I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 1

That is the crown of a basin of lotus.

The leaves are thick and round, and the leaf tail is slightly tilted. The flowers are huge, thick and waxy, just like a girl’s skin, beautiful but not gorgeous.

In this way, the leaves and flowers shine and elegant.

Miss Jin, the beta teacher of the flower art class, walked around it for two times, then stopped, looked up reluctantly, and announced, “let’s congratulate Qin Yi. His course will be completed today.”

Thirty or so students in the classroom looked at the boy sitting in front of the basin of lotus crown.

In this space, the only one who can beat the lotus crown is the boy.

The young man has a pair of Ruifeng eyes, the tail of his eyes is upturned, and his eyes have light flow and don’t move.

His nose is like jade and his lips are like brocade.

Every frown and smile is like the beauty in ink painting has come back to life, which makes people amazing.

His name is Qin Yi.

He is the youngest son of the Qin family of Pan Daxing’s four families. He is an Omega who is strong enough to dominate the crowd.

At a time when Omega was so pampered that he didn’t like to learn flower art, he mingled with a group of beta and poor Omega for three months.

There are three genders in the world: alpha, beta and omega.

Alpha is born strong. They dominate and lead beta and omega. They are excellent and rare, which is a precious resource for every country.

Omega is a born weak person. The pheromone emitted by her body has a strong attraction to alpha. When Omega is combined with alpha, it is easy to produce excellent alpha. Therefore, the delicate Omega is also a precious resource for each country.

Beta is the most mediocre gender, and they are responsible for most of the work in society. They have no pheromone, but they also have reproductive function, but they can’t produce excellent alpha.

So here, in addition to omega from the poor who wants to improve their wealth by learning various courses to marry into a better alpha family, those Omega from noble backgrounds can’t be seen.

Only Qin Yi is an alien.

Everyone looked at Qin Yi’s eyes full of sigh and amazement, but the people looked at seemed unaware.

He stood up slowly and said, “thank you.”

Mr. Jin knew he was leaving, so he quickly handed him the completed completion certificate of a single class.

Qin Yi holds another pot of Narcissus from the window.

This basin of Narcissus is not valuable, far less precious than the lotus crown. It was given to him by his teacher when he entered school.

But in his hands, he was also raised like a famous product. Its vice crown is like a lamp, decorated with gold and fragrant. It is even more beautiful when held in the palm of a beauty.

Everyone watched him out of the classroom and his figure slowly disappeared from the corridor.

And the fragrant aroma still remains in the nose, just like Qin Yi. After being amazing, it can still leave a long lingering charm in people’s hearts.

Qin Yi came out of Wensi building and went straight to Wu Ying building on the other side.

There are many alpha classrooms in Wu Ying building.

They are here to learn how to drive mecha and how to exercise their flesh body to better control their mental power

This is not a place for Omega to go.

You know, alpha marks them through glands.

When an unmarked Omega appears in the middle of a group of alpha, its pheromone can easily cause the whole alpha to go out of control.

But after Qin Yi stepped into Wuying building, the alpha in the building was not out of control, and they didn’t even feel the accident.

On the contrary, they stuck out their heads, and the smile on their faces showed a narrow taste: “are you looking for Kong Jiaxiang again?”

“He’s on the fourth floor of the training ground.”

“Ha, you know what? Kong Shao’s family just arranged for him to match pheromones with an omega, and the matching rate is as high as 81%!”

Qin Yi only smiled and said, “really?”

The opposite group of alpha teased the narrow attitude, but it converged a lot.

They watched Qin Yi go to the fourth floor, their eyes still clinging to him.

“To be fair, he’s so good-looking that he can’t bear to say heavy words to him.”

“It’s exciting to go beyond pheromones.”

“Isn’t it? Alpha from the Sports Institute next door said privately that he should be selected as the best wife and mother Omega on panda planet.”

“Ha, if you can marry them, you’ll get them?”

“It’s a pity that no alpha can perceive his pheromone. Even if he is beautiful and gentle, his pheromone can’t make alpha love, and alpha can’t combine with him smoothly to give birth to excellent children.”

They sighed one after another.

“You have to think for the best. If it’s not for this, you can get such a good-looking Omega? Which Omega with normal pheromone dares to run here?”

“… that’s true.”

“Be angry. If you get ahead in the future, you can’t be a wife, but we can let him be a lover in the future!”

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere was boiling again.

Everyone smiled knowingly at each other before turning around and doing what to do.

Qin Yi soon came to the fourth floor.

He found the E3 training ground accurately.

The people in the training ground noticed his arrival at a glance through the monitoring at the door, so they immediately came over and opened the door.

“You’re here?” the man inside the door smiled.

He is Kong Jiaxiang.

The Kong family, born in the same four families, is a rare alpha whose mental power is tested as s level.

“Is this for me?” Kong Jiaxiang stared at the narcissus in his arms.

Qin Yi nodded: “this flower is very suitable for you.”

The corners of Kong Jiaxiang’s mouth were raised higher.

Qin Yi seldom says compliments, but once he says it, it will make you feel very beautiful, as if it were love words.

Kong Jiaxiang quickly took the potted flower. He said, “I’ll keep it well.”

Qin Yi answered with no light or heavy voice: “HMM.”

He went straight inside the door.

Kong Jiaxiang quickly put down the flowers and took off his protective clothing to him: “put this on first!”

Qin Yi nodded, took it over, untied the button of his coat, took it off, threw it aside, and then changed it into protective clothing.

Kong Jiaxiang looked back and unconsciously tightened his throat and hair.

That’s strange.

Without the attraction of pheromones, it will still be exciting.

He even couldn’t help but start sketching in his mind

His protective clothing wrapped around Qin Yi’s body, as if he held Qin Yi tightly

Qin Yi frowned without trace.

There is still a smell of sweat in the protective clothing.

forget it.

It doesn’t matter.

Qin Yi walked forward.

This is a small radiation field. The radiation light is turned on. Students who come to train need to drive light mecha. Under the influence of radiation, they try to hold up the mental shield and complete the mecha confrontation.

Kong Jiaxiang’s armor stopped there.

He has taken Qin Yi to sit in and taught Qin Yi how to use the console. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have had the chance to hold the most beautiful Omega in his arms.

Kong Jiaxiang watched him climb into the mecha with difficulty.

It’s so cute. An Omega who has never played mecha can only rely on him to see it.

“Qin Yi, be careful!” he shouted.

Will you probably fall down later?

Never mind, I can go in and teach him again.

“If you have any questions, call me anytime and I’ll help you.” he then shouted again.

But Qin Yi didn’t answer.

In Kong Jiaxiang’s mind, countless thoughts hovered for a time.

Qin Yi was born an omega. He was also born in the famous Qin family of Pan Daxing. His grandfather once participated in the Eighth World War, was commended and received by his majesty.

And Qin Yi is quite good-looking.

On panda star, we can even say that we can’t find a better Omega than him.

It is reasonable to say that Qin Yi should be very popular and held in the palm of his hand by his family. He has to feel distressed for a long time to break his skin.

But the opposite is true.

Qin Yi is not close to his family at all.

His position at home is rather awkward.

It’s all because… His pheromone can’t attract any alpha.

This is fatal for an omega.

If your pheromone is strong enough, even if you don’t look good, there will be families flocking to you.

But once your pheromone is incomplete, even if you look better than an immortal, no one will want to marry you as a wife.

How can a family like the Qin family allow people of their own family to be lovers of the aristocratic family?

Thinking of this, Kong Jiaxiang felt a little pity.

He is an adult and his family is looking for Omega for him. At present, Omega with the highest matching degree with him is not half as beautiful as Qin Yi.

Fortunately, however, the Kong family and the Qin family are family friends. It seems that Qin Yi will never marry out in his life. He can still often go to the Qin family to see Qin Yi.

Take a little more effort… Maybe he can try and spray some more perfume that appealing to alpha to Qin Yi’s body, so it’s not difficult to get to bed smoothly. Anyway, he doesn’t need Qin Yi to have children for him.

The idea stopped abruptly as soon as it got here.

Because it was three meters high and painted blue, like a giant mantis mecha, it moved.

It first took two steps. The mechanical claw rubbed with the ground and made a harsh sound.

Kong Jiaxiang lifted his heart in an instant.

“Qin Yi! Is that enough? Is the experience enough? Well, don’t go any further. Be careful of falling. Omega will go to the hospital if it falls!”

The mecha suddenly changed to run.

It galloped three meters forward and waved the sharp blade loaded on the mechanical claw. Just like the mantis preying, it waved its sickle and was determined to break the air.

Kong Jiaxiang’s heart tightened and his eyes widened: “Qin Yi!!!”

Wield a sharp blade.

Short contact with the column emitting radiation.

The radiation line has a short pause and jam.

Then the sharp blade was gently retracted, which was completely different from the momentum when the blade was released just now.

Kong Jiaxiang breathed a sigh of relief and urged, “come down quickly.”

Just for a moment, he thought Qin Yi’s claw would lift a wall of the training ground.

He thought too much.

How is that possible? Qin Yi is just an omega. He is delicate and beautiful, like a flower in a glass cover.

Qin Yi soon opened the mecha cabin door.

Seeing this, Kong Jiaxiang immediately ran to the front.

This radiation line is nothing for S-level alpha. It’s more important for heroes to save the United States.

Kong Jiaxiang opened his arms to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi didn’t refuse. Without blinking his eyelids, he jumped down from a height of three meters.

Omega is very light.

But Kong Jiaxiang miscalculated the hardness and weight after adding protective clothing.

Beauty falls like a butterfly spreading its wings.

“Crack.” Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t help humming in his throat.

Qin Yi soon broke away from him, and Kong Jiaxiang didn’t have the strength to hold him firmly.

A little sweat came down his forehead.

Qin Yi took off his protective clothing and asked, “what’s the matter with you?”

Kong Jiaxiang: “nothing.”

Maybe the joint is misplaced.

But he can’t lose face in front of Omega.

At this time, Qin Yi’s communicator suddenly rang.

The communicator was connected to his watch. He buttoned the last button, raised his wrist, lowered his head and connected the phone.

“Qin Yi, I don’t care what you’re doing now. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately.” his father’s dignified voice came from the other end.

Qin Yi whispered, “yes.”

Then he hung up.

The endurance of S-level alpha is still very strong.

Kong Jiaxiang endured the discomfort of his arm and asked, “uncle asked you to… Measure the matching degree?”

Qin Yi replied carelessly, “well, maybe.”

Kong Jiaxiang smiled: “you… Don’t have too much psychological pressure. Everything still has me.”

You’re useless, little fool. – force.

A brain of yellow waste.

Qin Yi quietly uttered dirty words from the bottom of his heart, but he only said calmly, “I’m leaving.”

Anyway, Kong Jiaxiang’s value has come to an end and will never see him again.

Kong Jiaxiang nodded, “OK, you go.”

Qin Yi’s front foot went out, and Kong Jiaxiang’s back foot called his roommate to pick it up.

When his roommate came in, he helped him carry the flowers.

“Be careful, it’s from Qin Yi,” Kong Jiaxiang said.

The roommate immediately lightened his action: “I heard that Qin Yi helped the school cultivate the pot of lotus crown last month and won the grand prize. The senior management of the school is very happy. In two days, they will be sent to general Zhou’s desk. I hope to change general Zhou’s gift with this pot of flowers. Gee, Qin Yi’s hands are really awesome.”

He paused: “you have specially raised potted flowers to give you… Your treatment is as good as general Zhou!”

Kong Jiaxiang hooked the corner of his mouth.

Qin Yi’s gentle giving can always make him feel more useful.

“It’s a pity,” said the roommate. “Why is his pheromone defective?”

Everyone who met Qin Yi said so.

The roommate paused and asked, “I heard you met the omega of the Fang family? I heard you look very cute?”

“It’s just ordinary. The victory lies in being obedient, being coquettish, having a high degree of matching, and having a decent family background.”

The roommate nodded and didn’t ask Qin Yi.

As we all know, Qin Yi can’t marry anyone in his life. Qin Yi himself knows very well. Alpha shoulders the responsibility of the family, and Kong Jiaxiang is destined not to stay for him.

So gentle and beautiful Qin Yi.

It’s a pity.

The roommate weighed the flowers in his arms: “what’s the name of this flower?”

Kong Jiaxiang: “it looks like a narcissus?” he grinned. “Qin Yi said this flower is the best for me. It’s specially raised for me.”

The roommate looked strange.

Is it?

How does he seem to remember… Narcissus is related to a myth and legend. It is said that what God is narcissistic. He takes photos of himself by the lake every day. Finally, narcissism dies?


When Qin Yi walked out of the school gate, he saw the suspension car coming to pick up at home.

He got into the car, but it wasn’t just the driver.

There are also his stepmother, second aunt and third aunt.

And his two Omega cousins.

Cousin Qin yuan came up to him.

His hair is fluffy, his facial features are marked, and his pheromone is vanilla ice cream, which is very popular with alpha.

Qin Yuan said, “cousin, I heard from my uncle that today is your last chance. Even if you only have a match of 0.1%, you may be married in the future, rather than locked up in the Qin family all your life.”

Alpha and Omega will perform a pheromone matching test when they are over 18 years old.

Today, Qin Yi is 18 years old.


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