I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 24

Qin Yi has changed back to the youth’s dress.

He has money now. It’s no problem for him to change his costume into a race.

But he is stingy.

It’s not necessary to be a race.

At present, the cheapest cost is to rent a temporary husband.

But we don’t rent it here.

Qin Yi sighed slightly, turned slowly and walked into the next alley.

He is no longer in the core of emperor star, but in a very remote city on emperor star. Even if it is at the feet of the royal family, there are still some slums on the edge of the Imperial Star.

In the vicinity of slums, some underground businesses will breed.

Qin Yi is looking for this kind of underground business.

After walking through three alleys in succession, the male beta in front of him looked him up and down and asked, “do you have any specific requirements?”

Qin Yi thought, “don’t be too ugly. It’s better to be an alpha without bad hobbies.”

“Alpha? That may be a little expensive,… But maybe after seeing you, every alpha will be willing to be rented temporarily by you.”

Qin Yi didn’t answer him.

Male beta just shut up.

He quickly took Qin Yi to choose the right object, a big man with correct facial features and a rating of only D.

The big man followed Qin Yi on his temporarily rented spaceship.

He regarded Qin Yi as an aristocrat on the emperor star, but he showed great respect.

“What’s your name?” Qin Yi asked.

The big man looked at him. The young man was very young. Calling him “Sir” seemed mature. So the big man paused and said, “Sir, my name is Russell.”

Qin Yi:?

I can’t remember.

“How about calling you number one later?”

“Yes, sir, that’s your freedom.”

Qin Yi first pretended to inadvertently show him his mecha.

Although the big man is an alpha, he is too poor. He once had the opportunity to enter the military academy, and was finally kicked out because of a fight with the noble alpha.

He doesn’t have enough money to buy his own mecha.

But the boy in front can afford such an excellent mecha.

Now he was more convinced that there was nothing wrong with the boy in front of him being a noble.

Qin Yi quietly took the big man’s expression into his eyes.

He made sure to frighten the other party before starting his new round of cross dressing —

The big boss stared at the boy, tied a piece of elastic skin to his waist, and then stuffed several compressed cotton into his head.

The next second, the cotton puffed out and puffed the skin.

The tall and straight figure and slender waist form a sharp contrast with it.

The boy looked down for half a minute, and then put on a white robe with great satisfaction.

The robe makes his body more slender. Just standing there gives people a feeling of elegance and calm.

He turned around.

A mask has been added to his face.

Unlike the most popular punk metal mask, the mask on his face is composed of colored gemstones. These gorgeous gemstones did not press his head. On the contrary, they set off his eyes.

Most of his face was hidden under the gem.

It looks mysterious and holy.

Like some kind of clergy with supreme power.

At this time, he heard the teenager say quietly: “next, my identity is your pregnant Omega wife, remember?”

The big man opened his mouth, unconsciously collapsed his back, and even his head hung down.

He wants to say. I don’t seem to deserve you.

After Qin Yi explained his identity, he hurried to the console. He said, “well, we should start now.”

His face looked so young and thin.

But the big man lowered his eyes and watched his hands move quickly on the console. The big man immediately became convinced of the strong man’s instinct.

The spaceship went all the way to the port.

Along the way, the big man had no doubt about Qin Yi’s real gender.

“The front… Seems to be under martial law,” said the big man in a stunned voice.

Qin Yi got up and nodded, “HMM.”

He turned his head and said, “let me see the fierce one.”

This is the strangest request the big man has ever heard.

He thought he looked fierce enough, so when he went to military school, he was punched in the face by noble students and questioned, how dare you look at me with such vicious eyes.

But the big man did as he asked.

His eyes were cold, and the corners of his mouth grinned slightly to both sides, ferocious as a freshly baked change – state murderer.

“Very good.” Qin Yi patted him on the shoulder. “If you encounter cross examination later, you say, you don’t want anyone to see your wife.”

The big man nodded.

At this time, the spacecraft in front passed by, and it was their turn to accept inspection in front of the checkpoint.

The big man opened the hatch of the ship, and his tall body blocked there.

“What’s up?” he asked.

The inspector outside was startled by him and didn’t speak quickly: “we’re investigating… A missing person…”


The inspector choked on his cold attitude and couldn’t answer any more.

So the inspector tried to look into the spaceship: “excuse me, the people inside…”

“An omega, my pregnant wife, you want to see him?”

“No… no, of course not. You can go,” said the inspector in a cold sweat.

In the rimu Empire, the strong alpha often had serious chauvinism.

They won’t allow others to look at their Omega.

This will cause a serious fight.

So the inspector didn’t think there was anything strange about the other party’s performance. In order to avoid conflict, he let the other party go.

When the hatch of the spaceship closed, he saw a figure faintly.

The figure does have a big belly.

… maybe he should consider going to the hospital early to unload it.

The inspector was completely relieved as he thought.

His colleague came from a distance and asked with a sad face, “what’s wrong with you?”


“I don’t have any… But how can I explain? The crown prince took over the sudden search himself.”

The inspector couldn’t help asking, “who was the one who lost it?”

His colleague also frowned in confusion: “it’s not very clear… Or it’s difficult to describe… Because when the above gave the order, it said that we might see a female beta and a male Omega… Who can tell what’s going on?”

At this time, the news of the accidental explosion of the Imperial Palace in Limu still made headlines in the newspaper.

The people were at a loss.

Presumably at this time, they had a common language with the neighbors who watched the Zhou family raise a pink protective cover near the Zhou family’s residence in the Yan and Huang empire.

The crown prince doesn’t care much about what the outside world is talking about.

He, Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing still sat opposite each other in another palace in a triangular posture.

The emperor stood outside the door and remained silent for a long time. He still said to the Chamberlain, “open all the defense systems of the Imperial Palace in a moment…”

In the palace.

Lu Ji said firmly, “people are no longer in the emperor star.”

Zhou Yiqing nodded slightly and agreed: “well, I suggested that the crown prince directly order a comprehensive blockade of the emperor star…”

Hols closed his lower lip tightly and said, “it can’t be so fast.”

After all, he is not a love brain. Of course, he will not completely block the emperor star for this.

That will cause great trouble.

Lu Ji sniffed: “it seems that your highness hols doesn’t know him at all.”

Hols wanted to refute, but found that there was no way to refute.

The atmosphere in the palace suddenly became tense again.

But this time, everyone kept his reason, didn’t start, and didn’t blow up the palace again.

Lu Ji was not completely angry. He straightened his face and said, “before Qin Yi left, his highness didn’t use the medical cabin to restore his appearance, right?”

Hols looked down at him and said, “well.”

Hols had a rare annoyance.

Qilia, no, Qin Yi ran away.

He’s also an Omega


He never liked Omega.

But that’s Omega.

Hols suddenly remembered that the real successor of Melly bank, little Glaister, was an alpha, right?

What will happen if Qin Yi encounters him?

What happens to Ao? What else can happen?

It was only three minutes before and after, and hols had quickly moved forward to get married.

Lu Ji’s eyes were sharp: “so, your highness, this face is completely strange to Qin Yi. Your real identity is also strange. You may become the only one who can make Qin Yi unprotected… Maybe we can make a new plan.”

At this time, Zhou Yiqing’s voice sounded low. He said faintly, “I’m curious now. This time, Qin Yi will choose what way to escape from under our eyes.”

Will he still use the name Chilia?

Will you continue to dress up as a female beta?

Lu Ji was also thinking.

Hols stood up suddenly. He ordered, “tie little Glaister.”

Attendant under the steps:?

Seven days later.

Little Glaister has been tied up in the palace for six days. He should not cry every day.

At this time, the nobles of the Limu Empire heard that the crown prince seemed to be fascinated by a beta woman. For this reason, he kidnapped his rival little Glaister

At the other end, Qin Yi just drove out of the Limu empire.

Then they met a fleet head-on.

There was a flag on the fleet with a skull printed on it.


This is a pirate team.

On the ship of the fleet.

A middle-aged man, half blindfolded and dressed as a traditional pirate, is communicating with people.

In the image, an old man with gray hair said unhappily, “I spend so much money to support you every year, not to let you be chased and beaten by Lu Ji.”

Half an eye can’t hang on your face.

But he didn’t dare to refute the old man, so he had to answer: “don’t worry, I’ll find a way to do it for you…”

The old man snorted coldly and said, “well, I need you to find Zhou Yiqing’s fiancee and kidnap him.”

Half an eye: “but…”

“But what?”

Half an eye: “general Zhou can’t find anyone. How can I find it?”

Old man: “…” waste! ”

It’s not good to be a purebred bad embryo!

But half an eye immediately said, “don’t worry, I have a very powerful military division here recently. He will help me find general Zhou’s fiancee.”

At this time, someone shouted: “boss! Boss, there is a small spaceship ahead. Do you want to pay it?”

Half an eye asked, “what do you do as a pirate? Will you give up robbing others because they have less money?”

His men were immediately blessed and hurried to pay the ship.

This payment was paid to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi doesn’t mind walking with pirates. After all, he has done this before.


When I was weak, poor and helpless, I was kidnapped by pirates!

Qin Yi looked free to board the pirate’s ship.

But the alpha around him was like a great enemy for a moment.

The pirates brought him to half an eye.

Half an eye stared at Qin Yi, and his eyes suddenly lit up: “Omega or beta? It’s so beautiful…” he said, turning around Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s figure didn’t shake for a moment. He blinked his eyes gently, and the water was shining at the bottom of his eyes. Then he opened his mouth and said nonsense: “I’m married and I’m pregnant. What do you want to do?”

Half an eye heard “pregnancy”, his eyes fell down, and then suddenly went three points of interest.

But then a burst of laughter came in.

“Ha. Haven’t you finished the steps from marriage to pregnancy in just ten days? Chilia.”

The young man came out slowly.

He has beautiful eyebrows and eyes and wears a pair of gold rimmed glasses. Forbidden – lustful and polite.

Qin Yi: “……”


Sure enough, it has been a disaster for thousands of years.

Don’t all the victims come to the door?

Qin Yi’s face remained unchanged.

As soon as he raised his eyes, he met Zheng Yi’an’s examination. It seemed peaceful, but in fact it covered the surging eyes of the dark tide.

Qin Yi said, “it’s you…”

Zheng Yian.

He didn’t expect that qilia would not give in, so he met him.

Is Chilia not afraid of his revenge at all?

“Unexpectedly, you found me here,” Qin Yi said weakly.


Is this soft?

Zheng Yi’an suddenly thought about it, but he immediately felt it was impossible.

Qin Yi: “it’s impossible between us…” he blinked and said, “I’m your mother.”

Half an eye:???

Other pirates:!!!


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