I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 30

When those insect-shaped robots are completely attached to the spacecraft and turn their heads, they can see their dark mouthparts through the glass.

Jiyang Meng a color change.

“Insect… Insect!” Ji Yang quickly ran back to Zhou Yiqing.

There are no Zerg in their galaxy.

Because many years ago, the Zerg invading the human galaxy had been driven to a more distant place by the multinational alliance at that time.

Ji Yang last saw this thing in a textbook.

He supported the table and looked up at Omega behind the admiral.

Only now did he really realize how terrible teenagers were.

No wonder he tortured the crown prince and Lu Ji of the Limu Empire at the same time

It’s more than 10000 times harder than Omega in his family!

Now he feels that Omega at home, complaining about his work every day, is extremely considerate and gentle.

This in front of me is the general’s aesthetic, but it’s terrible!

Ji Yang’s face was livid and he barely squeezed out a voice from his throat: “Qin Yi, think clearly. If you lead the Zerg into the human place, it will be the sinner of all mankind…”

In contrast, Zhou Yiqing is much calmer.

Without Qin Yi’s opening, Zhou Yiqing glanced at Ji Yang: “take a closer look. Their feet and wings are of mechanical structure.”

Ji Yang was stunned.

“Machine… Insect robot?” Ji Yang finally recovered.

Zhou Yiqing took a deep look at Qin Yi and ordered, “prepare for an emergency stop.”

Qin Yi blinked and looked back with innocent eyes.

Ji Yang: “why did you stop, we…”

Zhou Yiqing whispered, “don’t look down on robots. They are a strong army without carrying large weapons. They are not afraid of life and death, retreat or fatigue…”

Ji Yang was ready to fight for alpha in his bones. He whispered, “so what? A general is worth an army, isn’t he?”

Qin Yi chuckled: “adjutant Ji, it will dismantle things.”

This is the last time, when the wormlike robot surrounded him, he kept gnawing at his ship, but he couldn’t do it. Finally, he got the inspiration from it.

Guo Kai, the last owner to use them, is obviously not very clever.

In his hands, they were only used to oppress the aborigines of planet i7.

He never thought about what they could do except surround people and hurt people with mouth tools.

Ji Yang was stunned.

Dismantle… Things?

Before Ji Yang could fully understand Qin Yi’s words, he saw a huge insect shaped robot vibrating its wings, holding a dark thing and passing through the window.

Ji Yang was about to crack in an instant: “dismantle the parts of the spacecraft!!!”

If so many insect robots do not stop immediately, their spacecraft will disintegrate immediately in space.

Although the entourage has mecha, not everyone’s mecha is as strong as S-class.

Zhou Yiqing ordered in an orderly manner.

They will land on the nearby planet i7.

When the atmosphere is broken.

The ship disintegrated.

Zhou Yiqing quickly reaches out to catch Qin Yi.

At that moment, the instinctive fear of Omega’s safety prevailed, and I didn’t expect too much.

Qin Yi skimmed over his fingertips.

He took a leap.

At the last second of the spacecraft disintegration, the pink mecha suddenly expanded and expanded. The mechanical arm caught him steadily.

The insect shaped robot people quickly held the mecha and surrounded Qin Yi layer by layer in the middle.

Qin Yi raised his hand and shook the jewel in the palm of Zhou Yiqing.

“Thank you, Admiral Zhou.”

“But I prefer to hold freedom in my own hands.”

Ji Yang was so stunned that he couldn’t speak.

If he can mobilize such a large number of insect robots, he will… “How can he even drive a mecha?! he’s an Omega!”

They also opened the mecha one after another, but without the support of insect robots, they can only consume energy and reduce the gravitational acceleration of falling.

When he finally landed, he hit it hard.

The powder, mixed with black, gradually narrowed from the retina to an invisible point.

Ji Yang’s chest vibrates and his blood surges.

He reluctantly adjusted the mecha, got up from the ground, then broke away from the mecha and reorganized the team.

Zhou Yiqing also fell to the ground at this time.

He looked up.

Not far away, a giant suddenly took off along the old connecting orbit of the planet.

The aborigines on i7 also noticed this scene.

Since Guo Kai’s death, their life has finally restored freedom and peace.

Today, they first saw countless insect like robots weaving into a net and flying to the horizon.

Before long, countless spaceships disintegrated, debris fell and glittered with silver.

It seems that all the stars are falling.

They can see that touch of pink and become the brightest existence in the air.

Then there’s the behemoth.

This scene after scene, as if the curtain of the interstellar age had been cut, ushering in another dimension of miracles.

They were terrified and bowed to the ground unconsciously.

Who is it?

They want to.

Is this planet going to have a more terrible master than Guo Kai?

But they waited and waited, but they saw the behemoth getting farther and farther away.

Under the same sky, Ji Yang couldn’t help but burst out a rude remark: “my grass! Is this a fucking starship? Is it a starship? Can Qin Yi drive it? Can he drive it?”

Ji Yang scratched his hair and almost collapsed.

You have to study optics for at least three years in the military academy!

“Last time we caught the wanted man, it was fucking awesome. There are so many robots hidden on this planet. Don’t say, they dare to hide starships!!! According to the law, he has to die again and again to get rid of his hatred!” Ji Yang said excitedly.

When he finished, he turned his head, but saw that the general was still calm and calm.

Ji Yang wants to ask, your wife ran away again, can you still be so calm, worthy of you, Admiral?

Zhou Yiqing opened his mouth at this time. He whispered, “what Qin Yi just drove is the mecha carefully selected by Qin Yi for me.”

Ji Yang:???

Is that all you remember?

So many things just now, do you only remember the mecha selected by Qin Yi?

The key is that the mecha let Qin Yi drive away.

Jiyang was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

A long time.

Zhou Yiqing turned back and asked, “have you found the medical cabin?”

The soldier replied, “I found it.”

Zhou Yiqing nodded: “well, there are injured, advanced medical module. Prepare to contact the nearby planet to provide spacecraft assistance.”

Ji Yang whispered, “Guo Kai even dares to hide the Starship. Maybe even the spaceship dares. I’ll take someone to search first?”

Zhou Yiqing: “do you think Qin Yi will give us a chance to catch up with him?”

Ji Yang: ”

Ji Yang: “you Omega is not only spicy, but also fucking wild! It’s wild and fierce!”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

He frowned without trace and corrected coldly, “don’t use dirty words against my fiancee.”

Ji Yang:?

Is it a fucking dirty word?

Jiyang honestly said, “I’m sorry, Admiral.”

You have changed.

You and the general who just set out from the emperor star are like two complete people.

That’s not what you said before.

As Zhou Yiqing guessed.

There are no ships left on i7 that can be used.

Finally, they waited here for a full 17 hours before they came to the spacecraft assisted by the nearby planet.

On board the spaceship, Ji Yang hasn’t been able to get out of that depression.

He murmured, “too cruel. We’ve never suffered such a loss.” it was alpha’s inherent impression of Omega that killed people! Just be more careful… Forget it. Even if you are more careful, so many insect robots are troublesome.

What’s more, the general is now a little soft.

Ji Yang just thought of this and heard Zhou Yiqing coldly say, “Qin Yi is gentle enough.”

Ji Yang:?

Admiral, is there a difference between your understanding of “tenderness” and me?

Zhou Yiqing: “if he really wants you to die, the spacecraft will disintegrate in space.”

Ji Yang choked and couldn’t refute it.

The image of Omega flashed through his mind again.


“Gentle” Qin Yi curled up in the chair and slowly knocked on the console.

He jumped down and it was great.

But Omega’s body was so crispy that even if it was firmly caught by the mechanical arm, he was bruised, and his chest and stomach turned badly for a time.

It can be seen that people can’t pretend to force at will.

Qin Yi raised his eyelids and thought.

The system inside the Starship suddenly sounded a voice: “commander 0083, give your order. The point of your sword will be the place where I fight.”

Qin Yi has heard this passage many times.

He has taken Luji and half eye starships.

The former is large and forms a fleet.

The latter is small and slender, like a product of the backward times.

However, it also accumulated some experience for Qin Yi. In particular, he had seen with his own eyes how Lu Ji manipulated the Starship for many days.

He wrote it down.

But what’s different about this starship is that it seems to be military.

A serious military starship.

Not a private armed force.

Qin Yi’s interstellar history is not so good as his understanding of ancient earth history.

He recalled his history textbook for a long time and didn’t know who commander 0083 meant.

There are no human traces on this warship, but artificial intelligence is still “alive”. It still obeys its master’s orders as it did hundreds of years ago, perhaps thousands of years ago.

And it seems to be ready to fight with its master.

Qin Yi didn’t know how to give instructions to it.

He thought for a while. Now I’ll board the star network and search how to drive a warship. Will there be an answer?

This is obviously impossible.

But Qin Yi still connected to the star network.

He checked his account balance and confirmed that Melly bank was really awesome. Even if he ran away now, Zhou Yiqing and others could not control his money through the account.

Qin Yi smiled.

Just then, his communicator quickly received a forced push.

“Scientists found a new wormhole at coordinates 56123, 99, 01, F, which is located in the chaotic star domain bordering the Limu Empire and the Yanhuang empire. Scientists from both countries will carry equipment to investigate…”

At the same time, the sound of the Starship system sounded again.

It finally said something different.

“Unknown energy field detected ahead, warning, warning, warning…”

Qin Yi frowned, changed his lazy posture, pressed the console and operated quickly.

The beautiful and slender ten fingers only left a little shadow under the retina.

A dark, deformed vortex opened its energy field in space, like a monster named “universe” with a big mouth.

The stars near it quickly extinguished the light, distorted and deformed, immersed in it, and then turned into powder at a speed that ordinary people can’t understand.



Just for a moment.

Qin Yi felt that an irresistible force pulled him over and immediately lost consciousness.


Another humble spaceship, almost next to the starship, was involved.

I don’t know how long it’s been.

Qin Yi seemed to have a great dream for thousands of years. He slowly opened his eyes and still heard the voice of the system: “please commander 0083, give your order…”

Qin Yi blinked gently.

The Starship was not damaged at all.

Is the wormhole he saw before he lost consciousness an illusion?

The giant starship landed on the mossy ground, floating with a little fluorescence outside.

The fine rain washed down.

The dark night outside was beautifully decorated.

Qin Yi took out his mecha.

Let the robot arm of the mecha carry him away from the Starship.

After stepping on the ground.

Qin Yi smelled a faint wind mixed with rain and grass, and a slight smell of soil.

But strangely, he thought it was like alpha pheromone.

Qin Yi took two steps forward and saw a completely disintegrated spaceship.

And the alpha, blackened and fainted under the ship.

Alpha’s lips wriggled and gently shouted a name: “… Qin Yi.”

Qin Yi:?

Feelings or people you know?

Qin Yi leaned over slightly and saw alpha’s face clearly.

It was supposed to be on panda star. I haven’t seen you for a long time, Kong Jiaxiang.

Qin Yi:?

Then bye.

You die first.

Qin Yi turned to go.

The other party opened his eyes.

“Is it a dream?” Kong Jiaxiang gasped violently. “Qin Yi, I found you?”

Well, it’s a dream. Qin Yi walked forward without looking back.

Kong Jiaxiang sat up and patted himself on the head.

Then turn on the messenger.

The communicator seems to be out of order, not only is there no signal

“Why are they all garbled?”


It is considered to be a space tunnel connecting two distant time and space.

Even in the interstellar age, no scientist has fully understood it.

The stars hang in the sky.

The aircraft shuttle back and forth, and countless silver silk threads are woven into a new galaxy.

Civilization fell and turned into a shining gem on the ground.

The sea ebbs and flows.

The blue whale of ancient times sent out an ethereal and distant cry and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Countless bards write down this era and sing it around.

In this era, mankind’s belief and enthusiasm for kandalati civilization reached its peak.

This era is called the age of great adventure.


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