I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 17

Why don’t you faint first?

I’ll go first?

Qin Yi slowly turns around and pinches Bruce Lee.

The dragon’s body is covered with scales, and its tentacles are mechanical and cold. This thing also seems to have lost all its energy and become a dead thing.

You can’t play a flower.

Qin Yi sighed lightly. He turned back and put Bruce Lee at his feet.

Alpha’s body was strong, and hols soon woke up.

The galloping blood of all limbs returned to calm.

There was a dead silence around.

He could even feel the cool breeze falling on his face.

The “girl” is gone, along with the powder.

Recalling the strange, powerful and almost unstoppable taste before he fainted,… Omega? Is that an Omega?

Hols’s face sank.

For the first time since his birth, the young crown prince was a little embarrassed and angry.

Hols raised his eyes and looked around again.

There is still no “girl”.

She offended him, and after he passed out, she went straight away with his mecha?

Hols gave a sudden look.

He saw his own mecha dragon on the ground.

Hols: ”

As soon as she saw him faint, she didn’t even want his biological mecha. She said to go?!

Hols closed his lips, some unspeakable shame and anger.

I don’t know whether it’s because the other party didn’t recognize himself, but he was dazzled by Omega’s pheromone, or because the other party didn’t see his biological mecha

Isn’t the Dragon good?

… although it looks like it’s dead now.

“Are you awake?”

Hols paused and turned his head sharply.

The “girl” in a long white dress put her head down from a tree not far away.

Hols: ”

She didn’t leave.

Qin Yiba explored a clear place within 30 meters.

He even climbed up the tree, trying to see higher and farther, to see if there were cities and people in the distance.

It’s just that the tree is too high.

Omega was not strong enough to support him and climbed to the top without tools.

So eventually he slipped down slowly.

Qin Yi stepped on the branches and jumped.

The trunk is still two meters high from the ground

As soon as hols’s throat tightened, a thought suddenly came into his mind – she would break.

But behind the tree, a pair of mechanical arms were stretched out in time, firmly caught the “girl” and gently put her back to the ground.

“Are you better?” Qin Yi asked as soon as he stood firm.

Hols was silent for a moment, but answered, “well.”

Qin Yi: “give me the rest of the water.”

Hols’s temple suddenly jumped twice. He unconsciously licked his lower lip and said: “… No.”

Qin Yi:?

HALS managed to squeeze a voice out of his throat: “I drank it.”

He tasted Omega’s pheromone.

If Omega also tasted his pheromone

What’s that?

For a moment, hols’s brain suddenly jumped even harder.

The crown prince is undoubtedly the best graduate at Imperial College.

But he has a course that he has never passed.

It’s called Ao gender.

This course describes in detail the situation under which alpha and Omega will have sex, the role of matching degree in the combination of Ao, what measures should be taken if they have sex, and what are the marks of three different levels

From the first class, the crown prince missed the last class.

So that when he graduated, the professional teacher sat down and wept silently, thinking that he would become a historical sinner of the Limu empire.

It is because his classes are too boring that the crown prince may not be able to have an Omega in his life.

Read less.

Hols now wants to find an accurate description of the reason for his strange reaction, but he can’t find it.

Qin Yi: “we know nothing about this planet. We don’t know how many days to stay. Water is very precious. I’ll take back as much as I have left.”

Hols pursed his lips and remained unmoved.

Is it because he is wearing a skirt and the other party really treats him as a girl?

Qin Yi explained, “I don’t drink. Give it to others.”

“Others?” hols’s face became more strange.

Let others drink the pheromone of “girl” and his pheromone?

Hols’s temples jumped even harder.

He asked in a deep voice, “who else is here except you?”

“A crew. We took a spaceship and were going to Tata. On the way, we met a burning planet and… Two mecha. One of them was yours, right? They crashed together. The spaceship was forced to stop urgently.” Qin Yi briefly introduced the accident.

No wonder.

Hols thought.

HALS got up slowly.

His physical function has recovered more than half, and he has no problem walking.

“Can you take me to your crew?” asked HALS.

Qin Yi didn’t nod immediately, but first asked, “why did you fight with that mecha?”

“He tried to kill me,” said HALS calmly.

“Are you a wanted criminal?” Qin Yi asked calmly.


Since the other party didn’t recognize it, HALS didn’t say his identity directly, but wrote, “have you heard of Melly bank?”

Qin Yi: “ah.” “yes.”

Isn’t that a coincidence? Isn’t it?

“I’m the heir to Melly bank. My name is Alfred Gladstone,” hols said

Qin Yi: ”

Oh, the name is too long to remember.

“Someone is chasing me and trying to profit from me. You won’t reveal my whereabouts, will you?” asked hols in a deep voice, naturally showing a trace of the noble spirit of the superior.

Qin Yi: “of course.”

Unless the people who pursue you pay more than $800 million.

Hols’s expression eased a little.

The “girl” in front of me looks very clever… But she

Holmes frowned briefly and asked, “are you an Omega?”

Qin Yi suddenly became alert. He smiled and asked, “hmm? Do you smell pheromones from me?”

I didn’t smell it.

I drank it.

Hols didn’t know why. When he thought of this, he seemed to have a fire in his chest. He was a little inexplicably anxious.

Hols stared at Qin Yi for two seconds.

She is very beautiful.

If she’s also an omega.

How could her family allow her to walk outside?

“No,” said hols.

Maybe she’s not an omega.

Maybe the Omega pheromone I perceive is my illusion

After all, I haven’t even taken Omega related courses.

Those weeping and delicate Omega are disgusting. I’ve never smelled them.

I don’t even know what Omega pheromone should taste like!

Holls thought so.

Qin Yi answered softly, “well, I’m a beta.” he looked at the young man again, and his eyes eased a lot.

Why did she suddenly look at me so gently?

Hols’s heart jumped.

“If we have a good rest, let’s go.” Qin Yi said aloud.

“… well.”

Hols bent down to pick up the mechatron and followed Qin Yi.

Qin Yi has put away the mecha.

The young man behind him became his new bodyguard.

A person who can afford to drive a biological mecha is certainly not a weak person.

Qin Yi is in a good mood.

As he walked ahead, he whispered, “I have money in Melly bank.”

Hols: Yeah

This is not unusual.

Most people have accounts with Imperial Bank and Melly bank at the same time.

“This sum of money can only be withdrawn from the head office. If you don’t mind, please take me with you when you return to Dixing?” Qin Yi asked politely. Hols… Hols made up his identity.

But he answered, “well.”

When his pro guards pick him up, he goes to Beman star to deal with the Omega. He can ask the pro guards to send the “girl” to the head office of Melly bank.

They took a few more steps forward.

Hols suddenly paused.

The grass is too high.

Some fibrous roots will pierce people’s eyes unprepared.

Hols was stabbed.

His face sank.

For a time, he couldn’t adapt to this. There were no personal guards or personal attendants around him. There was no one who held an umbrella for him and separated the vegetation on both sides to expose the road

Qin Yi noticed that he stopped.

Qin Yi asked without looking back: “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” hols went on, and the next second he heard the “girl” ask, “can you divide the grass on both sides?”

Hols has never done such a job.

But he is not the crown prince at the moment.

Hols frowned without a trace.

ten minutes later.

Hols has been able to skillfully separate the grass on both sides.

Qin Yi walked faster.

After confirming that there was no danger around, Qin Yi didn’t use the mecha anymore.

He needs to conserve some energy.

But with his legs alone, he walked for almost an hour.

More than an hour later, they saw a spaceship not far away.

The door of the ship was closed.

A few anxious faces could be seen on the glass window.

“Back! Back!”

“Why did she come back first?”

“She was followed by a… Man? Who was that?”

The captain ignored the voices and opened the hatch first.

“Wait! I don’t know who she brought back? What if a wolf comes into the house?” an actor shouted unhappily.

But even the protest is too late.

Qin Yi and hors soon arrived at the door of the spacecraft.

“It’s broken. Can you catch this?” asked the captain.

It’s a spare ladder.

The length of the spare ladder is not enough and it is a little shaky.

Qin Yi first raised his hand and put up the last step.

Hols took a look at his figure. It’s too slow to climb up like this. Hols did not want to take a step forward, quickly stretched out his hand, held Qin Yi’s waist with his strong arm, and sent him up.

Qin Yi:?

He seems to smell alpha pheromone?

Qin Yi was sent to □ □ yes.

But for a moment.

The feeling of blood boiling and shouting trapped hols again.

A sweet pheromone smell penetrated his nose and soon went deeper.

If it weren’t for the previous experience, hols would not be able to withstand such a huge impact in a short time.

“…” HALS lowered his eyes and tightened his muscles.

He seemed to hear the blood rushing in his body.

This feeling is completely strange and wonderful.

The world seems to be cut in half.

Half filled with all irrelevant people and things, half only filled with him and the “girl” named qilia.

His chest was full of drums

Hols is still standing where he is.

The captain of this head quickly stretched out his hand, grabbed Qin Yi and pulled him up.

“Who is he?” asked the captain.

Hols heard the voice of the girl’s answer. Every word and syllable seemed to gently touch his eardrum.

Qin Yi said, “I found it.”

Hols’s thoughts suddenly returned.

He climbed the spare ladder neatly and entered the spaceship almost in a blink of an eye.

For a moment everyone stood up and stared at him nervously and defensively.

Halsley stood there in rags.

But he hung his eyes quietly and swept the crowd, and his bearing was still there.

He whispered, “my mecha fell.”

Everyone reacted at once. They were surprised and said, “that huge creature? Is that a biological mecha?”

Hols: Yeah

In his eyes, the people on this ship are insignificant ants.

They are weak and surprised. They don’t look very smart.

Everyone looked at hols’s eyes and changed in a moment.

Biological mecha… That’s the only thing left in rumors. They’ve only heard of it, but never seen it.

Now looking back on the war between giant creatures, it was probably the first and last time they saw such a shocking scene in their life.

An actor was surprised and said, “this gentleman looks so powerful. Will we be rescued soon?”

Alpha actor interrupted unhappily: “if he was strong enough, he wouldn’t fall from the sky.”

Hols: ”

He glanced at the alpha.

Alpha actor seemed to feel a little cold as he climbed slowly behind him.

Qin Yi interjected, “there’s a little water left.”

The actors’ expressions suddenly looked much better.

Not only didn’t waste water and food, but also brought back a powerful man, very good!

Qin Yi looked at alpha actor and asked, “let’s talk about it in detail. What do I see outside?”

Alpha actor eased his face: “well, come and sit down.”

At this time, the captain took the initiative to talk with hols to take him to clean and deal with the wound.

Hols didn’t refuse.

He is a head taller than the captain.

Walking behind the captain, the strong contrast of height difference immediately brought unspeakable pressure to the people full of spacecraft.

“He looks like a dangerous man. You’re not afraid, so you bring people back…” alpha actor pulled his mouth and sneered.

Hols paused.

Do they think he can’t hear?

His senses are quite sharp.

Captain: “what’s the matter?”

Hols didn’t speak and went on.

Qin yihun at the head replied carelessly, “well, saving people is what I should do.” he paused and said frankly: “not to mention he is the successor of Melly bank?”

As soon as these words came out, the people were in an uproar.

“How is that possible?”

“Is he from the Gladstone family?”

“No wonder he has a biological mecha.”

Alpha actor’s face was a little hung up for a moment, and he hurried: “well, tell me what you found…”

Hols stood in front of the bathroom mirror and knew why the other party didn’t recognize him.

His face was crisscrossed with bruises, and his blood dried up, leaving ferocious marks on it. His eyebrows and eyes were firmly covered.

He doesn’t look like the prince of the rimu empire.

It’s more like a ferocious monster.

When the “girl” saw him… She didn’t even blink.

When the captain saw him standing there, he couldn’t help but say, “you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you leave here smoothly, you only need to lie in the medical cabin for more than ten minutes, and these traces can be smoothed.”

“Well.” of course, hols knows that such an injury is not serious.

There are medical instruments in his mecha.

But now the biological mecha is seriously damaged and there is no excess energy to restart.

“I’ll find you two clothes,” said the captain and turned away.

Hols answered and simply tore up his clothes.

He wore casual clothes when he went out. After all, he just went to deal with an omega.

But now it looks like

Casual clothes are indeed far inferior to the protective ability of military uniforms.

The captain soon gave the clothes to hols.

Clothes are made of special materials, which can fit the size of the human body at will.

About ten minutes later, hols pushed the door and came out.

Long legs, thin waist, straight body, tight hair, combed back, revealing delicate and arrogant eyebrows below.

I don’t know why, the captain thought maybe he should stand there with a scepter

Qin Yi at this end said everything he knew.

They got at least one important message from it.

Between the grass and the woods, there are no animals that can hurt people.

It’s as quiet as a dead planet.

Alpha actor kept his promise and soon paid him another $5 million.

Although they are all the coins of the rimu empire.

But Qin Yi doesn’t dislike it.

Is it all money.

Qin Yi slowly got up: “then I’ll go first.”

Alpha actor stared at him for two more eyes, and then suddenly said, “don’t follow him. Who knows if he lied? Do you really believe that the Gladstone family will appear here? Ha! It’s better to say that the crown prince is here!”

He paused and gave Qin Yi a friendly smile: “my identity is real. Maybe you can consider following me in the next few days.”

The “girl” in front of me is beautiful enough, although her chest is not big enough.

But she can do a lot for me.

I could also borrow her to trample on the face of the so-called Glaister heir.

The alpha actor thought.

Qin Yi looked at him quietly without making a sound.

Silly – forced.

Kong Jiaxiang is annoying.

Not to mention you?

Alpha actors stared at her. The more they looked, the more serious they became.

When the “girl” calmed down, her eyebrows and eyes seemed to contain affection, which made her already beautiful enough face look more moving.

He suddenly had a dry mouth.

So he grabbed the water on the table, opened the cork,… He knew clearly that it was the water she took off the ship. She drank so much less water, didn’t she? How did she drink it? Huh? Put your lips against the mouth of the bottle?

The alpha actor smiled.

While watching Qin Yi’s calm posture, he looked up and fell down

He thought that if there was no change in her expression, it meant that she acquiesced to his proposal, so he would drink water against the mouth of the bottle and further observe her reaction.

But the thought only flashed through his mind.

Just a minute.

The next moment.

A strong, absolutely repressive alpha pheromone pressed down on him with an irresistible attitude.

His throat seemed to be pierced by an air current.

He trembled instinctively.

The veins on his neck and back of his hands burst out. He held the bottle tightly. His fingers almost changed shape because of excessive force. Finally, he overturned the water.

The whole man knelt uncontrollably.

The sudden accident of this scene scared almost everyone silly.

The alpha actor rolled his eyes hard.

His remaining light caught a glimpse of the white skirt “girl” in front of him.

She still looked at him calmly.

It’s no different from just now.

But at this moment, he could not feel complacency and restlessness. He only felt a deep fear suddenly pulled out from the bottom of his heart.

“What are you doing? Help people up quickly! Come on!”

“What’s the matter? Chilia, is there something wrong with the water you brought back?”

“There’s no problem with the water.” hols came back slowly.

He is wearing a white dress.

No way, this is the only clothes the captain found and can provide him.

The hem of the swallow tail dropped behind him, making his body more tall and slender.

The leather shoes under his feet tapped the ground gently.

Step by step, he approached and stood still.

“There’s my pheromone in it,” hols said.

Everyone stared at him in amazement.

Under the ferocious scars of the young man, we can vaguely distinguish the high eyebrow bone and the deep eyebrows and eyes, forming a quite exquisite bone phase.

He looked noble and elegant, and had a quiet and threatening power.

With a slight bend, HALS picked up the water bottle and put it on the table again. He whispered, “so don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you.”

Alpha actor finally slowed down at this time.

He struggled to grab the sofa behind him and looked up at hols coldly.

He always knew that some hegemonic alpha would mark with their own pheromone. Once another alpha tries to touch the marked place, it will immediately feel the strong suppression between high and low levels.

Hols didn’t look at him at this time.

Hols turned to Qin Yi.

She took the water out of his hand.

Would she feel terrible to see this scene again?

At this time, Qin Yi slowly got up and smiled politely: “well, is there anything else? If not, I’ll go back first.” he looked very calm, as if he had guessed this scene early in the morning.

Hols: ”

Qin Yi: “bye.”

I didn’t even look at hols.

“… do you still play with dragons?” hols asked suddenly with a movement in his throat.

The news of the prince’s disappearance was suppressed.

The emperor began his painful life of being unable to eat and sleep at night.

But fortunately, Zhou Yiqing soon left emperor star and went to Beman star.

At least it won’t put double pressure on him.

On the day Zhou Yiqing arrived at beimanxing, Lu Ji also took his men along the street to investigate the information related to Qin Yi.

Lu Ji doesn’t have a picture of Qin Yi in his hand.

Fortunately, there are surveillance clips in his ship. If you intercept one of them, you can find someone.

Just ask along the way, no one has seen it.

Some people even think he’s crazy.

“How could Omega walk outside alone?” the other party looked at him sarcastically, as if Lu Ji had imagined an Omega for himself.

“…” Lu Ji clenched his fist.

Lu Xing made a worried voice: “he didn’t even drive away his own spaceship… Where can he go? Will he…” Lu Xing had a terrible thought in his mind: “could he have been kidnapped?”

Lu Ji’s face was cold.


Who else could it be?

Zhou Yiqing?

At this time, the other side was also holding the photos of Qin Yi. People doing investigation everywhere came all the way and met them.

“Admiral! We found someone here looking for master Qin Yi!”


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