I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 22

On the day when the pro guard picked up hors and returned to the emperor star, his Majesty the emperor of the rimu Empire received the news of the “safe return of the crown prince”.

“Thank you!” said the emperor in a deep voice, aiming at the medal hanging behind him.

In the next days.

His majesty asked once a day where the crown prince had gone and how many days he would arrive at the emperor star.

“Oh, his brain and desk are about to be filled with countless huge messages.” his majesty sighed softly.

Just after he didn’t know how many sighs.

The Chamberlain in the palace finally told him: “the prince’s ship has arrived at the port of emperor star…”

The emperor thought secretly and immediately ordered, “put a red carpet on the entrance of the palace. Maybe he will like fireworks? You can put some fireworks in the sky… What color is good?”

The attendant opened his mouth: “… The crown prince said, there is no Omega.”

The emperor paused: “what did you say?”

The official’s heart said not only that.

He added: “Your Highness also said that he would not return to the palace immediately. He would go to a place.”

“Where is more important than taking Omega home?” the emperor frowned.

The attendant said blankly, “no one knows your Highness’s plan.”

The emperor was silent for a moment and said again, “go and prepare my spaceship!”

When the emperor went to the port in a spaceship, the crown prince had just come out of the port with Qin Yi.

“We are on our way to the head office of Melly bank now,” he said.

Qin Yi squinted and leaned lazily against the seat with a glass of juice at hand.

He nodded softly and answered, “that’s great.”

Hols also relaxed. He sat down next to Qin Yi.

Although the sweet pheromone seems to linger in the nose again, it is not as powerful as before.

He even enjoyed the taste.

At this time, there was a gentle breathing sound in my ear.

Hols turned his head.

Chilia is asleep.

The girl’s eyes are closed and her quiet face is more beautiful than the “water lily map” collected in his palace.

HALS’s breath unconsciously lightened.

Until then, his pro guard said in a stunned voice, “Dian… Sir, it seems that there is traffic control ahead.”

Is it because I’m back?

Hols frowned.

He is no stranger to such scenes.

Hols stood up and looked at the “girl” again. Then he turned and walked out. As he walked, he said, “help me connect with the relevant person in charge of controlling this road.”


HALS closed the door and made sure that the “girl” who was taking a nap inside wouldn’t hear.

The communicator on his wrist lit up, and a middle-aged man’s face soon appeared in front of him.

The moment the other party saw him, he could hardly recognize who he was.

But because the received communication code had a special royal seal, even if he couldn’t believe it, he still trembled and shouted, “crown prince… Your highness?”

“HMM.” HALS didn’t mean to talk nonsense to him.

“Let my ship go,” Holls asked bluntly

“Yes… Yes… But why didn’t you fly your own ship?”

Hols did not answer, but looked at him silently.

The middle-aged man immediately realized that he shouldn’t ask more, and quickly said, “I’ll put your ship right away. Mainly today, the heirs of Melly bank have just returned from the alliance and want to visit the head office. You know, they have always paid huge taxes for the Empire, so they put forward it on the bank…”

The middle-aged man paused: “sorry, I said a lot of nonsense.”

Hols’s face suddenly changed.

He stared at the middle-aged man and asked in a deep voice, “what are you talking about? Why traffic control? Say it again.”

The young heir to the Empire in front of him looked like a cage of frost on his eyebrows, and the ferocious scars on his face added a bit of ferocity.

This is completely invisible to the usual crown prince.

Middle aged men almost think that he has changed.

Finally, the middle-aged man took three minutes to explain what was going on.

His hands were shaking when he cut off the communication.

All he knew was that he was afraid of the crown prince, but he didn’t know the crown prince in front of him. At the moment, there was a huge wave in his heart.

He lied to Chilia that he was the heir to Melly bank.

The real heirs have just arrived near the bank.

“You, what’s the matter with you?” the pro guard asked in a trembling voice.

Since your highness disappeared and came back this time, the whole person has become something wrong.

On the way back, he hurried all the way and must stay by the side of the beta beauty. He wouldn’t even lie in the medical cabin for another hour.

Hols suddenly turned his head and asked in a low voice, “what if you told a lie and now the lie is about to be pierced?”

Pro guard: “kill, kill each other?”

Hols: ”

Hols: are you a pig

The pro guards drooped their heads.

At this time, the voice of bending his fingers and gently slamming the door came from behind hols.

Qin Yi opened his eyes and found that there was no one around him. He didn’t want another accident on this trip, so he ran directly to the door.

He knocked on the door and asked, “are you there?”

Hols was very impressed with his tone.

It seems that Chilia ignored everyone and only saw him.

God knows it’s Qin Yi. He forgot his name again.

Hols: I’m here

At the same time, hols issued a new order to the pro guard through a communicator.

Tie up the heirs of Melly bank

His private channel is full of [???] all the time

Hols quickly opened the door. He asked, “don’t you have a rest?”

Qin Yi looked down at his wrist and said, “your communicator is ringing.”

Hols: “it doesn’t matter.”

Qin Yi turned his head: “well, it seems that we… Have arrived at Melly bank.”

So fast?

Hols frowned without a trace.

Of course, people at Melly bank know what their heirs look like. He can’t impersonate them directly.

And if he pretends directly, the weight of his lie becomes heavier.

Holls whispered, “let my bodyguard accompany you in first, and I’ll deal with some business.” he said, pointing to the “unimportant” communicator.

Qin Yi nodded pointlessly.

Anyway, he did not spend a penny, but also earned 100 million and safely arrived at Melly bank.

He can finish the rest by himself.

Of course, if there is a bodyguard, it can ensure that he will not be targeted by criminals after taking away a large amount of inheritance.

He looked so much like a weak and easy-going man now.

Hols watched Qin Yi get off the ship.

The door of Melly bank was covered with a long red carpet, and the robot danced in place with a bouquet of flowers in both hands.

“What festival is it?” Qin Yi said.

The staff smiled and said, “it’s our young master Alfred who came to inspect the bank. Today, we will suspend handling all large businesses…”

Qin Yi: ”

Is it still time to kill this Alfred?

There were other people nearby who came to handle business. They were dissatisfied with the tunnel: “what? Is this also the reason for today’s traffic control?”

“Is it the son of old Glaister?”

“What? The new heir to Melly bank?”

Qin Yi turned his head.


Then hols looked down at the communicator.

His communicator is about to burst with countless messages.


Your highness is back

[your highness, think twice!]


[why did your highness kidnap little Glaister? If he did something wrong, I’d like to take him to apologize to your highness]

Hols found that the sentence had been sent to many people.

Hall frowned unhappily.

Chose the last message to go back.

[right away, bring it here. I’m outside Melly bank]

That’s the treasurer’s son, Henry.

Henry had an affair with the real little Glaister.

After receiving the news, Henry immediately turned and asked the man around him, “how can you offend the crown prince?”

The man also looked blankly: “I, I don’t know…”

“We have to go there immediately! Ignore the inspection first… The crown prince has a very powerful biological machine armour. Once he gets angry, he will not tie you over, and may directly kill you…” Henry said, taking the man off the ship.

At this time, the staff at the door looked happy.

“Young master!”

As soon as they shouted, they watched the young master be taken to another spaceship.

At this time, Qin Yi returned lightly.

He asked, “is he a young master?”

Staff: “yes.”

Qin Yi: “Oh.”

I really lied to him.

What is the name of the young man?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

The pro guards were afraid that the matter would be ruined. They couldn’t help but say, “well, it’s your duty to receive customers. Will you take our husband to the VIP area first?”

The staff opened their mouths.

At this time, I saw the sign inadvertently exposed by the pro guard.

The staff suddenly changed their face: “of course! Of course! Please!”

This head of hols finally met the real little Glaister.

Men are young and harmless to humans and animals.

Noble eyebrows and eyes, but not the slightest attack.

Brown curly hair looks like the soft curly hair of a bear doll.

Hols suddenly felt very angry.

The real little Glaister doesn’t seem to have any sense of distance. He is the kind of person that ordinary people like to deal with.


He also has pink eyes.

Chilia’s mecha is pink!

Hols was even more angry.

Henry trembled and said, “Your Highness?”

Little Glaister also felt a certain sense of oppression and unconsciously bowed his head.

No, I shouldn’t be angry.

Only Chilia is qualified.

Holls thought unhappily.

“My friend wants to withdraw a sum of money from Melly bank.” hols finally opened his mouth. He gently nodded Henry. “You go with me.”

Little Glaister: “then I…”

“You stay here and don’t show up for the time being.”

Henry was confused, but he persuaded little Glaister.

Little Glaister seemed to have a good character, but he didn’t complain, and soon agreed.

Hols was even more angry.

He went down the ship with a calm face and without saying a word. Henry followed him and was miserable.

Henry didn’t know why.

Until I saw the “girl” sitting in the VIP room, oh, the “girl” in the eighties of a meter. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she is really beautiful.

Henry watched his highness hold approach and talk to her.

“Haven’t you got the money yet?” asked hols.

“HMM.” Qin Yi nodded carelessly, still holding a teacup in his hand. He said, “because of the arrival of the bank heir, the handling of large business is suspended today.”

Hols felt guilty for a moment.

But he soon suppressed his guilt and said, “this problem will be solved soon.”

By this time, the staff were stunned.

The royal symbol, coupled with the crown prince’s signature white gold curly hair, even if his eyes are covered by blood and his face is covered by ferocious traces, they also know… It should be the crown prince! No mistake!

Others can’t recognize it, but how can people on the emperor star not recognize it!

The crown prince bent down in front of the beta woman!

God, this is a scene they have never seen!

Where dare they delay?

He hurried forward and said, “Hello, it’s our pleasure to handle business for you. Is it convenient for you now?”

Qin Yi nodded and said to hors, “I’ll go first.”

Hols: OK

He watched Qin Yi go far, and then he held his eyes again.

Henry was stunned.

Henry: “she, she is…”

Hols: I brought it back

“Sorry, I’m a little shocked, because I’ve never heard of any confidante around you… Well, are you going to take her into the palace? Your majesty just announced your marriage, is it with her? I thought it would be with an omega. Oh, yes, you never like Omega…” Henry was shocked and couldn’t help talking.

HALS interrupted him, “wedding news?”

“Yes, don’t you know?”

Hols fell into a brief silence.

Marry someone?

He never thought.

If it’s with Chilia

She is very beautiful and smart. She can boot A. she sent me an energy mine. She saved me. She likes my dragon,… She likes me.

Hols pursed his lower lip.

It was something he had never touched, but from today on, he suddenly had a little curiosity and longing.

Even if her voice is a little male.

But it doesn’t matter

Henry watched hols suddenly fall into meditation.

Then the corners of the mouth seemed to slowly lift up a little, a little more.

He saw the crown prince smile!

Qin Yi finally succeeded in getting his inheritance.

Then he opened several new accounts in the bank and scattered 800 million yuan into the bank.

The staff respectfully escorted him out.

When he came to the VIP area, Qin Yi whispered, “I’ve got what I want.”

His face showed a smile, especially bright: “thank you.”

Hols’s palm suddenly sweated.

He said in a deep voice, “no, don’t thank me.”

He squeezed a voice from his throat: “… If I told you now, I lied to you. I… am not the heir to Melly bank.”

Henry was shocked.

No wonder! No wonder he’s holding little Glaister!

Alas, but he is the crown prince of the Empire!

This identity is more noble!

Henry turned his head and saw the beta girl surprised. Then he said softly, “it doesn’t matter.”

Hols’s eyelids jumped. I don’t know why his palms sweat more.

She doesn’t care.

She still doesn’t care

Even if I don’t have such a rich status and noble status.

Hols heavily pursed his lower lip and whispered, “then I’m going home now. Would you like to go home with me?”

Qin Yi was surprised and said, “what identity do you use?”



Maybe I should try to tell my father that I won’t care about Omega. If you want to get married, maybe I can have a try with Chilia

Hols said firmly, “you go back with me, and they will receive you according to the specifications of entertaining distinguished guests.”

He will take her home, take her into the palace, and she will understand everything.

Qin Yi was already trying to figure out the real identity of the other party.

In order to avoid more accidents, Qin Yi politely refused him: “you should go back to see your family first, and I have something to do. After that, if your family is willing to accept me to visit. Then I will visit again, which is more polite.”


He respected the meaning of “girl”.

Yes, that might be more solemn.

Hols thought.

Besides, he does have a lot of urgent government affairs to deal with.

Henry took the initiative to say, “I’ll arrange miss Chilia’s temporary residence. Don’t worry.”

Hols gave him a deep look before nodding.

Qin Yi smiled and said, “bye.”

Hall unconsciously stayed on her smile for a few more seconds before turning away.

Henry turned his head and said respectfully to Qin Yi, “please.”

Who would be wary of a gentle beauty?

Until five hours later.

Henry shivered and reported to hols, “miss Chilia, she, she’s gone!”

Hols’s first reaction was —

I haven’t told her who I really am!

Will she think of little glaster as me!

Just thinking of this, the crown prince has wanted to kill.

At this time, an attendant came in and reported: “Your Highness, general Zhou Yiqing has returned to the emperor star. He wants to see you…”

Hols looked back gloomily, “no, see you.”

His brain was filled with information for a while, but finally he calmed down and sorted out a clue.

He whispered: “immediately send someone to get the surveillance and look for it along the way. If there is no message within half an hour, immediately tell the people of the Limu Empire,… I want to look for a man named qilia. She is…”

He was at a loss for a moment.

She’s not my person.

The Chamberlain hurriedly took the imperial edict of the crown prince and trotted out all the way.

Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing are in the palace.

Lu Xing couldn’t help sighing: “we will stand in the imperial palace of Limu empire one day!”

Lu Ji didn’t make a sound.

Zhou Yiqing said faintly, “the whole Beman star is looking for him, but he can leave after leaving a message smoothly… I heard that during that time, the crown prince of the Limu Empire stopped at Beman star for a short time. If there is a whole planet, who’s spaceship can leave without inquiry.”

Lu Ji: “there is no doubt that there is only the prince’s spaceship.”

At this time, his majesty called the attendant at the fountain: “what are you doing in a hurry?”

The Chamberlain was out of breath: “Your Highness, your highness is looking for a man named qilia and said to find it immediately.”

Lu Xing: “…?”

Lu Xing: “boss, someone is looking for you?”

The waiter turned his head.

The number of people is equal.

At the next moment, the Chamberlain turned his head and ran all the way: “Your Highness! Your highness! Here is a qilia!”

Lu Ji narrowed his eyes.

He thinks… There’s something wrong in the middle

It’s only three minutes.

The noble and arrogant imperial crown prince came to them quickly, and his cloak and dress set off an arc.

“Qilia…!” the prince’s voice slowly changed from joy to surprise.


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