I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 11

Zhou Yiqing curled up his fingers.

The mechanical shell tightly wrapped on his fingers slowly faded away and then disappeared into his body.

This is a unique ability of top alpha——

They can integrate with their own mecha.

In this way, their flesh and blood can also become the energy of mecha.

When the energy is exhausted, they can still dominate the battlefield.

That’s why the whole world is obsessed with getting high matching Ao married.

Because only when they combine can they give birth to such a powerful alpha.

Everyone gathered their eyes. Only those old beta soldiers from Pan Daxing who had never seen this scene opened their mouths and showed a look of horror.

Ji Yang sadly took out his handkerchief and handed it to Zhou Yiqing: “wipe your hands?”

Zhou Yiqing clutched his handkerchief, but didn’t move.

He has no obsession with cleanliness.

After all, even with the most advanced technology, they can’t keep clean all the time on the battlefield. Blood and sweat are the norm.

“Will you bury him back, Admiral?” asked the soldier.

Zhou Yiqing looked down and said, “there is a race with some plant genes. Even if his body is broken into many pieces, it may be repaired.”

Pan Daxing’s local steamed stuffed bun soldiers were shocked.

Is there such a person in the world?

Zhou Yiqing said, “burn it.”

The soldier answered, “yes.”

Guo Kai’s scattered body soon heated up to the top under the ion line, and then turned into ashes.

Ji Yang took a look and said, “scum wanted criminals like him who fled everywhere really don’t deserve to be buried in the grave.”

Zhou Yiqing: “yes.”

Guo Kai is quite famous on the star wanted list.

He used to be just a beta. At the age of 18, he accidentally differentiated into alpha. Then he became a serious beta hater. He completely forgot that he was also a beta, and he was proud of alpha’s identity.

After the male beta, he saw one and killed another. If the female beta is beautiful enough, it will be taken into his arms and played with wantonly. Wait until you’ve had enough.

Later, he even began to covet the beautiful female alpha and the beautiful male Omega.

His actions completely violated the laws of all countries.

So his name was on the wanted list.

But as early as a few years ago, no one had seen him again.

Until today.

Zhou Yiqing and Ji Yang know very well what kind of scum and waste Guo Kai is.

But the more she knows, the more she can’t help thinking about how bad Omega’s situation is.

Qin Yi is very smart, but there is a natural power gap between omega and alpha.

What will happen to him here in Guo Kai?

Ji Yang carefully glanced at Zhou Yiqing and couldn’t help but say, “admiral, are you worried about your fiancee?”

Zhou Yiqing was silent for a moment and said, “I’m not my fiancee.”

From the beginning, Zhou Yiqing never thought of marrying each other.

But the reason why the other party is in this situation is rooted in him.

In this regard, Zhou Yiqing felt extremely unhappy and unbearable.

An Omega should not encounter all kinds of dangers because of him.

This Omega should have stayed at his own home happily and easily, instead of being sent to Dixing all the way. Later, it faced bandits like Guo Kai.

“Qilia is a fake name,” Zhou Yiqing said.

Guo Kai was able to hide here for many years. Obviously, he still has some powerful weapons in his hand.

This weapon may have been taken away by the man named “qilia”.

At the same time, “qilia” also took Qin Yi.

“You check if there are any traces of the ships of hors and Lu Ji nearby.” Zhou Yiqing quickly ordered.

Ji Yang looked at him in amazement: “do you doubt them…”

“Guo Kai has been able to escape for so many years. He has some skills in his hands. Not everyone can easily take him and take things from him. ‘qilia’ must be an alpha, and it must be a strong enough alpha.” Zhou Yiqing said here, a little unconsciously annoyed.

Strong alpha, the desire to invade is almost instinctive.

Qin Yi fell into each other’s hands, just from one tiger’s den to another.

When the young man saw his boss slowly approaching their fleet in a broken and old spaceship.

He opened his mouth wide.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you pick up the boss in a spaceship?” the young man asked.

He is Chilia’s first deputy.

His name is Lu Xing.

The rest of the people responded in the call channel, “that ship belongs to someone else.”

“Belongs to an omega.”

“Yes, yes, it seems that Guo Kai caught it, so the boss went to help him drive it out…”

Lu Xing opened his mouth.


Is that Omega, who matches the boss more than 50%, is beautiful and active?

Lu Xing immediately opened the landing bridge of the fleet.

He waited for the other party to enter.

Qilia at this end is still whispering to Qin Yi.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to access the team’s channel, but that this old ship doesn’t have such a function at all.

“It needs a lot of manual operation, and many buttons have been damaged. The map has not been updated for many years… How did you get to i7 planet safely by sitting on it?” Chilia couldn’t help asking.

Little Omega often makes him feel that the other party is extremely vulnerable.

“Random,” Qin Yi said.

Qin Yi is still wearing the clothes Guo Kai prepared for him.

He didn’t like Guo Kai’s stuff, so he turned around and replaced it with his previously running pajamas.

The pajamas have been treated and restored to a clean state.

“I’m going to take you into the fleet. Are you ready? It’s too late to regret now.” qilia said, turned her head, and then ran into Qin Yi who changed her pajamas and walked out slowly.

It’s like an implicit invitation.

Chilia thought.

Although he has no love experience, he has seen such a bridge in different scripts countless times.

“Well.” Qin Yi answered carelessly, “go. Anyway, I haven’t figured out where to go next.”

Just let them all think he was kidnapped.

He also saved his strength and ran around.

Chilia felt better when she heard this for no reason.

He curled his lips and smiled. Then he left the console, stood up and said, “I helped you get back the spaceship. How can you repay me?”

Qin Yi thought: “well, my only property has been opened to Guo.”

Chilia remembered the pink gem.

He frowned: “I knew when I left, I should have dug it out of Guo Kai’s body.”

Qin Yixin said.

Someone should have helped dig it.

After he guessed that Guo Kai’s identity might be some kind of wanted fugitive to a backward planet, he felt that it was not very safe here.

Especially Chilia has to get something from Guo Kai.

Once the two alpha go to war, the movement is quite big.

The planet will be noticed sooner or later.

It’s not safe.

Therefore, he gave the Pink Gem in advance, either leaving an illusion to Zhou Yiqing and others that he had been killed by Guo Kai, or giving them the illusion that he had been kidnapped again.

Either way.

Will mislead their judgment to some extent.

If Guo Kai is not dead.

This gem can also ensure that Guo Kai can no longer die.

People like Guo Kai, who are always vindictive and narrow-minded, will only get more vicious revenge if they don’t die at one time.

“It doesn’t have to be a gem, other things can also.” Chilia’s voice sounded again.

Qin Yi’s thoughts were pulled back.

Qin Yi:?

Do you want an ID card?


Qin Yi recalled what he had.

He paid for it all.

be not willing to.

Unless someone is on the side of his plan, he is likely to get what he has in his hand.

Qin Yi finally pulled out a very worthless thing from his memory.

“Wait, I have a very precious thing for you.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

Chilia couldn’t help but look forward to it.

He gently lowered his eyes, and his long eyelashes covered the brilliance of the bottom of his eyes.

He replied, “well.”

The little Omega in front of me can really kill people when she gets angry.

But when he coaxed people, it was particularly pleasant.

Qin Yi quickly turned around and came out.

He held an old player with backward style in his hand.

The corners of his eyes drooped slightly, and a little imperceptible sadness appeared on his soft and beautiful face.

He said: “in the time of running away alone, I rely on it to get happiness. It is my spiritual food, my emotional sustenance and my most precious thing. Now, I give it to you. You will like it too.”

Chilia felt a little itchy on her fingertips.

Even the sharp blade at the bottom seems to be out of control.

Omega’s attraction to alpha can be as high as this, even if he is three meters away from each other.

He wants to smooth the corners of little Omega’s eyes.

At this time, the robot raised the manipulator, grabbed the player, slowly came to qilia and handed it to him.

Chilia pressed to light up the player’s screen.

It will automatically start playing the first video soon.

In the camera, the man in ancient earth time royal clothes slowly turns his head.

A pair of peach blossom eyes, affectionate and moving.

It was a scene from a best-selling film.

… what a familiar clip.

Chilia’s eyebrows jumped fiercely. He firmly grasped the player in his hand. He was almost shocked and his heart beat uncontrollably. He looked at the Omega boy not far away.

“This is your… Most precious thing?” Chilia’s voice was a little hoarse.

Qin Yi lied without blinking.

He answered softly, “well, yes. Do you like it?”

Qilia suddenly smiled and her eyes were deep.

He said, “I like this thing so much.”

Just as you like me.

Chilia, no, Luji thought.


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