I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 3

“How many times do you want me to say? There can’t be a problem with the system.” the little girl in the door made a voice impatiently in the face of Qin yuan’s repeated questioning.

At this time, Yu Hong also looked down at the message sent from the communicator.

[no system error]

What’s the matter

[your stepson’s test didn’t go well. Mr. Qin was angry?]

not one’s day? No, it went so well.

So smooth that ordinary people dare not think so in their dreams.

Yu Hongfang started and leaned against a wall behind him, so that he wouldn’t fall down because his limbs were soft.

Qin’s father pursed his lips and impatiently interrupted Qin yuan.

“Well, you and Qin Yu will also test.”

Qin Yu is another cousin who hasn’t spoken much.

He is tall, doesn’t look like Qin yuan, and his dress is not as cute and pleasing as him. Qin Yi can smell the pheromone on him, which is a kind of pine fragrance of pine resin. Not very attractive, but Omega’s attraction to alpha is innate.

So before that, he was still more popular than Qin Yi.

In fucking words, at least seven or eight people come to talk about marriage.

Qin’s father is the absolute parent of the Qin family.

As soon as he spoke, Qin yuan and Qin Yu had to do the test honestly.

“Your matching degree with alpha Ding Xingming with pheromone number hc7932 is 49%.”

This is the test result of Qin yuan.

Qin yuan’s expression became extremely ugly.

Who is Ding Xingming? Never heard of it.

There is no suffix description after his name, so his identity is not important at all.

What makes Qin yuan feel collapsed most is that the highest matching degree between him and other alpha is only 49%!

In fact, the matching degree is not low, but it seems ridiculous compared with 100% of Qin Yi.

Qin yuan didn’t expect that he was deeply hit by the comparison between before and after!

He didn’t give up guarding the system and tried to wait for the system to make a sound for the second and third time like Qin Yi

But he was disappointed.

He waited for ten minutes without any reaction.

Qin’s father also confirmed that only Qin Yi has such a miracle, not the Qin family.

“Change Qin Yu,” he said.

Qin yuan reluctantly retreated and couldn’t help turning his head to see Qin Yi.

Qin Yi sat in the corner, playing with the communicator with a dull look.

On the messenger is a message from Kong Jiaxiang.

Kong Jiaxiang: have you got the test results?

Kong Jiaxiang: don’t be too sad. Everything will pass

Qin Yifei quickly crossed out the message and sent a string of numbers to a beta who had taken a flower art class together.

This string of numbers contains the time and place.

Even if Qin’s father found his communication records in the future, he could not decipher them.

Qin yuan suddenly sat down beside him: “Kong Jiaxiang is looking for you again? Don’t you know he’s going to be engaged to an Omega? Don’t fantasize, you…”

Qin yuan’s voice suddenly stopped.

Because he soon remembered that Qin Yi’s choice now expanded from Kong Jiaxiang on Pan Daxing to the whole world.

He can choose between generals, coalition diplomats, etc.

Qin yuan stared angrily and shut up.

“Your match with alpha Weiqing with pheromone number ic3012 is 52%.”

This is the test result of Qin Yu.

Like Qin yuan, he didn’t wait for the system to ring again.

Qin’s father was disappointed. He said, “go get the detailed report, and then go back.”

The detailed report was soon sent to their respective communicators. Qin’s father didn’t intend to go with them. When he left, he told Yu Hong: “take good care of Qin Yi.”

He pronounced these words very heavily.

Obviously, no mistake is allowed.

Qin yuan sat blankly in the suspension car.

From today on, Qin Yi’s family status will be completely changed, right? He is no longer the most detached Omega in his family.

Even Qin Yu’s matching degree with others is higher than him.

This head came back to Qin’s house.

Yu Hong immediately ordered the servant: “prepare some food for master Qin Yi,…” he paused: “prepare what he likes to eat, understand? You should try your best to meet the master’s requirements. If you can’t meet them, please report to me in time.”

Although in today’s society, a large number of domestic robots have entered human life. But rich families still rely on hiring humans to reflect their status.

The servants were stupid.

What does Master Qin Yi like to eat?

Just… No one knows! Why is my wife like a different person today?

Then he turned to look at master Qin yuan. His expression was very ugly. He said forcefully, “I’m leaving.” then he turned around and left quickly.

The servants couldn’t help looking blankly.

Everything seemed to be reversed when they didn’t know it.

“Master Qin Yi.” the servant put on a respectful gesture in front of Qin Yi. “Are these what you like to eat?”

Qin Yi raised his eyelids: “put them all.”

He said, “I need to go out and meet my classmates.”

The servant thought it wasn’t difficult. Didn’t everyone go in and out every day? You don’t have to report it to your wife.

He had to serve Qin Yi.

So he watched Qin Yi go out.

At the other end, Qin’s father went straight into the office of the supreme officer of Pan Daxing. They talked closely for two hours.

“Thank you for your valuable advice. I know what to do.” Qin Fu bowed to the other party.

The other party immediately bent over, smiled and said, “no, no, I can’t afford Mr. Qin’s big gifts in the future.”

Qin Fu was very useful and left here with a smile.

When I returned to the Qin family, all the relatives of the Qin family had been summoned to one place. This is a rare battle for the Qin family.

“There is a big event to announce today,” Qin Fu said with a smile.

The Qin family looked at each other.

What event can cover the humiliation brought by Qin Yi’s test results?

Qin’s father sold it for a while and turned to the servant and said, “go and invite young master Qin Yi over.”

The servant was stunned: “he’s out.”

Qin’s father suddenly changed his face: “how long has he been out?”

Yu Hong also realized something.

His face changed and a little panic rose in his heart.

He never thought that the first thing someone would do in the face of such test results would be to escape… Isn’t Qin Yi very smart? How can you be a fool at this time? Does he know what a terrible fortune, power, and fame he will have?

“I’ll send someone to look for it immediately,” Yu Hong said.

If he doesn’t make a statement, Qin’s father will count Qin Yi’s loss on him.

He can’t afford this huge mistake.

Qin’s father stared at him: “you know the consequences… If someone is lost, not only me, the Zhou family and general Zhou’s family will ask you for someone.”

If cold water falls into the oil pan.

The hall of the Qin family was boiling.

“What, Admiral Zhou?”

“What’s going on? Make it clear.”

Yu Hong’s eyelids jumped. He was afraid that as soon as Qin’s father explained clearly, the Qin family would want to tear him up. It was because he couldn’t see Qin’s meaning and the skyscraper of their Qin family.

The huge psychological pressure made his face pale and his body numb, and he lost his usual calm.

At this time, the servant shouted in a panic: “master Qin Yi! Back, back!”

Qin Yi saw enough of the farce in the hall, and then came out slowly.

He really wanted to run all night.

But he just met with beta students and got a cargo ship ticket. Then he found that all ports on panda were closed.

He didn’t approach rashly and came back first, so as not to escape at one time, but strengthened their vigilance.

Qin Fu is a man who is good at drilling camp.

He guessed that after Qin’s father left alone, he might have gone to see the officer of Pan Daxing and directly blocked the whole planet with their authority.

Or they’re in direct alliance.

These thoughts flashed through Qin Yi’s mind without leaving a trace.

“Where have you been?” when Qin Fu saw him, he rushed up excitedly and stretched out his hand to grab his shoulder, but he stopped in mid air.

Today’s Qin Yi is really more precious than ancient porcelain.

It is the existence that Qin’s father dare not and is not willing to touch and damage easily.

“Met a classmate, what’s the matter?” Qin Yi asked.

Qin’s father pressed down his usual preaching posture and smiled: “no, nothing.” he said: “Qin Yi, there will be a military spaceship to escort you all the way to Dixing tonight. The Zhou family will pick you up there.”

He has been persuaded.

Mediation is easy to offend many parties, or firmly grasp the general of the country, which is the smartest choice.

Qin Yi has no expression.

Since Pan Daxing is under martial law, leaving early can give him more opportunities.

Qin’s father smiled and distributed Qin Yi’s detection video to all Qin family members.

Yes, he thinks the surveillance video in the inspection hall is more powerful than words and dictation.

Everyone played in a fog.

Then they stood up excitedly.

“How is that possible?”

“This is the fate of our Qin family to climb a new ladder!”

“Qin Yi!” they couldn’t help shouting the name eagerly. Looking at Qin Yi again, they almost wanted to worship him as a God.

“Qin yuan has no foresight.”

“He is much worse than Qin Yi.”

“Qin Yi is so beautiful and matches so well that general Zhou will like him…”

The tone of the gang has completely changed.

Qin yuan’s nose is almost crooked.

And the servants finally understood something.

Master Qin Yi is not a genetically defective Omega. His pheromone seems to be very powerful, but we didn’t know it before. Now that the test results come out, he will become the Omega held in the palm of the Qin family

Just when there was a lot of noise in the Qin family, Qin Yi said lazily, “I want money.”

He has a nice voice.

Mixed with the noise, no one can ignore it.

There was a sudden silence in the hall.

The second uncle of the Qin family asked, “what do you want?”

“100 million general currency,” Qin Yi said.

The second uncle of the Qin family’s face twisted: “how can I do that?”

The annual revenue of the Qin family is only 590 million.

Then the second uncle of the Qin family ate a slap in the face.

His brother stared at him with red eyes and scolded: “you have no foresight! Qin Yi should decorate the facade when he wants to go to Dixing. We should also let the Zhou family have a look. We are in laws who can get on the table.”

Qin’s father is also a little painful. After all, the annual revenue is completely different from the available water on the book.

However, he quickly decided to collect the savings from the Qin family and jointly collected 100 million general currency to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi casually pulled a chair and sat down, lazily continuing to report what he wanted, what jewelry, what fancy clothes and beautiful clothes.

Choose the most expensive, not the right.

Qin yuan and others can only watch him do whatever they want.

100 million general currency!

He may not see so much money in his life!

Qin yuan’s eyes were almost falling out.

That night.

The property collected by Qin Yi temporarily carried a total of 15 boxes into the spaceship.

The supreme officer of Pan Daxing came to see him off in person.

Kong Jiaxiang at this end could not get Qin Yi’s reply.

Qin Yi won’t be unhappy, will he?

He couldn’t contact Qin Yi, so he had to turn around and contact Qin yuan.

After Qin yuan connected the call request, his expression was strange: “Oh, you ask Qin Yi. At D2 port, he will leave by spaceship soon.”

He really hopes that Qin Yi can have some real feelings with Kong Jiaxiang and stop for Kong Jiaxiang. Don’t go to Dixing or meet general Zhou.

Hearing this, Kong Jiaxiang hurriedly ended the call and immediately rushed to D2.

By this time, Qin Yi was ready to board the spacecraft.

Kong Jiaxiang quickly ran to him: “Qin Yi! Qin Yi! Where are you going? Isn’t it…” the Qin family wants to drive you away?

The words reached his throat and didn’t wait for Kong Jiaxiang to spit out.

“Is this a Kong child?” the man’s voice sounded.

Kong Jiaxiang looked around.

That’s the highest officer of Pan Daxing. His father has to be polite and make an appointment to see others.

“Uncle Panli?” Kong Jiaxiang said.

The other party nodded: “are you looking for Qin Yi? Oh, say something as soon as possible. Alpha is not suitable for staying with Omega for too long, what do you say?”

Kong Jiaxiang thought things were a little strange.

If the Qin family wants to drive away Qin Yi, how can they invite pan Li to guard?

Kong Jiaxiang turned to see Qin Yi.

“Are you… In any trouble?”

“No, no trouble,” replied panley.

Kong Jiaxiang felt even more wrong.

Is it that the Qin family doesn’t even want face, takes a fancy to Qin Yi’s beauty, and is ready to give him to a big man as a lover?

Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to hold Qin Yi’s hand and whispered, “what’s going on?”

Qin Yi stood there.

Thin waist, long legs and beautiful face.

It’s hard for anyone not to feel pity for this life, right?

Qin Yi glanced sideways at him.

Broke away Kong Jiaxiang’s fingers: “silly – force, bye.”

Who’s still pretending?

Qin Yi turned and got on the ship.

It’s like Kong Jiaxiang being struck by lightning.

And the slightly shocking panley Isn’t everyone saying that Qin Jianlin’s son is gentle and virtuous? Good, spicy Omega.

The emperor star on the other side.

Mr. Zhou waited for seven hours before he saw his own son, Imperial General Zhou Yiqing.

The man in an iron gray military uniform, with a whip in one hand and a saber in the other, slowly walked into the office.

The height of a man is 1.94 meters.

He is tall and tall, with bronze skin, which is a typical look of Lao Hua. Sword eyebrows, hanging bile nose, beautiful and cold eyes.

The average life expectancy in the 21st century of the ancient earth calendar is 63 years for men and 67 years for women.

He’s only in his early thirties.

In this era, he has spent more than 100 years accumulating great achievements and absolute inviolable dignity for himself.

He is an imperial general.

But with the power of surpassing the royal family, he almost turned this land into his speech hall.


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