I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 26

Shortly after Zhou Yiqing’s men found the pirates.

Half an eye’s men also found them.

When they returned to the spaceship, they found Zheng Yi’an for the first time and said nervously, “there are soldiers guarding ahead of the spaceship. Are they soldiers of the Limu Empire? What should we do?”

The soldiers on guard are similar to their looks, not the looks of the Limu Empire at all. But these people usually look at themselves more. They don’t feel strange to see a similar face abroad for a while.

“It’s coming soon.” Zheng Yi’an said and glanced sideways.

Beside him stood Qin Yi.

He didn’t mean to avoid Qin Yi at all. He even seemed to want Qin Yi to have a look at how the mine fell back into his hands.

“Qilia, will you feel happier after listening? Maybe you’ll see Glaister again.” Zheng Yi’an said softly.

He didn’t pierce the identity of hols as crown prince.

After all, it’s not good for him after stabbing.

Qin Yi didn’t answer his question, but first turned around and asked, “are you jealous?”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Qin Yi made persistent efforts: “are you going to kill him again?”

What is “again”?

When the pirates heard this, their eyelids jumped and their hearts shouted, “lie down!”!

I can’t see it at all! A gentle man like Mr. Wang kills people for love! I don’t know how many people were killed in front?

Zheng Yi’an didn’t pay attention to the surprised eyes of the pirates. He smiled and stared at the Omega boy in front of him.

He did want to kill hols.

So the young man can’t make mistakes.

But at the same time, this sentence fell in the ears of others, but it was given another meaning.

“Well, I’ll kill him,” Zheng Yi said with a peaceful smile.

He still stepped into the pit of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi suddenly held the console and shook it. He bit his lower lip and whispered, “you’re cruel…”

Zheng Yi’an raised his eyebrow.

Wait for him quietly.

Qin Yi: “Oh, my stomach hurts.”

Zheng Yi’an said, “well, does it hurt? What should I do?”

Pirates can’t even get a wife. Where has anyone ever been pregnant? But they know that Omega’s pregnancy is really delicate. So it hurts in one breath. That must be right!

And it must be a big problem!

“What? Is the medical module useful?” the pirate asked.

“Do you have to rush to the hospital?” they said.

Zheng Yi’an knew that it was mostly qilia who wanted to run away.

Zheng Yi’an smiled: “then sit down and I’ll rub it for you?”

The pirates shut their mouths at the sound.

… we lost.

It turns out that you can take advantage of it!

No wonder you can rob even your little mother!

Qin Yi: ”

Forget it, I can’t run. Take a break.

Qin Yi turned his eyes and caught a glimpse of the picture displayed on the display screen of the console.

“You can’t knead it. Someone is coming.” Qin Yi said briskly.

Zheng Yi’an was not afraid at all. He looked down.

It shows that a new small team is approaching the planet nearby.

Maybe a garrison on Tata or behman, maybe something else.

Zheng Yian put away his eyes and asked, “can you see the display on the console?”

He paused and said, “you learned it the last time Glaister and I started in the ship, didn’t you?”

While quietly calculating him, he can steadily absorb all the knowledge of flying the spacecraft.

This is really an Omega he has never seen before.

It looks gentle enough and cruel enough.

Qin Yi also knew that he could not hide an old fox like Zheng Yi’an. He nodded boldly: “yes.”

He raised his hand and gently lit the console in front of him. In a soft voice, he said in a voice that almost only the two of them could hear: “you see, if you crash again one day, I may have to drive a spaceship to save you.”

Zheng Yi’an didn’t know for a moment whether he cursed himself or himself.

Turning his head, he looked at the young man, but he was pure and innocent.

Probably because I was acting too hard just now, my face is still white, and there are still teeth marks on my lips. A little shallow, printed on the pink lips.

Zheng Yi’an unnaturally moved his eyes and whispered, “qilia, you have to play a full set.”

He grabbed Qin Yi’s waist.

Qin Yi:?

OK, whatever you want.

Anyway, he’s just an adult and hasn’t ushered in his first estrus yet. Alpha’s pheromone is far less attractive to him than he is to them.

In short, it won’t be him who will suffer.


As soon as Zheng Yi’an’s hand touched it, it was he who first instinctively trembled, and then held down the shudder rising from the depths of his soul.

Zheng Yi’an closed his lips and fought against this instinct.

The veins on his arm protruded slightly.

It was just covered by a white shirt, so I could only see a little.

He turned the button into a buckle and picked up Qin Yi.

Qin Yi:?

… this man is a cruel man.

Zheng Yi’an held Qin Yi directly and put him on the sofa.

Qin Yi did not blush or fear.

He looked up and said, “thank you. I’m much better. Why don’t you have another bowl of grapes?”

Zheng Yi’an smiled angrily.

Waving, he really asked the pirates to bring him grapes.

Qin Yi thinks it’s not bad. He may be able to empty out the pirate’s refrigerator before he goes.

Zheng Yi’an put down Qin Yi and stood next to him for a few minutes.

He looked at Qin Yi for a while, and then affirmed the idea of bringing him back to the alliance.

At least, I should use him to do a desensitization training for Omega pheromone

“Sir!” the pirate on one side couldn’t help it. “What about the soldiers of the Limu Empire? How to deal with it?”

Zheng Yian gave them a word: “wait.”

He wants to make sure whether there is hols in the next team.

The pirate could only respond with a subdued voice: “Oh, OK, listen to sir.”

Who let Zheng Yian teach them a lesson when he first met them?

After that, they helped them repel another force of pirates.

Give a sweet jujube a stick like this.

The pirates have to obey.

Now they are all counting on Zheng Yian, the peak of IQ, to lead them into a new glory! Force to break Luji’s fleet!

It didn’t take long.

Three hours later, the team arrived on the planet. They swaggered in, unlike Zheng Yian and his party who made additional camouflage.

At this time, on the pirate ship, they have offered a lot of things to Mr. Yi’s delicate “little mother”.

For a moment, they could not help but sincerely hope that Mr. Yi would be able to take a little less in the future.

At least don’t rob a mother.

This generation is too high.

Mr. Yi is Zheng Yian’s “address” in their mouth. Just as the pirates frowned with beards and faces, they heard a loud bang.

“What’s going on?”

“They found us? Did they call?”

Zheng Yi’an glanced at them and said, “it’s obvious that it’s the new comer who is fighting with the people stationed here.”

After that, Zheng Yi’an himself felt a little strange.

Stationed in the rimu empire.

This new team is indeed the dress of rimu soldiers. There is nothing wrong with it.

Then why did my family hit my family?

Since hols began to take power in the Empire, his appearance has indeed injected a booster into the rimu empire.

He became the soul of the Empire.

The people of the Empire were united by him.

Zheng Yi’an doesn’t think there will be rebels in the empire so soon.

Then there is only one possibility

Zheng Yi’an suddenly turned around and walked back to Qin Yi, leaving a group of stupid pirates.

“There’s news about the mine here. Who else did you tell?” Zheng Yi’an asked.

Qin Yi slowly touched the head of the little robot.

The little robot immediately held up the small plate in his hand and spit grape skin to Qin Yi.

Today, with the development of science and technology, grapes still have skin.

Probably because of scientists’ happy obsession with peeling and spitting.

Qin Yi licked his lips and straightened up.

His lips were also stained with the pink purple of grapes, which seemed to be thicker. This made his beautiful and picturesque face more colorful.

This is a little out of place with his tenderness, innocence and innocence.

Qin Yi: “there is such a thing.”

If Zhou Yiqing himself really comes, it’s meaningless for him to lie.

“Who else did you tell?”

“Zhou Yiqing.”

The old fox of Zheng Yi’an’s level felt black after listening to it.

Chilia is too brave.

Zhou Yiqing, hols and him, if they start together, what will be the consequences?

I’m afraid no one in the world has ever dared to imagine like this.

After all, their alpha is basically equal to the country’s heavy weapons.

… maybe there will be more Lu Ji?

Qin Yi smacked his mouth and thought.

If Zhou Yiqing can spare time to come here, he will most likely become a short-term peace or even cooperation with Lu Jida.

Anyway, these are not in his charge for the time being.

He was weakly detained on the pirate’s ship.

Zheng Yian can fight the three of them alone!

He believes in Zheng Yian!

Sure! Um!

Qin Yi changed his seat on the chair and bit a grape in his mouth.

“What friendship do you have with Zhou Yiqing?”

“We come from the same country,” Qin Yi said without looking back.

“So you’re for your country?”

Is that it?

Zheng Yi’an felt that there must be something else in it. Just because he didn’t get more clues, it was difficult to pry open the boy’s mouth again.

Zheng Yi’an whispered, “it doesn’t matter. If the people stationed here are general Zhou Yiqing and the people from the Limu Empire, I think it saves a lot of energy to go out and take over the mine when they lose both sides, doesn’t it?”

“Maybe I should thank you, qilia.” Zheng Yi’an smiled.

If he only took a group of Pirates against the regular army of the rimu Empire, it would still be difficult.

The pirates who followed up at this moment were confused. But they probably understand, sir. What does that mean? What does that mean?

That’s really great!

But does this… Have anything to do with Omega in front of you?

They couldn’t help but secretly looked at Qin Yi again.

… I don’t see anything else. I can see that this Omega is really beautiful.

As soon as they saw this, they quickly closed their eyes.

They remember that Mr. is jealous and can kill people.

Qin Yi, who was looked at by them, did not nod or shake his head.

He lowered his eyes and said.


Although, it doesn’t seem to work… Because it’s not just a mine problem

When the gunfire died down.

Zheng Yi’an felt that the time was almost right. Taking advantage of the next wave of reinforcements from the Limu Empire, they had to take advantage of it immediately.

Half an eye agreed. He got up excitedly and jumped off the ship with the pirates.

Zheng Yi’an followed up with Qin Yi.

Only a few people were left to guard the ship and the big man.

Qin Yi walked slowly on the road.

Maybe he will be surrounded by four alpha in a moment… This scene is a little too exciting. He doesn’t want to walk too fast.

Zheng Yian noticed his silence and looked back.

“When I’m tired, I’ll let my mecha carry you.”

Qin Yi imagined the scene.

good heavens.

There were tall grass and tall trees everywhere.

Your mecha put me on top.

Direct fire into the sight of other alpha.

Qin Yi: “No.”

Zheng Yian pinched his fingertips.

“The snake’s energy has not recovered,” he said


Does he think I’m going to sit on a snake?

Qin Yi’s idea also marched here.

“I found an unidentified person approaching at three o’clock! I can’t tell the identity from the clothes, but I can rule out the possibility of imperial soldiers.”


The sky burst into flames.

Zheng Yi’an paused and looked at the small military spacecraft and tall mecha not far away.

One of the spaceships is printed with the symbol of “week”.

“Zhou Yiqing came in person…”


Hols was the last to arrive on the planet with his pro guards.

“Your Highness, there is a conflict ahead. Do you want to move on?”

“Move forward.”


Soon the voice of the pro guard sounded again: “Your Highness, it seems… There are two unknown forces ahead?”

Two shares?

Maybe one of them is Zhou Yiqing. What about the other one? Is it an alliance? Zheng Yi’an is not dead and has quickly contacted the league?

New enemies are wrapped in old ones.

In addition, Zhou Yiqing tried to take what qilia gave him

Hols’s face sank.

He stood up and said, “speed up immediately! I will personally command this war!”

About ten minutes later.

Several sides were surprised and shouted, “Why are there people again? What team is there?”

“Seems to be from the Limu Empire?”

“That’s hols’s Pro guard!”

Qin Yi:???

It’s too dangerous.

Qin Yi turned to Zheng Yi’an and sincerely asked, “you’d better take me first with a mecha.”

Zheng Yi’an’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly heavy.

He can’t easily take out his biological mecha, let alone his mecha hasn’t been charged.

Compared to his alpha’s strong body.

Omega is really delicate.

Any stray bullet on the battlefield may hurt him.

Zheng Yian took out his class B mecha.

He sat in and operated the mecha himself.

The tall mecha quickly bent down, stretched out the mechanical arm, held Qin Yi in his arms, and then raised him high and put him on his shoulder.

At the same time, the protective cover for the head and neck of the mecha was opened to cover Qin Yi.

Just for a moment.

Hols, Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji all saw Qin Yi wearing a white robe and a gem mask.

The boy rode on the shoulder of the mecha.

He looks down upon all beings like a god o.

Qin Yi’s cross dressing itself is only for people who are not familiar with him. His false pregnant belly is just to cope with the inspectors at each pass.

Familiar people, such as Zheng Yian, can recognize him at a glance.

Zhou Yiqing: “stop now.”

Hols almost simultaneously uttered: “… Wait.” he squeezed the name out of his throat: “… Chilia?”


“Qin Yi…?”

Lu Xing said in a trance, “why is it a little like sister-in-law, and a little different?”

Seeing everyone else stop.

All the pirates looked at each other for a moment.

What happened?

Why is the atmosphere a little scary?

Almost for a moment.

On this planet, tall biological mecha rise from the ground with the momentum of blocking the sky and the sun.

One, two, three

The pirates were stunned.

I almost thought I was blind.

This is a fucking spectacle only seen in textbooks!

Zheng Yi’an also noticed that there was something wrong at this time.

It seems that things are not so simple.

It even seems more complicated.

Three huge biological mecha sat down. For a time, the planet was very quiet, as if only the sound of a breeze was left.

In this quiet and seemingly extraordinarily long time, they finally saw Qin Yi’s stomach.



Hols clenched his phalanx and crackled.

I just haven’t seen you for more than ten days

Zhou Yiqing frowned.

I haven’t had time to meet

Lu Ji smashed the rocker arm of the nearby robot with a fist. robot:?

Just lost it briefly

Pregnant at the speed of light?!

The three alpha’s brains seemed to run past a group of horses on the spot and lost their voice.

Qin Yi sat there steadily, his face unchanged, as steady as an old dog.

He hung his eyes and thought for a moment.

Well, so it’s better not to meet together… If we meet together, it may be you who are affected.

At that moment.

The class B mecha controlled by Zheng Yian has madly pulled away all hatred.

I feel like Zheng Yian, who is locked at the same time:?


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