I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 12

Qilia got down from the old second-hand spaceship and entered the fleet with Qin Yi.

When Yigan’s men saw qilia dressed in a big skirt, they didn’t change their faces and didn’t smoke from the corners of their eyes.


“Boss, you’re back!”

“Your boss is so happy? Have you got it?!”

Chilia: No

Everyone was stunned:???

Didn’t you get it?

How is that possible?

“Didn’t they send back a letter saying everything was going well?”

“Which link had an accident?”

Also, how can you laugh?

A pile of questions blocked their throat. Before they asked, qilia moved slowly and his tall body flashed aside, which completely revealed the meaning of Qin behind.

Everyone was stunned again.

“Oh, oh… Omega?!”

“There’s really Omega, shit?” someone burst into a foul language under excitement.

Then he was slapped by Lu Xing’s backhand: “don’t you want the image, don’t the boss? Can you leave us some friendly, gentle and polite images? Don’t you know that Omega is very delicate?”

The rest immediately stopped talking.

Qin Yi calmly looked at the people in front of him.

Most of them are composed of beta and only a few alpha. One of them, alpha, is still a woman. Qin Yi looked at each other’s neck. Well, it’s a real woman. There’s nothing wrong with it.

The other party noticed his eyes and immediately blushed. He took the initiative to say, “Hello, my name is Kong Junwen. What’s your name?”

“Zhou Yi.” Qin Yi nodded politely, and then followed the false name.

“The name is very nice.” Kong Junwen was excited and asked, “well, take the liberty to ask, do you have alpha?”

Chilia: ”

Qin Yi: “not yet.”

Chilia: “……”

“He’s single!”

“Single Omega!”

“Wait, is he an adult?”

Everyone couldn’t help boiling again.

Kong Junwen stepped forward and turned out to be the most active and daring one among them. Her eyes trembled gently and whispered, “I’ve just turned 93 this year. Although it’s true that I’ve been single for many years, I’m an alpha softer than them…”

Chilia suddenly broke in and said coldly, “can you smell the pheromone on him?”

Kong Junwen twitched at the tip of her nose and said, “I can’t smell it.”

Chilia unconsciously clenched her fingers, and then gently loosened his strength. He answered, “well.” then he turned his head and looked at the others.

Lu Xing said in a stunned voice, “boss, I can’t smell it.”

“I can’t smell it either.”

“Is there any inhibitor?”

Chilia: “No.” the corner of his mouth was hooked, and his cold look faded. He said, “only I can smell it.”

When he finished, he repeated, “it’s just me.”

Qin Yi licked his lips.

That’s not true.

Maybe those who match him too well can smell it.

“Boss, what’s going on? Why can only you smell it?”

“It’s no use smelling it. The boss doesn’t smell the pheromones on others. He’s always indifferent.”

They are full of gossip.

Now the opening became land star.

He said in his heart, I’m the one with the first-hand melon information on the front line!

No one knows better than me!

Lu Xing: “not indifferent. He……” Lu Xing paused for fear of frightening little Omega, so he kept his reason in time and turned to Qin Yi first: “can I say it?”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “you say.”

Let me listen and tell you something.

Lu Xing took a deep breath and said in his heart that he was suffocated.

He shouted, “the boss lives with him! They have lived together for several nights!”

“Lying trough!”

When you heard this, your facial expressions were distorted. For a moment, you even didn’t know where you were.

At this time, qilia said faintly, “well, pick up your expression and prepare to go to the next galaxy.”

As he spoke, he walked to the other side.

Chilia: I’ll change my clothes

Then he paused, turned back and said, “Lu Xing, treat him well.”

Lu Xing nodded again and again: “don’t worry, I will!”

The others nodded solemnly.

As soon as Chilia left.

These people immediately welcomed Qin Yi to a round table, brought him tea, poured water, cut fruit and served snacks in various galaxies.

For fear of neglecting him.

They surrounded him nervously and carefully.

“Zhou, Zhou Yi? How old are you this year?”


“…” “how can you do it?”

“Are your parents still alive?” they asked again.

Qin Yi paused, then smiled and said, “my mother has passed away, and the other is on his way to death.”

This tone is very, very unexpected.

They thought to themselves and said that it was obvious that they had a bad relationship with their father.

That’s just right.

We can find some lost fatherly love from our boss

If we really want to talk about marriage in the future, little Omega’s parents won’t obstruct it in every way because of their career.

It’s just that little Omega has to wander alone at a young age, which is still very distressing.

Everyone’s eyes suddenly softened a lot.

They got the information they wanted from Qin Yi.

Qin Yi soon got the information he wanted from them.

This group is a group of star pirates.

They were moving around in a huge team.

There are really a lot of people doing this these days.

But in order to avoid bumping into Mr. alpha Luji, who is listed in the test results, Qin Yi decided to make a sound and test: “are you very good?”

Lu Xing: “of course! Especially our boss. Once his name was released, it was almost frightening… So you don’t have to worry, we can…”

Protect you.

Lu Xing hasn’t finished the rest.

The Kong Junwen suddenly whispered, “boss.”

Her eyes are staring at the direction behind Qin Yi.

Hearing the sound, Qin Yi instinctively turned his head and looked at it.

Men have wide shoulders and narrow hips, thin waist and long legs.

The white suit wrapped him from head to foot. When he walked slowly, it seemed that there was a red carpet under his feet, rather than the cold gray ground.

He pulled back his long hair at random, revealing his forehead completely.

And a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes at the bottom.

This is a pretty face that looks familiar to most people.

The young face is full of wanton publicity.

When he stares at a person, it is easy to give the illusion of tenderness and affection.

He looked at Qin Yi like this at the moment, with his eyes slightly hooked. As if his wanton and publicity, he gently bent down in front of Qin Yi.

“I’m Lu Ji,” he said. “I’m Chilia, too.”

Qin Yi: “……”

Your uncle’s.

Of course, he knew that “qilia” was just a pseudonym like “Zhou Yi”.

But he never thought that qilia, who took off her rich female makeup, had a face belonging to Lu Ji under her.

See your father again.

Let’s go. Hey.



6、 Seven?

Your name is really scientific.

Seeing Qin Yi standing still, Lu Ji’s eyebrows wrinkled without trace.

Scared him?

“Zhou Yi.” Lu Ji shouted his name in a low voice.

Qin Yi still didn’t move. After a long time, he sighed gently and said, “I’m a little tired.”

Lu Ji once imagined Qin Yi’s reactions after his true identity was revealed. But whatever it is, it does not include the present one.

Lu Ji choked in his throat.

After a few seconds, he said, “I’ll let Lu Xing take you to rest.”

Qin Yi nodded and politely said “goodbye” to everyone before leaving

They watched his figure leave and couldn’t help talking: “this Omega has a good temper.”

“Also very polite. Taking care of him is not troublesome at all. It’s more like a kind of enjoyment.”

“He is so beautiful.”

Lu Ji was a little inexplicably upset.

Qin Yi left like this.

Didn’t say a word to him.

Before long, Lu Xing came back.

Lu Ji asked, “how is his mood?”

Lu Xing was stunned. Unexpectedly, the boss would take the initiative to care about Omega.

He hurriedly said, “it seems that he was tired and didn’t say anything. When I went there, he immediately lay down and had a rest.”

Lu Ji: “yes.”

He endured it again and again, but he still couldn’t.

Lu Ji seemed to inadvertently take out a player from his arms and put it on the table.

“What’s this?” they asked.

“From Zhou Yi,” Lu Ji said calmly.

“Sleeping trough! A gift from Omega! You are a real cow… Let me see…”

Everyone almost rushed up and grabbed the player.

Lu Ji frowned: “control your strength and don’t pinch it.”

“OK, OK! No problem, don’t worry!”

The player opens soon.

They watched the familiar face appear on the light screen.

“Why are your movie clips in here?”

“… is that little Omega your fan?!” Lu Xing raised his voice in surprise.

Lu Ji: “well, maybe.”

“Is this your charm?”

“I also want to be a star. Sobbing, I don’t want to be a pirate. Being a pirate has no future and can’t get a wife.”

Lu Ji: ”

One by one, his men cried with genuine emotion: “I envy you so much. Why are you just a fan? When will you get married? I don’t have money to pay. Can you stop beating me?”

Lu Xing looked much calmer. He said, “I think the best thing now is that you can conduct a formal matching test with him after we land.”

Lu Ji also wants to get a formal result.

Find out how strong the attraction between him and little Omega is.

He quickly made a decision: “find a nearby port to land.”

Kong Junwen hurried over: “I’m afraid it’s not very good, boss… There are troops searching for our traces along the way.”

“The army?” the others burst into flames.

“Who led the team?” Lu Ji asked calmly.

Kong Junwen said strangely, “it’s strange to say that general Zhou Yiqing should stay at the emperor star at this time, but I observed that the army was very much like… Very much like general Zhou Yiqing’s Pro guard.”

Lu Ji sneered: “no wonder, it’s him. He came to catch people himself.”

“Catch you?”

“No.” Lu Ji raised his eyelids, and the sharp cold light came out from the bottom of his beautiful peach blossom eyes. “He came to catch Zhou Yi.”

“Catch sister-in-law?!”

“That certainly won’t work!”

Everyone spoke out one after another.

Lu Ji made a new decision. He said, “speed up and go to the Limu empire. Zhou Yiqing can’t easily search and catch the person he wants in the territory of the enemy country.”

Qin Yi, the central figure of their discussion, was lying on the big bed without expression.


Damn it.

I gave the cheapest player to qilia = I gave the player containing Lu Ji’s film clips to Lu Ji himself

And loudly praised that it was my most precious thing and accompanied me through countless difficult days and nights of running away alone.

… thank you.

Some were killed by the society.

Already wanted to escape from space overnight.


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