I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 25

Of course, Zheng Yi’an would not easily lose his attitude. He only paused for a few seconds.

“Why don’t I know when I have another mother?”

Qin Yi only paused for a few seconds and quickly connected: “who makes me a little mother?”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Zheng Yi’an and his eyes met, big eyes and small eyes.

The young man’s eyes carry the color of innocence and calmness. He doesn’t look afraid at all.

For the first time, Zheng Yi’an had a funny taste.

He stared at Qin Yi and whispered, “qilia, my father is dead.” there was no emotion in his tone.

Qin Yi didn’t speak. He just trembled his eyelashes.

No sophistry?

No, No.

Zheng Yian quickly reacted. Silence is better than sound at this time.

When Zheng Yi’an turned his head again and took other people’s faces into his eyes – the pirates looked at him and the young man in shock – Zheng Yi’an immediately knew that the young man’s goal had been achieved.

They already believe it.

Maybe even the logic of the story is automatically supplemented.

This sentence “my father is dead” seems to have become a kind of coercion that makes the teenager succumb to himself.

My father is dead.

You are in my bag.

Has that evolved?

Zheng Yi’an suddenly chuckled, and then raised his eyes. He stared at Qin Yi and whispered, “what does it matter? Now I don’t care who you are, who you marry, and who has children in your stomach.”

Qin Yi:?

This is an interactive show!

For a moment, Qin Yi almost thought that Zheng Yi’an had been tortured too much and was approaching a change of state. But it soon dawned on him.

That’s not called approach morphism.

That’s it.

Zheng Yi’an not only recognized his identity, but also turned his head and half an eye and said, “I should thank you for bringing the person I want to me.”

Half an eye recovered from the shock.

He stretched out his hand excitedly and wanted to pat Zheng Yi’an on the shoulder, but halfway through it, he suddenly remembered something, so he took it back.

Half an eye was excited and said, “then, take the man away. The thing we talked about before…”

Whether he is a little mother or a father!

Zheng Yi’an said faintly, “I have a plan.”

Half an eye nodded and didn’t ask what the plan was like.

Zheng Yi’an turned his eyes back to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi blinked gently and looked back at him calmly.

Zheng Yi’an’s mind moved, and his mouth made a voice first: “arrange people in my room.”

Qin Yi:?

Have you figured it out? Are you sure?

The pirates reacted quickly.

They immediately followed the boss’s footsteps, nodded again and again, and stressed: “don’t worry! I’ll arrange someone for you! I’ll send it to you in a moment!”

Qin Yi didn’t say anything, but the big man behind him couldn’t hold it.

“No! How can you…”

After all, it’s a person rented by himself. It’s also half an employee.

If a conflict leads to injury, doesn’t his employer have to pay medical expenses?

Qin Yi immediately turned his head. He looked at the big man: “don’t do futile things, don’t shed unnecessary blood, keep your strength and wait.”

The big men had clenched their fists. When they heard this, they relaxed slowly and blankly.

After these words, Qin Yicai looked at the pirate and asked, “where is his room? Take me there.”


Zheng Yi’an: ”

This is a positive cooperation? No more going on?

“Here, I’ll take you first?” the pirate blurted out and thought it was wrong to hear that.

We are pirates!

Isn’t that a threat?

You can’t run away if it falls into our hands today. I advise you to be obedient… I haven’t said that yet!

Why is he like a waiter?

The pirates sent Qin Yi into Zheng Yi’an’s room in a trance.

Qin Yi: “thank you. Please close the door for me.”

The pirate closed the door for him again.

The uncomfortable person was Zheng Yi’an again.

He is a sensitive and suspicious person. Even if he still calmly stands in front of half an eye, his mind has begun to construct what teenagers will do in his room.



Zheng Yi’an turned his head and said, “hmm?”

“Sir, do you think we can win the regular army of Limu Empire?” the voice of half an eye was a little excited.

Zheng Yian temporarily pressed his thoughts and gave half an eye.

He said slowly, “where is the regular army near Tata?”

“That’s right! You help to give advice and command in the rear. They haven’t reached the level of regular army!” half an eye was more and more excited, and he rubbed his hands.

Then I turned around and found that the boy had been sent away.

Half an eye thought about it. Although it’s strange to say that sex addiction is a bit, people’s military masters have such a powerful brain. This aspect is different from ordinary people, and it should be!

So half an eye asked, “do you want to prepare something for you?”

Zheng Yian: “what’s that?”

Half an eye: “yes, yes… Oh! It’s bedding!”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

He raised his hand and pressed the corner of his forehead: “No.”

Zheng Yian finished every physiology class on time, but he has been single for many years and has no practical experience.

For Zheng Yi’an, the dazzling pirate leader and his suggestive words seem to be something from another world.

Zheng Yian: “you can settle the rest by yourself. I’ll go back to my room first.”

Half an eye: “Oh, no problem! You go…”

He showed an expression of “I understand”.

Zheng Yi’an was walking on the road to the room. For such a short moment, he doubted that he should not allow qilia to play.

The moment of doubt reached its peak after he opened the door.

Qin Yi didn’t touch his room.

It’s meaningless and meaningless.

If I remember correctly, in the data released by the alliance, Zheng Yian is also an S-level alpha. As for how many S-level forces he has, it’s not clear.

But it is certain that the natural power gap between omega and alpha determines that Qin Yi can’t be positive with him.

Qin Yi doesn’t intend to do such acts as fiddling in the room that can directly annoy Zheng Yi’an.

What can Qin Yi do?

Of course, this is to touch the edge of his minefield and dance!

When Zheng Yi’an entered the door, he saw Qin Yi sleeping in his bed.

There was also water and food just brought by the pirates.

The Nanny Robot raised its hands and handed them to the edge of the bed. Holding some interstellar popular snacks.

The boy closed his eyes and slept freely and enjoyed it.

Even if he heard the sound of opening the door, he didn’t wake up immediately. Only the eyelashes trembled slightly, reminiscent of the butterfly wings.


“Hmm?” Qin Yi answered, but didn’t open his eyes immediately.

Zheng Yi’an came closer and saw that the boy had changed all the objects on his bed.

Probably to get rid of the smell of alpha on it.

Zheng Yi felt even more uncomfortable when he settled down.

The boy in front of him took advantage of him, deceived him, and finally despised the alpha pheromone on him?!

“It seems that you sleep well?” Zheng Yi lived in peace and looked down at Qin Yi and whispered.

Qin Yi: “well, the rooms and beds they prepared for you are very good. There are also intimate food… It’s very suitable to rest here.”

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes flashed. He asked, “did you eat the food?”

Qin Yi: “yes, it’s delicious.” he also commented seriously: “I’ve never eaten the specialty of wind elephant galaxy. It’s a little sweet. I like it very much.”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

It doesn’t seem to scare him at all.

He was not afraid of any poison in the food.

Finally, Zheng Yi’an didn’t hold back. He asked, “don’t you want to know why I can come back alive?” Qin Yi replied lazily, “because you’re powerful?”

Zheng Yian choked.

I don’t know if I should be happy for the boy’s praise.

With this sentence in front, Zheng Yi’an is hard to say. He trapped himself in what kind of place and how many injuries he had.

… alpha, this damn face.

Zheng Yi’an didn’t say, but Qin Yi took the initiative to ask now.

“May I see your mecha?”

Take a look and stab another sword?

Zheng Yi’an picked up his eyebrows, then lowered his eyes, covered the dark and unidentified color at the bottom of his eyes, and whispered, “it doesn’t look very good now. It may scare you like those people before you.”

Qin Yi didn’t even heave after listening.

He said, “Oh, really? I don’t believe it.”

Such an excessively calm attitude makes Zheng Yi’an feel a little better for no reason.

Zheng Yian grabbed a chair and sat down, saying, “wait.”

Then he slowly pulled it out of his sleeve.

The whole body is dark and shiny. No, the mecha snake is held in his hand.

It looks a little smaller.

The tail is a dish, and the big head seems to have a little unstable center of gravity. As soon as he lifted his upper body, his head nodded down, and then he fell back.

Qin Yi sat up from the bed, stretched out his fingertips and touched the snake’s head.

The next second, the snake vomited out.

Zheng Yian’s eyebrows moved.

He thought the boy took back his hand

But Qin Yi didn’t move.

Let the snake shinko lick around his finger.

The little snake seemed to be encouraged, and his head stretched forward again, trying to lick Qin Yi’s wrist.

But his head is too heavy.

As soon as he stretched out a little, “whew” fell again.

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes, held his head, then pinched it between and gently rubbed it twice.

Zheng Yi’an now has no time to think. The young man in front of him is afraid of his snake.

With Qin Yi’s actions, he was immersed in Omega’s pheromone. The young man’s hand seemed to have rubbed not the little snake, but him.

He could even vaguely feel the temperature from the boy’s fingertips.

The whole person is like falling into a warm sea.

Ups and downs and chaos.

Qin Yi pinched the snake twice, then gently picked it up and turned it over.

Turn it over.

The other side of the snake came into view.

Only large scales fell off.

Expose the flesh and mechanical bones inside.

The wound was ferocious, but there was a sense of beauty that Qin Yi had never seen before, the combination of mechanical cold and warm flesh and blood.

Qin Yi completely pressed the snake in his palm.

Zheng Yi’an suddenly raised his eyes and stared at Qin Yi.

His gentle temperament seemed to be locked up for a moment, and only a little cold and deep smell leaked out.

His eyes also seemed to turn red.

Qin Yi turned over the snake. The black snake body is lined with his white and beautiful knuckles, which is more beautiful than words.

Zheng Yi’an suddenly had a very absurd idea.

It seems that the weak and beautiful Omega is not playing with snakes.

It’s him.

“You look beautiful,” Qin Yi whispered, taking out an energy block.

“It looks a little pathetic,” Qin Yi said, handing the energy block to the little snake’s mouth.

The cold snake Xinzi licked Qin Yi’s palm first, and then suddenly opened his mouth.


How big can a snake’s mouth open?

People can only stretch up to 30 degrees.

However, it can expand to 130 degrees, clearly visible maxillary and mandibular and palatal bones, with four rows of thin and dense teeth.

It ate the energy block.

I didn’t even hiccup.

Qin Yi gently touched the snake’s head and asked, “is there no energy on the pirate ship?”

“… yes.” Zheng Yi’an reluctantly picked up his voice. “It’s not enough for him to take a bite.”

Qin Yi: “ah… The pirate is poor enough.”

Zheng Yian: “it’s just a broken settlement.”

Obviously, I despise them.

“Why doesn’t Mr. Zheng go back to the alliance directly?” Qin Yi asked.

Zheng Yi’an’s throat moved.

Of course, because I haven’t caught you yet.

What’s more

“I don’t want that mine to fall into the hands of others,” Zheng said.

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “so we’re going to the mine now?”

Zheng Yi’an nodded his head lightly: “well.” “they will become the backbone of robbing the mine.”

Qin Yi: ”

After Zhou Yiqing saw his message, he should not be willing to give up such an energy mine.

Zhou Yiqing, although he has never seen him, can probably infer that the other party’s character is vigorous and resolute.

In short… He must have met the men sent by Zhou Yiqing in the past.

“Why? I feel heartache for your alpha?” Zheng Yi’an suddenly tilted back, opening a little distance from Qin Yi.

Qin Yi: “just a little regret. If I left the port later or earlier, I wouldn’t meet Mr. Zheng. At this time, I should be traveling in space, and maybe I can choose a nearby planet for an unbridled and thorough trip.”

Zheng Yian clenched his fingertips, smiled and said, “I’m really sorry. You’ll regret it all the time.”

Qin Yi yawned lazily and replied, “yes, so in order to make up for my regret and regret, can Mr. Zheng ask the kitchen to prepare a rich dinner for me tonight?”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Zheng Yian: “yes, yes. But you answer me a question first.”

He has wanted to know this problem since he was trapped on the planet.


“Are you in love?”

Qin Yi:???

That sounds like sexual harassment.

Qin Yi: “… No.” he straightened his waist: “have you ever seen pregnant women still enter the hair estrus period?”

Zheng Yi’an didn’t move his eyelids. He said slowly, “you can deceive others, but you can’t deceive me. It’s easy to forge a belly.”

After a pause, he continued in a low voice: “I seem to be very sensitive to your pheromone. As long as I get too close and have a certain contact, my pheromone will respond immediately… Judge according to the contents marked in the textbook. You should be in the estrus period, and still in the very violent estrus period… Only in this way can your pheromone attract the surrounding alpha so strongly.”

That’s really good.

It seems that your textbook doesn’t tell you that if the matching degree is too high, it will achieve this effect.

Qin Yi blinked and said, “I may know why.”

Zheng Yi’an gently dropped his eyes on his face: “why?”

Qin Yi seriously analyzed him: “you see, do other alpha react to me?”

Zheng Yian: “… No.”

Qin Yi: “only you, Mr. Zheng.”

Only… Me?

Zheng Yi’an’s heart beat fast unconsciously.

The words and sentences that Omega spits out in front of her seem to be endowed with a different hint.

“So… From here. Mr. Zheng has been an old virgin for too long.” Qin Yi said solemnly.

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Zheng Yi’an once again lowered his eyes and hid the deep and changeable emotions under him.

He opened his mouth and said, “don’t you worry that I marked you here?”

Qin Yi: “you come.”

Zheng Yian’s eyelids jumped.

Qin Yi: “tomorrow I’ll take off my fake stomach, and then everyone will know the atrocities of the famous diplomats of the alliance.”

He performed a speed of light to the world on the spot.

Zheng Yi’an: “……”

Zheng Yi’an laughed angrily.

He got up slowly, and the veins on his neck protruded slightly, but all this was covered by his collar and hair.

He stared at Qin Yi for a few seconds.

Watching his mecha stay in the young man’s palm, he refused to move.

This ugly and ferocious little thing used to lie in Omega’s hands like a robot pet one day.

And Omega will gently touch its cold scales like combing the hair of a robot dog.

Zheng Yian turned and walked out.

Qin Yi: “Mr. Zheng remembers my dinner.”

Zheng Yi’an didn’t answer. He just stopped suddenly and asked, “I made cross dressing. How did you recognize me today?”

I know that I have a “bitter Lord” with a vest called “qilia”.

As soon as you shout out, who else can there be?

But Qin Yi didn’t say so.

He leaned against the head of the bed, his hair against his cheek, making him look a little like a minor.

He is clever and beautiful.

Sheng Sheng constructed a picture of the quiet years.

Qin Yi said softly, “because I remember Mr. Zheng’s voice and tone.”

“Oh.” Zheng Yi’an answered softly, and there was no emotional change on his face.

He pressed the door with one hand and asked the last question: “the first time you see me again, aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?”

Qin Yi: “Mr. Zheng’s mecha ate my energy. Now Mr. Zheng can’t kill me.”

I asked him for mecha. I was waiting for him here.

Zheng Yi’an was not angry but smiled.

He answered, “yes, I shouldn’t kill you.”

Then he pushed the door and went out.

However, Zheng Yi’an promised so easily, which made Qin Yi a little confused.

This is not in line with Zheng Yi’an’s character.

Even if Zheng Yi’an spared him in his heart, he would not tell the truth immediately.

That night.

The big man was detained alone in a room, drinking a bad nutrient solution, thinking bitterly about what inhuman torture his employer was suffering at the moment.

His mind went back over and over again to what his employer had said to him.

Save your strength.

Don’t be a reckless fool.

No one has ever said such a thing to him.

The big man bit the nutrient tube angrily.

“Crack” sound, all broken into slag.

Qin Yi, served by the Nanny Robot, successfully enjoyed his luxurious dinner.

There are meat, vegetables and fruit.

Maybe he emptied half the fridge of the poor pirates.

Qin Yi licked his lips, took a bath with satisfaction, and then went to sleep.

At this time, Zheng Yi’an finally knew that his feeling during the day was not wrong.

The boy was really not afraid to share a room with him.

Immersing himself in a room full of Omega pheromones is difficult for him.

Even if Zheng Yian pulled away from him and slept on the sofa, Omega’s pheromone seemed to be transmitted to his nose through biological mecha.

It even seems to be almost integrated into his blood.

Zheng Yi’an had a long dream.

In his dream, he was only in his early twenties.

Zheng Yian, who has completed genetic testing, has got his first mecha.

A biological mecha.

Since then, in the long years.

He walked past the disgusting and fearful eyes of countless people.

For the first time, he lost control and killed more than half of the royal family of lalanko.

The cold and huge Python is entrenched in front of the people, wearing the blood from other people’s bodies, not glory and sunshine.

At this time, a pair of hands crossed time and space.

Broke the dream.

Holding the huge and ferocious snake head.

He heard a voice with a smile and a casual laziness.

“You look beautiful.”

“It looks a little pathetic, too.”


Just as the pirates arrived on the unknown planet.

Zhou Yiqing received feedback from his subordinates.

“Unidentified forces have broken in. I’m afraid they want to compete for energy mines. After all, they are in the galaxy of the Limu empire. Please take the time to preside over the overall situation.”

Zhou Yiqing paused for a few seconds and immediately replied.

“I will go to the planet immediately.”

That’s what Qin Yi sent to his mouth.

How can it fall into the hands of others?

Little Omega will stand in front of him, smile gently and slowly, and say arrogant: “”

Zhou Yiqing’s brain can vaguely outline the picture.

This feeling is actually very strange.

Zhou Yiqing thought.

There are many people in the world who meet every day.

But when I look back, I can’t remember what the other party said and did.

Others, such as Qin Yi.

Never met.

But he has been able to piece together his appearance from other people’s words and phrases. So I can even think of every detail of him.

At this time, the voice of hols sounded. He said, “there is no trace of Qin Yi. What did he disguise this time? He even hid from the search.”

Zhou Yiqing slowly got up: “let’s think about each other again, and then integrate effective solutions.”

Hols was silent.

He watched Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji leave.

Not long after, hols received a report from the pro guard: “our people have arrived at the energy mine planet you mentioned, but they can’t get in…”

Hols: can’t you get in

“Yes, we suspect that someone arrived there first. Maybe pirates, maybe…”

Hols narrowed his eyes slightly. After a long time, he said, “maybe it’s Zhou Yiqing.”


The energy mine is strange… No, Qin Yi provided it to him.

Or in front of Zheng Yian.

Why is it Zhou Yiqing’s turn?

Hols, who couldn’t find Qin Yi around, immediately ordered: “prepare the spacecraft. I’ll go to the planet myself.”

The other end.

Qin Yi sat on the spaceship, overlooking the planet in front of him.

Zheng Yi’an whispered behind him, “here we are.”

Qin Yi: “well.”

Zheng Yian and Zhou Yiqing fought with the young man who couldn’t remember his name. It was none of his business.

But now

Qin Yi thought seriously. If everyone gets together, what should we do next.


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