I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 99

“Buzz -”

The prompt of fingerprint error was sounded three times, and the information of remote alarm jumped out.

Yan Shuang smiled.

Sure enough, not everyone is a green hat slave.

The doctor has a big temper.

They all kindly gave him a live broadcast. Why did they delete all his fingerprints?

Damn it.

Did Qi Feiyun pay attention to Qin yubai’s instructions?

Next time I see Qin yubai, he will complain in a strange way.

According to the doctor’s busy degree, it is estimated that he won’t be back until the second half of the night.

Yan Shuang simply sat down at the door.

Two scum attacks on the first floor. Whoever comes back first will pick him up. It’s just fair.

Busy all day, it’s more tired than boxing, but it’s still different. You’ll never feel tired doing what you like. Surrounded by sweet cakes, Sheng Guangming feels that the whole person becomes relaxed.

This ease only lasts until the elevator door opens.

The light in the corridor is on, which makes the thin figure at the door very clear, which can’t be ignored.

Old canvas bags were piled at his feet, a book was spread on his knees, and he was writing with his head down with a pen in his hand.

Yan Shuang looks like a child who forgot his key and can only do his homework at the door.

When the elevator was about to close again, Sheng Guangming just woke up and pressed the key to step out of the elevator.

The people sitting on the ground raised their faces when they heard the news. Yan Shuang just glanced at him faintly, and abnormally continued to lower his head without saying hello to him.

Sheng Guangming was ready for greeting. The syllable came to his mouth, and the picture of black hair pinched the “good evening” he wanted to say in his throat.

He was stunned, glanced at the closed door next door, lowered his eyelashes, and went to open his door without saying a word.

Before, Yan Shuang took the initiative to say hello.

They really don’t seem to be able to say hello.

“Bang -”

The heavy door closes, Sheng Guangming puts down his bag and takes off his coat.

The picture I just saw came to mind.

He was kicked out last night.

Again today.

Hang up the coat hanger, put the cakes that have not been studied and tasted in the kitchen, Sheng Guangming washed his hands and shook his head.

The refrigerator door opened and the ice beer he had bought was neatly placed inside.

The picture of two people drinking beer together came to mind.

I don’t know why, I always care about this person.

An excellent boy who… Goes astray is always a pity.

Everyone has his own choice. He is so smart that he can’t be taught by others.

Sheng Guangming calmed down and took out a can of beer.

I ate too many sweets today and accumulated too much sweetness in my mouth. I’d like to eat some refreshing dishes in the evening.

I was busy in the kitchen for a while. There was a cold dish, a fried dish, beer and fried noodles on the table. It was a very bachelor’s dinner.

Sheng Guangming was very satisfied. After two bites, the chopsticks slowly came down and looked involuntarily at the dark door.

When I moved to the door and opened the outdoor monitoring, I could only vaguely see a silhouette still sitting on the ground.

At least an hour has passed since he came back.

His hand was unconsciously clasped on the door handle.

Sheng Guangming looked down at his wrist and said to himself, “mind your own business? I didn’t bother you. What’s your business?”

Let go of the palm slowly.

Back at the table, Sheng Guangming took out his mobile phone and ate dinner while watching the video of making cake uploaded by others.

After finishing all the cleaning and finishing work after dinner, Sheng Guangming changed into a night running clothes, jumped twice in the living room and pushed open the door. He lowered his head and tried to avoid the sight of the people around him.

As a result, he was too worried.

Yan Shuang kept his head down from he came out to the elevator door closed.

Sheng Guangming frowned slightly. He remembered that Yan Shuang had directly unlocked his fingerprints before. When he saw it, he also lamented that the neighbor’s heart was really big. How… Did the neighbor delete Yan Shuang’s fingerprints?

So why did Yan Shuang come?


Will this relationship… Quarrel?

The inner doubt was not answered until the end of the night run.

Yan Shuang was still sitting at the door, but he was not reading. He bent over, leaned his side face on his knees, and looked at the window at the end of the corridor.

Sheng Guangming calmed his asthma after exercise. He hesitated to go to his house door. When he stretched out his hand to open the door, he finally couldn’t help opening his mouth.

“Are you waiting for him?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he said nonsense, and Sheng Guangming frowned quietly.


Too short to reply.

Yan Shuang seemed to lose his interest in communicating with him.

When Ming Ming met during the day, he was still shouting “Mr. Sheng” and “Mr. Sheng”, talking a lot.

Since when?

It seems that after Xiao Li talked about Mr. Zhang’s son, Yan Shuang suddenly became gloomy.

Sheng Guangming pushed the door open while thinking. After gently bringing the door, a word in the complicated words of the day suddenly jumped into his mind.

“Gambling debt”.

The door just closed was pushed open by a backhand.

“Would you like to… Come in and wait?”

There is no difference between Sheng Guangming’s home and Qi Feiyun’s home pattern, but the decoration inside is completely different.

A large number of bright and concise colors are used. The soft cloth sofa is more low-key and warm than the leather sofa. The carpet is also warm brown. Even the red boxers hanging on the wall make people feel lively and enthusiastic.

It’s not just a house.

This is a home.

“Just sit down,” Sheng Guangming drank. “Have you had dinner?”

“I fried two dishes casually in the evening. If you don’t mind, you can eat the rest. Don’t you want –” he pointed to the paper bag on the counter. “There are cakes, but you have to leave half for me when you eat, and I have to study their tastes.”

“Thank you,” said Yan Shuang, standing in the porch with his bag. “I’m not hungry.”

He didn’t say he ate, but he just said he wasn’t hungry.

Sheng Guangming has never seen Yan Shuang look so formal. He’s really not used to it.

“It doesn’t matter. Help yourself.”

As he said, he took out the dishes he hadn’t eaten in the evening from the refrigerator, took a can of beer, set the dishes and chopsticks, and said, “I’ll take a bath. Help yourself.”

After others entered the bathroom, Yan Shuang still didn’t move with his bag, but took out his mobile phone and slowly sent Qi Feiyun a text message.

“Your neighbor’s decoration taste is much better than you.”

Yan Shuang doesn’t think Qi Feiyun is jealous of his behavior today.

Qi Feiyun and Yan Shuang have only the simplest flesh desire in their emotional line. They are the most emotionless cold-blooded animals in the original works. For him, Yan Shuang is just a tool to vent their desire, from beginning to end.

Therefore, after Sheng Guangming rescued Yan Shuang, Qi Feiyun did not respond, and his attitude was similar to that of “go and go”.

The other few slag attacks can be called emotional entanglement. Qi Feiyun just likes “Shang” Yan Shuang.

Today’s rejection, Yan Shuang thought that this man was just venting his dissatisfaction with spending the night with other men.

At best, even a gun friend wants to give him a chastity belt.

He really smiled.

The SMS is sent successfully, and the mobile phone is turned off directly.

Get used to his stink.

Sheng Guangming came out after taking a bath. He just wanted to open the bathroom door and suddenly realized that there were more people at home.

… he’s still gay.

Sheng Guangming looks down at his naked upper body.

He suddenly felt a little embarrassed. What’s the matter?

Even if the sexual orientation is different, everyone is a man, shouldn’t it matter?

In this way, he doesn’t look like a man.

Sheng Guangming’s heart crossed – forget it, let’s go out with a bath towel

Quite awkwardly, he covered himself with a bath towel as a cloak. Sheng Guangming walked out of the bathroom. When he turned around, he saw Yan Shuang who was still in the porch.

Just like he was in the corridor, he sat on the ground with his bag, looked at the French window in the living room, and his eyes focused on blending with the moonlight outside the window.

“Why are you sitting there?”

The man’s voice contains serious blame.

Yan Shuang turned his face and almost coughed.

Sheng Guangming’s human design is a pure straight man. It looks really pure.

The white bath towel covered most of his naked upper body, vaguely showing the edge of the muscle contour of his body.

The water stains trickle down the wheat colored skin, outlining the undulating chest muscle curve, and spread to the narrow waist line. The abdominal muscles are clear. The oblique Mermaid line outlines a triangular shape, and the short black fluff is hidden in the loose sports shorts.

Yan Shuang bet that Sheng Guangming of this bath towel must have been put on temporarily.

Whenever he looked in the mirror, he knew that he was now more attractive than naked.

“Why not sit on the sofa?”

Sheng Guangming frowned slightly.

He has a thick eyebrow. When he frowns, he looks particularly ferocious. Opponents in the boxing field say they feel frightened when they see him frown.

To this end, he deliberately controlled himself after retirement.

But now he’s really a little angry.

“It’s good here.”

The people he looked at were still light.

“Mr. Sheng, you are a good man,” he said, with a faint smile on his face, but full of alienation. “Don’t get too close to me.”

Sheng Guangming’s footsteps stopped.

Yan Shuang is very beautiful. Sheng Guangming thinks he is more like the good student image in the college enrollment publicity film.

In fact, Yan Shuang is really a good student.

But… I’m not exactly a good student.

That’s nerve racking.

Sheng Guangming’s eyes were frozen. After pausing, he stepped again. He walked over with big steps, reached out and directly grabbed Yan Shuang’s arm and easily pulled the man up.

“How old are you? Don’t pretend to be cool here.”


Yan Shuang was strongly pulled over and pressed to the table.

“I’ll heat up the fried noodles and streaky pork for you. The preserved eggs will be eaten directly. The wine is good.”

“It’s so late that I don’t bother to fire. I just use the microwave.”

Sheng Guangming finished his work, patted his hands, looked at Yan Shuang, who was still carrying his bag even when he was sitting, put his hands on his chest and said, “what grade are you in college this year?”


“Freshman?” Sheng Guangming raised his voice and controlled his expression under Yan Shuang’s gaze. “So this year…” he turned his face, took a deep breath and turned back. He managed to maintain calm, “just an adult?”


Sheng guangming: ”


What on earth can force a young child to go this way?

Sheng Guangming’s face is ugly. He hovers around his mouth and can’t help but say something about “gambling debt”.

“It will be nineteen after today.”

“Ding -”

The rotation of the microwave oven stops.

“Thank you,” Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes and smiled at Sheng Guangming, who couldn’t hide his amazement. “I ate cake and noodles today. Thank you, Mr. Sheng.”

It took Sheng Guangming a long time to recover.

“Today… Is your birthday?”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and avoided, “can I have noodles?”

On each other’s birthday, he only used leftovers to entertain… Sheng Guangming felt unspeakable guilt in his heart?

It has nothing to do with him.

Although he thought so, he couldn’t help saying, “there are still dishes at home. I’ll make you what you want to eat.”

“Mr. Sheng, it’s good for you to eat the leftovers.”

Yan Shuang’s tone and expression are very soft. It’s not the usual false politeness that refuses people thousands of miles away, but the real clever appearance from the heart.

“I’m… Very satisfied.”

“Pick another cake.”

After the dishes in the microwave oven were taken out, Sheng Guangming also took the paper bag to the table.

“They are all the works of famous pastry masters in the city.”

“Take whichever you like.”

The cake is a small piece. It looks very exquisite and emits a valuable aroma.

Yan Shuangxin: he wants it all!!!

My eyes lit up at once.

Sheng Guangming’s tone also became a little relaxed. “Do you like sweets very much?”

Yan Shuang did not deny it.

“Since I like it, I’ll give you half,” Sheng Guangming said. “I’m not stingy. I’ll stay and study their tastes.”

When he finished, he went to the cupboard above the kitchen and took out the plate and knife.

It seems to be a very thorough activist. He immediately set about carefully dividing each cake into two halves.

“Mr. Sheng, are you going to open a dessert shop?”

Yan Shuang took a bite of fried noodles, which tasted very good.

“Well,” said Sheng Guangming as he cut the cake, “I should be able to start business in another week. I still have no bottom in my heart. The more I study the works of my peers, the more I think I’m far from good.”

“Mr. Sheng, you will succeed.”

Sheng Guangming stopped his hand and looked back at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuangzheng looked at him very seriously, “I will.”

The student smiled back, “I borrowed your bright face.”

When the cake was finished, Yan Shuang ate almost. He stood up, “I’d better go out and wait, in case Dr. Qi comes back and misses…”

Sheng Guangming is wiping the cream on the knife. He frowns again when he hears the speech.

Today… Is his birthday.

Even on your birthday

“Don’t go.”

Sheng Guangming said directly.

“Go home.”

“I can take you.”

Yan Shuang looked at him in amazement, “Mr. Sheng…”

“How much is it?” Sheng Guangming interrupted. “I’ll buy you tonight. Go home.”

His face was upright and handsome. The bath towel was put aside by him when he cut the cake. At the moment, he was naked with a long knife in his hand. He looked fierce and gentle.

Yan Shuang looked at him, and light water vapor gradually appeared in his clear eyes.

Sheng Guangming immediately panicked.

Is he mistaken?

“I didn’t mean that…”

The melodious doorbell music interrupted his explanation.

“I’ll open the door.”

Sheng Guangming hurriedly ran to the door and opened the door without looking.

The doctor who returned late wore a dark gray windbreaker with a serious face and a cold look in his eyes.

“I’ll pick someone up.”

Sheng Guangming frowned and half opened the door, “he’s not here.”

“Really?” Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand.

When Sheng Guangming was about to close the door, his other hand stretched out from behind him and grabbed the hand of the man outside.

“Dr. Qi, you’re back.”

Yan Shuang has come out. He carries a paper bag, lowers his head, passes through Sheng Guangming to protect his arm, and grabs Qi Feiyun’s hand.

Sheng Guangming’s heart was mixed. He lowered his voice, “I said, I can tonight…”

“Mr. Sheng,” Qi Feiyun interrupted him. He grabbed Yan Shuang’s hand, clasped his fingers and said to his angry neighbor, “please don’t interfere in other people’s private affairs.”

“Private affairs?!”

Sheng Guangming couldn’t bear it and said, “he’s only nineteen!”

“Dr. Qi, I respect you as a doctor who saves lives and heals the wounded, but you… He’s only nineteen! Today is his birthday! Even if it’s only today, can’t you let him go?”

After listening, Qi Feiyun looked at Sheng Guangming’s angry face and found clues from the upright face.

“Do you think… I forced him?” Qi Feiyun said faintly.

“Of course you didn’t force him. Isn’t your behavior taking advantage of people’s danger?”

Anyway, there are only two residents on the first floor. Sheng Guangming simply pointed out, “if you spend money to buy other people’s services, you can feel that he is voluntary? Are you so at ease?”

Qi Feiyun’s eyes flickered when he heard “spending money”. When he came to “service”, he looked at Yan Shuang with his head bowed behind Sheng Guangming.

When Sheng Guangming’s accusation was over, he gently lifted the corners of his lips.

“You lied to him. Did you come out to sell it?”

A word came into Sheng Guangming’s ear, but not into Sheng Guangming’s brain. He reacted for a while. He was about to say “how can anyone use this to deceive people”, Yan Shuang’s crisp answer also came.

“Just kidding.”

“And lied to him that today is your birthday?”

The arm was opened and the man hiding behind him drilled through the gap on his side.

The sweet cream aroma flashed by.

He hid in the man’s windbreaker and squinted and smiled.



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