I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 20

The people on the spacecraft enthusiastically left Zheng Yi’an and rested here.

Zheng Yian did not refuse.

Just a few words can’t completely make the people on the ship listen to him. But once more contact, even if only for one day, the distance between people can be quickly narrowed. So as to favor him psychologically.

What’s more, he has to kill hols through qilia.

Wearing a decent suit, Zheng Yi’an thanked the captain for giving him food and water, and then walked into the single bedroom sold by alpha actor.

This bedroom was originally given to hols, but half an hour ago, hols showed rare generosity.

He swept Zheng Yi’an indifferently and arrogantly, and then said, “give it to him.”

Transferring territory is transferring your rights.

Very strange.

Hols didn’t care about it.

Is it because you’re too young?

Zheng Yi’an turned his eyes and soon thought of another answer.

It is also possible to find Omega, whose name is Chilia. It seems that his midway arrival seems to close the relationship between Chilia and hols.

It’s strange that hols has always disliked omega and vividly interpreted the chauvinism of the rimu empire. Now it seems that he has changed his sex

At the thought of this, Zheng Yi’an’s mind unconsciously flashed over the feeling of contact with Omega.

An oestrus Omega is really dangerous.


At this time, the pointer pointed to 1:30 a.m.

Hols has been sitting in the small room for a long time.

He remembered that Chilia said to him, “I’ll come to you when it’s dark.”

Should it be dark enough now?

HALS got up slowly and pushed the door out.

The people who had searched all day were very tired now. They went back to their rooms, so that the outside soon became empty.

The cold and old inside of the spaceship and the grass outside the window set off each other, which made the environment look a little scary.

Hols stood for a few seconds, suddenly turned and walked towards the channel connecting the group performance dormitory.

At this head, Qin Yi yawned wearily and even stretched himself.

As soon as he tilted his head, his hair moved, revealing a little pattern behind his neck.

HALS paused and glanced gently across Qin Yi’s neck.

Qin Yi’s feeling was very sharp. He immediately knew that someone was staring at him.

So Shua opened his eyes and turned his eyes to sweep away.

Qin Yi:?

Didn’t I come to you? Why did you bring yourself to the door?

Qin Yi moved his steps and approached slowly, “Why are you here?”

Hols lowered his voice: “… Save energy. It’s dark inside and outside the ship.”

Qin Yi looked up at the lamp on the top.

It’s true that it’s dark outside.

Qin Yi can understand alpha’s eagerness to restore energy as soon as possible and firmly grasp the big killer in his own hands.

So he didn’t ask again.

Qin Yi turned and walked towards the cabin door. Hols instinctively followed up.

When he jumped off the ship with Qin Yi, HALS remembered that his Grand Prince would follow people one day… Oh, more than once.

Hols raised his eyes and looked at Qin Yi’s back: “qilia.”

Qin Yi didn’t look back: “huh?”

Although hols is arrogant, he is not the kind of person who is not good at driving.

He thought that if qilia wanted to share the energy mine with him, he should also take care of qilia.

Just as he treats his ministers.

Hols thought like this. With a long leg, he walked to Qin Yi’s side and bent down: “I carry you on my back and you show me the way.”

Qin Yi:?

It’s not impossible.

If you want to save him effort, he’s not polite.

Qin Yi put his hand around his neck and fell on his stomach.

As a result, hols almost fell down with a soft leg. Fortunately, his body was always strong and restrained.

… again.

That feeling.

Hols blinked gently and squeezed the sweat out of his eyes.

In fact, he didn’t know how hols walked along the way.

His brain is a little chaotic, but clear enough.

He could clearly hear Chilia’s voice in his ear.

“Go left.”

“Well, 800 meters further. That’s it.”

Chilia’s voice was very stable, and bit by bit relieved the anxiety at the bottom of people’s heart… Hols gently breathed out, and then released the man on his back.

Qin Yi: “you reach out and touch.”

Hols’s eyelids jumped: “huh?”

Qin Yi smelled more of the rose smell on hols, and now he felt as if he was about to become a small rose. He wanted to take two steps back.

But he estimated that it was too dark here, and hols might not be able to see clearly, so he had to stretch out his hand, grasp hols’s wrist and press it on the mountain wall in front of him.

That moment.

In a very short time, hols’s heartbeat experienced strong and rapid, and then suddenly returned to calm.

Tentacles are not soft.

It’s cold, hard… Rock.


Hols pulled a face and touched all the edges and corners of the rocks.

Soon, his face changed: “… You are right. There is a huge energy mine here. Don’t move. I’ll find out if there is an entrance.”

Qin Yi thought for a moment and said, “the entrance should be nearby, no more than 100 meters.”

He recalled the approximate length of the mechanical Python he saw.

Hols answered.

But as soon as he went out a few steps, he was a little regretful.

It’s too dark here.

It’s darker than the grass outside the ship.

Will there be anything dangerous hiding in the dark and suddenly jumping on qilia

HALS paused, turned around and hurried to Qin Yi’s side.

Qin Yi heard the hurried footsteps: “what’s the matter?”

HALS stood still, breathing steadily. He whispered, “do you want to sit in my mecha?”

Your mecha is going to eat energy soon.

If there is a problem with this energy, I’m not safe

Qin Yi refused: “I’ll just sit in my own mecha.”

Hols: “… HMM.”

She doesn’t want to ride in his mecha.

Hols turned around again, but always felt that somewhere was empty. He pinched his fingers and thought, is there something missing between his fingers?

Hols doesn’t know.

HALS collected his thoughts and soon found the entrance to the mine.

There was a faint light in it.

Going deeper, HALS saw that the light came from the lighting device in the waist of the missing bodyguard. And those bodyguards have died with a ferocious face. Like scared to death.

By the light.

Hols lifted his eyes.

The abundance of mineral resources and energy here is thrilling.

Hols’s eyes were burning.

Does Chilia know what she sent to him?

Hols immediately took out the mechatron.

Biological mecha is different from other mecha. It can eat these energy directly without reprocessing.

Hols left the machine and quickly turned to find Qin Yi.

In half an hour.

Qin Yi also took out his mecha in the mine.

Hols opened his mouth: “your mecha level is not high.” this is the tone that the crown prince has always spoken, but after that, he remembered Zheng Yian’s impoliteness.

Halston paused and squeezed a sentence from his throat: “but it also looks very beautiful…”

Qin Yi:?

He doesn’t quite understand each other’s brain circuits.

But it doesn’t matter.

Qin Yi nodded and said, “yes, its level is not high, so it can’t be charged directly.”

Hols immediately said, “some modifications are needed.”

Qin Yi calmly narrated, “I won’t.”

There are still too few things he can. What he has in his hand now is the knowledge he absorbed like squeezing a sponge.

Hols didn’t want to answer immediately: “I will! My father once asked me to experience in the military camp. This is just a basic skill…”

Hols felt a little relaxed for some reason.

He doesn’t play with the mecha dragon or sit in his mecha, but he can recharge her mecha.

“Barracks?” Qin Yi caught this strange keyword. This is somewhat incompatible with the identity of the successor to Melly bank.

Hols realized that he had said the wrong thing, but… It’s not a big deal to expose his identity to Chilia now.

Chilia won’t betray him.

Hols didn’t hear this. He asked Qin Yi for some tools.

These tools were bought together when Qin Yi bought the mecha.

Then hols squatted down and began to transform the charging interface of the mecha.

The Long Tuxedo hem fell to the ground.

His figure still looks elegant and noble, but his action is like a new miner.

Qin Yi yawned lazily and rested against the mountain wall.

Maybe an hour has passed? Two hours?

Until a gentle, with a little smile, but with a little anger, suddenly sounded at the mouth of the cave.

“I didn’t expect to meet here,” Zheng said.

Zheng Yi’an originally wanted to come back at night and repair the stupid big hole in the head of the mecha python.

As soon as I came in, I saw hols and omega.

They are happily mining the energy mine he found!



Zheng Yian gave a low smile.

It was he who made a fatal mistake.

He shouldn’t underestimate Omega in front of him.

Hors heard the sound and stood up slowly. His eyes showed a killing intention.

The mecha dragon behind him also entrenched himself, with a tall and dignified body and a sense of oppression.

Zheng Yi’an didn’t look at him and didn’t seem to care about it.

Zheng Yi’an stared at Qin Yi. He asked, “did you guess what was installed in this mountain from the first time you saw my mecha?”

Qin Yi nodded lightly.

Zheng Yian’s mecha was left here because it was charged.

It is precisely because he has such a huge amount of energy that when he met Zheng Yian, Zheng Yian was much better than hols.

“You are very kind to him.” Zheng Yi’an sighed.

Who would have thought? Omega will also play such a big role. Now that hols has recovered his energy, his mecha Python has been poked a hole.

His chances of winning have diminished.

I need to reexamine you.

Zheng Yi’an stared at Qin Yi.

“Well, now do you want to fight for the ownership of this mine?” Qin Yi asked carelessly.

Obviously, I don’t care about the oppression brought by Zheng Yian’s arrival.

Even for a moment, Zheng Yi’an felt that Omega seemed to expect them to fight.

Zheng Yian quickly made a decision: “of course not.”

“OK.” Qin Yi sighed sadly and reminded him, “Mr. Zheng must not forget my 100 million general currency.”

Zheng Yi’an glanced at his calf.

His legs were naked, and his fair skin was dazzling in the hole.

Qin Yi then said, “I want to leave this planet earlier. Should I have no problem, Mr. Zheng?”

Zheng Yian: “no problem.”

If you can’t kill hors completely, there’s no need to stay on the planet.

It’s just that he won’t just follow hols’s wishes.

Zheng Yi’an, who has always been a good hand at provoking people’s hearts, slowly opened his mouth: “but Chilia, have you ever thought that it’s not worth your kindness to Mr. Glaister? Maybe he’s even false.”

Hols frowned.

Qin Yi talks nonsense: “Oh, what does it matter? I know him. Not his identity.”

Who doesn’t have a few waistcoats these days?

He’ll run away next time.

Why don’t you just say you’re the stepmother of this or something? Is that your name?

As long as the vest changes fast enough.

No one can catch up with me.

Qin Yi’s mood is light.

Zheng Yian’s eyes suddenly became complicated.

This is the most complex Omega he has ever seen.

He is smart and knows how to hide his emotions. He is beautiful enough and looks fragile, but he can hold his “little snake” freely. More importantly, he would sincerely share tenderness with the famous tsarist crown prince.

Hall is not worth it.

No wonder someone once described Omega as a beautiful thing in the world.

When Omega stood next to hols, hols didn’t look so disgusting.

And hols at this end was stunned.

Hols clenched his fingers and his chest was a little hot. He never thought about how others would treat him one day after stripping the identity of the crown prince.

Chilia gave the answer out of surprise.

Hols licked his lower lip and felt in a trance that he smelled the sweet smell from Qin Yi.

Zheng Yi’an and hors both stared at Qin Yi. For a moment, the cave was very quiet.

Only Qin Yi is still trying to recall… What’s his name?

He hates foreigners.

The name is too long to remember (


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