I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 13

Qin Yi had to go through the escape route again in his mind.

Then he heard the door open.

Lu Ji raised his hand to untie the button, untied it to half, and opposed Qin Yi’s four eyes.

“Wrong way?” Qin Yi asked first.

“No.” Lu Ji’s eyes fell unnaturally on Qin Yi.

The boy in front of him leaned against the head of the bed and supported the edge of the bed with one hand. Because of this action, his pajamas collapsed and exposed a small clavicle.

He had just been woken up, and his eyelids were still languidly drooping slightly, drawing a trace of love from the end of his eyes.

“This is my bedroom,” Lu Ji whispered.

Qin Yi: ”

“Lu Xing misunderstood the relationship between us, so he directly arranged you here.” Lu Ji’s tone tried to keep calm.

His hand was still rigidly on the button. For a moment, he didn’t know whether to untie it or buckle it back again.

At the thought of the little Omega in front of him becoming his fan, Lu Ji has the illusion that the other party is always paying attention to every detail of himself.

Will little Omega think that he is different from when he was a star in the past

Lu Ji’s mind flashed through his mind.

The Qin Yi just answered, “Oh.”

I’ve been lying.

Do you want to return it to Lu Ji?

Qin Yi slowly lay back and looked up at Lu Ji: “can I still sleep?”

Lu Ji’s throat tightened.

Does he like lying in this bed very much?

Even for this reason, even Omega’s usual shyness has been abandoned.

Lu Ji: “of course.”

Qin Yi nodded.

Lu Ji’s eyes turned. He can’t be too close to each other. Of course, he can’t sleep in the same bed, but he can sleep on the sofa next to him.

The boy slept on the sofa for several days at Guo Kai. Now it’s Fair for him to sleep.

Qin Yi: “then go.”

Lu Ji: “yes.”

“Hmm?” Lu Ji suddenly turned his eyes back.

Why don’t you go?

let’s go?

Little Omega let him go?

Qin Yi yawned and a little water light surged from the bottom of his eyes. He whispered, “I’m really a little sleepy. Go.”

Lu Ji: ”

Little Omega didn’t intend to keep him at all?

When Qin Yi finished, he closed his eyes and posed to go to sleep.

Lu Ji unconsciously stared at his sleeping face for a few seconds.

The scattered hair sticks to little Omega’s cheek, making him look much better than when he was awake.

In half a minute.

Lu Ji withdrew from his bedroom.

He turned his head.

“Shit.” Lu Ji scolded a dirty word.

His men surrounded the door and it was full of people.

Everyone was stunned when they first saw him open the door.

Lu Xing looked very experienced. He asked, “do you need any special props? Let me find them for you?”

Lu Ji raised his eyelids coldly: “give me your bedroom.”

Lu Xing:?

Lu Xing: “isn’t that good? If I lie in bed…” I can smell the smell of my sister-in-law, then you must break me up on the spot?

Lu Xing didn’t finish his words.

Lu Ji had separated the crowd, strode to the door of Lu Xing’s bedroom, raised his hand and broke the door violently.

When he got in, he threw Lu Xing’s pillow out.

“Take your own things.”

The voice fell, and Lu Xing and others watched the door close again in front of them.

Two small robots came slowly, puckered their hips and began to repair the door.

Lu Xing: ”

He held his pillow in a daze and trance: “alone? The boss sleeps alone?”

“It’s obvious that the boss has been kicked out.”

“It’s obvious that we quarreled. This is.”

“How obvious…”

A “hole” suddenly opened in the door, and a beam of light penetrated through the hole and swept over the speaker’s head.

The man cried out, “boss! My hair is bald!”

But everyone finally shut up unanimously.

They walked away gently, holding their breath.

When she was far away, Kong Junwen said aloud, “Lu Xing, go to sleep with me.”

Lu Xing:?

Lu Xing: “you’re a woman.”

Kong Junwen: “otherwise, the alpha pheromone on you can make them have nightmares all night.”

Lu Xing: “… It makes sense.”

Wait a little longer.

Only one of them dared to whisper: “is the boss punished? The boss didn’t drive Omega out of the room before…”

“The child is so angry!”

Lu Ji didn’t sleep well this night.

I always doubt little Omega’s attitude. It’s like the powder is going to turn black.

He came out of his bedroom and into the hall.

Qin Yi has got up early. Lu Xing and several people are talking with him.

There aren’t as many people as yesterday, because Zhou Yiqing’s Pro guards are in hot pursuit. These pirates are under great pressure. They hurry back to their posts and keep an eye on the trend of the army.

When Qin Yi heard the footsteps, he first lowered his head and drank a mouthful of milk.

When Lu Xing shouted “boss”, he turned and asked, “are we going to Limu Empire?”

Lu Ji: “yes.” after a pause, he decided to appease the former Omega: “you don’t have to worry too much about safety. Even if I’m not here, my people will always be with you.”

Lu Ji said this not only because Zhou Yiqing came to “chase”.

It also includes the environment of the rimu empire.

Omega is precious. There’s nothing wrong with it.

But because Omega is too precious, people all over the world care more about one thing than their personal value and ability – their reproductive function.

So countless Omega became fragile flowers imprisoned in a glass cover.

This invisible discrimination exists all over the world.

But if you have to put it in order.

The rimu empire is the first!

When you walk on the streets of the Limu Empire, if you can see Omega walking outside, it can be listed as a wonder of the day.

The people of the Limu Empire believe that Omega is precious and delicate. They should reduce the number of trips as much as possible, stay at home and pamper themselves, and prepare for better offspring in the future.

In such an environment, the alpha chauvinism of the rimu Empire prevailed.

Qin Yi also heard about it.

“Yes, don’t worry,” Lu Xing interposed. “We must protect you well.”

Qin Yi nodded and smiled, “well, it doesn’t matter. I like this place very much.”

His mother’s legacy was deposited in the Bank of the rimu empire.

Once he entered the Limu Empire, he can not only get rid of Zhou Yiqing smoothly, but also get the inheritance quickly.

This is a win-win situation.

“After arriving at the rimu Empire, we look for the nearest port to land, and then use the rimu empire’s matching system to do a formal matching test. I need to know why only I can smell your pheromone. And how much our matching degree is.” Lu Ji opened his mouth again.

Qin Yi:???

Matching degree?


Once it’s measured, it’s in trouble.

And this is not the most troublesome thing.

The test results he got in his own country should not have been transmitted to the rimu empire.

But once he used the rimu empire’s detection system.

That… Good guy.

Stabbed in front of the royal family of the rimu Empire every minute.

It suddenly became less wonderful.

Lu Ji glanced at Qin Yi’s face and said, “in exchange, that ID card will always belong to you.”

Qin Yi: “deal.”

Qin Yi would not have conceded.

However, Lu Ji spent so much effort that he even didn’t hesitate to dress up as a female beta. Finally, the meat at the mouth was taken away, and Lu Ji would not let go easily.

Now he is willing to give in, which is certainly better.

Lu Ji was in a better mood.

He offered, “do you want to see how to drive a starship?”

Qin Yi was interested: “yes. Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Ji took Qin Yi directly into the operation room.

Although he thinks that the little Omega in front of him has a unique calmness and intelligence, like Kong Jiaxiang, he doesn’t think that Omega can learn such complex operations at a glance.

Mecha, spaceship and such a huge starship… Have always been exclusive to alpha.

Many betas are out of control.

This is a consensus deeply engraved in the minds of the whole world.

Next, Qin Yi went to see Lu Ji operate the Starship for several days.

Why would Lu Ji be a pirate?

Because he wants to be a mysterious, crazy and wanton pirate who leaves traces everywhere, but no one can catch him.

He is more willing to be with the mecha spacecraft and sprinkle his sweat in cold and bloody battles.

He was happy when he drove the Starship.

When little Omega stared at him driving the starship, the taste suddenly rose again, and even the cerebral cortex was vaguely excited.

Little Omega doesn’t talk to him about his movies.

Not to mention his once magnificent life.

Little Omega only watched him manipulate what he liked with amazing eyes in silence.

Lu Ji pinched his fingertips.

Look back at the boy on his side.

Qin Yi met his eyes: “hmm?”

This is the most Fucking Cute little fan in the world.

Lu Ji unconsciously came up with the idea.

“Hungry?” Lu Ji asked suddenly.

Qin Yi nodded.

Lu Ji: “wait.”

He turned around and left Qin Yi inside.

Qin Yi turned his eyes.

I saw the robot in the corner.

He licked his lower lip with regret.

There’s a robot. You can’t touch the operating panel.

So he obediently sat in Lu Ji’s position and waited for the man to come back.

Lu Ji went into the kitchen.

The cook is loudly stopping Lu Xing’s eating behavior.

Lu Xing: “I’ll try it first. I’ll just… Hey, boss?” Lu Xing stood up straight and quickly lost his knife.

Lu Ji still remembers what little Omega said.

He asked the cook, “do you have steak?”

Meat is not an expensive food.

In contrast, vegetables and fruits supplied to Omega are more valuable.

The cook nodded: “yes! And the first-class steak purchased on the black market for emperor star.”

Lu Ji: “you fry, I’ll watch.”

The cook hurried to do it.

Lu Xing couldn’t help but wonder and said, “boss, don’t you eat this?”

Lu Ji: “Zhou Yi eats.”

Lu Xing suddenly realized: “Oh…” he answered, but he couldn’t help muttering. The boss was really like a changed person. He even came to stare at Omega’s food in person! It used to be in the boss’s mouth. It’s a big fart. It’s really fucking boring.

The cook suddenly turned back and said timidly, “Mr. Lu, should Omega eat vegetables and fruits?”

Lu Ji: “he wants to eat this.”

The cook had to turn his head back and continue to deal with the meat at hand.

His heart was also shocked.

Lu Ji waited patiently for a while.

The cook put the fried steak on the plate with a knife and fork. In order to avoid Omega hurting itself, the knife is not open-ended.

Lu Ji looked down and said, “trouble.”

Then everyone stared at him and went to the faucet. The water “clattered” and washed Lu Ji’s hands.

When he gets back to the table.

As soon as Lu Ji raised his hand and scratched it a few times, the steak became many small pieces.

Lu Ji suddenly looked up and asked, “how big is Omega’s mouth?”

Lu Xing replied blankly: “I, I don’t know…”

Lu Ji: “forget it. You haven’t seen many Omega before.”

Lu Xing: “……” it’s insulting, brother!

Lu Ji stared at the meat for two seconds: “… I can’t bite.”

Then he walked away with his plate.

The robot responsible for delivering food held its arms high and hovered in mid air for a long time:???

Lu Xing opens his mouth.

It took a long time to recover from the shock.

He ran all the way to the front. He didn’t care to wipe the corners of his mouth. He grabbed anyone and couldn’t suppress his inner desire to talk: “lying trough! Lying trough! Boss, he… He cut the steak with green flame!”

“Green flame” is the name of Lu Ji’s mecha.

That thing is used to kill people.

The tip of the knife was stained with blood.

“Lying trough!”

“Horizontal trough…”

One voice after another.

For a long time.

Here, Lu Ji returned to the operation room with a plate.

Over there, Zhou Yiqing sat in the command room with a low voice and spit out three words: “it’s Lu Ji.”

Ji Yang, his deputy, was relieved when he heard the sound: “Lu Ji is not interested in Omega, so he hasn’t found a matching Omega yet. If he falls into his hands, he should be angry. It’s safe in other aspects.”

Ji Yang said and felt a little wrong.

I don’t like Omega. So far, there is no matching Omega. No matter how you listen, it seems to be in connotation.

Zhou Yiqing has no comment on this.

He just needs to keep Omega safe and send him back to Panda quickly.

Zhou Yiqing raised his eyelids and ordered: “hand over the control authority to me.”

Less than two minutes.

The Starship was shot in the ass.

“Boss! Shit!” Lu Xing was shocked and hurried to pick the door.

Two pieces of beef flew out of Lu Ji’s plate.

He looked back unsightly, “who the fuck are you?”

Lu Xing swallowed his saliva: “yes… General Zhou Yiqing wants to fuck the ass of our starship.”

Lu Ji: ”

Lu Jixin calmly handed the plate to Qin Yi.

“Try it,” he said.

Qin Yi took a bite.

He smelled Lu Ji’s pheromone again, which was more choking than before.

Lu Ji quickly unbuttoned his coat and threw it aside.

Lu Xing looked at the position under Qin Yi’s ass: “that…”

Qin Yi bit the beef and got up to give way.

Lu Ji stretched out his hand and pressed him back firmly: “sit and eat.”

Then his hand quickly retracted as if it had been burned.

He squeezed the tip of his lower finger tightly and tried to hold down the blood in his body.

Omega’s appeal brought his fighting spirit to the top.

With scarlet eyes, he stared at the screen in front of him, then raised an arm, bypassed Qin Yi, and quickly pressed the operation panel.

“Boom -”

One shot hit back in the direction of Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi blinked slightly.

That’s how it was fired.

Here Ji Yang scolded: “where did Lu Ji get this thing? I won’t break him up today. I don’t have a surname Ji!”

Zhou Yiqing quietly reminded: “Qin Yi is on the ship.”

Ji Yang extinguished his anger: “the general means…”

Zhou Yiqing said coldly: “you can leak the ass of the Starship.”

Ji Yang: “Hey, that’s good. We can’t hurt Omega…” as soon as he said that, Ji Yang’s face changed, “there’s a galaxy of the Limu Empire ahead! We can’t go any further! Lu Ji has been fucking accurate for a long time… This road is too far away! Who can think of leading to the Limu Empire?”

Zhou Yiqing frowned, but his face was not so ugly.

He raised his hand and made a pause.


You can’t stop.

The rimu empire is an enemy country.

The other side closely monitored their actions.

When the enemy general appears on his own border with Pro guards, everyone has to guard immediately.

It’s almost a short distance of three minutes.

The news that the enemy general had led troops to the border was handed to Prince hols’s desk.

“Your Highness, I think this is a declaration of war!” the minister said excitedly.

The young man in front of him had white blond curls and dark purple eyes. His eyebrow bones protruded slightly, and his eyebrows and eyes were delicate and deep.

His face was enveloped by his innate dignity.

The blue and white military uniform meticulously wrapped his slender and straight body; The red cloak hanging behind him kissed his white boots.

The young and noble crown prince, sitting on a chair inlaid with countless gemstones, raised his eyes: “courtesy before soldiers, ask what you want.”

Suddenly, someone raised his hand: “Your Highness, my eyeliner told me that it seems that the general’s fiancee ran away.”

“An Omega ran away? Such a big battle?” the crown prince seemed to hear some joke and sneered slowly and gracefully from his throat.


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