I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 19

Zhou Yiqing: “……”

It was a dead silence.

The soldiers behind Zhou Yiqing, Lu Ji’s men, together with the local officers and soldiers on Beman star

They all stared.

Do you still have this relationship?

As the saying goes, courtesy comes before soldiers.

Lu Ji finished the address politely, regardless of whether general Zhou accepted it or not. Anyway, Zhou Yiqing’s attitude is a fart. Lu Jixin thought, his eyes turned cold and his posture was tough: “we can talk about the ownership of Zhou Yi carefully.”

Zhou Yiqing listened to Lu Ji in silence.

Deputy Ji Yang couldn’t help but want to speak at this time. He said in his heart that we had run away from our fiancee. Where did our son and daughter marry you?

But Zhou Yiqing opened his mouth calmly first: “please cooperate with Mr. Lu. Let’s talk in another place.”

Ji Yang had to swallow his voice back, and then respectfully said to Lu Ji, “please.”

Berman’s people also have some complaints.

I knew you had some relatives here. Why did you let the people of Limu Empire send them up one by one to be beaten?

But at the moment, their micro words are of no use. They can only honestly leave here with Zhou Yiqing and others.

In half an hour.

Beimanxing’s sheriff’s house was temporarily requisitioned. Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji sat face to face.

These are two powerful alpha, and their pheromones, intentionally or unintentionally, almost form an invisible wall.

Others can’t get in at all.

Just a little closer, you will feel slight discomfort.

Zhou Yiqing opens his communicator, calls out the information sent by the Qin family and shows it to Lu Ji. The young man in the photo has a beautiful face and quiet temperament with slightly drooping eyes.

Zhou Yiqing said, “his name is Qin Yi.”

Lu Ji: “…” Lu Ji soon caught the place where he violated the peace and quickly got through the gate.

Zhou Yiqing added expressionless, “he is my fiancee in name at present.”

Lu Ji: “……”

You don’t have to catch the orifice this time.

Tell the truth directly.

There was a slight “crack”.

The soldiers not far away saw that the landing aid crushed the handrail at hand, and then the powerful alpha frowned, distorted his expression and gave a “ha” sneer.

God’s bastard!

God’s fucking father Zhou Yiqing!

Feelings are calling father-in-law to his mother-in-law!

Sure enough, you still have to kill Zhou Yiqing!

As soon as Lu Ji clenched his fingers, shame, anger and killing intention appeared in his eyes, but they were pressed down again in an instant.

Lu Ji said coldly, “he’s not with me. I thought general Zhou took him away. Maybe… We need to check the information we know about each other.”

Zhou Yiqing took off his gloves, his eyebrows and eyes were cold: “of course.”

Lu Xing murmured at this end, “I thought they were going to fight? But they didn’t fight?”

Lu Ji’s other men followed and said, “Hey, what do you know? Even if you don’t like it anymore, it’s his sister-in-law and his father!”

Ji Yang couldn’t help it: “we will be unmarried.”

“You know, isn’t this illegitimate?”

Ji Yang was thrilled.

For a moment, I was a little suspicious. Did the general usually look upright and serious, but in private?

Yes, the Admiral only said not to get married.

Didn’t say no children!

No… Ji Yang pressed his mind in time. How can I guess the Admiral like this?

“Why is the boss’s face so ugly?” Lu Xing’s voice suddenly rang out again.

Ji Yang hears the reputation.

My heart said that the general’s face was also very ugly. I saw him for the first time… What’s going on? Ji Yang was a little anxious with curiosity.

“He teased you,” said Zhou Yiqing calmly.

“…” Lu Ji, “he fooled you, too.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

There is no Zhou Yi in the world. There is no illegitimate son of Zhou Yiqing.

Only the fiancee Qin Yi from Pan Daxing who was sent to Zhou Yiqing by the family.

Lu Ji scolded at the bottom of his heart.

Qin Yi was not kidnapped.

It was only Zhou Yiqing’s wishful thinking to rescue little Omega from the pirate’s nest.

Just as he didn’t want to get married, little Omega resisted him equally, even more strongly.

Therefore, little Omega made a beautiful escape plan and calculated the famous pirate leader together.

If Lu Ji hadn’t moved his mind to Qin Yi, he would have disrupted everything. The plan will continue to go on until it will be punctured a long time later.

Should he praise Omega’s intelligence and boldness? Or angry that Omega fooled them?

Zhou Yiqing thought.

The two men sat with ugly faces for a long time. Finally, Zhou Yiqing opened his mouth first: “since Mr. Lu has found out that he is not the Zhou Yi you are looking for, please leave after Mr. Lu has provided the last information to see him.”

Lu Jimei picked his tail and sneered, “do I like his name? No, I like his people. What does it matter if he is Zhou Yi?”

Zhou Yiqing doesn’t think it’s a good thing for Omega to let Qin Yi stay with the pirate leader in front of him.

So he whispered, “he’s my fiancee.”

Lu Ji: “but he didn’t want to marry you. He ran away before he got to Dixing. General Zhou, he doesn’t like you.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Zhou Yiqing: “he also escaped from you. Mr. Lu, he doesn’t like you either.”

Lu Ji: ”

The two alpha sat face to face for half a minute.

“Bang bang”.

With three loud noises, everyone stared at the teapots and cups in front of them and the vases behind them.

Debris exploded and splashed.

Only shallow blood marks were left on their bare skin.

After the explosion, everyone calmed down again.

This time, Lu Jixian spoke. He said, “I will go to him with general Zhou. If general Zhou is unwilling to cooperate, he will not be able to get more information from me.”

Zhou Yiqing calmly replied, “yes.”

The two people’s eyes are connected, and they can’t pry any information from each other’s eyes.

But their psychological activities at this moment are highly consistent —

Find Qin Yi.

Kill each other after losing their value.

After the long conversation, they got up together, and they slowly took back the natural suppressed gas field of alpha.

“Boss, how’s it going? Will the general explain clearly where his sister-in-law has gone this week?”

“No.” Lu Ji pulled the corners of his mouth, his eyebrows looked sharp and unhappy.

“What about that?”

“Go find it with Zhou Yiqing.”

“Ah, it wasn’t general Zhou who tied him up. How was your conversation with general Zhou? Did he admit you? Will you get married when you find your sister-in-law?”

“… fart.”

The man touched his head and couldn’t help asking, “the boss is in a bad mood?”

Lu Ji: “Oh.”

Subordinate: “are you in a bad mood? Alas, we can certainly find our sister-in-law. When we find her…”

Before he finished, Lu Ji gnashed his teeth and said, “when I find it, I’ll take his fucking pants first…”


I’m afraid I’m not qualified to listen to this, but I can’t listen to what you insist

Lu Ji: “hit his ass.”


Over there, Ji Yang also met Zhou Yiqing and immediately asked, “admiral, what’s going on? Lu Ji him…”

Zhou Yiqing said coldly, “the suitor of Qin Yi.”

Ji Yang: “my grass! Your fiancee, he dares to covet…”

Not only dare to covet.

Zhou Yiqing wondered why Qin Yi slipped so fast. Was it because he was a little late? Lu Ji planned to marry Qin Yi in situ.

“Then, what’s the matter with his father-in-law?” “Qin Yi’s pseudonym is Zhou Yi.”

“Zhou…?” Ji Yang murmured, “no, he gave himself an identity and said it was your illegitimate son?”

Zhou Yiqing’s eyes flashed a little complex color, and he answered, “well.”

Ji Yang: ”

Ji Yang: “this little Omega is fucking awesome.”

He no longer doubted what the beta soldiers from panda star said. He was short-sighted.

Zhou Yiqing’s footsteps paused. After a few seconds, he whispered, “well, it’s a little powerful.”

This Omega always refreshes his cognition again and again.

Whenever he thought the other party was in trouble, the other party just created another illusion and fooled him again.

Now, Zhou Yiqing really wants to see each other. Take a closer look at this young Omega.

He took the Pink Gem out of his close pocket and held it in a circle between his fingers.


On a distant unknown planet.

Qin Yi has just heard the discussion on the spacecraft.

Zheng Yian?!

That… Zheng Yi’an, one of the six alpha’s in the test results?

Qin Yi: ”

I’m so lucky.

forget it.

For 100 million.

Qin Yi smiled and looked back at Zheng Yi’an, quickly judging the man’s character and behavior pattern in front of him.

A career as an alliance diplomat.

Suspicious, the city is deep.

Qin Yi attached two labels to him first.

After settling down for a moment, Zheng Yi moved his eyes away from hols.

He smiled at the people on the spaceship: “well, I’m Zheng Yi’an. My spaceship crashed and landed here. I didn’t expect to meet you in the same situation. Maybe we can exchange information and leave the planet as soon as possible.”

Hols: ”

You’d better put on your clothes first and then talk like a human.

Others were flattered and said, “OK, OK! Mr. Zheng, please get on the ship first.”

Zheng Yi’an looked at Qin Yi: “please first.”

As soon as everyone heard this, they immediately looked at Qin Yi with a complicated look.

The captain skillfully put down the spare ladder again: “just now, qilia, why haven’t you come back? It was delayed here…”

Qin Yi only answered softly, “well.”

Zheng Yi’an couldn’t help looking at him more.

He didn’t mention that he saw a mountain. Why?

This Omega has a mystery.

Zheng Yi’an hasn’t even figured out how Omega came so far alone and met his mecha python.

Zheng Yian’s mood didn’t show. He smiled and stretched out his hand: “I’ll help you up.”

Hols glanced at him, suddenly squatted down and stretched out his hand to Qin Yi: “hold it.”

The people on the ship vaguely smelled something wrong.

The director was eager to express at this time, so he squatted down, bent down, stretched out his hand and shouted to Qin Yi: “qilia, come on, you hold the hands of Mr. Glaister and me…”

Qin Yi tilted his head funny, then raised his hand and climbed the ladder – son first.

Before Zheng Yi’an started, he jumped up lightly. Then he raised his other hand and firmly put it in the palm of the director’s hand.

The director’s face changed and he was almost dragged down. Fortunately, he grabbed the edge of the hatch and stabilized.

When he returned to God again, Qin Yi had returned to the spacecraft.

Zheng Yi’an didn’t move.

Hols’s hand was white, too.

The director breathed a sigh of relief and said that qilia was still very good at winking. He knew not to work. The distinguished Mr. Zheng Yian and Mr. Glaister.

It’s all right for me to be affected. Just sell a good face.

The director thought like this, and then turned around, Zheng Yi’an had also been on the spacecraft.

His and hols’ eyes fell on the director almost at the same time.

Both are extremely powerful alpha. When they pay attention to them, it doesn’t feel so good.

The director swallowed his saliva unconsciously. Did I do something wrong? Shouldn’t be

Chilia rejected hols.

But he held his hand alone, and Chilia was different from him.

Zheng Yi’an thought, and then wrote down the director in front of him.

This time, the alpha actor contributed a set of clothes to Zheng Yi’an.

This is a black suit, which also has the ability to fit the body size at will.

Zheng Yi’an changed his clothes and came out. He immediately regained the style of diplomats we had seen.

Everyone was excited.

Because in the past, people of this level may not be seen in their whole life. Now, they can see it up close!

Zheng Yi’an swept over their faces, directly ignored their desire to express on their faces, and finally turned his eyes back to Qin Yi.

There was no superfluous expression on Omega’s face, and he didn’t even feel the slightest surprise at his identity.

At this time, hors came to Qin Yi.

He said, “come here.”

Zheng Yi’an said slowly, “Mr. Glaister, isn’t he?”

Of course he recognized hols, but hols should not know that he was the one who operated the mecha python. So he has to act according to other people’s names.

Zheng Yian: “you should use the word ‘please’.”

Hols frowned. He didn’t like the League very much.

Especially at this point in time, the alliance diplomats here,… This is suspicious.

But Chilia brought Zheng Yi’an back, just as when she brought him back.

His father has scolded him more than once. Zheng Yi’an is a mixed breed.

It does seem so now.

Is Zheng Yi’an not polite enough to set him off in front of qilia?

In this brief silence.

Everyone vaguely felt something wrong again.

The director opened his mouth: “qilia, come on, didn’t you hear Mr. Glaister call you? You talk to Mr. Glaister first.”

He tried to make a round.

Hols turned his head. “You can’t talk here.”

The director was stunned.

Hols then looked at Zheng Yi’an and said in a deep voice, “and you.”

Qin Yi’s eyes moved slightly and caught a glimpse of the mecha dragon in hols’s pocket. He was a little ready to move.


Don’t go.

Zheng Yian’s blue is full. You can’t add half.

Qin Yi stood up and smiled, “let’s go.”

He has to keep the young man who can’t remember his name at all, otherwise it will be very troublesome if Zheng Yian’s speech hall becomes on the spacecraft.

Hols’s eyes fell back on Qin Yi’s face.

The “girl” in front of him is smiling at him, not a little cramped and afraid, generous.

HALS pressed the mecha dragon in his pocket, finally glanced at Zheng Yi’an coldly, and then followed Qin Yi’s back to the restaurant.

Better kill by mistake than let go.

It should be a good choice to exhaust Zheng Yian’s energy and kill him when he left.

Zheng Yi’an looked unchanged. He stared at Qin Yi’s back.

Hols’s attitude towards Omega is also different.

Maybe Omega can be used to kill hols completely.

Qin Yi walked into the restaurant and swept around to make sure there was no one else nearby.

“Where did you see Zheng Yi’an?”

“I have something to say to you.”

The two men spoke almost at the same time.

She had something to say to me on her own initiative… After a meal with hols, she felt that the unhappiness of being provoked by Zheng Yian dissipated a point.

So he hardly restrained his arrogance and whispered, “well, you say.”

“Your mecha has not fully recovered its energy, has it?”

“… No.” HALS unconsciously pinched his lower fingertip. She doesn’t give up yet. Does she still want to sit in my mecha? Should I give her two good mecha lessons? At least let her know that I will feel it when she enters my mecha?

Qin Yi raised his lips and smiled, and his eyebrows and eyes were bright.

For a moment, hols felt as if he had glimpsed a frivolous brilliance in her beautiful face.

“I’ll take you to eat energy and get full.”

Hols’s thoughts returned: “… What?”

Qin Yi hooked him.


How can you use such a gesture to the crown prince?

… like when his father teased the dog.

Qin Yi: “come here, I’ll whisper to you.”

Hols lowered his head, a little closer, a little closer. What a sweet taste… The “Dong Dong Dong” in hols’s brain seemed to be stuffed into a powerful pump, and his blood and heart beat faster.

What is she going to say Whisper? Or the kind that can’t be heard?

For a moment, Qin Yi also smelled a little alpha.

It’s like being in a rose garden. It tastes warm and rich. Qin Yi unconsciously slowed down his breathing and whispered, “I found a mountain. There should be a large number of energy mines in the mountain…”

He needs to borrow the other party to contain Zheng Yi’an after he gets 100 million general currency from Zheng Yi’an.

Therefore, the other party must return to the same level as Zheng Yian as soon as possible.

Hols was in a trance for a moment.

She told me this without reservation.

Qin Yi: “when night comes, I’ll take you secretly.”

… secretly?

Hols has never been a thief.

The whole rimu Empire belongs to him. The people support and love him. He wants to take whatever he wants

Hols’s throat rolled and answered, “well.”

Zheng Yi’an at that end easily learned about the current situation from other populations.

The smile on his face became more and more comfortable.

He comforted everyone: “don’t worry, I’ll find a way to get you out of this planet.”

Alpha actor was a little excited at the sound.

He thought that the diplomats of the alliance could suppress the Glaister’s arrogance! Although diplomats are only civil servants… Zheng Yian has always been able to do many impossible things and has a great reputation all over the world!

Everyone was very happy for a time.

Only Zheng Yian dropped his eyes carelessly.

The heart said that of course it was impossible.

The crown prince of the rimu Empire died on this planet. Of course, it’s better for all who have seen him to die here together.

Otherwise, if international disputes arise, it will not be done very well.

He doesn’t like war.

He loves peace.

Zheng Yi’an’s face smiled more intensely, and then froze in the next second.

Where’s his mecha

“What’s the matter with Mr. Zheng?”

At this time, after the conversation, Qin Yi and hors came out one after another.

Qin Yi quickly came to Zheng Yi’an.

When passing Zheng Yi’an, Qin Yi pinched the “little snake” that got into his sleeve. Isn’t it a snake when it gets smaller?

Qin Yi pinched the snake’s head.

In this way, he gently carried it and stuffed it into Zheng Yi’an’s palm: “Mr. Zheng’s things have come to me again.”

Zheng Yi’an only felt that his fingers gently rubbed each other’s smooth skin.

At the same time, an Omega pheromone strongly enveloped him, but it was pulled away the next moment.

It’s like a thirsty person who has just tasted a little water and has nothing. It’s better not to have tasted it from the beginning.

Zheng Yi’an’s eyelids jumped and was surprised at his strange reaction.

He turned his head and looked at it, but he only bumped into the cold eyes of hols.

Others looked at the complex, chaotic and completely incomprehensible interaction between them with a little loss in their eyes.

Zheng Yian calmed down quickly and smiled faintly.

At this time, the “peace loving” Mr. Zheng did not know that he was about to be stolen.


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