I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 27

Between lightning, stone and fire.

The gunfire carried the white light that almost blinded people’s eyes through the air.

Half the arms of class B mecha were blown away.

But in the end, most of the fire fell at its feet and behind it.

Biological mecha certainly won’t make such a mistake.

This is just their behavior that they have to restrain because of the existence of Qin Yi.

Otherwise, class B mecha has turned gray by now.

But even if the strength was restrained, the class B mecha still couldn’t bear such an impact. The mecha cabin shook and broke a hole.

Zheng Yi’an, who had just recovered from the injury, also churned with his blood.

“What should I do? Boss, why do I think something’s wrong?”

“Things don’t seem to follow your plan at all…”

“Shall we run or what?”

Several pirates were scared crazy.

They finally recognized Zhou Yiqing’s ship logo.

After all, they are only small people and have never had a positive contact with the legendary biological mecha.

Compared with the biological mecha, it represents the symbol of the imperial general, which makes them feel more frightened.

At this time.

Lu Ji’s voice was transmitted from inside the mecha.

He said in a gloomy voice, “put down Omega on your shoulder.”

If Qin Yi hadn’t been riding on this damn B-class mecha, the particle gun would have been fully opened by now.

Lu Jiyi made a sound.

Zhou Yiqing turned and looked in his direction.

Hols did almost the same thing.

It can be said that the education they received is completely different.

Zhou Yiqing’s education since childhood is that the interests of the country are supreme.

Hols was taught that as crown prince, the hope of the future of the rimu Empire, his interests are supreme.

Lu Ji… He doesn’t need to distinguish between primary and secondary.

What pirates always do is dance on the tip of the knife.

At the moment of seeing Qin Yi, if you want to get Omega off the B-class mecha, you don’t have to consider the confrontation between various forces, and don’t have to worry about the origin of the opposite team.

… this was his most instinctive first reaction.

With his voice falling, his biological mecha suddenly pulled out his sword.

It is quite different from the common energy swords in the market. Its body is like a blue flame.

It is more hot and terrible than the red flame.

It seems to be the product of ancient earth myths, or the product of higher dimensions.

Half eyed men turned pale on the spot.

“Lu, Lu Ji?!”

Lu Ji’s voice is too recognizable.

To exaggerate, he is far more recognizable than general Zhou Yiqing and the crown prince of Limu empire.

In various galaxies, it is difficult to find people who have not seen Lu Ji’s film and television works.

For the half eyed pirates, Lu Ji impressed them even more.

Let Lu Ji beat his ass twice and almost beat him back to his hometown. Isn’t that profound?

Zheng Yi’an sat in the mecha and quickly recognized Lu Ji’s voice.

He stared at Lu Ji’s biological mecha.

That’s something most people, including him, have never seen. Lu Ji seldom fought with the regular army, and his real strength has not been fully detected so far.

“Why is Lu Ji here?”

Hols and Zhou Yiqing appear at the same time, but he still gets together here?

As soon as Zheng Yi’an thought, he heard hors’s cold voice: “put him down, or you will become the enemy of Limu empire.”

Zhou Yiqing frowned quietly.

Put it down?

So who’s in front of it?

Of course he won’t let hols take people away. After all, hols hates o.

At this time, the pro guard of hols was still saying: “Your Highness, do we really stop like this? This is a gang of pirates who are trying to steal the treasures of our empire…”

Hols suddenly turned back: “didn’t you see Qin Yi on him?”

“But that’s just… Omega…” the voice of the pro guard gradually dissipated in hols’s condescending eyes.

Probably because there are more lice, Zheng Yi’an is not afraid of itching. The more he faces such a thrilling and tense scene, Zheng Yi’an becomes more and more calm.

When Qin Yi saw it, he would give him a thumbs up and say it was you.

Zheng Yi’an used a voice changer and made a faint sound: “who are you? Why do you ask me to hand him over?”

The pro guard of hols couldn’t sit still and shouted, “bold! Don’t you recognize that this is our highness hols’s aircraft?”

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes twinkled.

When he saw the biological mecha, he almost guessed.

He didn’t respond.

Half an eye’s men were frightened: “didn’t they say there were only soldiers of the Limu Empire? Or the weak chicken troops on the edge planet…”

“Why is there another crown prince?”

“Plus Lu Ji, general Zhou… Boss, we won’t be stewed here today?”

Half an eye also shed a cold sweat from his forehead.

The cold sweat slipped into his eyes and made his eyes hot and painful. But he dared not blink for a moment, for fear that once his eyes were closed, he would never have to open them again.

So many big people

Even the imperial minister who hired him may not have the face to exchange for such a big battle!

These big men can kill anyone who touches his fingers on the spot.

Half an eye really couldn’t help it: “is it your mother that Mr. robbed?”

His men also swallowed hard, his legs straight and soft, and said, “it’s really possible… You see, whose mother is it more like?”

“The prince and general Zhou were shocked. Even Lu Ji came… Damn… Their mothers can’t all be the same person!” another man scolded fiercely.

Half an eye: ”

“Are you crazy? Can’t it be anything but mom? For example… Wife?”

As soon as he said this, half his eyes were frightened.

His men’s faces are more white than snow.

“Sleeping trough! Mr. Yi’s father is very awesome!” the voices of his men were frightened and changed their tune.

Zheng Yi’an doesn’t know what these evil pens have done.

He didn’t wait for more answers.

Hols doesn’t know how to describe his relationship with Qin Yi.

Because a careful study.

Oh, it doesn’t matter.

When hols thought of this, his expression was slightly distorted for a moment.

Zhou Yiqing doesn’t want to expose Qin Yibao – in the eyes of so many people.

His fiancee.

This name is too big to kill people.

Only Lu Ji sneered and said, “that’s my wife on your shoulder.”

Whether he’s married or not.

Anyway, let’s talk first.

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Hols: Oh

Qin Yi sighed softly at this time.

Forget it, you’d better call in a room alone. Fight here and lift me up in a moment.

So Qin Yi bent slightly, raised his hand and knocked on the shell of class B mecha.

“Let me in and talk.”

They are too far away from each other. There is no equipment in the mecha or on the spacecraft. Qin Yi has to shout only by his voice… Even if his voice is split, the other party can’t hear a sound.

Zheng Yian didn’t make a sound.

Next second.

The manipulator of class B mecha moved again, and it still gently held Qin Yi in its arms. Just when people thought it would put Qin Yi down, it sent Qin Yi into the mecha cabin.

Lu Ji’s face sank and started first.

The long sword wrapped in blue flame, with a chop down, burned the grass taller than people to ashes, dividing a smooth road.

Half eyed men immediately jumped with their feet in their arms.

“Shit! Do it anyway?”

“This must blow up the whole planet?”

The Qin Yi landed smoothly in the aircraft cabin.

Zheng Yian’s voice sounded in his ear with a gentle tone. He said, “qilia, look, you’ve caused me some big trouble…”

Qin Yi: “really.”

Responded without apology.

Qin Yi stared at Lu Ji’s mecha.

There will also be an open circuit.

How wonderful it is to open up wasteland!

Qin Yi reluctantly stopped his thoughts of deviation and leaned forward slightly. Before Zhou Yiqing and hols started one after another, he pressed the button in front of Zheng Yi’an.

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes moved slightly.

He wanted to hear what the boy was going to say.

“Don’t fight ~” the boy’s voice spread softly, and then fell into each of their ears.

In fact, it’s only more than ten days

But the moment hols heard the sound, it seemed as if he hadn’t heard it for a long time.

Lu Ji has the same feeling.

Zhou Yiqing is different.

He had never heard Qin Yi’s voice before… This was the first time.

It is more leisurely and pleasant to hear than the imagination constructed in his brain, with the unique flavor of young people. He even unconsciously thought that the boy might lean on his seat like a cat and say such words

“Why don’t you sit down and have a cup of tea and talk slowly?” Qin Yi’s voice sounded again.

It’s obvious! Several top alpha’s have been provoked. How can anger and war spirit be easily suppressed?

I won’t listen to an omega.

Even if this Omega could be his, uh, their wife?

Half an eye and his men were confused.

The scene fell into a brief silence.

Just when hols’s Pro guards and Zhou Yiqing’s subordinates were all muscular and ready to enter a more intense state of battle.

This time, Zhou Yiqing first said, “OK.”

Half an hour later, in the fierce battlefield, Shengsheng was pressed the stop button.

Finally, it was decided by Qin Yi —

As soon as they got together on the half eye spaceship, they sat down, drank tea and talked slowly, slowly and talk.

Half an eye suddenly heard the bad news. It was so dark that it almost fainted to them on the spot.

His men were relieved, held his arm and said, “great, great, don’t fight, we don’t have to be cannon fodder… The power of the top alpha is too terrible…”

Half an eye rolled a white eye with his half an eye.

“Yes, other people don’t need to be affected. They’ll fight later. It’s Lao Tzu’s spaceship! It’s Lao Tzu’s!”



They quickly turned the corner in their mind.

When they get on the ship, they can’t hold each other and tremble.

“This ship is too small,” said HALS’s personal guard.

Your Highness has never been wronged!

Hols was silent.

He watched the class B mecha put Qin Yi into the spaceship, and then followed up without thinking.

Zhou Yiqing brought a deputy Ji Yang.

Lu Ji brought only one Lu Xing.

They all put away their terrible biological mecha.

But suddenly, the arrival of so many big people still filled the narrow spaceship with cramped cold.

Half an eye felt that he was almost out of breath.

It’s just that no one cares about him at all.

Several alpha’s eyes all fell on Qin Yi.

They looked him from head to foot.

He is indeed a man.

Hols gnashed his teeth.

During this period of running, I not only didn’t lose weight, but also looked better. Lu Ji gnashed his teeth.

Zhou Yiqing paused.

Indeed… A beauty.

Is a more vivid beauty than the image.

Their eyes were born on Qin Yi, stopped for three or five minutes, and then fell on Zheng Yi’an.

Zheng Yian lifted his eyelids and looked back at Zhou Yiqing coldly.

After all, the qualifications of Lu Ji and hols are too shallow for him. Only Zhou Yiqing is an old opponent on the road of alliance expansion.

At this time, the atmosphere was frozen again.

Just when half an eye and others thought they were going to take out the machine armour and fight again

Qin Yi opened his mouth again. He asked, “who will come first?”

Who… First?

Several alpha were stunned.

Didn’t we sit down and talk? But in order?

This time.

When everyone glanced at each other, they all saw something cold in each other’s eyes. Like Lu Ji, he almost didn’t write his anger and determination on his face.

The pirates trembled even more.

This Omega… Doesn’t look like a little mother who was forcibly robbed… He’s a little too… Awesome… Does this take alpha as a list? And line up one by one?

The fire is burning now. Who will put it out?

Did everyone explode together?

“Qin Yi, I think we need to talk first.” Zhou Yiqing said aloud.

If other people listen carefully at the moment, they will find that the general, who has always been calm, speaks a little faster, as if he was afraid of falling behind others.

Hols doesn’t like it anymore.

He fiddled with his gloves: “I think I need it most…”

However, at this point, hols suddenly stopped.

He remembered what they said. Qin Yi may not have guessed his true identity.

So… Maybe he can approach Qin Yi again with a new identity and eliminate his wariness?

Hols firmly held down the agitation at the bottom of his heart, so he didn’t continue to fight with them.

Lu Ji: “all right, you should step back a little.” he stared at Qin Yi closely. A pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes showed fire, as if he wanted to drag Qin Yi into the fire.

“Let’s talk about Zhou Yi first…”

The pirates carefully turned their heads and looked at the Omega boy.

They were surprised to find that Omega was quite calm under the “encirclement and suppression” of so many big people.

Of course, Qin Yi is very calm.

The reason why he asked “who will come first” was indeed a clear choice. But even if Fang knew he was picking things, he would still jump into the pit.

This is the consequence of a big feud!

No one will fall behind!

At this time, one sentence can divide the relationship between them.

Prevent them from sharing a common hatred and unite to catch him first.

So it’s boring when Qiu Jie is small.

Qin Yixin said.

Qin Yi temporarily gave up Mr. Zheng, a good tool of the alliance. He hasn’t fully recovered and can’t resist for too long.

Qin Yi’s eyes slowly turned around and finally fell on Zhou Yiqing.

“Admiral Zhou, please.”


The person who was set on fire by the eyes became Zhou Yiqing.

Zhou Yiqing paused.

He looked down at Qin Yi and tried to distinguish a clearer emotion from Omega’s beautiful eyes.

Should I be flattered? Become the first person selected by little Omega.


From the experience of following Qin Yi’s footsteps these days, Zhou Yiqing thinks it’s more likely that little Omega is having a bad idea again.

But the wonderful thing is.

Even if you have guessed his purpose

Zhou Yiqing still answered softly, “HMM.”

He even straightened his shoulders more unconsciously.

His body was tall and towering like a mountain. Walking behind Qin Yi, he almost completely covered the young man’s body.

“Borrow your captain’s room,” Qin Yi said to the pirates.

Pirate: “uh huh! You go! You go!”

Dare you shake your head now?

Zhou Yiqing quietly took Qin Yi’s words and deeds into his eyes.

Unknowingly, he entered the captain’s room.

Qin Yi looked back and said, “please sit down, Admiral.”

Zhou Yiqing held back his eyes. He felt a little embarrassed that the child had broken his excessive gaze.

But Qin Yi did not show any difference.

I don’t seem to care about his attention at all.

Zhou Yiqing paused and remembered… Omega, which looked gentle and beautiful in front of him, seemed to be the same when facing other alpha.

He… Doesn’t care about anyone’s attention.

“Ah.” after Qin Yi sat down, he whispered, “the tea hasn’t been delivered yet.”

He pressed a button on the desktop.

Soon a small robot came with a tray.

As for why it was not pirates who came to deliver tea?

They dare not.

The small robot puts the tray on the table.

Qin Yi also leaned over and gently touched the head of the small robot, touching its chin all the way from its head.

This little robot is responsible for picking up grape skins these two days.

Then Zhou Yiqing looked at the rigid and crude robot, and his eyes flashed red twice.

It’s even reminiscent of a pet who will squint comfortably when stroked.

Little Omega seems to like this thing more than they do

This sentence suddenly came out of Zhou Yiqing’s mind.

Without waiting for Zhou Yiqing to observe carefully according to this sentence.

Qin Yi spoke again.

He picked up the teacup in one hand and said, “I don’t want to marry general Zhou.”

Zhou Yiqing’s heart stopped suddenly for two seconds.

This is a very subtle feeling.

He never experienced it.

Zhou Yiqing’s thoughts seemed to be pulled back many days ago. His father came to the military headquarters to find him.

Marry an adult Omega you’ve never met.

This is ridiculous

He refused cleanly at that time.


He met Omega, who was no longer a stranger.

It can even be said that during this period, the name “Qin Yi” almost surpassed those miscellaneous and heavy military affairs and occupied his more attention.

All the images in his mind, in a moment, finally turned into a calm, somewhat… Charming teenager in front of him.

“I know general Zhou doesn’t like such a marriage. It is coldly paired and assigned by the so-called system. Only because the matching degree of pheromone has reached 100%. If people like general Zhou blindly rely on the role of pheromone, they can’t go today. Relying on such foreign objects is a ridiculous thing…”

Qin Yi was not in a hurry and talked freely.

There is nothing wrong with what he said.

Zhou Yiqing thought so in the past and now.

But man is such a strange creature

What little Omega said, the more it hit his heart, the more it made him have a palpitation like resonance and beyond resonance.

Qin Yi continued, “so we can completely reach an agreement. The general returns to Dixing and continues to be busy with your military affairs. I go to other places and live my own life. You don’t have any burden. No matter what happens to me outside, it has nothing to do with you.

“Although in many people’s eyes, Omega is only an accessory of alpha. As long as they are human beings living in this world, they are independent individuals. I am, and so are you. We should not be bound by inherent and old rules. You don’t have to be responsible for me.”

Little Omega’s voice is organized and not impatient.

Like some kind of ancient musical instrument, it gently played a beautiful sound, and then it flowed into my ears a little bit.

Zhou Yiqing’s thoughts drifted away again.

He remembered that when he rejected his father’s proposal, he mentioned Jiyang’s Omega.

Omega in Jiyang is obviously completely different from Qin Yi in front of him.

Qin Yi advised him to return to Dixing and military affairs.

He said the rules were old.

He said he was not responsible for himself.

Such extreme calmness and organization is a fatal attraction to Zhou Yiqing.

When Zhou Yiqing suddenly realized this in his mind.

Qin Yi stood up and said to the outside, “is Mr. Lu Ji there?”

The pirates were in a trance.

good heavens.

It’s like a call!

“When general Zhou leaves, I won’t see him off.” Qin Yi turns to Zhou Yiqing.

Zhou Yiqing’s thoughts quickly returned. He got up slowly and didn’t say anything to his lips.

If I want to say… Maybe we can try getting married?

But he clearly knew that Qin Yi’s mode of thinking was extremely close to him.

He knows himself.

You can also think that Qin Yi would not like to hear this sentence.

This sentence can only make Qin Yi feel unhappy, stunned and even want to hide further.

Zhou Yiqing swallowed that sentence back.

He chose a detour. He whispered, “where are you going? I can send someone to take you.”

Qin Yi wanted to refuse, but on second thought, he nodded again.

He replied, “OK, thank you, Admiral. I’m welcome.”

Zhou Yiqing got up and walked slowly towards the door.

Walk slowly.

He used to think that there was no common language between and omega.

Ao communication is ineffective communication and a waste of life.

But today, general Zhou finally tasted something. What is meaning.

Zhou Yiqing walked to the door and suddenly looked back. His eyes fell on Qin Yi’s belly: “I have another question… Are you pregnant?”

Zhou Yiqing said, and immediately frowned.

Qin Yi is very clever.

But the physical gap between AOS is too big.

Zhou Yiqing is more worried that someone forced him.

If so

He will slice the man into three thousand pieces by himself.

Qin Yi: “ah.”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Even though he was ready, Zhou Yiqing still had the feeling of being hit by rolling stones.

He pursed his lips and asked, “who is the child’s father?”

Qin Yi’s eyelashes trembled: “I can’t say.”

Zhou Yiqing clenched his fingers.

Yes, after all, his current status is Qin Yi’s “fiance”. Qin Yi doesn’t want to say it’s normal

At this time, Lu Ji suddenly thrust – into the door.

Lu Ji: “general Zhou has finally finished speaking, hasn’t he?” his eyes are rolling with a bit of hostility.

Alpha’s natural hegemonic possessiveness is fully displayed at this moment.

Don’t wait for Zhou Yiqing to speak again.

Lu Ji locked the door firmly with his backhand and pushed Zhou Yiqing out accurately.

Zhou Yiqing: ”

forget it.

Lu Ji is not a climate.

More importantly

Adulterer, No. Zhou Yiqing raised his eyelids. Whose child is Qin thinking of?

The other end.

Hols’s Pro guard couldn’t help saying, “Your Highness, they are so rude. This is the territory of our rimu empire. But Omega, you’re not the first to ask…”

Hols: ”

Hols clenched his white gloves, and a little gloomy color appeared on his delicate face: “stop.”

“… but the second one is the pirate!” the pro guard whispered.

The crown prince should enjoy the supreme treatment here!

Hols: shut up

How angry!

Qilia, no, Qin Yi didn’t look at him! He didn’t call him! He was even more angry after being poked out by the pro guard!!!

And then the captain’s room door.

Lu Ji directly put his back against the door panel. He raised his eyes and looked at Qin Yi, gnashing his teeth. Sheng Sheng squeezed out a voice from his throat: “you lied to me… You lied to me that your name was Zhou Yi… Tell me, how can I settle this account with you?”

Lu Jiyue became more and more angry.

Just cheat.

He lied to more than one!

There’s a fucking hols to follow!

Think of meeting Zhou Yiqing again.

Lu Ji was mad: “when you disappeared from Beiman star, I bumped into Zhou Yiqing head-on. I thought you and your ‘father’ mentioned me. Qin Yi…”

His eyes were red and he stared at Qin Yi: “I fucking called him father-in-law. You said, how should I deal with you, huh?”

Qin Yi: “poof.”

Lu Ji: ”

His eyes are even more red. He can’t wait to pick off the little bastard’s clothes and beat his ass.

Qin Yi: “let me think about what to do.”

Lu Ji looked at his serious eyes, and his anger was finally smoothed.

What should I do?

… it’s not impossible to get married in place.

At this time, Qin Yi thought seriously for a minute, raised his head and whispered, “Lu Ji. He has lived a fast life.”

The shame soon passed.



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