I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 29

“Then you have to… Draw your muscles. Then… Cut your legs and get shorter?” Lu Xing racked his brains and squeezed out his voice.


“Who the fuck told you this? I mean, do I taste sweet?”

Although but.

It’s still hard to understand.

Lu Xing forced two words in his heart. Then he honestly lowered his head and smelled symbolically. I don’t know. I’m scared when I smell it.

“Lying trough! Boss, your pheromone has changed?” Lu Xingren was stunned.

This is a precedent never heard of.

… I just seem to remember that there was a record in the textbook that a person died soon after his pheromone taste changed.

Lu Xing swallowed his saliva and looked up at Lu Ji.

Lu Ji looked calm, only his eyebrows turned up a little, as if he was still a little excited?

Lu Ji found that his pheromone had changed last month.

“You fucking smell bad, you fucking smell bad. Smell it carefully.”

Lu Xing: “… It still tastes like wine, but it has really changed! Shit, vodka has changed into Viognier!!!”

Viognier is the name of a sweet wine.

Most of them have peach or perfume fragrance.

Lu Xing is really stupid this time.

He thought it was more terrible than dying.

“The boss’s pheromone taste… Has changed!” Lu Xing said in shock.

Pheromone is one of the means for alpha to show its power.

There are few pheromones in the world that taste strong and aggressive, but can make Omega smell good and intoxicated.

Luji’s vodka flavor is one of them.

He’s a big a.

Now the word “fierce” is gone

Lu Xing murmured, “why?”

Lu Ji: “if it becomes the taste of Qiongyao pulp…” Qin Yi probably won’t vomit?

Qiongyao pulp is a sweeter wine.

Lu Ji was in a good mood. He patted Lu Xing on the shoulder and walked away.

Leaving his melancholy and frightened subordinates, his mind is full of that he must find a hospital… He must!

Lu Ji went straight to hors. He lengthened his tune and called out: “Your Highness the crown prince…”

Hols lifted his eyelids coldly.

Lu Jihun sat down carelessly and said, “Your Highness, take it easy. Now Qin Yi can’t recognize you. In case Qin Yi runs away again one day, you are the hidden big killer.”

Hols pulled a corner of his mouth: “does Mr. Lu Ji think I don’t know your abacus? Your most fundamental purpose is to prevent me from recognizing Qin Yi.”

But he did have to hold back.

He is different from Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing

Hols lowered his eyes and began to plan how to steal Qin Yi.

Lu Ji, who was seen through, didn’t feel embarrassed.

How can a pit rival be embarrassed?

Lu Ji turned his eyes and glanced at the door Qin Yi went in.

Inside the door at this time.

Qin Yi said modestly, “just a little.”

How could Zheng Yian believe what he called “a little bit”?

But before he could speak again, Qin Yi took the initiative to say, “now several forces are involved. It’s not so easy for Mr. Zheng to achieve his goal?”

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes moved slightly.

He stared at Qin Yi without moving.

He was curious about what Qin Yi could say.

“How about I help Mr. Zheng mediate?” Qin Yi asked.

The big man sat there and thought. How did you become Mr. Zheng again?

Don’t they all call him “Mr. Yi”?

Zheng Yi’an doesn’t mind exposing his identity in front of the big head.

On this spaceship, except for hols, Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji, he is not arrogant. Indeed, there is no need for others to be paid attention to by him.

Zheng Yi’an didn’t immediately answer Qin Yi’s words, but first smiled and asked, “so qilia, tell me Qin Yi first? Hmm? Is this your real name?”

Zhou Yiqing has called this name to his face. It’s not surprising that he will lose his horse.

Qin Yi nodded frankly.

Oh, so even the name is false.

Zheng Yi’an suddenly remembered that Qin yihun didn’t care. He didn’t care whether hols was a fake identity.

It took a long time because Qin Yi was lying to them.

But Zheng Yi’an was strangely angry.

Is it because compared with other operations of Qin Yi, this is already pediatrics?

Or is it because… At the thought of being cheated more ruthlessly, maybe hors, Zheng Yi’an also gets a little peace of mind.

Zheng Yi’an: “what is the relationship between general Zhou and Lu Ji and you?”

Qin Yi thought carefully. Now he says Zhou Yiqing is his father. Will anyone believe it?

Zheng Yi’an spoke again at this time: “if I’m not wrong, general Zhou came to the Limu Empire and looked for his fiancee everywhere, is that you, right?”

The big man couldn’t help raising his head in surprise at the sound.

At that time, in the underground trading point, everyone was guessing which planet the beautiful boy outside was from.

But in fact, the identity of the other party is more shocking than they thought!

Qin Yi: “Mr. Zheng is so smart. Is there anything in the world that can hide from Mr. Zheng?”

Zheng Yian: “yes.” “you.”

Qin Yi had a meal.

That’s almost impossible.

Zheng Yi’an then asked, “what about Lu Ji? He can’t be his fiance, can he?”

Lu Ji.

The big man has heard of this name.

The name of the president of the alliance may not be remembered, but Lu Ji is firmly engraved in his mind.

That’s a big star at the cosmic level.

Does he have anything to do with his employer?

The big man was stunned again.

Qin Yi: “no,” he said briskly, “it’s just that the matching degree is 100%


It is just fine.

nothing more!

Rao was as calm as Zheng Yi’an, and his eyelids jumped heavily.

There is no record in history! 100%! How can anyone reach 100%?!

Zheng Yi’an suddenly glanced at the big man and said, “Qin Yi, do you know what this means?”

That’s true.

That means I have to marry that alpha. The detection system has said that my ears are cocooning.

Zheng Yi’an said coldly: “You are likely to lie in the laboratory and become the object of everyone’s research. Your pheromone will become an excellent test object for them. They will watch you make love, release pheromones, test the degree of adaptation between you and different alpha, and try to study whether you can give birth to an Omega that can also achieve a high degree of matching… Qin Yi, your life will be worse than death.”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

This is an angle I never thought about

The big man seemed to realize something at this time.

He quickly said, “I won’t tell anyone about it. I swear, I won’t betray him, really…”

He was also worried that the “Mr. Yi” would be unfaithful to his employer.

But in the end, it was Mr. Yi who had to kill him for his employer first.

When Qin Yi heard the big man’s voice, he realized the hidden meaning of Zheng Yi’an’s words just now.

He’s going to kill the big man?

Help him hide this information?

This made Qin Yi feel a little surprised.

In the environment where he grew up, there are only indifference, utilization and deception between people. The exchange of equivalence is based on the same status.

When he got to know Kong Jiaxiang, it was clear that Kong Jiaxiang needed his “love” and “pay”. He pretended to show it to people outside, so that Kong Jiaxiang had the capital to show off and light on his face.

And he can get the chance to know the mecha and get started from Kong Jiaxiang.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and saw Zheng Yi’an’s fingers move.

He took a sudden step forward, quickly stretched out his hand and pressed the back of Zheng Yi’an’s hand: “… Wait.”

Zheng Yi’an was stretched and couldn’t move.

The back of his hand seems to have been burned.

For a moment, my thoughts drifted away.

At that moment, Qin Yi seemed to clearly smell the alpha pheromone on him.

It smells like wood.

It’s not strong. It smells like wood, but it also carries some decaying smell of years. When you close your eyes, it’s easy to think of the picture of sinking into darkness and walking slowly into the underworld along the dead wood.

Like his disguised appearance.

At first glance, there is no attack at all.

At this time, Qin Yi looked back at the big man.

In a hurry, the big man really raised his hand and swore, “I am willing to give my life to your excellency Qin Yi, and I am willing to be his loyal servant…”

Qin Yi: “I don’t want to decide a person’s life and death too casually.”

Zheng Yian was not surprised by his choice.

This is what makes them different.

He has been immersed in the deep pool of power for too long. He has long put interests first.

Zheng Yi’an suddenly didn’t want to break the difference.

So he slowly bent his fingers and whispered, “you can embed a chip in his body. Do you want it?”

Before Qin Yi could speak, the big man nodded and agreed.

“No,” Qin Yi said aloud, “nothing in the world can control people’s thinking and feelings 100 percent.”

What’s more?

They are not the only ones who know the matching degree.

It’s too much trouble to solve the problem in this way.

Why don’t you start directly from the root?

Or let the world know that he matches them as high as 100%.


Would it be nice if the system blew up?

Zheng Yian was stunned: “… OK.”

If it is him, he must firmly control everyone within his control.

The big man on one side knelt on the ground with a “puff” and said, “thank you for trusting me! Thank you!”

Zheng Yi’an said faintly, “Weiya is the name of the totem believed by the people of Limu.”

Qin Yi turned to look at him: “I should thank Mr. Zheng today. Mr. Zheng surprised me. I thought Mr. Zheng would bring something to change a seal with me.”

I won’t pit you next time.

Zheng Yi’an smiled: “equivalent exchange is something that fools do. How do you know that I don’t want to get greater benefits?”

don’t worry.

Qin Yixin said.

Then you’ll be even next time.

Zheng Yian whispered, “you don’t have to mediate for me. The people of the alliance should be on the border of the Limu empire.”

Qin Yi tilted his head: “the alliance is the alliance, Mr. Zheng is Mr. Zheng, don’t Mr. Zheng want it?” Zheng Yi’an gave a deep look at Qin Yi, and finally he said: “… Yes.”

Qin Yi is so interesting.

He really knows how to choose an appropriate time to pour a clear spring when the fire starts.

Qin Yi turned around and said to Zheng Yi’an, “bye.”

When he reached the door, he suddenly remembered something. He paused and asked softly, “Mr. Zheng, have you ever seen such a laboratory?”

Zheng Yi’an smiled, “HMM.”

Qin Yi nodded and didn’t ask again.

He went out.

The prepared line “I was kidnapped by Zheng Yian” was changed to “that Mr. Yi saved me”.

Because Zheng Yian’s class B mecha changed its coating shape, he didn’t take out the biological mecha.

So so far, no identity has been exposed.

Zhou Yiqing and hols, who have entered the stage of energy mine negotiation here, turned their heads from the wall of the spacecraft with several big holes.

After hearing Qin Yi’s words, Zhou Yiqing said magnanimously, “is that so? I don’t mind sharing part of his energy mine.”


Just your generosity?

Hols said slowly: “this energy mine belongs to the rimu empire. I will give some to Mr. Yi in the name of the crown prince.”

Zhou Yiqing didn’t hear his voice.

He whispered, “we’re expected to leave here in three days. You’re ready.”

Qin Yi nodded.

Hols couldn’t sit still. “He’ll go with you in three days?”

Zhou Yiqing said, “yes.”

Hols clenched his fingers.

The pheromone in the room suddenly thickened.

Qin Yifei quickly slipped away: “you continue.”

He just went out with his front foot.

There was another “bang” behind the rear feet – half of the ship fell down.

The pirates trembled at the sound.

They held half an eye helplessly and weakly: “what should the boss do? If we stay two more days, our ship will not break into slag?”

At this time, I just saw Qin Yi walking slowly.

Half an eye clenched his teeth, speechless and choked: “I knew there was today… I shouldn’t have brought him into the spaceship…”

Really regret, regret, regret!

Qin Yi didn’t even look back at them.

He happily divided the resources of the other two “fiance” to support Zheng Yi’an, and retired with success.

Anyway, the next time Zheng Yi’an wants to pit him.

He must first happily tell Zhou Yiqing and others that “Mr. Yi” is Zheng Yi’an.

This size needs a beating.


In the end, no one could take the lead in this energy mine.

Because although it belongs to the galaxy of Limu Empire, it does not appear on Limu’s map.

Zhou Yiqing said that his fiancee was the first witness. According to the international customary provisions, the first discoverer has the right of naming and dominance.

At this time, the alliance also came to say that we have the same energy mine as it, indicating that they are tied to the source. Hey, this star may be the alliance, but something may have hit you, Limu. Quite shameless.

With the entrance of the alliance.

The rimu Empire soon reached cooperation with Zhou Yiqing.

They divided the rare energy mine equally and joined hands to kick the alliance away from afar.

Anyway, the alliance is still on the border. Who cares whether they live or die?

Qin Yi returned to the planet at midnight the next day.

Zhou Yiqing knocked on Qin Yi’s door.

“We should go.”

Qin Yi yawned and slowly got up: “hmm? Isn’t it still dark outside?”

Zhou Yiqing: “I will light the way for you.”

Qin Yi blinked and his sight returned to Qingming.

He saw Zhou Yiqing in front of him.

The uniform is straight.

Huh? Oh… Is this going to directly avoid everyone and run away with him first?

The faster you run with me, the more hatred you pull!

You are great!

Qin Yi happily promised him.

At this time, Zheng Yi’an is making a call in the encrypted frequency band.

He sat at the table and said faintly, “didn’t I say that? I’m with Zhou Yiqing and hols. If there’s nothing else, don’t contact me. Hols has military equipment that can shield, intercept and eavesdrop all foreign signals.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but…”

The head bit his teeth and couldn’t help yelling: “the rimu Empire and Zhou Yiqing have reached cooperation in advance! They kicked out the alliance! This energy mine can charge biological mecha, S-class and A-class mecha. This mine is too important… The president was so angry that his chest hurt when he heard about it.”

After a pause, he suddenly changed his tone and asked in a low voice, “did you inform us too late? Also, we were worried about Mr. in the days when he disappeared. Where did Mr. hols go… Why…”

Zheng Yian: “let me remind you again. Isn’t this the place to talk?”

The other party softened his tone and began to apologize: “I’m not as alert as my husband… Mainly because I spent so much effort this time and finally got nothing. I hope your husband can understand…”

Zheng Yian suddenly wanted to laugh.


You didn’t get anything.

However, after the fight between hols and Zhou Yiqing, they distributed a small part of the energy mine to me from their share.

Qin Yi gave me the energy mine.

Zheng Yi’an suddenly understood that when he was still trapped on this planet, Qin Yi took hors into the mine for the first time. Why did hors show a shocking expression.

It is impossible for them to give such things to people casually in their life.

And when others do to them.

The dark energy mine scattered light beyond the stars.

The shallow smile on Zheng Yi’an’s face suddenly coagulated.

He suddenly cut off all communications and quickly got up: “Zhou Yiqing ran away with people!”

Lu Ji:?


Zhou Yiqing, an honest man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, fucking stole Qin Yi!!!

The night was heavy.

But on this planet, suddenly countless spaceships rose up, shining silver in the night sky, like an army.

The soldiers sent by the rimu Empire to dig mines were stupid.

The pirates woke up again from their dreams and shouted in horror, “what’s the matter? What’s the matter? Are you going to fight again?”

“Do you have to run faster later?”

“Shit, what kind of human suffering is this?”

When hols and his party reached the border, Zhou Yiqing had left the country.

People along the border never expected that one day his Royal Highness the crown prince would come in person.

Before the person in charge knelt down and saluted in front of hols, hols grabbed the other party’s collar and said, “why let Zhou Yiqing leave the country? He is an enemy general!”

“Yes, yes, but he has his Majesty’s password.”

Hols: ”

With a heavy complexion, hols quickly connected to the imperial palace.

The emperor was sleepy: “what’s the matter, my son? Is the matter of the energy mine finished? Then come back quickly! We have to prepare for your wedding…”

With that, the emperor paused and thought with a headache about how to persuade hols to accept the marriage.

The emperor hasn’t figured it out yet.

His son was already full of frost and gnashing his teeth: “no, yes, you sent your daughter-in-law out of the country yourself.”


This is the first time general Zhou Yiqing has done such a thing.

His style on the battlefield may not be so “cunning”.

But it tastes good.

Zhou Yiqing sat opposite Qin Yi and watched him enjoy his breakfast slowly. There was an unspeakable peace and comfort in his heart.

Wait for Qin Yi to finish breakfast.

Zhou Yiqing finally took out the pink gem that had been with him for a long time.

“This is yours.” Zhou Yiqing handed it to him.

Qin Yi was not surprised.

When he saw the gem, he knew that when he met Lu Ji, the wanted man who tried to hug left and right had died.

That will facilitate my next plan!

Qin Yi raised his face and smiled at Zhou Yiqing. He spread out his palm and caught the gem.

Zhou Yiqing’s heart moved and whispered, “in fact, there is no such thing for decoration. You are enough…” is it beautiful? Beautiful?

Admiral Zhou has never said such a thing.

So that when the words came to his mouth, he didn’t know whether it was appropriate.

But he didn’t have to finish. Qin Yi had already connected it himself.

Qin Yi smiled and said, “thank you.”

Zhou Yiqing had to swallow what he didn’t finish.

He thought for a moment, who is better at saying these words around him have gained nothing.

Zhou Yiqing pressed his forehead and got up first to connect Mr. Zhou’s communication.

As soon as Mr. Zhou got through, a grumpy voice came out: “you have a fucking mine and a fart! Where’s your wife? Has your wife found it?”

Zhou Yiqing: “I found it.”

Mr. Zhou: “you fucking… Huh? Did you find it?!” what a good son of my father! ”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Mr. Zhou shouted eagerly, “where have you been now? How long will it take to return to Emperor star?”

Zhou Yiqing paused for a few seconds and didn’t answer his question. Instead, he first asked, “it seems to have been mentioned in the report submitted at the beginning that Qin Yi still has a high matching degree with several alpha, right?”

Before that, Zhou Yiqing didn’t care about it at all. But now he has to care.

Mr. Zhou: “really? Is there something about it?”

He began to play dumb.

I’m afraid my son will immediately push Omega to others as soon as he hears about it.

Zhou Yiqing calmly said, “don’t fool me. I need to know my rival.”

As soon as Mr. Zhou heard this, people were stupid.

After a while, his trembling voice sounded again: “what did you just say? You… You have a good idea, haven’t you?”

The word “rival in love” seems to have acquiesced to everything.

Mr. Zhou bounced up from the sofa and walked briskly: “wait, I’ll find it for you! There’s a paper report!”

After a clang over there.

Mr. Zhou: “shit, I was afraid you saw it and destroyed it all!”

“The detection system should be archived,” Zhou Yiqing reminded him.

Mr. Zhou sat there blankly and said, “no, no! The next day after the detection, the detection system on panda star suddenly exploded, and it also affected the data backup of the main brain. This also caused a few days of panic… So far, the reason has not been found out.”

Zhou Yiqing.

He frowned.

“What a coincidence?”

Mr. Zhou: “what?”

Zhou Yiqing: “I’ll deal with it myself.”

He said it simply and ended the communication smoothly.

Mr. Zhou was furious over there: “dog day, at least let me take a look at my daughter-in-law!”

Zhou Yiqing turns back and walks to Qin Yi.

Ji Yang came over and reported, “over there is planet i7.”

Zhou Yiqing glanced and whispered, “that’s where I found your trace.”

Qin Yi nodded.

He didn’t know when he took out a worn-out light brain.

The light brain looks really broken, and even the style is very backward. Like an antique a hundred years ago.

Zhou Yiqing looks at Qin Yifang and puts a card in the groove of the light brain.

He didn’t ask what it was.


They all have their own secrets.

As soon as the idea came up, Ji Yang suddenly lost his voice and said, “what’s that?”

Zhou Yiqing turned to look.

I saw countless insect like robots flying near the spaceship.

They have no life, and they have enough energy to move freely in space.

As if with the power of destroying mountains and rivers.

The darkness obscured the other light at once.

In an instant, Zhou Yiqing heard Qin Yi’s voice and said softly, “that’s what came to pick me up.”


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