I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 23

In the magnificent hall with strong rimu style. His Majesty the emperor of the Empire sits on the highest throne, and his next head is the young crown prince.

The crown prince has changed back to his usual dress, blue and white military uniform.

It made him look a little more dignified and fierce.

Not in front of Zhou Yiqing, who has been honed in his military career for many years, he has lost.

Go down.

Lu Ji and general Zhou Yiqing sat on both sides.

For a time, it was very quiet, and everyone’s face didn’t seem very good-looking.

The emperor cleared his throat and asked with concern, “what are you looking for? You can put it back first. Hols, you should lie in the medical cabin for even three hours…”

Hols ignored his father.

His eyes were all focused on Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing.

After a brief look, HALS turned to the waiter just now: “do you say there is a Chilia here?”

When the attendant saw the prince’s attitude, he knew it was very important. He didn’t dare to take responsibility. He quickly turned his head and pointed out: “he said.”

Lu Xing:?

Lu Ji snorted and raised his eyelids coldly: “don’t you see others pointing at you? Come on, you can tell them where qilia is.”

Hearing the sound, Zhou Yiqing frowned without trace.

Is it like the name “Zhou Yi”?

Is this another vest of Qin Yi?

Lu Xing: “really?”

Lu Ji: “say.”

The emperor on one side looked left and right, and wanted to stop talking.

He felt neglected.

Even the enemy generals seem to have focused on this “qilia”.

At this time, Lu Xing took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “qilia is a name chosen by our boss…”

HALS interrupted, “Mr. Lu Ji gave it to her?”

His eyebrows and eyes grew deeper, almost losing his usual elegance and composure.

Lu Xing: “no, the boss gave it to himself. Isn’t it normal to have more fake names in our business?”

Hols didn’t speak again.

I gave her a false name.

She gave me a fake name, too.

… it’s not her fault.

At this time, Lu Ji opened his mouth. He reclined in his seat with a pair of peach blossoms and a little cold light in his eyes: “now I want to ask your highness hols,… Where did you see the Chilia in your mouth?”

Hols pursed his lower lip.

He has never been the only one who asked others for truth, and no one asked him for truth.

Hols: “… On an unknown planet.”

Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing looked at each other and immediately determined that this was the planet mentioned in Qin Yi’s message.

“Do you have a picture or portrait of him?” Zhou Yiqing asked calmly.

Hols noticed something wrong at this time.

Hols: No

He can connect his helmet and project images from his brain.

But hols hates it.

Such an act seemed to cut open his brain and dig out the whole qilia in his brain.

What’s more, the crown prince’s brain, of course, not everyone can pry at will.

Halston paused and ordered, “pass it on to the court painter.”

The court painter will be here soon.

His perennial job is to preserve Royal portraits in an ancient way.

I didn’t expect to draw a stranger who hasn’t even heard of his name this time.

Hols: “she… Has long black hair…”

“White dress.”

“The waist is very thin…”

For a moment, all eyes fell on hols.

Holls pulled his face and repeated, “very thin.”

Lu Ji frowned, “how do you know his waist is thin?”

Hols ignored him and continued, “his hands are beautiful… There is a large pattern tattoo on the back of his neck, and the pattern is also very beautiful.”

“His legs are long and straight…”

Next week, Zhou Yiqing also interrupted him: “Your Highness, your expression sounds like a verbal offence. You should use more objective and less emotional words…”

In short, if you listen, it’s fucking inappropriate.

The court painter was at a loss and helpless. He couldn’t write for a moment.

I even vaguely felt a little, no, a lot… The smell of fire – Medicine

In the end, the court painter failed to come in handy.

Seeing that it was about to fight, the same confused emperor asked, “is there any monitoring on the ship?”

This just pushed the atmosphere back.

Hols pursed his lips, but he didn’t want to describe qilia to them.

More description.

The image of “girl” in his mind became clearer and clearer.

The less he wants to share this beauty with others.

Just like the instinct of the dragon guarding the treasure.

The surveillance on his aircraft cannot be released, which involves confidentiality.

Melly bank’s monitoring is impossible from the perspective of protecting customers’ privacy. Once given, their bank’s greatest advantage is lost.

Hols thought for a few seconds and soon asked the pro guard to contact the previous crew.

There should be surveillance on their ship.

The crew had just set up a studio at this time.

The crew members looked haggard and powerless, and did not even dare to recall the terrible scene of the spaceship falling into the port that day.

This trip was like a nightmare.

None of them dared mention Zheng Yian.

For fear that the alliance will find trouble finding diplomats on their heads after they are found missing.

“All right, all right! Move! Get ready to shoot!” the director tried his best to liven up the atmosphere.

“Is there any need to shoot?” someone couldn’t help shouting.

“Will you lose money if you don’t shoot? The crew has delayed the process for many days…” the director scolded, then turned around and saw the soldiers on Tata.

The soldiers crowded a middle-aged man in front of them.

Everyone suddenly tightened up, all stood up straight, and even breathed lightly.

The director carefully met the man’s eyes and stammered: “do you have…”

Men are actually nervous at the moment.

Tata is only a remote planet, but after receiving the crown prince, he received an order from emperor star.

“I need a surveillance video,” the man said.

In half an hour.

The man completed his task and left.

The others dared to surround and asked the director, “whose surveillance video did he want?”

The director said in a trance, “qilia.”

“Did Chilia do anything?”

“Ha, I said that people like her must be very good at playing with alpha. Maybe the families behind alpha are ready to settle with her…”

Someone patted the alpha actor on the shoulder and said, “fortunately, you escaped.”

The director’s throat tightened and hurriedly interrupted their voices.

“No, it’s not… The adult said that his Royal Highness The Prince of the Limu empire was looking for her.”



The crew fell into silence again.

They could no longer guess and imagine the origin of Chilia.

The crew is still in a trance.

And the video has been sent back to Dixing soon.

The picture is projected in the middle of the hall.

They watched the “girl” wearing a white skirt, slowly walked to the capsule warehouse, paused, then opened the hatch, climbed the handrail and climbed in.

The hair is separated from the back neck to both sides.

Now everyone saw the pattern behind his neck.

White pattern, holy and beautiful.

The line of sight drops slightly again.

The waist is really thin.

This is the first time Zhou Yiqing has seen dynamic Qin Yi so close, or Qin Yi wearing women’s clothes.

The “girl” in the video suddenly put her hand on her neck when they were distracted.

It’s like unbuttoning.

The three men almost jumped their eyelids at the same time: “turn it off!”

They said in unison.

In the hall, besides them, there were the emperor, other attendants and soldiers.

The attendant in charge of the operation was so frightened that he quickly turned off the projection.

When he looked up again, he saw the ugly face of Mr. Lu Ji and the crown prince.

Lu Ji: “where did you get this?”

Hols: “… On a spaceship.”

“Is there anyone else on the ship?”

“… yes.”

They looked at each other briefly.

Lu Ji: “you can’t show it to others.”

Hols has immediately contacted the person at the bottom: “let the crew empty the video stored in their hands immediately.”

Lu Ji looked at hors and sneered: “the paragraph the crown prince got has also been deleted.”

Hols didn’t move.

Lu Jixin said don’t fucking think of the three together!

At this time, Zhou Yiqing whispered, “is he sleeping in the capsule cabin?”

Lu Ji’s thoughts came back and he looked a little complicated: “who would like to sleep with this kind of thing? It’s cramped and uncomfortable.”

So why did he leave?

Is my ship not big enough?

Hols couldn’t help interrupting them: “so, do you know her?”

“Of course.” Lu Ji suddenly felt a little more fucking superiority.

At least.

Did he come first?

Lu Ji: “Lu Xing, who is he?”

Lu Xing quite cooperates: “our sister-in-law.”

There was a soft sound of “pa”.

Hols crushed the armrest of the chair inlaid with gemstones.

Hols: “impossible.” his royal upbringing prevented him from saying “fart”.

Lu Ji: “how long have you known him? What are you?”

Hols’s face sank, and his face looked even more ferocious.

Zhou Yiqing felt it was necessary to make a sound and correct it.

He said calmly, “Mr. Lu Ji, please stop your wanton behavior of damaging others’ reputation.”

When hols heard the sound, his face relaxed.

It seems that my sister-in-law is fake.

Lu Ji: “what? General Zhou can’t wait to show the identity of the main room?”

Lu Ji sneered: “what’s the use, general Zhou? I need to help you tell him that although Qin Yi is your fiancee, haven’t you even seen him?”


Hols: “Qin Yi?”

Lu Ji turned to look at him and seemed to see himself from him.

Oh, I’m not so angry at all.

In such a contrast, there is even an illusion that Qin Yi still has a trace of tenderness for me?

Lu Ji smiled gently and politely. He said, “yes, his real name is Qin Yi. Didn’t you say it just now? His name is not qilia. Qilia was my name when I knew him.”

Lu Ji had a meal.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt. Qin Yi had at least three soft illusions about him! More than a trace!

Lu Ji: “it turns out that wherever he goes, he still remembers the name I used. He even named him in my name.”

Hols: ”

Unknown anger and jealousy swept through hols.

His fist was clenched.

Zhou Yiqing: “……”

At this time, Zhou Yiqing also pinched the lower knuckle and made a crackling sound.

He shouted coldly, “Lu Ji.”

Lu Ji didn’t realize it. The more he said, the more he felt that I was the first one among them!

Lu Ji: “your servant mentioned just now, miss qilia. Miss? What do you think he is?”

Hols didn’t speak.

But the waiter trembled and asked, “no, isn’t it a female beta?”

Lu Ji said softly, “Oh, the gender is wrong. He is a male Omega. Does Omega understand?”

There was a loud bang.

A palace of the Limu Empire exploded in the dazed and frightened eyes of the imperial people.

The emperor exclaimed, “Oh, my God! Why did my throne explode?”

The name is false.

Gender is false.

The crown prince’s first love.

Also false.: (

Sister in law is fake.

But the fiancee is true(

At this time, he sneezed when he was wearing a light shirt, gray trousers, short hair with ears and a tall and slender body.


He rubbed the tip of his nose and looked up at the shop with the word “transaction” hanging in front of him.

He asked politely, “Hello, do you rent a temporary husband here?”

“Sorry, No.”

“Oh, forget it.”


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