I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 14

The Starship fired that shot, and then there was no action.

Lu Ji changed to the spaceship with Qin Yi.

Kong Junwen took over the Starship and drove away alone.

“It can’t call at the port,” Lu Ji said.

Qin Yi nodded without asking.

I want to know that once such a big guy stops at the port, he will definitely attract the attention of the rimu Empire immediately.

As a pirate, Lu Ji has his name on the wanted list of various countries.

“The port is ahead.” Lu Ji opened the window in front of him.

Qin Yi lowered his eyes and saw the nearer and nearer planet in front of him through the glass window. The flowers and brocade clusters on the planet are magnified in the eyes.

He heard Lu Ji’s voice: “it’s called beimanxing. I filmed here about ten years ago. It’s very beautiful. You should like it.”

Lu Ji paused and said in a lighter tone, “I used to like here very much, but due to professional restrictions, I can’t appreciate the beauty here more. Later, I thought… If there is any way, I can put this planet in my pocket. I can take it out whenever I want to enjoy it.”

Qin Yi:?

Is that why you changed your career to be a pirate?

Want to rob other people’s stars!

“Wait for me here,” said Lu Ji, turning to the operation room.

Qin Yi: “hmm?”

“I have to change my face.”

Qin Yi blinked and shouted, “Mr. Lu, wait.”

Lu Ji really stepped down and looked back at Qin Yi. He smiled and asked, “do you want to change?”

Qin Yi shook his head and said, “No.” the corners of his mouth tilted slightly, with a little smile, and his facial features immediately added a dazzling color. He said slowly in a warm voice, “can Mr. Lu change back to his previous dress?”

Lu Ji suddenly had a bad feeling.

Lu Ji pursed his lower lip and asked in a deep voice, “do you like my previous dress?”

Qin Yi: “well, it’s really beautiful.”

Lu Ji: ”

Little Omega not only doesn’t like his pheromone, but also doesn’t like his face now.

Sure enough, the powder turned black.

Lu Ji choked in his throat. For a moment, he couldn’t tell what it was like at the bottom of his heart.

Qin Yi leaned against the back of the chair and leaned back, showing a lazy posture. But his tone still sounded slow and gentle. He smiled and said, “of course, it’s Mr. Lu himself who decides. You don’t have to listen to me. After all, your career has changed and you don’t have to play other roles.”

Qin Yi is crazy and tramples repeatedly in his minefield.


So you can offset the favor in one breath?

Even if Lu Ji remembered the video player, he probably had the impression of “black powder”.

Lu Ji: “… HMM.”

He answered with a deep voice. He couldn’t distinguish any happiness and anger on his face. He just turned slowly and walked away.

Zhou Yi really likes beta better.

Lu Ji had this idea in his heart.

The thought was not light or heavy on his heart, not much uncomfortable, but it made people feel a little upset for no reason.

Lu Ji turned his head and looked at the coming behman star outside the spacecraft. Suddenly, he didn’t think it was very beautiful.

A little ugly.

It’s fucking ugly.

But the itinerary is planned.

Lu Ji still endured the impatience at the bottom of his heart and went to change his clothes first.

Qin Yi sat there for a while. Suddenly, he heard a sound of footsteps approaching behind him, followed by a low voice: “ah Yi.”

Qin Yi looks back.

Standing there was an alpha whose face was so dark that his mother didn’t recognize it, but he could vaguely recognize a little handsome facial features.

He brushed all his skin black.

It looks gloomy from head to toe.

Like a soul villain in a movie.

He approached a little, stopped two meters away and asked, “can you still smell my pheromone?”

Qin Yi heard the sound and smelled it seriously.

The tip of his nose moved slightly: “I can smell it.”

Lu Ji frowned: “what’s the taste?”

Qin Yi: “the wine tastes very choking.”

Lu Ji: “…” his eyebrows wrinkled, although he didn’t see it now because he changed a black skin.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve given eight injections of pheromone inhibitors in a row.”

Qin Yi:???

Qin Yi was a little shocked.

Omega has inhibitors that inhibit pheromones, as does alpha.

It’s just that this thing is illegal except for those opened by regular hospitals. One of the most important reasons is that a slight overdose is enough to kill.

Eight needles… Can send a middle-aged alpha to the hospital on the spot.

If the rescue is not timely, it can be cremated in situ and go straight to Yang’s ashes.

Probably only high-level alpha like Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji can carry it unharmed.

“Forget it.” Lu Ji’s eyebrows and heart relaxed, but he didn’t worry too much about this problem.

Because he soon had a new guess in his heart.

He suspected that the matching degree between little omega and him was higher than 50%. Maybe 70%? 80%? Only in this way can the inhibitor fail.

“Do you want the medical robot to have a look?” Qin Yi asked.

Still can’t let Lu Ji die here.

Otherwise, his men will count □ □ on him.

Lu Ji’s eyebrows were more open. He raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t have any discomfort. You don’t have to worry.”

I’m not worried.

Qin Yixin said.

Lu Ji looked up at the distance from the port and said quickly, “we need a new identity. I’m your brother.”

Qin Yi: “brother?”

Lu Ji: “don’t you like it? Then you have to be your husband. Which do you think is better?”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi hesitated and said, “it’s not no, it’s…”

Lu Ji’s eyelids jumped and he remembered that Zhou Yiqing’s generation was his father.

Lu Ji clenched his fingers.

It’s a fucking pity.

Lu Ji immediately changed his mouth: “call uncle.”

Qin Yi nodded without any embarrassment and called “Uncle”.

But Lu Ji was still unhappy after listening to it.

It’s like a bad generation.

At this time, the ship vibrated.

It sailed into the harbor.

After a short inspection, they got off the ship and passed the level perfectly with Lu Ji’s forged identity information.

Lu Ji’s men were responsible for stopping the spacecraft, while they came out of the port and walked into the streets.

The crowd here is crowded.

But Qin Yi inevitably quickly became the focus of the crowd.

“Is that an Omega?”

“Omega walks alone in the street?”

“Are you blind? He has an alpha around him.”

Alpha and Omega are easy to distinguish from each other in appearance, and the traces left by vaccination are different.

This is also the reason why Guo Kaiming didn’t smell pheromones at the beginning, but he decided at the first glance that Qin Yi was Omega.

“Are you afraid?” Lu Ji asked aloud.

If you’re afraid… May little Omega be coquettish? Lu Ji has never seen him act coquettish. But most Omega are like this, which may be a skill they are born with.

Qin Yi: “OK.”

At least no one came up to him and told him what to do – you can’t get married, you have pheromone defects, and Kong Jiaxiang doesn’t like you.

Lu Ji: ”

This is somewhat different from the scene he imagined.

Lu Ji turned his head and asked unhappily, “is it finished?”

“It’s over! It’s coming soon!” Lu Xing answered.

Just as passers-by were staring at Qin Yi, they found a group of beta, mixed with two or three alpha, came together and gathered the Omega in the middle.

My sister-in-law protects herself.

Lu Xingxin said.

Hey, did I score well for the boss? May the boss not be kicked out of the house tonight.

Until Lu Ji turned back and gave him a sad look.

Silly – forced.

Little Omega hasn’t cheated her half a coquettish remark.

“I guess it belongs to a big family.”

“From the emperor star?”

“Shh, Shh, let’s go, let’s go, don’t look more. Be careful of being gouged.”

It’s not unusual for alpha, who is very possessive, to dig each other’s eyes because others look at their own Omega.

The surroundings soon subsided.

Only a few people, who have hardly seen Omega in reality because of the scarcity of social resources in their hands, can’t help but secretly look at Qin Yi excitedly.

Lu Ji glanced around coldly, forced back these eyes, and then whispered, “go to the hotel first. To do the test, you also need Lu Xing to make an appointment with relevant institutions.”

Qin Yi nodded: “HMM.”

He has no opinion.

He’s already figured out how to get out.

Whether the crown prince is willing to marry him or not, his ministers must be 100% willing.

As soon as the test results come out, the people of the Limu empire will immediately come to encircle Lu Ji.

And at that time

He has taken the inheritance and said goodbye to everyone.

They went to the reserved hotel.

Not hiding like ordinary pirates.

At the same time.

Ji Yang turned and asked, “the Limu Empire sent a letter asking for our intention. Admiral, what do you say?”

Lost someone.

This obviously sounds like an excuse.

After a long pause, Zhou Yiqing said aloud, “my fiancee disappeared in the territory of the Limu empire. I suspect that the Limu Empire kidnapped him.”

Ji Yang was shocked.

If the heart says so, it will rise to the level of diplomatic events!

If the rimu Empire didn’t want to go to war directly, it had to respectfully invite them in and cooperate with the general to find a wife.


13:30, June 11, 3386.

This is a historic node worth going down in history.

The rimu Empire, which had never met on the battlefield, opened a door of welcome to its enemy generals.

Zhou Yiqing set foot in the territory of the Limu empire in a different way.

The emperor sent his Royal Highness the crown prince, whom he was most proud of, to meet general Zhou Yiqing.

This scene soon spread to the world through the lens.

“General Zhou has a fiancee?!” the people of the two countries were shocked.

“Fiancee has come to our country!” the people of Limu Empire were shocked again.

Pan Daxing is in the first college.

Under the leadership of the flower art teacher, the students have just finished watching this video.

They couldn’t help sighing: “which Omega has such good luck? It’s going to marry general Zhou!”

The Qin family at this time.

Qin’s father was only frightened.

Qin Yi is so brave!

Dare to run to the rimu empire!

Once a diplomatic incident or even a war is triggered… Qin Yi, as a precious Omega, may not do much. But the Qin family… Is likely to be destroyed!

Qin’s father was so surprised by his imagination that he sat on the ground.

Qin Yi, the center of the topic, spent one night in the hotel. Early the next morning, I followed Lu Ji to do the test.

In the secret room, the two sides provided blood and used the most original detection methods.

The system here is probably the same as the system on panda.

It worked hard for three minutes and the red light flickered.

Lu Xing whispered, “is it broken?”

Others couldn’t help shouting: “boss wants to be open. You’re not the only one in the world who can’t match Omega’s alpha…”

They have begun to think that it is a coincidence that Lu Ji can smell Qin Yi’s pheromone.

“Drop -”

The matching system in front of me gave a long sound, and finally issued a mechanical and Caton sound, as if the system itself could not believe: “the matching degree between the alpha and the Omega… 100%.”

For a while.

There was no sound in the dark room.

Not 50%, but also 70% and 80%.

It’s 100%.

Lu Ji once disdained the matching degree.

Especially when he’s been in too many plays.

Most of the plays have such lines – Ao with 100% matching degree, they are destined soul mates.

This is an extremely boring rule imposed by human society on the world.

But when it really falls on itself.

Lu Ji was in a trance for a moment, as if from the moment he heard the detection sound, he walked into a long corridor.

I don’t know how long it took.

He finally came out of the end, then raised his eyes and saw the beautiful young Omega.

Lu Ji’s throat moved slightly, and all his senses had not been completely recovered.

He said calmly, “I didn’t expect the match between us to be so high… I need to think about it.”

Qin Yi smiled and nodded thoughtfully, “HMM.”

Lu Ji’s men had long been shocked and stupid. At the moment, they couldn’t make a sound, and there was a paste in their brain.

In fact, if they look at Qin Yi more now, they will find that Omega is very calm in front of them. It is not surprising to this result.

Qin Yi suggested softly, “let’s go back.”

Then everyone followed in a chaotic way. They didn’t know how to take steps under their feet. Anyway, as soon as they recovered, they had returned to the hotel.

Qin Yi lives in room 1101.

He adjusted his wig slowly in the mirror.

Dark black long curly hair and waist.

If the flesh colored elegant dress inlaid with pearls outlines his slender waist.

Then he slowly sat cross legged, sideways facing the floor mirror in front of him, holding the pen in his right hand and holding the paint plate in his left hand, drawing thin lines from the earlobe bit by bit, all the way to his left shoulder blade.

The whole process and its need for patience.

It’s long and detailed.

Until behind Qin Yi’s neck, a pure white Epiphyllum came out. Under the trembling big petals, a curved tail with a needle came out.

This pattern completely covers the last mark on his body that belongs to omega.

Qin Yi picked up the skirt.

Get up slowly.

Thank Lu Ji for his inspiration.

He took the beta female ID card he found in the bag attached to the second-hand spacecraft and slowly walked out of the room.

He went straight to the bank.

This bank is second only to their national bank in the rimu empire.

It is said that there is huge consortium support behind it.

Qin Yi is not interested in these.

He walked in slowly.

The staff inside quickly received him and asked, “Hello, what’s your name? Did you make an appointment for inheritance?”

Qin Yi blinked and said, “yes. My name is qilia.”


The Minister of the Limu Empire held a paper report in his hand, trembling as if he had some disease.

I haven’t seen this in years.

But the minister thought it was more ceremonial.

He took a deep breath and rushed straight into the palace.

At this time, the crown prince and the emperor, as well as the enemy general Zhou Yiqing, were facing the camera and the live broadcast all over the world, enjoying breakfast politely and gracefully.

When watching the live broadcast, the citizens of the Limu Empire lamented: [Your Highness’s style is intoxicating…]

[general Zhou Yiqing always feels trembling]

As soon as the minister entered the door, he suddenly invited the crown prince away from the camera.

“Your Highness! An urgent event! An event!”

The live broadcast was not interrupted.

But everyone stared at the empty throne of the crown prince, and their surprise reached the peak.


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