I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 18

The ship is very quiet.

Playing with dragons?

Play with what dragon?

Everyone was stunned.

Qin Yi stopped and turned to look at hors.

Hols pursed his lower lip and slowly took out his mecha dragon.

For a moment everyone held their breath.

What’s that?

That represents the top level of mecha manufacturing in the world.

That’s… Biological mecha?

Everyone’s hearts trembled. Even the alpha actor, who was overwhelmed by pheromones and lost all his face, closed his lips after being helped up without yelling angrily.

They stared at the thing closely.

But hols soon put it away again.

He lowered his eyes and said coldly, “the energy of this thing is exhausted.”

His face tightened and looked even more terrible.

Only he himself knew that a little shame came out from the bottom of his heart.

His mecha was still motionless and half dead.

No one has the desire to get hurt.

The captain’s reaction was the fastest. He immediately said, “there is some standby energy in the ship. Do you see what you can use?”

Other people just woke up and said, “yes, yes! What do you need?”

Seems to have regarded hols as a big man who can get them out.

“Look,” said Holmes, adding, “I’ll pay.”

“You’re welcome…” said the captain, leading him to the storeroom.

Alpha actor stood up straight: “so rampant…”

“Shh.” the others shouted quickly.

Alpha actor was even more dissatisfied: “Melly bank is very powerful, but how many fans does he have? After he went out, I immediately posted his bad behavior to the star online… Can capitalists do whatever they want? The water doesn’t belong to him!”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi again.

By this time, Qin Yi had quietly left the scene, leaving only a back.

Alpha actor’s eyes fell on his back, but soon moved back as if he had been scalded.

“What’s the matter? Don’t be angry.” the man next to him comforted.

“Nothing.” it’s just that he can’t see through the beta.

“Well, well, it’s over. We don’t have to fight with the Gladstone family, do you think so?”

This side tried to comfort.

The sound slowly died down.

Qin Yi is really tired.

From leaving the ship to returning to the ship, almost exhausted all the strength of an omega.

When he returned to the group performance dormitory, he met the staff who always booed him.

“I heard them say you went outside the ship. You have great courage…”

“Aren’t you hurt?”

“No, thank you for your concern.” Qin Yi answered faintly, turned over to bed, raised his hand and closed the door of the capsule warehouse.

The staff stayed outside the capsule warehouse for a while before turning around and leaving.

He had thought that if he could care more about each other as he was at the bottom of the crew, maybe he could think of a great beauty.

But now it seems… He doesn’t seem to know Chilia at all.

Obviously, it’s just a female beta, just a group performance, but they seem to be separated by a natural barrier.

Qin Yi had a good sleep.

He didn’t care where the heir to Melly bank whose name was too long to remember rested.

When he comes back to the hall.

The people on the ship have been led by youth.

Everyone sat him in the middle, and the young man spoke in an orderly manner: “Now divide everyone into three teams. The first team is responsible for looking for edible things and taking them back to the ship; the second team is responsible for looking for other human traces. Our communicator can’t contact the outside world, but we can use the ship as the base station for in channel communication. Once you find other traces, please inform me immediately; the third team is stationed on the ship,…”

Other people listened carefully. Even the alpha actor who ate flat the day before did not vent his dissatisfaction at this time.

Is this the ability?

Qin Yi blinked.

Hors noticed Qin Yi’s arrival early in the morning.

Before the man approached, he vaguely smelled a sweet smell.

It was the same smell in his dream last night.

If there is nothing, it always lingers in his nose. It seems that there are two hands, and the fingertips are not light or heavy in his heart. That taste is very strange to hols, but it seems to have inexplicable attraction.

Hols tried his best to suppress the instinctive reaction in his body. He didn’t turn his head to look at the “girl” until he finished speaking.

The director over there cooperated with the captain and began to assign teams to everyone.

At this time, I don’t know who said, “Chilia, are you stationed or going out with everyone?”

Qin Yi glanced at each other.

It seems to be one of the actors on the crew. What’s his name? Forget it… I can’t remember at all.

Qin Yi nodded: “I’ll search for food.”

The actor looked at hols immediately.

It seems to be doubting that HALS will be partial to Qin Yi.

But hols’s eyes moved: “well, I’ll also search for people nearby.”

The other party shut up strangely.

When everyone got off the ship one after another, Qin Yi heard him lower his voice, talked to another actor and said, “I thought she would get some preferential treatment from Mr. Gladstone. After all, she picked up Mr. Gladstone.”

“So it seems that she is nothing special.”

“Ha, are you flattering Mr. Gladstone?”

“Who doesn’t want such a golden branch?”

“But you’re not half as good-looking as Chilia…”

Qin Yi: ”

He really couldn’t remember the young man’s name, which was inferred from the context. They were talking about the owner of the mechatron.

Qin Yi jumped off the ship and didn’t look back to pay attention to the dialogue behind.


“Hmm?” Qin Yi looked up and found the young man standing there waiting for him.

Hols didn’t say anything. He just took out his mecha dragon in silence and showed it to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked down.

The mecha dragon fell on his palm and raised his cold head.

But because it shrinks to the size of a palm, the head is certainly a circle larger than the litchi ball. It seems that you can hold it with a gentle pinch.

So the cold mechanical head is not terrible, on the contrary, it is a little Q.

“It’s full of energy?” Qin Yi asked curiously.

Hols: “no… but it can change the form.”

Qin Yi raised his hand and gently scratched in the void: “can you recover to the size you saw that day?”

Hols: Yeah

Qin Yi knows little about biological mecha. To be exact, he knows little about mecha.

Most of the knowledge comes from various places.

But he really likes it.

If he had to line up, he would probably only be behind his dream of pursuing the performing arts industry.

Qin Yi asked curiously again, “when it gets bigger, can I sit in like an ordinary mecha?”

Hols didn’t know how. He kowtowed: “it’s bound with me.”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “well, I know it’s bound to you.”

Hols: ”

His mind wandered for a few seconds.

Perhaps the “girl” in front of me has never had a good mecha class or a gender class.

Qin Yi:?

Why didn’t he talk?

Qin Yi: “if you can’t sit in, is there any other way to play?”

Hols thought back: “… Yes.” he paused and then said: “the biological machine armor does not need to enter the control room. You can directly try to connect it from the outside with mental power and command it to fight.”

Qin Yi whispered, “what I think can be turned into what it does.”

Hols: Yes

This is the most fascinating part of biological mecha.

Before that, hols had never thought that there would be a beta to discuss these things with him.

Qin Yi: “that’s interesting.”

Then someone on the other side shouted, “Mr. Glaister!”

Hols stowed the machine and went up quickly.

The captain guarding the door of the spaceship sighed gently.

It’s interesting.

It’s this thing. It’s a biological mecha. He ate two-thirds of the ship’s stored energy in the first bite, and then he stopped him from taking another bite.

It’s too hard, woo woo.

Hols at this end came forward: “what’s up?”

“Look, is this a snake…”

Hols looked down and looked again: “…” it’s a branch. ”

He endured it, so he didn’t say “fool”.

These people are so stupid and delicious that people can’t bear to see more.

Hols looked back and found that he had gone far.

“Mr. Glaister…” the other party said, “shall we continue to look forward together?”

Obviously, the other party wants to form a team with him and thinks it’s safer.

Hols stopped for about half a minute.

There was no white in front of his eyes.

Chilia didn’t follow.

She never wanted to follow me

Hols turned his head back, lowered his eyes and said, “go by yourself.”

The other party shook his face unconsciously, so he had to go by himself reluctantly.

Qin Yi had already set out in another direction.

Most of the people in the crew knew each other. After they were assigned different tasks, they immediately formed their own teams. As a result, there were more people in some directions, and almost no one went there in some seemingly unsafe directions.

Qin Yi chose this direction.

He doesn’t want anyone with him.

In this way, as long as he is tired, he can use the mecha instead of walking. Five minutes is also good.

The grass here is more dense.

However, with experience, Qin Yi is still relatively relaxed.

It took half an hour to go.

Just when Qin Yi thought the grass had no end, he stepped out and completely entered another world.

In front of him was a towering mountain. Looking up, he could hardly see the top. Turning around and looking again, the mountain continued and could hardly see the end. The mountain obscured the sky light, and only the undulating outline of the rocks and the black luster of the stones could be seen.

This scene is extremely oppressive in the eyes of most people.

There may be a sense of narrow fear in an instant.

But at least I saw a new scene.

Qin Yixin said.

There was no change in his face.

He took out his mecha and sat in. Then he tried to lift the mechanical arm and touched the downhill wall.



The mountain wall seemed to tremble.

Qin Yi tried again.


The movement seems to be a little bigger this time.

This mountain… Is it alive?!

Qin Yi’s expression changed a little.

But he was still not nervous. He curled up the robot arm and tried to make a defensive posture… But the next second he found that the robot arm couldn’t shrink back.

Qin Yi made three more attempts, but the manipulator still couldn’t be retracted. It seemed to be bitten by something.

Even, he vaguely seemed to hear “click” and “Cha”, gently like the sound of biting and chewing.

Qin Yi jumped out of the mecha.

He wanted to see what it was.

Is that his mecha?


It was his money!

And his sweetheart!

As soon as Qin Yi went down, he found that the manipulator retracted.

At this time, in the dim light, two balls floated in mid air and directly faced him.

In the “ball”, the vertical gold is wrapped by green.

The color is cold.

Those are eyes.

The eyes of some kind of animal.

Because it has vertical pupils.

A gust of wind hit his face, and the big head of those eyes suddenly dropped towards him.

Qin Yi pulls out the energy sword with his backhand.

The big head bit the tip of the sword and poked a hole in his chin. But it still didn’t feel it. It sent forward clumsily. Now, the energy sword stabbed deeper.

Qin Yi:???

This sword is probably a little sore.

The big head is stuck on the hilt.

Then Qin Yi felt the cold on the back of his hand,… His big head licked him. Then it quickly retracted its tongue. It seemed to aftertaste, and then it quickly extended its tongue again.

Qin Yi slowly adapted to the darkness.

He finally saw the tongue of the big head, long and thin, with a fork in the front.

It’s a snake letter.

Qin Yi almost immediately thought of the python fighting with the mechatron.

Ah… Have you found the snake again?

The python kept licking the back of Qin Yi’s hand, and there was no extra action.

After Qin Yi confirmed that it was harmless, he slowly stretched out his hand, held the big head, then touched his jaw, and then his head


Wearing black trousers and a coat, the young man who showed evenly distributed muscles, but still looked elegant, calm and meticulous, walked among the grass and suddenly fell.

“…” the man shook his head, pressed the ground and sat up slowly.

Who moved his mecha?


Hols found him so quickly and recovered completely?

The idea just popped up in the man’s mind, and then he was pressed down, and then there was a strange and shocking taste he had never experienced.

The intense pain swept away from his brain in a moment.

At the same time, it was accompanied by a thrill rising from the depths of the soul… It was like a person who longed for water and finally got water. People who crave dopamine finally taste candy. The man eager for sunshine finally walked out of the dark cell

Pain and happiness.

How ridiculous.

This is a feeling he has never experienced since he was born.

It seems that angels and Demons cast spells on his head at the same time.

What did hols… Do

The man showed an embarrassed expression.

He tried to get up and quickly walked back and forth along the way.

He’s going to kill hols.

The man’s eyes were a little congested, and then turned completely red.

Qin Yi of this head loosened the handle of the sword.

Snake Xinzi stopped in mid air and his brain bag shook twice, as if he had lost his ideal.

Even if you know that the other party behaves like a creature, its essence is just a mecha.

Qin Yi tilted his head and said softly, “you can’t lick it anymore. It will peel off.”

Its snake letter is cold.

Omega’s skin is delicate. It really can’t stand this again and again.

“Who?” Qin Yi suddenly turned his head.

He heard the grass move.

In the dim light, he could only see a tall and thin adult male standing there, about 1.9 meters tall.

At this time, the man is also looking at Qin Yi.

He couldn’t see each other’s face clearly, but he vaguely recognized that the other party was wearing a long white skirt, slim and slim, with a bit of the smell of standing tall and upright.

And… Strong pheromones on each other.

That’s an omega.

Not hols.

Is he having an affair?

The man thought.

Otherwise, how could such a strong pheromone smell be leaked? And the taste was so sweet… So sweet that the pleasure rising from the depths of the soul came out again quickly and more strongly than before.

Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The other party didn’t move, as if he was trying to endure something.

That’s a little bad. He looks like a powerful madman.

Qin Yi took the initiative to say, “Hello, my name is qilia. My ship broke down and stopped here. Are you an Aboriginal here?”

The man’s throat moved: “… No.” his eyes turned, and then he saw his mecha, with an energy sword on his big head.

Man: ”

Does Omega still have such power?

At this time, the python also twisted its head.

It also vomited snake seeds, and it couldn’t close because an energy sword was inserted in its mouth.

Its mouth opens and closes.

Finally, he only made a rigid collision sound of “ABA ABA” at the man.

Man: ”

He now felt that the sword didn’t seem to have been stabbed by Omega. It was more like his mecha broke down for no reason. He opened his mouth and swallowed the sword happily.

The man has a headache.

Has this thing been stored in the warehouse of the Alliance for a long time and broken?

But the man soon picked up his manners. He whispered, “sorry, my mecha scared you, didn’t it?”

Qin Yi nodded his head gently without changing his face: “well, yes.”

So will there be compensation?

“So is the energy sword yours?” the man asked.

Qin Yi: “yes.”

The man stepped forward and was preparing to take the sword, but suddenly he stumbled at his feet and almost fell in front of the other party.

Man: ”

He thought, maybe Omega’s pheromone influenced him.

Fortunately, his concentration has always been strong.

The man tried to stop, then raised his hand, grabbed the handle of the sword and drew quickly.

The Python’s big mouth twitched, then closed quickly, and then his upper body fell down.

Its body is almost integrated with the mountain.

Qin Yi took a look and said that no wonder he didn’t find a python lying here at first sight.

The man turned around, handed the energy sword back to Qin Yi and said, “sorry. I will compensate you for all your losses.” he paused and asked, “where is your spaceship? Can you share some food and water for me if it’s convenient?”

He was just walking on the road looking for it.

As a result, food and water were not found, so they were forced to return first.

“I’ll pay you.” the man paused and remembered that the other party was just Omega. “If it’s inconvenient for you to bring it to me, I can go back with you and I’ll leave after I get it.”

Think of it here.

The man couldn’t help but divide his mind.

Yeah. How did an Omega come here alone?

Or are there other alpha nearby?

The man hid the light from his eyes.

Qin Yi gently pulled the mechanical arm of the mecha and showed him the tragedy.

Qin Yi: “then please compensate for the loss first.”

At this time, the Python’s head fell on the ground and arched forward, so it went all the way to Qin Yi’s feet.

Qin Yi:?

The python poked out the snake’s letter again.

Licked Qin Yi’s leg.

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi mentioned the skirt and said, “look, your mecha has bitten my silk stockings again.”

He didn’t blush at all.

A man’s meal.

He looked at Qin Yi with almost stunned eyes and looked down at the Python’s head.

An incredibly bad idea suddenly occurred to him.

Was his mecha stabbed through because it met each other, arched forward desperately, and licked the back of Omega’s hand?

The picture is instinctively outlined in the man’s brain.

His limbs stiffened for a moment, and his body seemed to heat up because of too much shock and shame.

He never does such a disgraceful thing.

And his mecha did.

Even bit each other’s silk stockings

The man’s eyelids jumped.

The brain once again instinctively outlined the picture – a large piece of white and delicate skin under the skirt.

Qin Yi raised his hand: “and the back of my hand. It hurts a little.”

Men know exactly how vulnerable Omega is.

In this way, it can be said that Omega has been “tortured” by his mecha.

The man said in a slightly embarrassed tone: “sorry, I will compensate you for these losses. 100 million general currency, do you think you can accept it?”

Qin Yi quickly withdrew his hand. He smiled softly, “well, I accept.”

He turned and led the way in front: “now, you can go back to the ship with me.”

The man’s face was calm again. He whispered and followed Qin Yi.

The mecha was also put away by him.

Men are obviously much more gentlemanly than HALS. They don’t need Qin Yi to speak. Along the way, he will take the initiative to push aside the grass on both sides to facilitate Qin Yi to move forward.

Step by step, they finally got rid of the shadow of the mountain’s huge body.

The light is getting more and more.

They scattered on Qin Yi’s body, as if they had covered him with a layer of dream.

At this time, the man finally saw Omega clearly.

He is tall.

It’s about one meter eight two or eight three.

The long hair at the back of his head swings gently. When the range of action is large, a little pattern on his neck will be exposed.

The pattern is holy and beautiful.

But men feel that he is not a female Omega.

More like male Omega.

Men’s and women’s wear, women’s and men’s wear are not uncommon these days.

Besides, there are many male Omega who naturally like to wear that kind of fluffy skirt. He’s seen a lot in the league.

On the other side of the ship.

“Have you finished counting the number?”

“In addition to the bodyguards who haven’t come back, there are two people missing,” said the director nervously.

Someone nearby asked, “who?”

And hols thought he didn’t have to ask.

… missing a Chilia.

Hols walked to the door of the ship.

The man next to him immediately asked nervously, “Mr. Glaister! Are you going to find them?”

Hols looked down.

The grass slowly separated towards both sides. How similar this scene is… When he walked behind qilia, he also slowly approached the spacecraft.

And this time.

There was another man behind the girl.

That’s a young alpha.

Shamelessly naked – showing his upper body and wearing a pair of gold framed glasses. In this era, alpha still wears glasses. Either very poor or very wasteful. There is no ability that alpha should have.

Hols thought he must be poor and useless.

People are getting closer and closer.

At this time, the people on the ship could see clearly.

They gave a cry of surprise.

“My God!”

“Chilia brought someone back!”

“Is he a recycling bin?”


Hols turned his head coldly.

The speaker was so frightened that he bit his tongue, and then stammered, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Mr. Glaister, I was talking nonsense just now. I didn’t have a brain…”

Just then the captain made a louder cry of surprise.

“God! Am I not dazzled? That’s… That’s… That’s Zheng Yi’an!”

No one feels strange to the name.

But they were so dazed and shocked that they couldn’t believe it: “Zheng Yi’an? Is it Mr. Zheng Yi’an, a diplomat of the alliance? How can it be? How can Mr. Zheng Yi’an live here?”

“Er. It’s not uncommon for Mr. Slater to appear here and another diplomat of the Alliance…”

Hols was silent.

His eyes were on the man behind Qin Yi.

When the eyes meet.

They peeped the cold from the bottom of each other’s eyes.


On Behrman.

The party is on the phone with the sheriff’s house in Berman.

At this time, Zhou Yiqing was sitting in the sheriff’s house. He listened to the voice without expression.

“We can’t take him.”

“This alpha is surprisingly strong…”

“What to do, Sheriff?”

The highest officer of Beiman star turned to Zhou Yiqing in embarrassment.

Normally speaking, generals of other countries cannot do it at home. Once you do it, it will be regarded as provocation. General Zhou also cooperated with them. Even if he wanted to arrest people, he didn’t rush to do it in their streets.

But now it’s embarrassing

None of the soldiers and generals on Behrman can catch the alpha!

He could only lower his head weakly and said, “Admiral Zhou, come in person…”

Zhou Yiqing got up slowly and sat on the spaceship.

The street has been completely emptied.

When Zhou Yiqing stepped off the ship, most of the alpha on behman fell to the ground.

At the periphery, some well-equipped alpha soldiers solemnly surrounded this place.

The center of the circle is a tall and straight male alpha painted black.

Several beta stood aside and shouted at him, “boss, come on!”

“Boss, you can do it alone! Rush! Get your wife back!”

Alpha raised his eyelids impatiently, then raised his eyes and looked at Zhou Yiqing.

“Finally,” he sneered.

Zhou Yiqing: “what about Qin Yi?”

Lu Ji: “where’s Zhou Yi?”

The two men spoke almost at the same time.

They were stunned for a moment.

Then he spoke almost at the same time.

“Who is Zhou Yi?”

“Who is Qin Yi?”

Their expressions became strange.

Lu Ji stared at Zhou Yiqing coldly: “what are you loading?”

“Lu Ji, what are you pretending to be?”

Lu Ji was stunned briefly when he heard the sound.

Zhou Yi has mentioned him to Zhou Yiqing?

Lu Ji’s expression looked better. He took out his politeness of running away from home for many years and shouted, “father-in-law…”


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