I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 2

Qin Yi leaned against the back of the chair, raised his eyes and looked at Qin yuan. He smiled gently, revealing a casual taste.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I just like to stay in the Qin family all the time. I don’t need to work, get married, run a family’s affairs, and won’t become ugly because of fatigue and having children. I can even spend the Qin family’s money all the time… Are you right, uncle Yu? Of course, such a big family of the Qin family won’t leave the gossip news that the stepmother treats her stepson badly when her biological mother dies.”

The smile on Qin yuan’s face cracked on the spot.

I always feel that Qin Yi is alluding to his future because he becomes ugly because of fatigue and having children.

He is far less beautiful than Qin Yi, so he pays special attention to the words “beauty and ugliness”.

And… How can Qin Yi like to stay in the Qin family?

He’s not worried about getting married!

He even justifiably tried to spend the Qin family’s money for a lifetime!

As soon as Qin yuan outlined in his mind that Qin Yi was happy and comfortable in front of waste, he felt speechless.

No… this man can’t stay in the Qin family all the time.

You can’t let him go.

Qin Yi’s stepmother is a male Omega. His name is Yu Hong.

Hearing this, Yu Hong took a deep look at Qin Yi. He always felt that his stepson had a deep mind and extraordinary means.

But how do people around you describe Qin Yi? They all said he was gentle, yielding and pathetic.

Yu Hong smiled: “well, of course. Xiaoyi’s physical defects are brought in the mother’s fetus. What can we do if we can’t match alpha? The Qin family has a big business. Can’t they afford to raise their own children?”

He paused: “and with the current medical and aesthetic technology, having children will not become ugly.”

Hearing this, Qin yuan reluctantly felt that the big stone blocking his chest was a little loose.

But he also wisely stopped being angry with Qin Yi, so as not to be angry with himself in a moment.

The suspension car was quiet all of a sudden.

This quiet, all the way to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Many suspended cars have been parked outside the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Alpha enters from one channel and Omega enters from another. This is to avoid causing pheromone out of control.

Yu Hong and others were obviously called by Qin’s father. They didn’t dare to delay. With Qin Yi, they quickly walked into the testing hall.

The testing hall is supported by four sky columns. Countless blue or silver lines climb up from the column body, gather in the ceiling, and slowly fall down, forming a huge matching detection system in the glass cover.

Probably afraid of further humiliation.

Even if Qin Yi’s information is flawed and has become a well-known thing, Qin’s father is still trying his best to preserve his precarious face.

So in the hall, except the Qin family, all the others who came here for testing were waiting in another room for the time being.

“Uncle, do I also need to test?” Qin yuan asked in a crisp voice.

He has been able to attract alpha since he was young. In fact, he knows the results without testing. The test is just to help them screen out alpha with higher matching degree.

“You wait first.” Qin’s father didn’t look at him, but said to Qin Yi, “Qin Yi, come here.”

Qin Yuanxin said it was a pity.

We measured it first, and then Qin Yi. When we compared the data before and after, it hit people more.

But it doesn’t matter… Qin Yi’s result is basically certain. He hasn’t been able to attract an alpha for so many years… What bad genes his biological mother has to carry to give birth to such a big defective child!

Qin Yi walked slowly to the front of the system.

The system sensed someone approaching, and immediately sounded a mechanical prompt: “please put your hands into the red groove in front of you after wearing the detection helmet.”

Qin’s father stared at him.

Even if there is only 0.01% matching.

Qin’s father thought the same as Qin Yuan said.

This scene may be a little shameful and unacceptable to other Omega.

But Qin Yi had no feeling at all.

He buttoned his helmet and put his hand into the groove.

His mother left him a huge legacy, which no one knows except his mother and him.

According to the law, as long as he reaches the age of 18, he can inherit the estate from the trustee immediately.


What? Get married or not.

What match does not match.

It’s none of his business.

He is waiting to inherit his mother’s 800 million inheritance and go to the dream show business!

Qin Yi’s thoughts drifted away because of excessive happiness.

But his eyes are still on the system.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds

Longer than all Omega tests.

Qin’s father’s eyebrows had been unknowingly frowned, and even made an unhappy voice: “why hasn’t there been any result?”

Qin yuan and others looked at each other and saw the color of schadenfreude from the bottom of each other’s eyes.

I guess the system has never met such a bad Omega.

The system worked hard for half a minute and suddenly stopped.

“Is it broken?” Qin yuan leaned out his head and asked.

“Why did my cousin break down when he came?” Qin yuan almost laughed.

At this time, the closed door, which had almost never been opened, once made people wonder whether there were living staff in it, suddenly opened.

Even shook off a little ash.

Inside, a little girl put her head out: “Er, the internal code of the system suggests that it may be necessary to cut her finger, bleed and retest.”

Qin Fu said unhappily, “such a primitive detection method?”

The little girl shrugged: “no way, that’s what the system code prompts.”

Qin’s father asked, “why didn’t it give a prompt directly?”

Little girl: “obviously, it’s stuck.”

This reason is so absurd that Qin Fu wants to laugh.

“It is under the direct jurisdiction of the central brain. How can it go wrong?”

“No matter how awesome the AI is, it will get stuck. It’s just a few times,” the little girl said.

Qin yuan immediately smiled and said, “that cousin is really powerful. He has met such a difficult thing in a thousand years.”

Let him give the evil spirit from the suspended car just now.

The little girl looked at him with strange eyes.

She handed out a plate and slammed the door.

There is a knife sealed after disinfection and an instrument for treating small wounds.

Qin Yi droops his eyes.

Just retest.

As a young adult, the best way to quickly and effectively cut off the connection with the Qin family is that his defective pheromone makes Qin’s father lose face.

Qin Yifei quickly tore open the sealing bag and took out the knife. Without blinking, he quickly cut a hole in his fingertip.

Yu Hong saw this scene in her eyes and couldn’t help frowning. Why didn’t anyone find out?

Omega is mostly weak and afraid of pain. Whether Qin Yi was ridiculed or cut his hand, his mood was always in a stable state.

Isn’t this enough to explain the power of Qin Yi?

At this time, it’s not just Yu Hong staring at Qin Yi.

Behind the door, the little girl just stared at the picture returned from the camera.

The picture is clear, and I haven’t missed a trace of detail.

“This Omega’s hands are so beautiful…” the little girl made a noise unconsciously.

Then he pressed the thought again and restored the solemnity of his face.

In the half minute when the system was stuck just now, it has actually calculated the preliminary results.

But the result was too shocking. She was not sure whether to publish it directly, so she quickly passed it on to her superiors. Until the superior returns the command faster and asks the Omega outside to do a more detailed and original detection.

With blood.

If the result is true, publish it.

The reason why she stared at the camera so seriously.

It is to confirm that there is no mistake or cheating in each link.


Qin Yi succeeded in dropping blood into the receiving dish of the system.

The little girl breathed a sigh of relief.

This time the system runs longer.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds… 30 seconds… 1 minute 45 seconds

The people present were waiting impatiently.

“It’s stuck again?” Qin Fu frowned.

Just as Qin Fu’s voice fell, after three minutes of hard operation, the system finally made the first sound: “your matching degree with general Zhou Yiqing, alpha with pheromone number ai6650, is 100%.”

After reading this paragraph, everyone hasn’t reacted for a while.

A few words, a huge amount of information.

They all understand these words when they are separated, but when they are combined together, how can they be so… Difficult to understand?

“Zhou Yiqing… Admiral?” Qin’s father’s throat squeezed out a changed tone voice.

Zhou Yiqing.

There may be many people with the same name, but once the suffix is added, there will be only one person.

Admiral Zhou!

He is a military God of the Empire and is the object of worship of all young soldiers.

His achievements can be written on dozens of pages.

It was the Qin family who fought for their lives, and it may not be able to stand up to the existence of other people’s clothes.

Qin’s father was shocked to digest this information, and then heard Qin yuan’s trembling voice: “100%?… how is it possible?”


Qin’s father’s thoughts were dragged back.

Just now, the system also said that the matching degree between Qin Yi and general Zhou Yiqing was 100%!

What is the concept of 100%?

It’s the other party’s family. No matter how powerful they are, they will scramble for his concept!

Because after they combine, they are likely to produce the best alpha in the world.

Qin Fu’s blood was boiling all over at once.

His steps were a little shaky.

His son… His pheromone defect can’t attract any alpha son… His matching degree is not 0.01%. He has 100%!

And now.

I… Want to be general Zhou Yiqing’s… Father-in-law?

He turned his head and his eager eyes fell on Qin Yi: “Qin Yi!”

On Qin Yi’s face, which had not changed much, he slowly screwed up his eyebrows: “is this thing broken?” he was not flattered at all. His face only said that he was not very happy.

Qin yuan was sweating all over. He clenched his fingers and wanted to shout, “that’s right! It must be broken!”

Otherwise, it can’t attract any alpha Qin Yi. How can it match general Zhou Yiqing, who is far away from the emperor star, 100%? That’s admiral Zhou! He can’t dream of admiral Zhou!

But before Qin yuan’s voice shouted out, the system rang out again after three difficult rounds of operation: “your matching degree with his highness alpha hols is 100%.”

Qin yuan really shouted out this time: “what nonsense is this thing talking about!”

Your highness hols!

This is the fucking crown prince of the enemy country! Crown prince! They are regarded by enemy countries as treasure level figures who will lead them to new prosperity.

At the age of 18, his reputation had surpassed his own father.

The rest were also stunned on the spot.

Qin Yi: “..”

He said it was broken, but he also knew that the system with major detection function would not make mistakes.

But it’s okay.

Negative is positive.

Isn’t it offset by a national general and an enemy crown prince?

Father Qin kindly went out and said, does my son match them 100% at the same time? It should not be suspected by the imperial high-level. The Qin family has the potential to be a spy.

Qin Yi asked quietly, “can you go?”

Qin yuan opens his mouth.

Can’t go!

We have to find out today! The system must be broken!

At this time, the system makes a sound again: “your matching degree with alpha Mr. Lu Ji is 100%.”

Qin Yi:???


This is 3.3 billion fucking star fans, the pirate leader who has just changed from a star!

The system kept saying: “your matching degree with alpha Mr. Zheng Yian is 100%.”

This is a fucking Union diplomat!

“Your match with Mr. alpha whale is 100%.”

This is the fucking king of the keabi!


“You match Mr. alpha Wu Hong 100%.”

Everyone’s brain has fallen into stagnation and can hardly function normally.

Only Qin Yi frowned.

Who the fuck is this?

Never heard of it.

The system didn’t stop working until here.



The testing hall was completely silent.

Qin Fu, Qin yuan, Yu Hong and others.

Each of them seemed to have dislocated their jaw.

It’s not that they don’t want to maintain a decent posture, but who stands here and hears so many explosive matching results at one time will be shocked and change their expression.

Qin Yi was also shocked.

I’m going to dream show business. Can you give me this?

Qin Yi said he slipped away: “… It may really be broken.”

Qin’s father suddenly recovered and said loudly, “no! It’s not bad! How can the imperial system be broken? It’s with the central brain. Qin Yi, right away…”

He said in a trembling voice: “immediately, its test results will be transmitted to Emperor star. Emperor star will know this! Everyone… Everyone will feel tremor. Qin Yi, you know, this has never happened! Even thousands of years ago, the most famous Rose Queen only matched 100% with the emperor and 98% with the generals of neighboring countries!”

The Rose Queen was recorded in history.

Countless people preached his story.

Will the Qin family be recorded in history?

Qin’s father was in a trance.

He thought that no one could resist the huge benefits.

Qin yuan also shouted repeatedly at the other end: “impossible…”

Yu Hong also quickly bowed his head and quietly contacted his mother’s family with a communicator to let them go. Find the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau to check this matter.

Qin Yi couldn’t help but burst out a question mark on the top of his head.

Is it a good thing that the test results are transmitted to Dixing?

Did his father, Mr. Qin Jianlin, forget something?

The alliance stipulates that Ao with 100% matching degree must get married immediately.

It is also difficult for countries to reach an agreement on this provision.

Because excellent alpha and Omega are precious resources of every country.

The one you can’t lose.

So now the problem comes

Qin Yi asked expressionless, “who do I have to marry?”

It was at this time that Qin Fu suddenly pulled away from his joy and realized this bigger problem.

Who to marry.

Will offend the other party.

Or… His son shouldn’t be in such a hurry to get married.

We can rely on 100% matching to mediate and obtain the maximum benefits.

Just when Qin’s father felt this sweet pain.

The signal light of the system flashes twice, and the voice sounds: “I suggest we go together.”

Qin Yi:?

See your father again.

This system seems to have a serious brain disease.

Qin yuan couldn’t help it any more. He hissed and shouted, “how can this be? How can Omega marry multiple alpha alone? Won’t others laugh at his water sex poplars?”

Qin Yi: ”

If you want to say that.

Then I have to whore more alpha.

The system corrected coldly: “this is a clause written into the laws of various countries and alliances. It follows the supreme constitutional provisions. It is in line with the common will of all mankind. After Mr. Qin Yi is combined with all alpha with a matching degree of 100%, it will be an excellent Omega in human history recorded in the book of cosmic history and a great wealth shared by mankind.”

Qin yuan fell to the ground dizzy.

But he is a popular Omega, but no one can help him up at this time.

Everyone stared at Qin Yi with complex, shocked or warm eyes.

The most beautiful Omega finally got back the attention of the late family

But it’s annoying.

Not at all.

Qin Yi thought expressionless.

Who wants to become someone else’s wealth?

I just want to have it myself.

As father Qin said.

The detection results on this small planet bombed the emperor star in an earth shaking manner.

The Zhou family was the first to get the results.

Mr. Zhou got up early in the morning. When he saw the results, he thought he was up because he had worked four more bowls of rice last night. Otherwise, how could he see such a thing? This shit, I dare not dream!

“Car! Car! Car! I’m going to the military headquarters!”

“Where’s the messenger? Here you are, Admiral Zhou!”

In this era when the average life expectancy is more than 300 years.

“I’ve been single for 127 years! Zhou Yiqing, a dog day, can finally get married!”


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