I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 98

In the breakfast shop at the door of the old community, the flavor of Maotai cakes was evocative. Yan Shuang subconsciously took out his pocket. When he expected to fail, his fingers met the familiar hard touch.

It’s a brand new hundred dollar bill.

The double corners are folded in half, which is very obedient and emits a faint smell of camphor.

It is clamped at the fingertips, like a broken winged moth, making a crisp sound alone in the autumn morning wind.

Yan Shuang held out his hand carelessly.

“Boss, five dollars!”

Spend other people’s money and be extravagant!

Yan Shuang called the system while eating hot soy sauce cakes.

“System, come out and slip twice.”

“… Hello, employee. May I help you?”

“What about the planets I added to the shopping cart?”

“At present, the price of tgr156 planet is stable. The price of hju394 planet has increased by 12% and the price of gkd43 planet has decreased by 34%.”


Yan Shuang took off happily in his heart, but he looked sad on the surface, “hju394 is my key mark. How did it rise again.”

“This planet is rich in metal minerals, and the price is certainly more expensive.”


Metal is a hammer. The weapon system has already fully entered the spiritual field. Metal can act as a medium at most. What is expensive.

The Chuanshu company is a pure bad force gathering broken unit.

Whenever an employee reveals which love ball is in his dream, he immediately secretly raises the price and wants to collect the employees’ pensions.

Damn, how did you get into this unit when you took the exam!

I knew I went to the archaeology bureau! It is said that the archaeology Bureau will send a dinosaur egg when it goes in.

Gan, I admire you very much.

I want a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

When happy, let him play a disc; When unhappy, let him eat people.

The wonderful life of retirement seemed to be in front of him, and Yan Shuang’s face couldn’t help showing a dreamy smile.

Riding Tyrannosaurus Rex to pick bananas.

It’s beautiful to think about it.

“Boss, what are you looking at?”

The co pilot’s staff saw the driver’s boss face out of the window and looked distracted. They curiously approached and were immediately pushed back by the former boxer with an elbow.

“… see a neighbor.”

Sheng Guangming was surprised to meet Yan Shuang here.

Do you live near here? He went home after his neighbor kicked him out last night?

It looks different from when we met before.

She has faded her gorgeous and decadent shell. She is also a very sunny student. She sits under the roadside umbrella and eats cheap food. When chewing, she is very full and her eyes are narrowed, as if she is completely immersed in the beautiful feeling brought by food.

It makes people feel that what he is eating is very delicious.

I can’t help feeling for him… Very happy, people can’t move their eyes.

Almost without warning.

Yan Shuang twisted his face.

Sheng Guangming, who was “peeping” in the car, was caught right away.

At the moment of looking at each other, Sheng Guangming subconsciously pressed the window key without knowing why.

When the window rose, he realized how guilty he was.

Wait – why does he feel guilty?

“Boss, the shop over there is open. Let’s get off quickly.”

The people around me have pushed the door open.

Sheng Guangming was still sitting there, holding the steering wheel in his palm and lowering his head. It was obvious that his face was a little hot.

How to explain this situation?

Because every time I see Yan Shuang, the other party is in the state of “business”. He has been used to that debauchery and casual attitude. This time, it seems that he accidentally bumped into Yan Shuang’s real appearance, just like peeping into the other party’s privacy.

Sheng Guangming knows that everyone will wear different masks on different faces, which is a protective color.

He felt embarrassed to poke the other party’s mask like this.

It’s a little out of bounds.

“Dong Dong -”

The window beside me was knocked twice.

Sheng Guangming turned his face from meditation and saw Yan Shuang bending over to look into the car through the window.

He calmed down, coughed slightly and rolled down the window.

When the brown glass came down, the pretty pure face of a beautiful young man appeared in sight. At this time, he was quietly looking at him without any emotion.

Sheng guangming: “… Good morning.”

Yan Shuang didn’t expect to meet Sheng Guangming near Wei Yichen’s home.

Is this the attraction of the so-called plot?

Since I met… Yan Shuang smiled, “it’s really you. I just felt as if someone was staring at me. When I looked back, someone was staring at me.”

“Far away, I thought, that man looks like Mr. Sheng, but why does Mr. Sheng stare at me all the time?”

“It shouldn’t be Mr. Sheng. Maybe it just looks like him.”

Yan Shuang smiled deeper and deeper. “When I came closer, I didn’t expect it was really Mr. Sheng. You.”

A long string of words were airtight. Sheng Guangming wanted to refute something and found that he seemed unable to refute. After opening his mouth, he slowly said: “… You have sesame seeds on your mouth.”


Sheng Guangming just wanted to say the left, but he inexplicably thought of the bridge in the TV play.

The heroine’s mouth is stained with something, and the hero says to the left. Then the heroine is like a perceptual imbalance. No matter how she wipes it, she can’t wipe it off. Finally, the hero can only help her

Yan Shuang easily wiped off the sesame seeds at the corners of his mouth with the rear-view mirror outside the car. He glanced at Sheng Guangming with a slightly red face, holding the steering wheel tightly in the car, “thank you.”

“… you’re welcome.”

“Boss -”

Not far away, the figure jumped up and down and waved, “hurry up -”

Although there was only one person in the shop, it was busy.

Sheng Guangming followed the shopkeeper and carefully wrote down each step with a pen.

The past employees are helping the owner of the small shop and are full of vitality.

In the small shop, Yan Shuang almost had no place to stand.

Soon, the sweet aroma slowly came out of the oven.

“That’s about it. The finished product will come out in half an hour.”

The old man said gently.

Sheng Guangming put away his pen and paper and bowed solemnly, “thank you. I will try my best to make it better and let more people taste such delicious food.”

“Ha ha,” the old man smiled and patted the bulging muscle on his arm. “With your perseverance, you can do it.”

“Stay and have a taste. It’s the last day.”

The old man looked at the door. “Is that boy with you?”

Sheng Guangming looks back.

Yan stood outside the small shop with his hands in his pockets. His white shirt was almost transparent in the autumn morning. What was whiter was his face, which was clean without any impurities. His dark pupils were a little amber under the sunlight.

He followed him without saying a word, so he stood quietly outside and watched them busy.

Sheng Guangming opened his mouth, looked a little hesitant, and finally said, “do you want to eat cake?”

The store was narrow and there was no place for them to sit down. The three returned to the car with a bag of freshly baked cakes.

“Mr. Zhang’s old cake is very good. I’ve never eaten anything better than this. Try it.”

Sheng Guangming took one from the plastic bag to Yan Shuang in the back seat.

Yan Shuang thanked and took a bite. His face showed an amazing look uncontrollably.


Sheng Guangming smiled and gave one to the employees around him.

“It’s a pity if such a good craft is lost,” the employee sighed. “His son really owes so much gambling debt and runs away. If he honestly follows Mr. Zhang, he should be doing well now.”

Sheng Guangming is noncommittal.

“Take you to school?”

Without hearing the answer, Sheng Guangming looked back, but Yan was stunned with a bit of honey colored cake in his hands.

“What’s the matter?”

When he called, Yan Shuang seemed to shake. He raised his face with a faint look, “I have something to go first.”

Sheng Guangming watched him push the door and get off, holding the old cake in his hand, his shoulders drooping slightly, his pace was slow, and the unspeakable atmosphere of depression and melancholy found him again.

It was fine at first. What did they say wrong?

Sheng Guangming turned back his face and shook his head.

“Boss, this is really delicious. I’ll have another one.”


Sheng Guangming sighed softly. There are always some people in the world he can’t understand. I hope he can go on the right path.

When the car started, the figure in the rearview mirror became smaller and smaller, gradually became a small black spot, and finally disappeared in his sight.

The staff around him had begun to eat the second cake and said casually, “boss, your neighbor looks very good.”

“… eat yours.”

The old cake is really delicious.

Yan Shuang estimated that Sheng Guangming had gone far, so he no longer pretended to be melancholy, and immediately ate the old cake on his hand.

In the original book, Sheng Guangming opened a dessert shop after he retired.

It seems that he is very attentive and specially comes to this small shop for formula.

In the future, we must pay more attention to whoring!

Unfortunately, he had to get off in order to ambush the pen.

Forget it, take the bus to school. After brushing the world, he can ride Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The picture was fixed on the picture of the boy stepping on the bus.

All kinds of photos are scattered on the ground.

With a drooping face and a red skirt.

The parking lot stopped the doctor.

Sitting on a bench with a man drinking beer.

The hand hidden in the sleeve in the elevator quietly teased the doctor’s monitoring map.

Countless photos make up a Yan Shuang that Ji Yao doesn’t know at all.

“How many times do I need to tell you?” Ji wensong tilted his legs and turned a square wine glass on his hand. He unbuttoned his shirt and looked a little funny. “Your friend is not as simple as you think.”

Ji Yao was silent.

He has been locked up for seven days.

After his father stopped him from chasing Yan Shuang who left the gambling game, he locked him at home on the grounds of “good reflection”.

“I’m going out.”

His voice became hoarse in the confrontation with his strong father these days.

The tone remained unchanged.

He only glanced at the photos on the ground and stopped looking at them.

“What are you doing out there?”

Ji wensong sneered, “like the kid of the Qin family, are you in a hurry to play?”

“When have you figured it out and when will you go out again?”

Ji wensong put down his glass with a “pa” and frowned slightly.

A hundred million yuan game was stirred up by Yan Shuang alone.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Ji wensong saw Qin yubai with his own eyes.

Although I don’t want to admit it, his son is much simpler than the successor of the Qin family.

Rather than let Yan Shuang break this innocence, let him come with his own hands. At least he has weight in his hands.

Whether he dotes or fatherly, he has only one son, which is irreplaceable.

“I’ve figured it out.”

Ji Yao picked it up almost without pause.

Ji wensong sneered again, “well, I’ve learned to be insincere now. I’ll lock you up for a few more days. Maybe you can surprise me more.”

Ji Yao knelt on the ground, his arms hung low on his knees, and his whole face was hidden out of his father’s sight, so that he wouldn’t reveal the look on his face at the moment.

His brain has entered a defensive state, instinctively resisting the information imposed on him by his father.


It’s all fake.

His father just doesn’t like… Doesn’t like… Doesn’t like that he has his own… Friends.

“I know I’m wrong,” he said against his heart. His tone was calm, which his father had always expected. “I won’t contact him again.”


Rejected without mercy.

“You are my son. You may think I don’t know you, but you are very wrong.”

“I know you too well, Ji Yao.”

“You have been fascinated by him.”

“If I let you go, you will kneel on the bed and lick his feet tonight.”


Ji Yao couldn’t help raising his face. His young face was full of resentment and dissatisfaction. As Ji wensong thought, he didn’t repent at all.

Just like his mother, he doesn’t hit the south wall and doesn’t look back.

“Why,” Ji wensong stretched his arms and sneered, “do you want to say you won’t?”

“How did I raise a son like you!”

He suddenly stood up and suddenly became angry.

“You like men, I don’t care about you, but you have to find out your last name!”

The photo of leather shoes stepping on the ground stained the smiling face with shoe prints.

“Your last name is Ji.”

“You are my son Ji wensong.”

“You have no sense of what kind of person you want and what means you should use.”

“Like an ordinary person, what good friend of a lifetime is fooled around by others!”

Ji wensong seemed to hate to the extreme. He raised his hand and slapped his only son in the face, so that blood seeped from the corners of his mouth.

His chest heaved, and Ji wensong gave him a hard look, “how did I raise such a cheap seed like you.”

Waste, fool… Now there is another “bitch”.

Ji Yao found that there were no waves in his heart.

He knew from a very young age that he was not the crystallization of his parents’ love.

They didn’t love each other, but they made him.

Mother thought he was too much like her father to look at his face.

Father thought he was too much like his mother and was a hopeless shoddy.

What is the meaning of his existence in this world?

He never found it.

Perhaps he once got a trace of warmth from Qin Qing for a short time, but it was also fleeting, and he was soon left alone.

Until… Yan Shuang appeared.

He wants to protect someone and be his friend all his life.

But his father didn’t allow it.

And he… Has had enough of being manipulated and manipulated!

“Ji”? This surname is no different from shit to him!

Ji Yao stood up slowly holding his knee.

“Ji wensong,” he looked straight into his father’s eyes, and the corners of his mouth were still bleeding, “no one can stop him if I want him.”

The father whose name was called by his son trembled in his pupils, “you are so…”

“Just like your mother.”

Ji Yao said coldly for him.

“I’m not like anyone. I won’t commit suicide for anyone, nor will I be like you. I think I’m cold-blooded, but I’m cowardly in essence.”

“You don’t believe anyone because you don’t dare -”

The look in his eyes was fierce and poisonous. Ji wensong’s heart was shocked. Suddenly he felt a tingling sensation of being bitten in his throat.

“Sir.” The bodyguard at the door greeted carefully.

Ji wensong raised his hand, “come in.”

The bodyguard whispered in his ear.

After hearing this, Ji wensong glanced at his son, who was so stubborn that he couldn’t do anything, and his expression suddenly relaxed.

“Well, if you want to go, I’ll let you go.”

“But before you go, you have to meet someone with me.”

In the courtyard, the moonlight was shining on the straight shoulders. When the people standing by the maple saw the father and son coming out, they bowed gently.

“A few years ago, I invited you to work here. This time you finally came,” Ji wensong said with a shallow smile. “Sure enough, there are many good things.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ji.”

“Working around me, you must have no reservations about me. Do you understand?”

“I see.”

“Very good,” Ji wensong glanced at Ji Yao with a grim face on his side and said with a smile, “now tell me this stupid son who you spent the night with last night.”

Lanterns hanging in the courtyard swayed in the breeze, and the lights flickered like ghosts, jumping on gold rimmed glasses.

The voice of the answer was extremely calm.

“Yan Shuang.”


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