I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 97

His face was pressed on the table and he was almost unable to breathe. Yan Shuang was laughing. The laughter came from his chest, floated back and forth in the empty room, and passed into another person’s eavesdropping ear along the mobile phone.

The mobile phone screen is still flickering. Yan Shuang lies on the table and doesn’t move. The other end of the phone hasn’t taken the initiative to hang up the phone, indicating that he is talking.

There is an invisible third person in this house.

Even if it is not Qi Feiyun, it will be someone else. Even if it is not on the other end of the phone, it will be somewhere else.

Yan Shuang is not a pure little angel. Wei Yichen never knows or cares.

But is he really nothing in his heart? No likes or dislikes at all? Passerby… He is in his heart, just a passer-by

His fingers were tightly embedded in his soft short hair and pulled up the lying person. Wei Yichen’s eyes swept to the face.

His sight has completely adapted to the darkness. Coupled with the faint light of the mobile phone screen, he can clearly see Yan shuangrouhe’s outline and amorous eyes. He has a faint smile on his face. He can’t tell what kind of emotion it is. It’s neither ridicule nor pleasure. He just feels funny, so he laughs.

He thought he was ridiculous, and Wei Yichen was clearly aware of it.

He’s really funny.

There’s nothing he can do.

Yan Shuang didn’t care whether he gave everything or threatened violence.

No matter what he did, he never left a little wave in his heart, and he even dreamed that he would choose him in the end.

“You like to be heard, don’t you?”

There was no expression on Wei Yichen’s face, which had never been cold.

Yan Shuang called it “breaking defense”.

He can understand that Wei Yichen was forced by him.

He has a hundred ways to calm Wei Yichen down.

Just coax me.

But he didn’t.

This is sadistic. It’s not a happy and beautiful little sweet Wen. He still has plot points and a little emotional line to brush.

Abuse, abuse is over.

Yan Shuang smiled gently, “otherwise?”

“How fun it is.”

The voice was soft and beautiful, but it was straight into the heart like the sharpest knife.

——Yan Shuang still only takes him as a tool to pull with other men.

Wei Yichen lowered his head and faced the shimmering eyes.

Yan Shuang smiled at him, stretched out his hand and pushed him away without much effort.

His arms fell to one side, and Wei Yichen staggered against the wall.

Yan Shuang stood well in his spare time and sorted out his wrinkled clothes. His voice was very soft and almost gentle: “don’t be so unable to play.” He turned his head and said to the phone that had not been hung up: “Mr. Qi, do you think so?”

It can brush the emotional line of two people at one time.

This wave must thank the inventor of the mobile phone.

Qi Feiyun listened without expression, and his palm on his knee did not move.

He seemed to see those cunning eyes and disdainful faces, as if everyone was in his bag.

“Beep -”

The phone was hung up.

Yan Shuang smiled, shrugged and said to Wei Yichen, “it seems that everyone can’t afford to play.”

Wei Yichen leaned against the wall. He didn’t want to be so ugly. He also wanted to make an invitation to Yan Shuang with grace and affection.

But Yan Shuang didn’t allow it – because he didn’t deserve it.

Maybe he was wrong before.

Yan Shuang doesn’t need a dog at all.

He shouldn’t expect to give Yan Shuang a home.

Yan Shuang is not rare, so he won’t give it.

Wei Yichen closed his eyes. A moment later, he opened his eyes again. There was nothing in his eyes.

“You want to play… Don’t you?”

His voice was light and cold, like a traveler on a trek frozen, and his throat trembled imperceptibly.

Yan Shuang smiled again, “no, I’m here to fulfill our agreement.”

He approached slowly and stared into his eyes.

“I said, don’t think too much.”

“It’s boring to think too much.”


Wei Yichen’s mouth lightly hooked. Is this the only meaning he has in Yan Shuang’s heart?

He refused once, thinking he could get back a promise.

The result is self deception.

He’s never… Not in his options, not even options. Does it make any sense to stick to it like this? It’s better to wait for an ending that won’t come at all.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes, looked at the red lips gradually approaching in his eyes, and slowly closed his eyes.


Yan Shuang covered his eyes with one hand to avoid the sun.

It’s already morning.

Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes. The housekeeper looked like a different person in his sight.

Wei Yichen’s eyes were full of red blood. His tie was still tied around his neck and hung disorderly in front of his chest. Yan Shuang stretched out his hand, grabbed the tip of the drooping tie and smiled.

“Hard work.”

Finish the plot volume of the original book in one week.

The plot line and emotional line are in place in one step and directly filled.

It’s good to finish the task according to the original plan. It’s worthy of his pressing step by step and stimulating people to this.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang relaxed. Somehow, he suddenly felt that the relationship between him and this man was over. That’s all. Yan Shuang was no longer interested in playing with him.

As if to confirm his guess, the hand holding his tie immediately let go.

The closest union is like the worst separation.

He is like a bereaved dog with a collar in his neck, but he has been abandoned by his master.

No, that’s not even his master. He never got him.

The wild dog on the side of the road was teased twice, thinking that the other party would want to form a home with him. Even though he had been explicitly rejected countless times, he still kept a little delusion in his heart.

Even the wild cat who escaped last night was wiser than him.

Still unwilling.

There was a silent roar in his chest, and his arms tightened quietly.

Yan Shuang picked up his eyelashes and looked at Wei Yichen’s increasingly red eyes with a smile.

Even if he got what he wanted and hugged each other all night, he still looked like he had nothing, and even the last thing seemed to have been taken away by Yan Shuang.

It does look pathetic.

But what does this have to do with him?

He’s not here to save the world.

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and patted him on the face. “Almost, get down.”

“Think about your boss.”

“He doesn’t have the ability to trap me. Just save it.”

“Go down.”

The warning tone slowly turned to tenderness.

“Stop it.”

“Be good.”

Wei Yichen listened to the words by devious means. It was clear that he was angry and miserable all night, but at this time, Yan Shuang strangely found strength in his last two sentences.

Yan Shuang asked him to be “good”. This is his discipline. He… Is still interested in him, isn’t he?

Wei Yichen got off the sofa. Yan Shuang sat up and said carelessly, “your sofa is small enough… Don’t squeeze me.”

I don’t know why, Yan Shuang suddenly felt free to him.

It’s different from before.

It doesn’t look like deliberately teasing or completely abandoning him.

Unrealistic hopes arise in despair, but at the same time, they instinctively feel cold. Like a fish on the chopping board, if they go down with a knife, their consciousness still exists, they are still surviving, and they fantasize that they are still alive.

“Am I bad?”

The voice is calm and dry.

He knelt down in front of him with a dark tie dangling in front of his chest. His hair was pulled in disorder. At first sight, the elegant housekeeper seemed to be broken from the inside to the outside, and he still had the last little expectation.

Yan Shuangyang lay on his back, pulled the square towel beside him, wiped his long legs, and said carelessly, “what do you mean?”

“In bed?”

Wei Yichen didn’t deny that whatever was good, he just wanted to hear Yan Shuang’s truth.

Yan Shuangzi thought carefully and replied honestly, “it depends on who you compare with.”

“Generally speaking, it’s above medium.”

Yan Shuang said in an academic tone: “don’t be discouraged, after all…” Yan Shuang paused. “People are different.”

He met the mermaid family in a fantasy world article before.

The prince of the mermaid family in that book is beautiful and harmless. He looks like a little fairy man. He is petite, weak and loves to cry. He has to hug when his hands hurt and feet hurt. As a result, he wants to eat him directly – it’s real. It is set that the Mermaid family has a tradition of eating a spouse.

In contrast, although the world is vicious, the varieties of slag attack are still relatively normal.

It’s just that ordinary people like to abuse their body, heart, kidney and cornea.

They are so kind.

He was so moved.

After listening to his evaluation, Wei Yichen’s eyes were dim and calm. He even slightly hooked his lips, as if he wanted to laugh, but gave up halfway. Finally, he didn’t dress up as a complete smiling face.

“Thank you.”

Thank him for accompanying him all night, and thank him for being… “Above average” in his heart.

Yan Shuang sat up and said casually, “can this old house take a bath? Is there hot water?”

The waist was suddenly hugged, and his cheek was close to his shoulder. Yan Shuang was held very tightly. When he was about to push away, the warm wet was intended to spread over his shoulder.

Yan Shuang was stunned for a moment and was unable to laugh or cry. Why did he cry.

Also, seeing that his eyes have been red all night, he will have to shed these two tears sooner or later.

When the eggs are cooked, there is no need to add hot water. After all, he also has to think about playing tricks with slag attack.

Yan Shuang is quite experienced in how to deal with the man crying for him.

Yan Shuang quietly held Wei Yichen for a while before he opened his hand. He turned back and gently rubbed Wei Yichen’s head, bowed his head and kissed him on the top of his hair.

“Stop crying.”

“It’s no big deal.”

“The days are still long.”

The arms at the waist are tightened.

His teeth suddenly bit him on the shoulder.

Yan Zheng felt the smell of blood and tore his skin.

Yan Shuangjing sat still rubbing his head.

“Well, well, I’ll never see me again.”

“Don’t be so angry.”

The unprecedented gentle tone reminded Wei Yichen that when he was abandoned by the men and women many years ago, they also touched his head so gently.

“Xiaochen, my father and mother will come back to see you.”

As a result, they never looked back and never appeared again.

Yan Shuang changed into the clothes prepared by Wei Yichen for him.

The clothes look very new and fit. Yan Shuang is not surprised. Wei Yichen regards this as his future home. He is in the plan of the home.

“Let’s go.”

Yan Shuang waved to Wei Yichen and turned the door blandly.

“I love you.”

There is no undulating sound line. Speaking this advertisement without passion is more like the final conclusion than expressing love. Only Wei Yichen knows that just saying these three words has consumed all his strength, and he has no strength to add luster to this sentence.

It is so dark, but it is all he has.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuangsi’s back without stopping, and his heart slowly pressed on a mountain.

The dust settled.

Although he has earned enough money to buy back the old house, it still doesn’t belong to him. He is still the abandoned child. No one cares about him and loves him, even his biological parents.

In the old house where he was born, like fate, he was… Abandoned again.

He slowly lowered his face. The floor was too old, and there were stains in the cracks. There were footprints they stepped on last night. The sludge and stains mixed together, which seemed to be a complete puzzle.

So this is his ending.

A pool of mud that nobody cares about.


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