I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 15


“Can the farthest wind reach kandarati?”

“Please show me your keepsake.”

Wearing white gloves and slender and beautiful hands with five fingers, he picked up something the size of a grain of rice, like chalcedony.

“The keepsake is correct. Please wait.”

“Yes.” Qin Yi nodded lightly.

The staff then opened the glass cover and took him out: “your business may take some time. If it’s convenient, please wait in our VIP room. What do you think?”

Qin Yi glanced at the wall clock.

He doesn’t have a communicator now, so of course he can’t check the time.

“Can it be solved in ten minutes?”

“Of course.”

Ten minutes is enough.

Qin Yi walked into the VIP room, sat down and slowly enjoyed snacks and tea.

In addition to the mysterious and huge capital behind it, Melly bank provides excellent services. It will never ignore you because you have little money, which is also the reason why it can become the second bank of Limu empire.

Oh, there’s a bigger reason, that is, it doesn’t verify your true identity——

As long as you take your password and keepsake and check it correctly, you can get what you want.

This facilitates many people who have lost their identity and cannot expose their identity for various reasons.

Like him.

The staff returned faster than expected.

The male beta, with reddish cheeks and wrinkled eyebrows. After standing in front of Qin Yi, his throat choked, as if it was hard to speak.

Qin Yi immediately had psychological preparation. He asked in a warm voice, “which link is wrong?”

He had no doubt that the inheritance had been taken away.

Because there is the supervision of third-party trusts.

What’s more, this is in the Limu empire. Even if Qin Fu is aware of it, he can’t come here to get money.

After hearing his voice, the male beta relaxed and said, “the amount you want to withdraw is too large. I’m sorry. I think you need to take your keepsake to the head office of Dixing.”

Qin Yi: ”

Blame me for too much money?

In addition to businesses and families, there are really few individual depositors who have reached such a huge amount.

Male beta apologized and got up to send Qin Yi off.

When he left, he also carried a hand gift and respectfully handed it to Qin Yi: “I’m very sorry that I couldn’t provide service for you this time. I hope to see you again. This is a little thought of bemansing branch.”

After Qin Yi accepted it, he turned around and opened it.

When you run away, you always have to be more careful.

Open layers of packages.

Inside is a new white communicator.

Qin Yi looked down at his empty wrist.

Obviously, the staff noticed this detail as soon as he entered the door.

Qin Yi carefully checked the communicator from beginning to end, confirmed that there was no positioning system or monitoring system attached to it, and then fastened it to his wrist.

The material of the communicator is special. As soon as it is pasted, it fits perfectly with the wrist. It feels cool and smooth, without any stagnation, and will not hurt the skin.

After activation, an “m” logo appears on it.

It seems to be the huge family behind Melly bank, an electronic product brand under its hands.

It should be the latest model.

Qin Yi moved his wrist and thought with satisfaction.

He can escape without suffering. He still doesn’t want to suffer at all.

So now the problem comes——

How would he go to the Imperial Star of the Limu Empire without getting the inheritance so that he was penniless?

Randomly select a person to white whoring?

Qin Yi fell into silence.

At the same time, the noble crown prince of the rimu empire fell silent.

About three minutes later.

The crown prince bowed his head and asked, “what nonsense are you talking about?”

The delicate eyebrows and eyes showed carelessness.

The minister raised his head with eagerness and excitement. He repeated: “A report has been sent from Beman star. Your highness, the Omega has indeed matched you by 100%. Your highness, this is unprecedented in history… After the other party combines with you, they will be able to give birth to a royal grandson who can perfectly inherit all your advantages! The rimu empire will embark on a brilliant road!”

“You see, this is the test result I brought. You see, it won’t go wrong!”

Hols took the paper.

It clearly says that he matches up to 100% with Omega called “Zhou Yi”.

“It seems that this is an Omega belonging to the Yan and Huang empire.” hols said flatly.

The minister nodded: “yes. But since he is in our territory, he will belong to you.”

Hols squinted and tapped another piece of data on it with his fingertips: “… Hmm? What’s this? Belongs to another alpha?”

The minister took back the paper again, stared at the information on it and recalled it for a while. Well, when the supreme officer of Beman Star reported to him, he seemed to say… “It was alpha who took Mr. Zhou for testing, and the matching degree between them was 100%.”

At this point, the minister was excited: “so, your highness, we must immediately go to Beman star and connect this Omega to the palace. Otherwise, your highness, if he slows down a step, he will become someone else’s wife!”

Hols: ”

Hols: you mean let me rob someone else’s wife

The minister didn’t think anything was wrong.

He said enthusiastically, “Your Highness, you are the most noble person in the Limu Empire except your majesty! You are the hope and future of all subjects! You are the star of the Limu empire! You deserve to have the best Omega in the world. Even if he is someone else’s wife, what does it matter? Only such Omega can match you!”

Hols interrupted him: “do you really believe that there will be an Omega in the world that can match me 100%? Even, he can match another alpha 100% at the same time. Fairy tales don’t dare to write that…”

The minister calmed down.


That sounds incredible.

“Your Highness, even if it’s fake, you should try it. If the system goes wrong, it’s also a big problem, isn’t it?”

“More importantly… If the news gets out of hand in a certain link, your highness, people from other countries will come and steal the Omega. They will try to manipulate you through the Omega. Your highness, don’t doubt the power of 100% matching…” the minister said, frowning, “Think about it. Now the general of the enemy country is in our territory. What a terrible thing if it falls into his hands?”

Hols got up slowly. He said faintly, “you’re right. I don’t believe in the power of 100% matching. But I’d rather kill by mistake.”

When the minister heard this, he couldn’t help muttering. Why did the latter half of the sentence sound strange?

The next second, hols confirmed his idea.

Hols: “I’ll go to Beman in person. If the report is true, I’ll keep this Omega in captivity. Or, it’s more convenient to kill him directly? So no one can expect to threaten me.”

He spoke slowly with the Royal grace.


The minister was buzzing in his head on the spot.

I wish I could die and show him.

But hols has effectively turned around and ordered.

Prepare the ship.

Prepare the pro guard.

He wants to travel.

The Minister got up in a trance and quickly told him to go back to his majesty.

In his opinion, perhaps more dangerous than the enemy country is his Royal Highness the crown prince.

He needs to find a way to keep his Highness’s only wife in his life.

At this time, the emperor still put on a false face and talked friendly with the enemy general Zhou Yiqing.

“Most of the affairs of the Empire have been handed over to my son. He will assist the general…”

At this point, he was interrupted by the minister.

The minister said eagerly, “Your Majesty, please advise your highness. He, he doesn’t want to…”

The subjects outside the camera were in an uproar.


There was no sign before.

Why is it so sudden that their prince’s marriage has been put on the agenda?

The emperor was also stunned.

Why didn’t I know my son was getting married?

The minister handed the paper to the emperor.

He didn’t want to expose it to the public in order to avoid the enemy country’s unwarranted heart. But now the biggest danger is the crown prince! It must be exposed! Only in this way can he save the life of Omega.

The emperor unfolded the paper without knowing why.

Less than half a minute.

His face changed greatly and he stood up.

The subjects outside the camera were confused.

Until they saw their emperor, they showed an expression of ecstasy. With a big hand, he directly announced to the live camera: “the sons of the Limu Empire, the crown prince will hold his grand wedding in three months. At that time, I will invite everyone to watch the live broadcast of the wedding!”



The emperor soon happily ordered people to turn off the live broadcast and said sorry to Zhou Yiqing. He had to deal with something, and then left the interior minister and foreign minister with him.

Zhou Yiqing:?

Zhou Yiqing felt that the scene in front of him seemed to have happened somewhere.

It’s kind of like… Mr. Zhou came to the military headquarters to find him… Maybe the parents who urge marriage all over the world behave the same.

The live broadcast is off, so Zhou Yiqing doesn’t have to be polite anymore. He bluntly said, “Lu Ji has entered your territory. Isn’t that a strange name? I need to find him. He came from δ At the border of the galaxy, the nearest planet is as… ”

The faces of several people opposite changed slightly.

Lu Ji, a famous pirate leader and former star, appeared in the Limu empire.

“So your fiancee was kidnapped by him? We’ll let as prepare to meet and cooperate with general Zhou…”

Zhou Yiqing: “no, he shouldn’t be on as.” he paused and said, “contact Beman and Tata. This is the nearest planet to the border and Lu Ji has been to.”

Here, Zhou Yiqing freely arranged the next trip.

There, the emperor happily went to find his son, but found that his son had gone.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“Beman star,” replied the valet.

The emperor smiled: “is it to find the Omega?”

The minister was stunned: “wait.” he wanted to pick up Omega immediately, but he didn’t expect the crown prince to set out in person so soon!

The minister patted his thigh: “on June 15, δ In the galaxy, two stars will collide! Map, map, get the map quickly! ”

About half a minute later.

The emperor and the minister breathed a sigh of relief and said, “hols will not take that route at all.”


Distant supreme alliance.

The young officials of the alliance quickly approached the office in front of them, then vigorously pushed the door open and shouted, “sir!”

At my desk.

A tall and straight young man, with brown hair, gold framed glasses, white shirt and black trousers, dressed meticulously, with a sense of urgency, prohibition and indifference.

In addition to such simple dress, a red badge is pinned on the man’s chest and forehead. It symbolizes his status and power.

Look up.

On his head was a plaque.

The president of the alliance personally inscribed it to him, using the Chinese language of the ancient earth period.

It reads “Xiao Xiao Su, crisp Qing Ju”.

It fits the temperament and appearance of young men.

At this time, the man slowly raised his head: “hmm?”

The young official unconsciously collected his eyes and even lightened his steps. As soon as he opened his mouth, his tone dropped unconsciously: “Sir, did you watch the live broadcast of the Limu Empire?”

“No,” the man replied sharply.

“Hors is getting married. The think tank means that maybe he has found an Omega that matches him very well, perhaps up to 60%? This is uncertain. But what is certain is that once they combine, the rimu empire will have another genius alpha of at least 3S level. This is very disadvantageous to us…” there was anxiety in the words of the visitor.

The man answered calmly, “well.” “so what do you mean?”

“I hope you can use your power to intercept the Omega, or the crown prince of the Limu empire. It would be even better if you could catch general Zhou Yiqing’s fiancee.”

The man held out his hand and said, “give me the information.”

The young official immediately passed from the light brain.

The man carefully read the not rich information in his hand.

He seems to be trying to get through the hidden information.

About five minutes later.

The man bent his fingers and knocked on the table, raised his eyes and asked, “what do you think of killing hors directly?”

The young official’s nose was stretched back and forth, and his face turned red because of excessive excitement. He asked in a trembling voice, “really, really? Can you do it?”

“On 15 June, δ There are planets colliding in the galaxy. It’s worth using. “The man said, and he got up slowly.” of course, it’s not so easy to kill hors. Maybe I need to go there myself. ”

The other party nodded again and again: “what do you need? I will tell my father that he will prepare everything for you!”

“Give me my mecha.”

“…” the official hesitated, but still nodded his head, “don’t worry, I’ll be ready for you.”

“So now, I need to get ready.” the man got up and left slowly.

Men are civil servants in the alliance.

But no one would ever doubt his strength.

The young official couldn’t help raising his eyes and looked at the man’s back.

He is a diplomat of the alliance.

He has the ability to manipulate people’s hearts and the power to manipulate mecha to break through the star domain.

His name is Zheng Yian.


When all countries moved, Qin Yi finally chose his new route.

He temporarily hired a crew to shoot here.

The crew is going to the nearby Tata star to shoot the rest.

As a special group performance selected by the crew, he was lucky to take the crew’s spaceship and fly to Tata. Eat and wrap. The salary he earns here will become the fare for him to Dixing in the future.

He didn’t go to the port to steal his second-hand ship.

Lu Ji has been a pirate leader for years. How can he not be vigilant? Such behavior can easily startle him too quickly

“Chilia, this is your lunch.” at this time, the crew came to him, blushed and gave him the food.

Qin Yi smiled and whispered, “thank you.”

Then he turned his head and looked at the scenery outside the ship.

Countless distant and nearby stars twinkle.

One of them seems… Getting closer?


On Behrman.

Lu Ji opened the door and went out. He thought clearly. If an Omega like Zhou Yi had been with him for a long time… It seemed good?

Lu Ji’s idea has just come up.

Lu Xing flew over and looked ugly: “boss! Your wife is lost!!!”

This is the third day that Lu Jigang has an Omega with 100% matching.

His Omega is gone.


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