I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 96

When Wei Yichen stepped out of the elevator and walked forward, he was clearly walking on the flat ground, but he felt as if he was going to step empty. His lower legs trembled like panic. After stepping down on the ground, he felt as if he had no focus in an instant, and his soles were soft.

He walked out of the door of the apartment with one foot deep and one foot shallow.

The night wind blows gently. The people sitting on the bench at the door are drinking a can of beer, their feet against the ground, and their toes kick back and forth.

Passing Wildcats stopped running, and their eyes glowed green in the dark night.

Wei Yichen looked at the pure black wild cat. He thought: the little beast probably thought he had found his own kind.

“Mimi, look here…”

The man on the bench called softly.

The wild cat heard the call of human beings and instantly switched to the form of defense. With a flash of green eyes, it immediately fled alertly and quickly. It ran into the woods and disappeared without a trace.


Wei Yichen heard Yan Shuang muttering in a low voice.

“What are you doing so fast that you won’t eat you.”

The beer can in his hand was suddenly taken away. Yan Shuang raised his face and glanced at Wei Yichen, “OK?”

He stood up lazily in a flat tone. The night wind blew his hair in a mess. The hair stained the corners of his lips and was blown away by his impatient “bah”.

Wei Yichen stood in front of him.

He just looked at him.

Even softer than him to a wild cat.

In fact, Yan Shuang used to be like this and has never changed.

When he was happy, he teased him twice. When he felt boring, he turned a blind eye to him.

Aren’t you used to it?

Why can’t you stand it now?

Wei Yichen stretched out his hand and grabbed Yan Shuang’s arm in the wrong body.

Yan Shuang looked back, slightly surprised in his eyes, “what else?”

Wei Yichen’s face is better than he thought. At least it doesn’t look like it’s time to collapse.

Ji Yao and Qin yubai must have caused him a lot of trouble.

But maybe he can hold it.

After all, the housekeeper who can get to the end in the original book.

So… What about Qi Feiyun?

When his physical and mental state was very poor, he met Qi Feiyun, who was the best at psychological warfare in the book.

Yan Shuang doesn’t believe Wei Yichen. He can stand it.

“You…” Wei Yichen’s voice was very light, and his tone was still always calm, with the special respect and humility of being a deputy all year round, “remember all, don’t you?”

Yan Shuang pretended to be puzzled, “what do you remember?”

“Ji Yao, Qi Feiyun.”

Wei Yichen grabbed Yan Shuang’s palm and couldn’t control his strength. He looked at Yan Shuang’s eyes and didn’t let go of the slightest change in Yan Shuang’s face.

I don’t believe him.

He didn’t believe Yan didn’t have him in his eyes.

He didn’t believe there was someone else in Yan’s eyes.

Yan Shuang is colder than anyone, treats everyone as a plaything, and never holds anyone in his eyes – anyone including him.

Yan Shuang looked back at Wei Yichen quietly.

At this point, Wei Yichen can still maintain such acuity, which even he has to admire.

So he is also more thankful that Wei Yichen has been placed in this position in his plan.

For every scum attack, he believes very much that they… Will never have the slightest repentance.

“Of course I remember,” Yan Shuang smiled easily. “I’m not senile dementia. Why do I forget?”

The cell phone in my pocket is still talking to the other end of the apartment building.

Qi Feiyun listened expressionless to Yan Shuang’s voice from the mobile phone on the desktop.

“Although Ji Yao hasn’t come to school for several days, I won’t forget him. I have a good memory, Qi Feiyun… Don’t I live with him? Wei Yichen, how strange you talk today…”

Qi Feiyun’s mouth is light. Why doesn’t he give up?

Wei Yichen’s last strong brilliance in his eyes also gradually faded.

It turned out that he was cheated from the beginning.

It turned out that Yan Shuang was never ruthless.

He is just ruthless to him alone.

Why can anyone? Why can anyone like Yan Shuang, but he can’t? Why on earth?!

“What a good child, so excellent, how can parents have the heart not to him…”

“Yes, isn’t there something you can’t see?”

“It must be. Otherwise, why don’t your parents want him for no reason?”

The noisy voices were forcibly suppressed in the deepest memory. They tortured him for many years. When he thought they had completely disappeared, they stubbornly jumped out and made the most straightforward ridicule at him.


There must be something wrong with him.

Otherwise, why don’t even his biological parents want him?

They knew the Pearl with their eyes, and early on they saw that what he looked like was nothing but worthless garbage under his skin bag.

The palm began to shake uncontrollably and reluctantly pressed off the mobile phone in his pocket.

“You said you wanted to do it with me.”

That day, the roses were very fragrant. He gave him all his wealth and made another appointment.

His throat was tight and astringent. Wei Yichen tried his best to ask the last question with his greatest calm.

“… do you remember?”

“Of course.”

There was no hesitation for a second.

There was no time for Wei Yichen to react and prepare.

He really remembers.

He really remembers it all.

But his memory just represents… This agreement in his heart… Nothing.

It’s so funny that he wants to laugh himself.

How dare he expect anything?

Does he deserve it?

They are almost thirty years old. They don’t have a long memory.

Even if it’s something no one wants, it’s not up to him to pick it up.

“… then do it.”

The voice regained its original indifference and self-control, and the palm made great efforts to circle the thin man into his arms. Wei Yichen’s tone was ordinary, and he seemed to put forward such a request for courtship very casually, “I booked it.”

Yan Shuang raised his face and smiled at Wei Yichen’s eyes. He reached out and brushed the scar on his cheekbones.

My eyes are red and I’m still holding on.

“… OK.”

Yan Shuang let Wei Yichen pull him into the car. He was still wearing the slippers Qi Feiyun bought him, shook his feet and said, “where are you going? Otherwise, he’ll be in the car.”

His tone was like a whore who came out to sell spring. He had no expectations for it. He just wanted to make a quick decision and pay both money and goods.

Wei Yichen found that he was no longer hurt by Yan Shuang’s attitude.

Not at all.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

Instead of answering Yan Shuang’s question, he stepped on the accelerator to the bottom.

Racing is extremely incompatible with Wei Yichen.

That’s what a fiery teenager like Ji Yao would do. He has no burden and can naturally chase the wind.

Wei Yichen around Yan Shuang is obviously not that kind of person.

But now he drives his car leisurely in the empty street at night. His hand is very stable and the car is very stable.

It’s different from Ji Yao’s exciting racing.

Such speed did not have any impact on him. He did not enjoy the speed. He just controlled the vehicle accurately to reach the end he wanted.

The car drove into a very old community. One of the street lights in the community was incomplete and dark. When the car passed, it was full of dark pits and bumps.

Wei Yichen stopped the car and said, “go up.”

Yan Shuang got off. He stood under the dilapidated building and looked up. He said bluntly, “it’s so broken.”

Wei Yichen closed the door and held Yan Shuang’s arm without saying a word. He seemed afraid of Yan Shuang’s escape. The palm of his hand almost dragged people into the building with great strength.

This is really a broken building.

The corridor was dark, emitting the smell of domestic waste that had not been cleaned, and no lamp was good. From beginning to end, except for the leakage of moonlight in the windows on each floor, the rest were black.

They were silent and walked in the dark corridor one after another.

They seem to be on their way, trudging hard, running to an unknown destination.

In addition to the palm holding the arm, there is no beautiful prelude.

Yan Shuang counted silently, and they went up to the sixth floor.

It’s also the top floor of this building.

This is the last home of “Yan Shuang” in the original book.

Wei Yichen opened the door.

The door is an old-fashioned lock. The lock cylinder is a little astringent. When you insert it, you can obviously feel the resistance when you rotate it. You need to put your knees against the crack of the door before you can let the key open the door.

The door opened, but Yan Shuang just fell into another dark world from one dark world.

He leaned back against the wall and put his hands loosely on Wei Yichen’s neck.

In the dark, they can’t see the outline of each other’s facial features, but they can see each other’s eyes.

Wei Yichen was wearing glasses. Yan Shuang reached out and took off his glasses. With a “clang”, he threw his glasses on the table. Then he took the initiative to approach, but Wei Yichen hid behind.

He avoided his kiss.

Yan Shuang’s figure stopped, and unspeakable silence filled between them.

The sight finally adapted to the darkness. Wei Yichen saw Yan Shuang’s lips.

Ruddy and slightly upturned.

He really doesn’t care.

I don’t care at all.

No matter what he did, maybe it was just a past joke in Yan’s eyes. It was only worth such a perfunctory smile.

The vibration of the mobile phone broke the silence, which was Yan Shuang’s.

Yan Shuang withdrew his hand, leaned back against the wall, picked up his mobile phone and answered the phone.

“Where is it?”

Qi Feiyun’s voice was very provocative to Yan Shuang’s ears through the phone.

“I don’t know,” Yan Shuang glanced lazily around the darkness, glanced at Wei Yichen standing still in front of him, and smiled, “doghouse.”

“Are you with Wei Yichen?”


Qi Feiyun on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment.

“Come back.”

With a faint tone of command.

This is his unique tone, which is not disgusting. On the contrary, it will make people have the impulse to bow down to him.

Yan Shuang smiled, took the mobile phone off his ear and gently pressed the hands-free button.

The light on the screen made him look like a ghost.

He made a face at Wei Yichen and replied loudly like a declaration: “no, I want to stay and have sex with Wei Yichen.”

Throwing the mobile phone aside, he reached out and hooked Wei Yichen’s neck and raised his face.

This time… Wei Yichen didn’t hide.

In this old house that belongs to him, he kisses someone who doesn’t belong to him, still like having an affair.

The hem of the shirt was pulled out.

Wei Yichen once again avoided Yan Shuang’s kiss.

He said faintly, “the phone didn’t hang up.”

Yan Shuang hung on him, smiled foolishly, raised his eyebrows, “so what?”

The cheek was snapped.

Yan Shuang was almost lifted in place without warning, and his toes were about to leave the ground.

The next second, his face was firmly pressed on the table.

Wei Yichen held down the man who moved him and broke his heart.

There was no trace of softness in the cold voice.

“Hang it up.”


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