt that there was no need to hide in his parents’ arms in a rain. He held the broken book over his head. He ran forward and never stopped.

He actually… Really wants it.

His fingers trembled slightly. Wei Yichen lowered his head and didn’t want his excited expression to leak in front of irrelevant people.

Now he wants to see Yan Shuang right away. He wants to apologize to Yan Shuang for his previous… Jealousy.

Yes, he admitted that he was jealous of Qi Feiyun.

But now he won’t.

Yan Shuangwei only remembers him. This matter has satisfied him and asked for nothing else.

“There is indeed the possibility that he still remembers you.”

Qi Feiyun folded his hands in front of his stomach and said faintly, “my instruction is to let him forget all unpleasant things and turn all intimate and attached feelings to specific objects.”

His tone was steady, and without any personal feelings, he calmly analyzed the truth belonging to him to the housekeeper who fell into ecstasy because of ignorance.

“He still remembers you, which means you don’t belong to either of the two.”

“In other words, he has no likes or dislikes for you.”

“Just like passers-by.”

“If you haven’t invested in your feelings, you won’t forget.”


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