I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 16

It’s not just Qin Yi who noticed a star outside the spacecraft getting bigger and bigger.

The staff who delivered food to Qin Yi quickly ran back.

“You… You sit in your seat and don’t move.”  Fang panted and lowered his head. He didn’t panic at all when he saw Qin Yi eating lunch slowly.

At this time, Qin Yi also raised his fork, with a piece of inferior meat on the fork. But he didn’t like it. He bit it and praised it: “this dish is delicious.”

The staff was stunned.

The food treatment of the crew is also good. In that case, the meat is cut from some artificially bred mutant animals. No one has ever praised it as delicious.

Haven’t you eaten these before?

Of course, these are not important!

The staff quickly pulled back to their thoughts and whispered, “there seems to be some foreign matter outside… There is a certain chance to hit the spacecraft. Don’t be too afraid for a while. Our captains are very experienced.”

Qin Yi realized that Fang Fang had come to appease him.

He looked at Fang in surprise and nodded, “OK, I’m not afraid.”

The staff said in their heart, Chilia likes you, but you’re clever.

It doesn’t matter. After a while, if you are afraid, maybe I can accompany you.

Almost the next moment.

The ship’s internal broadcast rang.

“It is detected that a planet collides and burns, falling in our direction… Please don’t panic, the spacecraft is changing its course.”

Qin Yi lowered his eyes and measured it.

Can his mecha crash, survive in space for a long time?

At this time, the staff’s voice sounded again. He trembled and said, “don’t be afraid.”

Qin Yi looked up at him.

In front of the male beta, his eyes were full of panic, his legs trembled uncontrollably, and the table board of the small dining table was tilted upward.

Qin Yi:?

Who is afraid?

Qin Yi held his lunch box with one hand, but he whispered back, “don’t be afraid.”

“Yes, yes.” the staff was relieved.

The heart says Chilia is gentle.

This day is June 15, 3386.

When the two planets collided, a large number of short electromagnetic waves burst out in an instant, and the huge thermal radiation energy was finally printed into the burning light and fire in the fundus of the eyes.

Prince hols pulled out his sword and cut off a close attendant’s skull.

But in this way, his ship has also been yaw.

I have been waiting for him since his mother left him. I have been with him for seventeen years.

But the attendant, who had never been polite, suddenly opened the cabin door of the spaceship.

The cabin suddenly loses pressure. At the same time, the air in the cabin escapes, several cosmic rays invade, and the temperature drops rapidly.

The unprepared person, at that moment, ushered in death.

The driver knocked down on the operating panel.

The spacecraft flew obliquely out of its course.

Fortunately, hols never liked to have too many people around him. There were only four people in the ship.

His pro guards are in the spaceship on the front of the plane.

He looked back and gave the ship a cold look.

In an instant.

It is golden yellow and tall. It can stand tall and upright. It stands on the spaceship and roars angrily.

Cosmic rays fell on its body, leaving only shallow marks.

“What’s that?” on the spaceship, someone grabbed the window and stared wide.

The staff sitting on the front of Qin Yi also couldn’t help but look at it.

“What… Monster?” the staff asked in a trembling voice.

Qin Yibu took a look.

The horn is like a deer, the belly is like a mirage, and the claw is like an eagle.

A huge body is entrenched.

Noble and dignified.

“The dragon?” Qin Yi hesitated.

Much like the Dragon recorded in the ancient earth Chinese calendar.

The staff returned: “Chilia, you know  ”

As soon as his voice fell, he could only hear bursts of exclamation again.

“So what?”

“God! It’s terrible to see you!”

Qin Yi got up and slowly moved to the window.

At this time, there were no fewer people by the window. In their view, the unknown huge creatures in the floating space were more terrible than the falling meteors.

Qin Yi squinted slightly and saw through the glass.

The unidentified creature with black body and huge body rose from the ground on the spaceship.

Its body is covered with cold and deep colors, like the light of several scales.

It looks fierce and cold.

Even if it’s far away.

You can also feel its prestige.

Like… Snake?


More like a dog or a snake.

In Qin Yi’s mind, he immediately thought of what he had read in his book – Biological mecha.

That is the top type of mecha among all mecha.

Another exclamation sounded in my ear.

“Ah!” the timid closed his eyes and tilted over.

Qin Yi stared at the scene without moving his eyes.

I’m so rich.

It’s also possible to buy a biological mecha in the future… ?

The entrenched dragon and the entrenched Python soon got together.

The short flame continued to bloom in space.

The roar, far away, fell gently into the ship.

Their huge bodies seem to block out the sun.

Every tail flick, with tons of weight, is fierce and ferocious.

The staff summoned up their courage and went to Qin Yi’s side and whispered, “qilia, aren’t you afraid?”

Qin Yi asked him, “don’t you think it’s very nice?”

“… nice?”

“Well, have you seen any images from the ancient earth period?”

“No, No.”

“It is said that at that time, there were creatures that could be seen by human beings and were several times stronger than human beings. On that planet, there were Titan python, Stygian crocodile, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, gluttonous food, poverty and wonder. There were also Gonggong war Buzhou mountain…” Qin Yi raised his hand and lightly clicked the glass. “They are like the restoration of images on ancient earth.”

The staff were slightly fascinated.

When he recovered, he looked at the “girl” in front of him.

Chilia knows too much

And you have a lot of courage.

Such a ferocious scene. The fundus of your eyes is incredibly magnificent.

At this time, a series of emergency warning tones suddenly sounded on the spacecraft.

“The star is approaching!”

“No, God, those two huge creatures are coming towards us. They can’t hide. Come on! Get ready for an emergency landing! Don’t look for the port of Tata, it’s too late!”

The ship made a rapid landing.

All the passengers showed a strong weightlessness reaction and vomit one after another.

Only Qin Yi had no weightlessness reaction at all.

He sat down and fastened his seat belt quickly.

“Boom -” a loud noise.

The burning planet, rubbing against this planet, also rubbing against two huge creatures.

The moment the spaceship finally landed.



There were two loud noises again.

A huge wave of energy shook around. Passengers who had been half dead vomited now vomited even more.

Qin Yi also shook in his head.

But there is still no strong desire to vomit – hope.

He closed his eyes and paused for a few seconds. When he fully adapted to it, he slowly opened his eyes and got up.

He guessed that maybe two mecha fell off.

The ship made an emergency landing. There was a mess everywhere. The captain and other staff were busy comforting everyone, especially the frightened actors.

Qin Yi estimates that it will be a while before normal order can be restored. Yu Yu Yu first returns to the group performance dormitory alone, lies down and has a rest.

When you open your eyes again.

The staff member who had been with him came to him again.

The staff member said anxiously, “it seems that we have arrived at a strange planet. There is no sign of it on the existing map. The grass outside is very high and the trees are very tall. When the sun comes out, people are submerged in the grass. Moreover, the navigation has completely lost its function… The communicator can’t contact the outside world.”

Qin Yi: ”

Oh, No.

Do I still have a salary?

I just want to be an ordinary mass actor!

Qin Yi quickly got up and asked, “is there the most primitive equipment in the spaceship?”

“What?” the staff asked suspiciously.

“Compass, magnet, flashlight…”

“I, I don’t know. Let me ask for you?”

Qin Yi answered.

No, help me.

Help yourself.

The staff, Qin Yi and Qin Yi slowly walked out of the hall and came to the hall.

In the hall, several main actors of the crew are sitting together.

Among them, they are all in beta, with only one male star, alpha.

The play is actually quite outrageous.

What did it shoot?

Lu Ji Zhuan.

It is said that the management of the auction, Lu Ji’s enthusiastic fans, threw a lot of money for this.

Qin Yi took a fancy to the “daughter”.

When Qin Yi came out, he was hearing the stars complain: “I knew your bodyguards were so rubbish. I wouldn’t come to the show.”


“What should we do now? There’s enough food on the ship. How many days? Do you want us to die here?”

The director rubbed his hands awkwardly and said, “I really didn’t expect this. It’s an accident…”

The captain calmly said, “there’s enough food on board for eighteen days.”

The actors quit immediately.

“Are you crazy? Eighteen days? We starved to death?”

“Find a way quickly. I can’t stay in this damn place for a second!”

The captain did not look at the only alpha actor and asked, “does Mr. Zhang have a mecha?”

The alpha actor frowned and said, “yes, yes. What’s the matter?”

Captain: “I think it’s most appropriate to drive a mecha into such a strange environment. It’s not easy to be infringed by unidentified creatures, and you can see further from the perspective.”

Alpha actor rejected: “let me? Are you sick!”

The captain remained calm and silent.

For a moment the atmosphere stagnated.

Until a pair of scallion hands put on the hatch.

“Who?” the director jerked over.

The others also looked at it one after another.

Of course, the creators didn’t notice Qin Yi before. He came in for his deputy director. As soon as he entered the group, he immediately followed the ship.

So now, Qin Yicai is coming into their sight.

It’s beautiful.

This is everyone’s first reaction.

At the first sight, unconsciously, it seems to smooth the impetuosity at the bottom of my heart.

“Can I have a look?” Qin Yi asked.

Let’s refresh ourselves.

What the hell are you talking about?

A beta woman wants to go out alone? On this strange and strange planet!

“Let’s go.” an actor made a sound with flashing eyes.

At present, except for the bodyguards who have lost contact, no one is willing to go out to explore the situation. Someone took the initiative, of course, the best.

The captain stopped talking.

But the crew has to listen to the director.

The director has to look at the opinions of famous actors.

The director stared at Qin Yi and hesitated: “have you made up your mind?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

“Well… Well, you’re right.” his conscience hasn’t completely disappeared. He added, “be careful on the road. Do you want to bring some weapons?”

“If you have any, please give me some,” Qin Yi said.

After listening to his polite kiss, the director felt even more upset at the bottom of his heart. He quickly found some weapons for him with the captain.

He even gave him a bottle of water and some food.

The actors were greatly dissatisfied: “obviously I don’t eat anymore…”

The captain couldn’t help but snort coldly, “if you need someone else’s help, you don’t give others any benefit. How can it be so reasonable?”

“Here you are!” several actors shouted reluctantly. “Can you give me the money?”

“Ah, is 500000 enough?”

“I’ll give you 700000.”

Alpha actor’s voice was the most intolerable. He said, “you’re fucking poor. All right, let’s ask for information. I’ll give you two million. If you can come back with the actual situation outside, how about five million?”

The captain leaned back angrily: “this…”

It’s not insulting what?!

Qin Yi stretched out his wrist and showed the communicator on it: “thank you, please pay immediately.”


Actors: ”

How come you don’t feel humiliated at all? It even seems to fit your heart???

Alpha is the first to make money.

He set the amount.

You don’t need to connect to the Internet. You just need two communicators to scan each other, and then the money arrives.

With his money, others have to pay for it.

He also muttered: “don’t give too much food, we have to save…”

Qin Yi finally opened the hatch with the help of the captain.

He jumped off the spaceship.

The white skirt flew up and then fell down with the opening and closing of the petals.

His figure soon disappeared into the grass.

People’s breathing was stifled unconsciously, but they slowly returned to God.

This beta is as beautiful as a picture.

Also… Bold.

Qin Yi took out his mecha.

Pink mecha soared into the sky, but on this planet, it was only possible for a mecha to emerge from the grass.

The mechanical arm grabbed Qin Yi’s waist, picked him up and put him into the cabin.

This is his first time driving his own mecha.

He first clumsily shuttled through the grass, but finally he entered the tall forest not far away, which covered almost all the light.

He didn’t meet any animals along the way, nor did he see the bodyguards sent.

I don’t know. It’s been a long time.

When Qin Yishu was addicted to manipulating this thing, his eyes caught a glimpse of a large number of bent trees not far away.

Those thick brown trees were cut neatly, and their cut faces were blackened, like they were burned by fire.

I like it… Something has fallen nearby.

Qin Yi: “ah.”

He’ll find a dragon.

What about a snake?


Hols has never been in such a mess.

When he fought with the snake, he was hit by the star.

No matter how tough his mecha is, it is difficult for him to completely resist the damage caused by the burning planet.

He and everyone fell on the planet.

In order to reduce the damage caused by rapid fall, the energy of mecha is consumed quickly.

It was not until he vaguely saw the trees that he turned off the energy to preserve the most powerful power.

But who the fuck knows that the tree is 100 stories high.

He fell straight down with the mecha.

There was a string of sparks and lightning.

The so-called biological mecha.

This thing is connected to the human body.

When the mecha encounters major trauma, the human body is bound to be affected.

This is the side effect that we have to bear in order to obtain the powerful and sensitive biological machine armor, never betray the master, and be invaded by any virus.

So when he woke up again, his strength was like being drained, and his face was burning.

Hols raised his eyelids and first observed that there was no trace of the snake nearby. Then he put away his armor and sat up against the tree.

His mecha was compressed into a q-shaped Bruce Lee, lying not far from him.

He had no strength to take it into his arms, so he closed his eyes so falsely in order to recover as soon as possible.

The light in front of me was out.

He caught a glimpse of pink.

The pink mecha approached slowly and stopped at the end.

Hols: “…”… Stepped on my dragon… Tail… ”

At this time, the robot arm of the pink mecha opens.

He saw a tall girl in a white skirt, slowly placed on the ground by a mechanical arm.

You seem to be very uncomfortable.

Yu’s body is still crooked.

The long black curly hair drooped to the side, revealing the beautiful and complicated patterns of the neck. Like when he was young, the patterns of startling Hong on the thick and ancient files in his mother’s hands.

The girl squatted down slowly.

It became the only bright color between the tall grass and the tall trees.

He picked up his dragon with his fingers and asked curiously, “are you thirsty?”

Hols pursed his lower lip. “Mmm.”

He thought he might have recognized him.

Yu Yu whispered, “what’s your name? I’ll thank you for saving me.”

Qin Yi smiled and narrowed his eyes: “my name is qilia.”

With that, he unscrewed the water bottle.

Hols waited three seconds.


No water for him.

Did you recognize him???

Qin Yi shook the water and the Dragon: “can I change it with you?”

Hols: “……”

Big husband, how can you grovel.

He is a Grand Prince

Qin Yi twisted the boiled water, raised his head and sipped his lips for a drink.

Holmes rolled and stared.

My neck is white and slender.

Pretty tight.

But the more beautiful one is the drop of water falling from the corner of your mouth. The water drops rolled round and trembled from his chin, dipped into the ground and disappeared.

Hols: “… Yes.”

A big husband can bend and stretch.

Yu Yu threw Qin Yi’s water bottle to him and said, “I know that the biological machine is bound to its owner and has only one owner in my life. When I play, I’ll give it back to you.”

With his eyebrows tightened, HALS silently unscrewed the water and poured it quickly into his throat.

The water was mixed with strong pheromones and rushed into his body.

The pheromone of Omega.

Sweet to the extreme.

For a moment, he seemed to roll through every inch of his blood, from which he drew a powerful force, and the whole person was awake in an instant.

There seems to be a strong desire to spray.

Biological mecha reacted.

Bruce Lee, Qin Yi, suddenly a carp stood up in his palm, tightening every inch of his body.

Qin Yi:?

However, he held the dragon’s tail.

Hang upside down.

Hols: ”

His blood rushed up uncontrollably, and his brain fell into chaos. The taste was more violent than when he hit the mecha.

Hols suddenly tilted.

Alpha, a young virgin who has never said a word to omega, is dizzy.

Qin Yi looked at his ragged clothes and revealed his abdominal muscles and long legs without covering his body. Half of his face covered the young people in the midst of scratches and blackening.

Qin Yi:?


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