I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 10

Guo Kai couldn’t bear to interrupt them: “Zhou Yi.” he paused and then squeezed out a smile: “qilia will be unhappy if you say so. It’s something used to kill people. How can it be used to cut steak for you? I believe the robots here will do better than her.”

Qin Yi only answered, “ah.”

This made Guo Kai feel that his breath was blocked in his chest.

Omega has a gentle attitude.

But meekness is not enough.

He shouldn’t have Chilia in his eyes.

They should be lovers!

“Today, I’ll show you the planet. You’re just an adult. You should never travel alone before? Maybe you’ve never seen the whole picture of the planet you live in.” Guo Kai reopened the topic.

Qin Yi nodded.

Guo Kai wanted to see the scene where two beauties were jealous of him. Now he stopped the idea in time.

He was worried that he would die of anger.

So Guo Kai turned his head and said, “qilia, you don’t have to follow.”

Chilia pulled coldly from the corner of her mouth: “did you forget? I have to go to the street to help you check the assassin. We can go out together.”

If he doesn’t follow, little Omega will soon be eaten by Guo Kai.

Without hesitation, Guo Kai said, “just go yourself.”

Qin Yi interposed, “take me to the street.”

Guo Kai choked and turned to look at him.

Qin Yi: “I’m interested in this.”

Qilia gently raised her eyebrows. The aggressiveness of her extraordinarily gorgeous face weakened slightly. He said, “then come with me.”

No wonder they always say that in the face of Omega, it is difficult to maintain the cold-hearted alpha.

For example, in front of the little Omega, Chilia tasted for the first time from him how good Omega is at using beautiful words to deceive people.

Every time he took the initiative to make a sound and leaned close to Chilia.

Chilia will feel quite useful.

Only Guo Kai was angry.

But who the fuck cares about his life and death?

Chilia thought.

Qin Yi wants to follow qilia.

Guo Kai doesn’t want to tear his face so quickly, revealing alpha’s strong possession. He also insisted, trying to impress each other with personality charm and let little Omega take the initiative to put into his arms.

In the end, everyone accompanied qilia to the street to check the assassins.

They boarded Guo’s luxury aircraft.

After leaving Guo Kai’s castle, he plunged into ordinary streets.

The streets here are very depressed.

There were no people selling stalls in the street, and the sparse buildings barely pieced together the shape of the street, with the door closed. If a person walking on the road bumps into an aircraft, he will immediately kneel down, kowtow and give a big gift.

Guo Kai enjoyed it very much.

He couldn’t help asking, “do you want to have such power?”

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at him: “hmm?”

Guo smiled: “as long as you become my lover…”

Qin Yi hesitated and said, “in fact, there is one thing I think I should tell you.”

Chilia had almost imagined what he would say.

Is Zhou Yiqing called his father again?

Chilia had an unspeakable upset.

Probably because Guo Kai is such a waste and tries to combine with small Omega. Even, he just wants to take each other as lovers.

“I don’t like alpha,” Qin Yi said.

This is completely different from Chilia’s imagined answer.

His and Guo Kai’s expressions froze almost at the same time.

Guo Kai squeezed out his voice again after a long time: “ha? Are you rejecting me?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

“The combination of alpha and Omega is born. You’re just too young to taste the good of alpha. You’re disappointed because no alpha can smell your pheromone? In fact, pheromone is not so important. You see, you look so beautiful and don’t need pheromone to urge you…”

Chilia frowned impatiently.

He didn’t like what Guo Kai said to little Omega.

He can’t stand the pig soon.

“I like beta,” Qin Yi interrupted.

Guo opened and looked at qilia. His expression became distorted and ugly in an instant.

Chilia: ”

He glanced at Qin Yi.

He couldn’t tell which words in little Omega’s mouth were true and which were false. Are you deliberately provoking him and Guo Kai?

Or… Zhou Yi does have a favorite beta? So I’ll ask him to stay away from this alpha.

But what kind of beta does Zhou Yi like?

Chilia thought.

The fingertips involuntarily used a downward force.

When qilia’s thoughts returned, she looked at Guo Kai angrily and coldly.

Obviously, Guo Kai thinks that the beta that little Omega likes refers to him.

“I’m very grateful to you for keeping me here to eat and live, but I can’t repay you like this.” Qin Yi said, “I have a gem on me. I was going to give it to the person I like. But now I’ve escaped here and may never see him again in my life. Then I’ll use it to cover my expenses here.”

Qin Yi said, taking out a fist sized PINK GEM from his pocket.

Chilia gave him a complicated look.

He is just an illegitimate child and can’t get much money from the Zhou family. But he is willing to exchange it for such a gem. If it is not because of the person he likes, what else can it be because of?

He didn’t lie.

Guo Kai is almost jealous now.

He has never seen such an omega.

Beautiful, weak, full of loyalty to the people you like. They even prepare expensive gifts for each other. Is this what Omega should do?

It’s so exciting to take this Omega.

Guo Kai smiled and glanced at qilia. Then he reached for the gem.

“The person you like is really happy.” but unfortunately, I am much stronger than her. I am an alpha. You are destined to belong to me.

Guo Kaitie is determined to win Qin Yi.

He believed that this would give him a great sense of speed comparable to conquering a new territory.

Guo Kai is more and more committed to let Qin Yi see his power.

So he took Qin Yi to patrol the street to see his robot army and his spaceship

After a few days, Qin Yi felt the power in his hand almost.

Qin Yi still seemed unmoved.

Guo Kai is a little anxious.

What’s going on?

Can’t these shock little Omega?

Qin Yi sat in the aircraft and asked, “don’t you have a fleet? Don’t you have your own army?”

Guo Kai pointed to the robots: “aren’t they?”

Qin Yi shook his head: “that’s different. Once they are infected with the virus, they will lose their ability to move collectively. Don’t you have a living army? The kind that can control mecha.”

Guo snorted and smiled, “I don’t need that kind of thing.”

Qin Yi blinked gently. He looked pure and harmless. He asked in a warm voice, “why?”

He knows that the following is why Guo Kai can occupy the planet.

Guo Kai: “I have a code in my hand. This code is one of the most powerful viruses in the world. I can use it to easily command the robot army. At present, there is no other code that can crack and invade it. So the situation you worry about won’t exist.”

Qin Yi showed an expression of sudden enlightenment.

Guo Kai is still a little hard at heart.

Omega is so young that he has never seen much. He thinks that the army composed of human beings is the most invincible artifact in the world.

But that’s not the case.

Robots made by science and technology are the most terrible tools! They only destroy, not die. They are not afraid of pain, pain and fatigue. With them, I will become the king of a country sooner or later!

Guo Kai thought about it and decided to take him to open his eyes.

Only when Omega sees the shock of the scene with his own eyes will he know how great alpha is standing in front of him and how worthy of his submission and admiration.

This time, Guo Kai took qilia with him.

Guo Kai has always been a very cautious person.

Of course, it’s just what he thinks.

In Chilia’s eyes, it was nothing more than timidity and fear of death.

After coming into contact with qilia, Guo Kai coveted the beauty of the other party and asked the other party to work for himself, but he never dared to take qilia into his core treasure house.

Now, it doesn’t matter.

He was determined to kill qilia. He might as well let qilia come and see it at the end, so that she regretted that she didn’t hold his thigh more attentively. What a stupid thing.

“Let’s go,” Guo Kai said, taking them off the aircraft.

They walked through the heavy defense of wormlike robots, and finally came to the old password library left by the i7 planet.

The old iris password is still used here.

Guo Kai paused in front of the door for three seconds.

“Unlocking succeeded.” a cold female voice came from the door.

Guo Kai pushed the door in and opened the setting to allow temporary visitors.

“Come in, I’ll show you the beauty and shock of robots.”

Inside is a huge nest like space.

About 100-120 square kilometers.

It can accommodate two modern museums.

Guo Kai took them to the middle platform.

There is a groove on the high platform.

Be made one as like as two peas. He opened a ID card and then pulled out the same ID card from the bottom of the groove. When the two cards were combined, he could only paste a groove.

Then a huge screen quickly rose above the groove.

He raised his hand and pressed it quickly on the screen.

Then a rustle sounded.

I saw cocoons hidden in the dark. They broke their shells and stretched their feet and wings.

The dark body is bursting with mechanical cold light in the dark.

That moment.

All the wormlike robots in this huge “nest” woke up.

They have many subjects.

Some can fly, some can’t fly.

There are four legged, eight legged, and those whose front feet are as sharp as a mantis knife.

On the hovering stairs, countless insect shaped robots looked down, with a low whistling sound in their throats.

When countless screams gathered together, they turned into deafening waves like mountains and tsunamis, drowning them in an instant.

Their identities seemed to change in an instant.

They became giant creatures.

And they seem like worthless ants.

Guo Kai couldn’t help but feel a little frightened.

But when he thought that these terrible things were his huge army alone and would never betray him and disobey him, he felt a trace of unspeakable pleasure.

Even such a scene, he has quietly seen it many times.

“Shock?” asked Guo Kai.

Chilia squinted.

He rubbed his fingertips.

The sharp blade of the fingertip made a slight noise, but it was covered up by the howling of the insect robot.

This is what he wants.

Chilia pursed her lower lip.

Maybe little Omega is actually his lucky god. His arrival solved his confusion that he could not match any Omega for many years. It also broke the deadlock between him and Guo Kai.

“Not bad,” Qin Yi said. “I like it very much.”

Guo Kai laughed: “I thought you would be afraid… Omega is afraid of insects, isn’t it? Moreover, the alliance and Empire have fought with the Zerg many times, and many people have left a psychological shadow on the Zerg at the bottom of their hearts…”

Qin Yi’s slender white fingers gently pinched the ID card.

He picked it up and looked at it.

Guo Kai’s face suddenly changed and his eyes were almost staring out.

He didn’t expect Omega to be so brave!

But he still pressed his arm.

Omega doesn’t know how to use it

There’s nothing to worry about.

As Qin Yi picked it up, even qilia’s heart contracted for a moment.

He found that little Omega was really brave and dared to touch anything.

At this time, Qin Yi quickly put the ID card back into the groove.

Guo Kai breathed a sigh of relief.

He said… Omega won’t use it at all, and it’s meaningless to take it away. Moreover, there is a natural gap between alpha and omega. He can kill this Omega anytime.

Put the ID card back.

The screen lights up again.

Qin Yi raised his hand and tapped the screen twice.

His fingertip moved and quickly hit the virtual operation key position above.

He asked, “is that right?”

The worm shaped robot people slowly retracted their movements and curled up their feet and wings one by one, as if they were going back to the previous cocoon state.

Guo smiled: “… Yes.”

Qin Yi: “are there any flying robots among them? I want to see flying robots.”

Guo Kai: “of course,” he said, extending his hand.

But Qin Yi didn’t move his hand.

Qin Yi said, “this is fun. Let me try…”


How can I try this?

Guo Kai just had an idea in his mind.

The robots spread their wings again.

And some dark wormlike robots, flapping their wings, swooped down from upstairs. Straight to the high platform.

Guo Kai’s face changed greatly and hissed, “what are you doing?” “stop it!”

He reached out quickly for the ID card.

When the ID card was in his hand, he was a little relieved.

But the robots swooped down and didn’t stop.

ID cards are just a key to cracking their programs.

Taking it away and putting it down is meaningless in itself.

Guo Kai was in a hurry. He shouted, “qilia, come on, stop them first!”

He put the ID cards back and tried to manipulate them through the screen again.

Chilia didn’t move.

The sharp blade on the worm robot’s foot was already close to Guo Kai’s back.

Guo Kai could not help shivering.

Guo Kaiyi looked back.

The eyes and canthus are about to crack.

The ferocious wormlike robot, with its feet perched on the railing, looked down at him.

Chilia stood by and looked on coldly.

Just this distraction.

Qin Yi took the ID card again. He asked softly: “The use principle of this thing is to invade the robot system, erase its original mark and cut off the spiritual connection. Then re-establish their spiritual connection with them and control them through spiritual force. Is that right? As long as there is the code of the card existence, even the weak spiritual force can establish contact with it through it without laboriously covering the original mark How are you? ”

Guo jumped with joy.

He looked at each other in horror.

For a moment, I didn’t know whether the insect robot behind was more terrible or the mind of this Omega teenager was more terrible

Guo Kai didn’t answer him, but shouted, “who the hell are you? Aren’t you Omega? I advise you to put what doesn’t belong to you…”

Before he finished, he rolled on the spot and avoided the sharp blade of the insect robot.

Guo Kai was trembling from the bottom of his heart.


This Omega actually manipulated his wormlike robot.

How did he do it?!

Guo Kai quickly took out his mecha.

A huge mechanical armor in the shape of a mandrill painted golden all over fell to the ground and stood up, about ten meters high.

It stood by the high platform, then stretched out its hand, held Guo Kai up and sent him into the cabin.

“Qilia, you have to figure out who you are?” Guo Kai’s angry voice came out of the mecha.

Qilia smiled and turned to look at Qin Yi: “do you want me to protect you?”

Say something soft.

The second half of the sentence hasn’t been said yet.

Qin Yi said softly without haste: “haven’t you been waiting for this moment for a long time?”

Guo Kai’s face changed when he heard this sentence: “so you’re a gang?! you’re here to steal the code in my hand, aren’t you? Who hired you? You’d better not be too naive. I have more than this thing in my hand!”

Chilia ignored him.

Qilia took a deep look at Qin Yi: “you are so smart…”

He turned his head and looked at the mandrill mecha surrounded by wormlike robots.

Chilia said faintly, “I’m not with him. But I like the Omega you brought back. He belongs to me now.”

“Ha! You’re just a beta! You don’t even have that thing…” Guo Kai said sarcastically.

Qin Yi played with the ID card in his hand.


Too much.

Isn’t this a mockery of being a eunuch? Who can bear it?

As expected, Chilia’s eyebrows and eyes sank.

His face looked more aggressive and deterrent in an instant.

He raised his hand and grabbed the string of beads stacked between his neck, and then pulled it hard.

The beads rolled to the ground.

Make a light sound of “pa pa”.

His Adam’s apple was clearly exposed in front of Guo Kai.

The “female beta” with long black curly hair and long red skirt grabbed the railing and climbed over the platform with a slight force.

He took a leap.

Fell on the shoulder of the mandrill.

The breath of alpha is instantly released.

It was an extremely overbearing and powerful pheromone that Guo Kai had only smelled on general Zhou. That pheromone made him feel an instinctive shudder. Even in the mecha, he had a natural desire to surrender – hope.

Without thinking about it, Guo Kai tried to manipulate the mecha and wanted to throw alpha down.

Chilia took off her gloves.

His fingers were pale, as if they were some kind of art.

But on the slender and powerful phalanges, the blade suddenly appeared, and the blade extended forward quickly, like the claw of a wolf.

It is bigger and more beneficial than what was revealed to Qin Yi before.

It cut off the mandrill’s palm with a knife.

Guo Kai roared angrily.

Then turned on the laser gun equipped on the mecha.

Chilia stepped on her shoulder, kicked, and rode to the mandrill’s neck.

The sharp blade on his finger bone was put away.

Instead, he clenched his fist and hit the mandrill fiercely on the cheek.

“Haven’t you seen 5S alpha?” qilia said with a smile.

The mandrill’s head was crooked.

Guo Kai shook in the cabin.

Together with the laser gun, it opened in the wrong direction and only blasted a huge hole in the code library.

The light from outside came in.

5S…… level?

Guo Kai’s brain was numb.

He met.

General Zhou Yiqing.

It was his nightmare.

Between this level of alpha and ordinary alpha, there is a natural barrier close to the strength between God and mortals.

There are few in the world.

Once it has one, the country can instantly leap from a small country to a superpower.

Such an alpha, placed in the past ancient earth times, is equivalent to a country’s nuclear weapons.

But how could Chilia be

Chilia: you stupid loser, I don’t even have to drive a mecha

Guo Kai felt a chill on his back, but he was deeply angry after being humiliated.

He shouted fiercely, “don’t move, or I’ll explode with my armor. Do you know the power? It can blow up an area of 800 miles!”

“You blow it up, you fucking blow it up.” qilia casually took two mandrill faces.

It makes its head more crooked.

Qilia disguised herself as a female beta because she didn’t want Guo Kai to explode before she got the ID card. He is very interested in this ID card. If he wants it, he will get it.

But now that the card has been obtained, Guo Kai has no problem blowing himself into fireworks.

Guo Kai is really mad.

He screamed, “don’t force me! You’re not afraid. Isn’t that Omega afraid? He’ll be killed with him!”

At this time, a team slowly came in through the big hole.

They push a huge weapon.

The weapon looked ugly, gray, with eight tentacles on the front.

Qin Yi has seen it in the book.

The scientific name of this thing is “propeller”.

It is generally used for long-range propulsion of aircraft, spacecraft, and some strategic materials, even mecha.

To quickly put them into the battlefield.

It brings strong side effects.

Therefore, the actual use scenarios are limited.

But now

Just as Guo Kai madly pressed the red button in his hand and tried to scare qilia away.

Mandrill said: “self destruction program is starting…”

The propeller also emits a huge column of white light.

Chilia jumped back from the mandrill.

He looked at Guo Kai: “no one can afford to hire me, you know?”

Chilia had no response to his self explosion!

Guo opened his eyes.

At this time, the mandrill’s self destruction countdown has come to “3”.


When the sound sounded.

The huge beam of light reached its peak in an instant and pushed the mandrill out.

The mecha flew out of the code library and exploded a fireworks in mid air.

Qilia turned back to see Qin Yi.

Is he afraid?

But little Omega’s face is still full of peace.

Qilia suddenly got a little out of sync with Guo Kai.

It seems that the huge power they have is not worth mentioning in the eyes of each other

forget it.

After all, his father is Zhou Yiqing.

Qilia stretched out her hand to Qin Yi: “are you going?”

Qin Yi slowly takes back his eyes and throws the ID card back into his pocket. He gently nods his head and extends his hand.

But just as she was about to catch it, Chilia suddenly jumped her eyelids.

Instinctively took it back.

Omega touch.

It’s too attractive.

Qilia calmed her mind, turned and walked in front: “let’s go and build a grave for Guo kaixiu.”

Qin Yi obediently followed up: “Oh.”

Qilia is probably really tired of Guo Kai.

He asked his men to bury the mandrill together with Guo Kai in the soil and set up a monument on which two words were written:

The tomb of waste.

Then qilia took Qin Yi to his aircraft.

The Chilia party left the port.

It took Guo a full day to open his grave and climb out of it.

“Fortunately, I still have a hand. Chilia, one day, I’ll kill you. I’ll go to your Omega in front of you…” Guo Kai said dying, and then turned around and saw the tombstone.

“…….” Guo Kai’s face changed and he became more angry for a moment.

However, at this time.

He saw a team coming towards this end.

Guo opened his eyes and jumped.

Look at the pattern of the aircraft, like… Like the army of the Empire.

How did you bring all the Imperial troops here?

Guo Kai buried himself in the earth again without thinking about it.

Not long.

He heard a sound of footsteps approaching.

That’s the sound of military boots hitting the ground.

Guo Kai heard someone say, “admiral, this seems to be the place where the explosion occurred.”


Guo Kai was shocked.

How many people here can be called admirals

Whatever it is, it’s enough for him to eat a pot.

A cold, young voice followed, “well.”

At this time, another surprised voice came in: “admiral, that’s, that’s the pink gem that master Qin Yi bought on the bright star! I remember! I remember very clearly! Yes, that’s it!”

Pink… Gem?

Guo Kai suddenly had a bad feeling.

He quickly pressed the pocket.

absolutely empty.

The Pink Gem Omega gave him seems to have been blown out in the explosion.

At this time, he heard the cold young voice say, “dig up the grave.”

At this moment, Guo Kai finally confirmed the identity of the other party.

That’s the Imperial Army God, Zhou Yiqing.

Guo Kai was unavoidable, so he was dug out.

Because the way the other party dug was too rough, he even brought a lot of blood.

Ji Yang, Zhou Yiqing’s deputy, stared at him and slowly frowned: “the wanted criminal Guo Kai? How could he hide here? A man buried in the grave and not dead? It’s interesting.”

The soldiers obviously heard of his reputation, and they all changed their faces.

The beta soldier said in fear: “Guo Kai… Doesn’t he like beauty very much? There are and young master’s Gems here, and young master won’t…”

Ji Yang’s face changed.

Zhou Yiqing frowned slightly.

What young master?

Guo Kai realized something was wrong.

He quickly opened his eyelids and hissed, “what are you talking about? I haven’t seen any young master. This gem was offered to me by others…”

Zhou Yiqing came up to him and turned on the communicator.

“Have you seen him?”

A beauty appeared on the light screen in front of me.

Guo opened his mouth: “he, who is he?”

He needs to ask the identity of Omega before he can decide what to say next.

Ji Yang’s face changed: “have you really seen him? He is the general’s fiancee!”

Guo Kai’s skull fainted, and the whole person was scared to explode in situ.

How do you make this up? If the other party knew that he had thought about that Omega, wouldn’t he die worse?

“He, he was robbed, yes, by a man named qilia…” Guo Kai said stumbling.

Ji Yang quickly entered the name and began to search in the information base.

Half a minute later, Ji Yang raised his head.

“Admiral, there is no such man at all.”

Guo Kai suddenly felt numb: “I didn’t lie to you, really, I…”

The soldier picked up the gem and handed it to Zhou Yiqing. The soldier said sadly, “at that time, he was still thinking about how to decorate himself with it to please the general.”

Zhou Yiqing holds the Pink Gem in his hand.

He unconsciously clenched his fingers and gently shook them.

Then he put it away.

One hand pressed on Guo Kai’s shoulder.

Guo Kai shook like chaff: “general Zhou, general Zhou…”

Zhou Yiqing looked coldly.

Tore him to pieces.


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