I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 21

There was a soft “Ding”.

Qin Yi’s mecha is fully charged.

The silence in the mine was broken again.

Hols raised his eyelids and glanced sideways at Zheng Yian: “Mr. Zheng doesn’t have to wonder whether my identity is true or false. In contrast,… I’m more curious about what Mr. Zheng’s armor looks like.”

Zheng Yian took it out boldly: “do you mean this?”

The armour in his hand suddenly became bigger in the mine.

It is a black, ordinary shape, close to the most common style of A-class mecha on the market.

Qin Yi couldn’t help looking at Zheng Yi’an.

This man has two mecha.

“The diplomat of the alliance, a High-s alpha, but Mr. Zheng uses A-class mecha?” hols sneered.

Zheng Yi’an calmly said, “yes, the league has been so cruel to me. Haven’t all the rumors been flying all over the sky?”

Such rumors do exist.

Zheng Yian has done a lot for the alliance, but some people in the alliance have accused him of wantonly playing with people’s hearts and demanding to limit some of his rights.

Hols gently raised his eyebrow: “in that case, no one will know that I killed Mr. Zheng here.”

Zheng Yi’an was not in a hurry. He glanced at Qin Yi: “if you think it’s a good decision to do it in front of qilia, you can have a try.”

Hols’s eyes moved, but he still put away his mecha dragon.

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at Zheng Yi’an more.

Zheng Yi’an’s words are nothing more than a reminder to him, is it more important to pay the 100 million unpaid general currency, or to report his organic Python?

He deserves to be a figure rolling in the politics of the alliance.

He may be more difficult than Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji

Qin Yi raised his face and smiled at Zheng Yi’an.

Then I don’t have to feel too guilty when I pit you.

Qin Yi asked, “will Mr. Zheng still charge his mecha?”

Zheng Yi’an looked at Qin Yi.

Omega didn’t pierce his secret, and it seems that her affection for hols is limited.

Zheng Yian said, “thank you. I need it very much.”

He likes to cooperate with such a person who knows current affairs.

In this world, valuing love is a very stupid thing. Dealing with such people is troublesome.

If it is only the simplest exchange of interests, it will be much simpler.

Zheng Yi installed the model and began to charge his A-class mecha.

Qin Yi waited patiently for a while.

Qin Yi turned around and looked carefully at the mine in front of him. He asked, “does Mr. Zheng know how these people died on the ground?”

Zheng Yian: “scared to death.” he paused and added: “they mistakenly entered here and saw my mecha. Because the light in the cave was dim, they mistakenly regarded it as a monster, and then they were scared to death.”

Zheng Yi’an didn’t lie.

It’s just that they should have caught his mecha python.

Ordinary people will be very frightened when they suddenly bump into this thing in the dark.

No wonder he hasn’t returned to the ship.

Qin Yi said a pity in his heart.

He walked slowly to the fallen bodyguards, squatted down and took the lighting equipment from their waist.

Zheng Yi’an heard the sound and turned to look at it.

This Omega doesn’t look like an omega. He was so calm in the face of death that he could even take the last available thing from the body.

From this point, they are a little alike.

As soon as Zheng Yian’s thoughts reached here, he heard Omega turn around and ask hols, “is there any soil nearby?”

Hols: “earth?”

Qin Yi answered softly, “yes.”

“A few days have passed. Their bodies can’t be taken back intact, and the spacecraft lacks relevant equipment. They can only stay here. I once saw in books that in the ancient earth period long ago, they would bury people in the earth. The soul would return to peace.” Qin Yi said slowly, and then held up the wall.

Zheng Yi’an was stunned for a moment.

Omega is different from him.

He couldn’t understand… Why did someone combine calm indifference with quiet tenderness.

Hols: I’ll find it

When he finished, he left the jackaroo and stepped out of the hole.

Qin Yi nodded and suddenly squatted back.

He found that when he got up just now, he seemed to feel some traces from the cave wall. It is not like the undulating lines of rocks, but more like deep engravings.

Qin Yi turned the lighting equipment.

The area that was still dark just now was illuminated at once. There are engraved lines on the whole mountain wall. The lines of the engraved lines are very deep, as if they were cut with a sharp blade.

“What’s the matter?” Zheng Yi’an asked, staring at Qin Yi’s back.

Qin Yi slowly retreated two steps, and then retreated two steps.

Step back again.

… stepped on Zheng Yian.

Zheng Yi’an couldn’t escape. He didn’t feel the pain of being trampled on. He felt that the breath on Omega rushed into his nose.

As soon as Qin Yi looked up, he put more engraved lines on the mountain wall into his eyes.

Zheng Yi’an only felt that Omega’s long curly hair slipped back and gently swept his neck. Itchy, crisp and numb.

“Words are engraved on the wall,” Qin Yi whispered.

Zheng Yi’an’s thoughts slowly returned. He calmed down and looked at the cave wall along Qin Yi’s line of sight.

“Is it a word?”

“Like ancient earth characters.”

Zheng Yian calmed down a bit.

He stared at the carvings on the cave wall and finally recognized some: “this is one of the relics of kandarati… The carvings on it are the classic symbols of kandarati relics. Is it an ancient earth character?”

Qin Yi can’t remember most foreign names.

But kandalatti, he remembers.

He has recited it countless times in order to engrave it in his memory.

“Can the farthest wind reach kandarati?”

This is the key password for him to inherit 800 million yuan.

Qin Yi probably knows that “kandalati” is a place name, but he really doesn’t know where it refers.

I still read too little.

Qin Yi thought regretfully.

When hols came back from digging the earth, he heard Zheng Yian whispering and Qin Yi telling a story: “… It was first published in the bedtime story of alliance children. Kandarati is called the kingdom of God. The ancient god has no name. His body is both heaven and earth. He doesn’t eat or sleep. He has the ability to travel through space and change time.

“Some people think that kandarati is in the sky. But through the sky and into the universe, there is only a boundless galaxy, not kandarati.

“Until some scientists discovered the kandarati civilization for the first time, they speculated that there may be such a country beyond three dimensions. The reason why we can’t see it is because we are in three dimensions and can’t see the scenery of higher dimensions…”

Hols went into the mine.

The mecha dragon’s tail swung violently and threw a large g soil heavily on the body. All at once, it was covered tightly.

Hols pursed his lower lip and said in a voice: “they think that after the fall of kandalatti’s God, kandalatti fell from the sky, broke countless pieces and scattered around, and finally entered the three-dimensional space and turned into kandalatti relics everywhere. Each relic is a treasure mine.”

Just a bedtime story.

When who hasn’t heard the same?

Halston stopped and looked down at Zheng Yi’an.

Qin Yi ignored the undercurrent between them.

He whispered, “well, very interesting civilization…”

It was Qin Yi, who had lived on Pan Daxing for 18 years, who yearned for a broader world.

“I’ve replenished my energy. Can I go back now?” Zheng Yi’an asked.

If you stay any longer, maybe the arrogant crown prince will really do it.

Of course he’s not worried about fighting hors.

But he was worried that something unexpected would happen to this omega and stabbed him in the back, especially when his mecha seemed broken and tried to get close to this Omega.

Qin Yi nodded: “HMM.”

He put away his machine armor, pulled down a few energy stones with an energy sword and put them on the ground. It can be regarded as a tombstone for these accidental deaths.

Then he turned around and walked ahead.

The two men behind him looked at each other in silence.

Kandarati is just a bedtime story.

But its remains are real.

Found in the rimu Empire, of course, belongs to the rimu Empire, hols thought.

And Zheng Yian also moved his mind.

He wants to turn this planet into his private library.

After getting out of the mine, hols hesitated briefly.

It’s no big deal for him to walk with Chilia on his back.

But Zheng Yi’an is a member of the Alliance… Bend down in front of Zheng Yi’an

Hols this hesitation.

Zheng Yi’an said first, “qilia, it’s a long way back. Do you want to sit in my mecha?”

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at him: “hmm? Doesn’t Mr. Zheng love energy?”

Zheng Yi’an smiled magnanimously: “it doesn’t matter. Just make it up when you run out.”

Hols opened his mouth. Before he could say anything, Qin Yi successfully logged into the mecha cabin under the full opening of Zheng Yi’an.

The A-class mecha waved its arms and legs and walked forward immediately.

Hols pressed his lips hard, and his eyebrows grew deeper.

Take Zheng Yian’s mecha.

Don’t sit on my

Qin Yi doesn’t care what others think.

He happily white – whored a transport tool. When he returned to the ship, he didn’t even sweat.

The three men got on the ship one after another.

In the dimly lit airship hall, there was a man sitting, as if he were an actor of the crew.

He suddenly heard something and turned his head with fear.

After being stunned for a long time, it finally turned into a strange expression, and then carefully swept from Zheng Yi’an to Qin Yi, and then from Qin Yi to hols.

“Why haven’t you slept yet?” Zheng Yi’an asked with concern.

Actor Xin said that it must be different from your reasons.

He hung his head honestly and said, “I think I can’t sleep in such a place…”

Zheng Yian: “Oh.”

Qin Yi yawned lazily: “I’m going back to bed.”

It’s not his business to explain where they went anyway.

Zheng Yian will naturally pay more attention.

Qin Yi slept comfortably for a few hours.

When it was light outside, the others gathered in the hall early.

“Hasn’t Mr. Zheng got up yet?” someone asked.

“What’s up? Mr. Glaister probably didn’t get up so early. Eat your own first.”

As soon as the others heard this, they felt something was wrong.

Someone immediately said, “what? What do you know?”

The man lowered his voice and said carefully, “last night, in the middle of the night, Mr. Zheng and Mr. Glaister took qilia off the ship. What else can you do? When I came back, I saw qilia get off Mr. Zheng’s mecha with my own eyes.”

“My God!”

“When did a beta have such charm? I heard that Mr. Zheng has never had any lovers around…”

“Cough.” someone coughed heavily, and then respectfully shouted, “Mr. Zheng.”

Suddenly everyone was silent.

They turned their heads carefully.

Zheng Yi’an in a suit and shoes just stood there, standing tall and smiling.

When Zheng yianquan didn’t hear what they said, he smiled and said, “send two people to fight for me. After a while, Mr. Glaister woke up and invited him to come. We will be responsible for repairing the damage and system loopholes of the spacecraft.”

Everyone was overjoyed at the sound, but they didn’t care to talk about gossip.

“But… It doesn’t matter if there is no map or navigation?”

“I have some experience. Mr. Glaister and I will cooperate with each other. As long as we can drive out of this planet, it will be much easier to return to the normal track.” Zheng Yi’an said faintly.

“That’s good, that’s good! Thank you, Mr. Zheng!” they shouted excitedly and watched Zheng Yi’an enter the control room.

Zheng Yian did not correct their private speculation.

It’s better to talk about a peach affair than to find out they went to an energy mine.

It also saves him an excuse.

Zheng Yi’an left.

The alpha actor who was previously suppressed by the hall pheromone looks even worse.

He didn’t expect Chilia to be so resourceful… There was a Glaister and an alliance diplomat.

When Qin Yi gets up.

As soon as actor alpha hit him head-on, he turned his head and walked quickly with an ugly face.

Qin Yi:?

There seems to be something wrong with this man.

With the mutual cooperation between Zheng Yian and hols, and the blessing of energy mines, the spacecraft was quickly repaired.

The two alpha began to operate the ship in turn.

The captain sat aside and said to Qin Yi from time to time what buttons they pressed and what functions were used on the spacecraft

Qin Yi deserves to be careless.

But the brain quickly wrote it down.

This flight is a full five days.

Until the early morning of the sixth day, they finally vaguely saw the shadow of Tata.

“The signal is restored!”

“Me too! I can connect to the Internet!”

The sound in the spaceship began to boil.

Qin Yi walked slowly behind Zheng Yi’an and hors.

“Can Mr. Zheng pay me the compensation now?”

Zheng Yi’an glanced at the Tata star close at hand: “… Yes.”

His communicator connected to the Internet, ignored a large number of accumulated messages, and directly transferred a hundred million from his account to Qin Yi.

“… your account doesn’t show your name.” Zheng Yi’an stares at Qin Yi and makes a meaningful voice.

This is obviously a hint that he suspects that Qin Yi is also wearing a vest.

But Qin Yi doesn’t care whether he has doubts or not.

He gently pulled it up at the corner of his mouth and showed a little sincere smile: “thank you, Mr. Zheng, for your generosity. Although your things have come to me again…”

Zheng Yi’an is not surprised at this.

But just when he thought that Qin Yi would squeeze the “little snake” into his palm as before, and Omega’s pheromone would instantly fill his nose

Qin Yi raised the “little snake” and said, “in fact, I prefer it to become a python.”

Zheng Yian’s eyelids jumped.

He calculated him!

Hols, sitting in front of the console, suddenly turned his head.

He has two mecha!

Mecha Python really belongs to him!

Zheng Yian is the one who tried to assassinate him!

In less than two seconds, the mecha dragon suddenly appeared in the control room.

It pushed the control room out of a hole in one fell swoop.

The captain stared at the scene in front of him, and his heart suddenly raised to his throat.

Fortunately, the spacecraft had passed through the atmosphere and approached the port, otherwise they would all die in space!

Zheng Yi’an quickly grabbed the mecha from Qin Yi.

The mecha Python suddenly grew larger and pushed the spaceship out of a hole.

“I seem to have a little difficulty breathing,” Qin Yi said without delay

The captain was worried and hurriedly went to find oxygen inhalation equipment.

Hors’s eyebrows moved when he heard the sound. He manipulated the mecha dragon to hit Zheng Yi’an.

The huge mecha Python was knocked out of the ship, together with the mecha dragon.

“Lower the ship!” Holls said.

The captain rushed to the console with his hands shaking.

Qin Yi came to him and said softly, “press A7, have you forgotten?”

His voice was pleasant to hear and his speed of speaking was gentle, which unconsciously suppressed people’s anxiety and panic.

The captain nodded and instinctively replied, “I didn’t forget.”

He soon regained control of the ship.

He just forgot that Qin Yi’s understanding of the spacecraft only came from his mouth on popular science from time to time in the past five days.

But Qin Yi has been able to command him calmly.

The ship landed smoothly in the harbor amid a scream.

At the moment of landing.

It made a loud “e Da” sound, and the whole console fell down. It was completely broken.

It’s silly to show the director.

At this time, everyone looked up at the sky.

Including other travelers in the port.

They all saw an extremely spectacular scene —

The dragon and the python hover in mid air, almost blocking out the sun. They fight and bite like the most primitive beasts.

A piece of blood spilled down.

The fishy smell mixed with alpha pheromone suppressed the people in the port.

They unconsciously softened their knees and bowed slightly.

Only Qin Yili was among the vast crowd, and his body was still straight and slender.

Until the python with a big hole from the chin to the neck was carried out by the dragon.

Their figures disappeared from the air.

The suppressed people finally breathed a sigh of relief and slowly stood up straight.

“It’s terrible…”

“What the hell is that…”

Others don’t recognize hols’s mecha dragon, but hols’s Pro guards do.

His pro guards were already searching nearby for the whereabouts of hols.

It’s good. As soon as they saw the dragon, they immediately took the local garrison of Tata star, quickly connected Beman star, and then followed Zheng Yi’an.

Qin Yi waited at the port from early morning to day and then to night.

Hols’s complete honor guard finally arrived at the port of Tata.

The head of the port respectfully welcomed his Royal Highness the crown prince.

Hols has more scars on his face.

Not just on the face.

It’s all on me.

The blood soaked his tuxedo, but he only raised his eyelids coldly and asked, “where are the ships that landed here in the early morning? They are a crew.”

The pro guard also followed and shouted, “Your Highness, your highness! You can repair the medical cabin first!”

The port manager has never received such a distinguished visitor.

He bent down and stammered: “yes, there was such a group of people. Their spaceship broke down, so they sighed and went to the hotel to rest first…”

“Among them is a female beta, wearing a white skirt.” HALS hesitated for a moment and said, “she’s very beautiful.”

The pro guards were stunned.

Why does your highness pay more attention to this beta?

“Did she go with them, too?” asked HALS.

The person in charge quickly turned to ask other staff at the port.

A staff member thought about it, raised his hand and said quickly, “no, no! I saw her! It’s black hair, isn’t it? She’s still in G7! She’s still sitting there, like waiting for someone!”

Are you waiting for me in?

Hols pursed his lower lip, pulled out his legs in an instant and strode forward.

The pro guards followed in a fog.

“Don’t come with the me,” said HALS suddenly.

He was not the crown prince in front of Chilia.

The pro guard was worried: “what can I do, your highness? Your majesty has been seriously ill for your business. You can’t have any more accidents…”

Hols frowned, impatient.

He paused: “then go and change your clothes. For a while, you are not my personal guard.”

“Then, what is that?”


Hols is a little manic.

Zheng Yi’an once suggested that his identity was false. At that time, he was not easy to expose, and did not reveal his true identity on the spot.

When he missed the opportunity, it became difficult for him to speak again.

What would Chilia think?

You really lied to me and looked at me and said “it’s okay”.

Can Chilia cry?

Hols has never seen a female beta cry.

But he sketched in his mind the way Chilia cried, and suddenly the irritability became deeper.

Hols’s mind flashed through his mind, but it didn’t affect his pace.

It only took about six minutes.

He saw the “girl” sitting there alone at G7.

She did wait there, dressed in bright lights, and even her hair seemed to shine.

She’s waiting for him!

Hols stepped up faster.


Qin Yi raised his head: “hmm? Where are we going next?”

Halston stopped.

He thought of the best way to reveal his identity… First take qilia to the Melly Bank of Dixing and get everything qilia wants smoothly. At this time, tell qilia his true identity. Qilia may not be so sad and angry.

He’s going back to Dixing.

Before that, he needs to go to Beman as soon as possible to solve the Omega

“Let’s go to Beman,” said hols. “We’ll go at once.”

Qin Yi did not refuse.

He nodded his head lightly: “OK.”

The pro guards watched their highness helplessly. They didn’t even have time to use the medical cabin. They hurriedly took the “girl” Chilia, took a spaceship and rushed to Beman.

Hols went to omega and left Qin Yi in the hotel temporarily.

Qin Yi has no objection to this.

After hols left, Qin Yi went out and came back soon.

Hols came back soon.

His pro guards frowned with grief.

“Your Majesty even announced the marriage news, but now I can’t find anyone…”

I didn’t expect that Omega was gone!

Hols turned back and swept them coldly: “if you lose it, you’ll lose it. I didn’t intend to get married.”

“But, but that’s Omega that matches you the most. If you don’t get married…”

“It’s good that I didn’t kill him. Well, don’t say any more.” hols made a “Shh” gesture and pushed open the door in front of him.

Qin Yi turned his head and asked, “have you found the person you’re looking for?”

Hols: No

He said carelessly, “don’t look for it, just an Omega…”

Hols looked at Qin Yi and asked, “shall we go back to Dixing now?”

Qin Yi nodded: “OK.”

After arriving at behman from Tata, hors quickly took Qin Yi to Dixing.

He and Zheng Yian were injured.

Zheng Yi’an was more seriously injured… But it’s hard to be completely killed at their level of alpha.

He watched Zheng Yian fall into a black hole, but who can ensure that the man won’t come back?

He doesn’t want Zheng Yian to see qilia again.

No why?


“Pa” a light sound, stained with blood, bony fingers, took off the lens.

The edge of the lens easily cuts away the skin and flesh of the creatures in the hand.

A big fire burst out.

Will be stripped of fur creatures, smoked and roasted mature food.

The young man leaned against the stone behind him and breathed softly.

The python lay at his feet, his scales shining with a gloomy luster.

Zheng Yian turned his head and said in a low voice, “you look more terrible now… No wonder you’re scared to death.”

“Omega you like doesn’t like you either.”

Zheng Yi’an said this and paused.

He corrected expressionless, “no, he likes you. He doesn’t think you’re ugly, gloomy and terrible.”

“What he doesn’t like is me.”

A long time passed.

His voice sounded low again: “how about we take him back to the league?”

On Behrman at this time.

Lu Ji received a report from his subordinates: “boss! The people over there in the hotel said they saw their sister-in-law today!”

Jiyang sat opposite. He stared at the sound.

That’s the general’s fiancee. How did she become their sister-in-law?

Lu Jiquan didn’t see the man staring.

Lu Jishen said in a deep voice, “I’ll be right back.”

Zhou Yiqing quietly rushed to the hotel with him.

Open the door of the room where Qin Yi once lived.

The two men almost walked in together.

Then the door frame, which was a little deformed, was completely squeezed by alpha’s strong physique.

The owner of the hotel was in the back, looking at the two strong alpha, and wanted to cry without tears.

The room was empty and there was no little Omega.

But something glowed on the table.

Ji Yang recognized it at a glance when he walked behind. He lost his voice and said, “it’s a disposable message board!”

The so-called one-time means that the text on it will be emptied immediately after it is detected that someone has finished reading.

Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji rushed to the table almost at the same time, and then fastened the message board left and right.

At the same time, they lowered their heads and swept all the words into their eyes.

“General Zhou Yiqing, near coordinates 67, 90123, 23, t, you will find a planet you have never seen on the map. There is a huge energy mine on the planet, which is one of the relics of kandalati. You are welcome.”

Lu Ji sneered: “Oh, it’s only for general Zhou…”

Just run.

Not a word or a word left for him!

Zhou Yiqing is as immovable as a mountain.

Only the eyes flickered gently.

The words on the message board soon disappeared.

Zhou Yiqing whispered, “he left things where you know. So how can he be sure that I will come with you and I will see the information above?”

Lu Ji paused and slowly restrained his strange Qi.

Lu Ji’s tone was complex and said, “he calculated that you would meet me. Or… He deliberately used both of us to block each other’s footsteps.”

Zhou Yiqing said softly in the bottom of his heart, yes.

And he calmed my anger well.

He gave a relic of kandarati to the Empire.

No one can have such courage.

For Zhou Yiqing, who had been fighting for the Empire for the first half of his life, nothing could shake his heart more than this.

The two lines of beautiful fonts on the message board were so deeply embedded in Zhou Yiqing’s mind.

He thought it would be hard for him to forget.

On the ship.

Qin Yi turned over wearily and continued to sleep.

He doesn’t intend to let Zheng Yian get the energy mine.

His current strength is too weak to protect such a huge treasure. Then the best way is to give it to Zhou Yiqing.

If Zheng Yi’an is still alive, when he goes back to that planet, he finds that his home has been completely stolen.



You can have another fight with Zhou Yiqing.


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