I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 31

“Qin Yi! What kind of place have we come to?” Kong Jiaxiang’s voice was slightly distorted because it was mixed with a little fear of not seeing the world.

As he recalled, he said, “I was in a spaceship and wanted to find you in the Limu empire… Because I saw the news. The news said that general Zhou also went to the Limu Empire to find you.”

At this point, Kong Jiaxiang unconsciously clenched his fist.

Qin Yi stopped and listened more.

After all, he was also very curious. How could he run into Kong Jiaxiang here?

“When the ship went to the harton system, I saw a huge warship. It was not like the warship style of the rimu Empire and our country, maybe owned by pirates…”

Although Kong Jiaxiang has the big a doctrine of most alpha, he is still knowledgeable at the moment.

He decided to avoid the warship.

But I didn’t wait for him to avoid

“Suddenly there was a force expanding around, and then I was involved.”

Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t help pausing when he said this.

These words sound like Arabian Nights.

Does Qin Yi think he’s crazy?

“That may be a wormhole,” Qin Yi whispered.

If the forced push he saw on the communicator before he lost consciousness is not an illusion.

“Wormhole?” Kong Jiaxiang’s face changed and quickly denied, “impossible!” he said, “Qin Yi, you don’t understand the structure of wormhole. Although scientists believe that wormhole connects two time and space, no one can travel through it. Because everything close to it will turn into powder in an instant…”

Qin Yi ignored Kong Jiaxiang.

The information he wants has been obtained.

Qin Yi turned and walked back.

Kong Jiaxiang raised his head. He didn’t know how embarrassed he looked now. He only instinctively hoped that Qin Yi would not go, so he shouted, “wait!”

Qin Yi’s footsteps did not stop.

Kong Jiaxiang was stunned. He remembered that he had called himself “stupid – forced” in the port, which shocked him for more than half a month!

Qin Yi won’t scold him again?

When Kong Jiaxiang was stunned, Qin Yi had walked back to the landing ladder of the Starship.

The mecha’s mechanical arm bent, picked him up and sent him back to the □□.

Kong Jiaxiang looked in the direction. His pupils contracted and his eyes were frozen.

It was as if someone had left a thunder in his mind.

The thunder exploded with a bang, which made him almost unable to think

What did he see?

A mecha picked up Qin Yi.

And Qin Yi boarded the warship he just talked about!

Qin Yi went up like this!!!

During Kong Jiaxiang’s daze, the boarding ladder was put away, and the hatch was closed, leaving only a dark, indistinguishable coating on the door.

Kong Jiaxiang was so shocked that his scalp was about to explode.

Does Qin Yi know what it is? He just logged in!

No, maybe… A more terrible idea suddenly came into Kong Jiaxiang’s mind. Maybe… When Qin Yi came, he took it!

But this is ridiculous

Kong Jiaxiang was completely unable to connect these things with Qin Yi, just as he heard for the first time that Qin Yi was not a pheromone defect, but the same horror as general Zhou.

Kong Jiaxiang recovered and limped towards the Starship.

Inside the Starship.

Qin Yi first found warehouse 1 of the arsenal.

There are many insect robots in the warehouse. They are in a dormant state.

In front of a large number of robots, the big man lay there with robot repair tools in his hand.

When Qin Yi ran away from planet i7, he took him with him.

The big man was still very moved.

But he didn’t know much. After getting on the ship, he knew he couldn’t help, so he just quietly helped Qin Yi repair the robot.

When the big man was just kicked out of the college, he was penniless and repaired a Nanny Robot in the maintenance shop for some time.

Now it’s a “professional counterpart”.

Qin Yi also thinks he is easy to use.

But now the problem is

I am an Omega without any discomfort. Why does alpha seem to suffer more intense stimulation?

Qin Yi squatted down and was about to test the big man’s breath.

The big man trembled all over, like waking up from a nightmare. He sat up abruptly, gasping for breath, then sighed. He carefully raised his head and looked at Qin Yi.

Omega is quiet and beautiful, which makes people feel ashamed unconsciously.

The big man stretched his body and said, “hold, sorry, I lost my temper.”

Qin Yi: “it’s all right. You have a good rest. We’re going to fly a spaceship and go to the nearby town to investigate the situation.”

The big man didn’t know, so he nodded.

Kong Jiaxiang took out his mecha at this time.

He hasn’t learned to tow the mecha with mental force, so he has to sit in the cockpit to operate it.

The mecha changed from kneeling to fighting.

… still not as tall as a starship.

The starship is too big.

Kong Jiaxiang felt a little restless, and then the hatch suddenly opened again.

A tall, muscular alpha came out.

Kong Jiaxiang’s heart beat for a second.

This is an alpha not as high as him.

The big man also saw it.

But he doesn’t care.

Having just experienced the suppression of natural pheromones of alpha at the levels of Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji, the big man doesn’t feel much anymore.

The big man gave Kong Jiaxiang a cold look.

Seeing him, Kong Jiaxiang turned back and asked, “Sir, if you found a strange alpha, should you kill him?”

In case your highness Qin Yi is caught up again.

Kong Jiaxiang:?

He looked at the big man in shock and said angrily and with a smile, “how can you kill me…”

The voice didn’t fall.

The big man jumped on his mecha.

He drew out the energy sword.

It was so hard with the mecha.

After all, Kong Jiaxiang is still in school and lacks practical experience. And the big guy came over.

The two sides arrived in this way.

Kong Jiaxiang is driving a mecha. He can’t help taking a big man.

For a time, the blue energy dissipated.

Sharp light and shadow interlace.

There was a constant rumble.

Kong Jiaxiang was injured.

Plus driving a mecha, it already consumes mental and spiritual power.

When he got a bug like robot in his pocket and walked out slowly, he saw Kong Jiaxiang driving his mecha and falling heavily.

Qin Yi:?

Kong Jiaxiang pushed open the door of the mecha cabin and slipped out of it, clutching the lightsaber in his hand.

The big man stood up with blood all over his body, and the light of the energy sword in his hand was weak, but he didn’t care. He just stared at Kong Jiaxiang with a posture of fighting with his life.

Kong Jiaxiang secretly scolded a dirty word.

The bottom of my heart is also a little scared.

His father told him before that he was afraid of death… This kind of people can’t be provoked easily.

But just then, the big man’s tight body suddenly relaxed. He even raised his hand to wipe the blood on his face.

Kong Jiaxiang heard him turn around and whispered, “Your Excellency.”

Who’s standing there?

There is no one but Qin Yi.

This big man is Qin Yi’s… Servant?!

He even called Qin, which means “Your Excellency”!

In just one day, Kong Jiaxiang was repeatedly shocked, shocked and shocked again and again.

He found that Qin Yi had not changed except his appearance, which seemed to have completely changed into something he didn’t understand.

It’s even like… It’s like after Qin Yi left pan Daxing, he completely got rid of everyone on Pan Daxing and came into contact with another unattainable level.

Since then, mecha and starship appeared around Qin Yi.

He also has an alpha servant.

Kong Jiaxiang really stood there.

A wave of fear rose uncontrollably from the bottom of his heart.

What he thought was… Qin Yi, just be a lover. He will have a better matching Omega.

Later, he thought that general Zhou would not necessarily like Qin Yi. Everyone knows how many years general Zhou has been single and has never been interested in Omega. He went to comfort Qin Yi at this time. Qin Yi would still be his.

Then… Now.

He was surprised that everything he had seemed worthless to Qin Yi.

What the alpha on panda star talked about marriage, having children and lovers… In front of such a huge thing, they all became low.

Qin Yi didn’t look at Kong Jiaxiang. He first looked at the big man and asked, “are you fighting?”

The big man whispered, “well, this man…”

Qin Yi remembers that Kong Jiaxiang is a pig, but the alpha level is still very high.

He swept around the big man and whispered, “don’t worry about him. Let’s go first.”

The big man opened his mouth and thought he had done something wrong.

Qin Yi said, “maybe we can find a place to buy you a mecha.”

The big man was stunned, then his eyes lit up, and the whole person was boiling.

He did nothing wrong!

He is willing to give all his strength for Qin Yi!

In the big man’s eyes, Qin Yi has long been beyond Omega’s identity.

Kong Jiaxiang squeezed out a voice in his throat: “where did you get so much money?”

Even he didn’t realize it, and his tone became a lot softer.

Qin Yi: “it’s none of your business.”

Kong Jiaxiang: ”

Qin Yi pressed a controller at hand.

At this time, a spaceship flew down the orbit of the Starship and landed.

Qin Yi sat in with the big man and soon manipulated the spaceship to the front.

Can he even fly a spaceship?

No, no, it must be the big guy.

What about the Starship? Big guy, too? That big man looks so poor

Kong Jiaxiang grabbed his hair and fell into extreme confusion and constant self denial.

The ship flew into the air.

Qin Yicai saw the scene in front of him.

This is perhaps the most beautiful Galaxy in the universe. It seems to pick stars from space into the atmosphere.

There are dots of light everywhere, and countless silver threads connect them.

In the distant direction, you can vaguely see the city-state with towering buildings.

Qin Yi locked the direction and immediately flew over there.

It took a full hour to drive.

The city-state in front of us is the architectural style of ancient earth. A wide moat was even dug out outside the city.

Soldiers in armor at the gate of the city suddenly held up the □□□.

The sharp part was aimed at their ship.

There seemed to be a flash of electromagnetic light at the tip of the gun.

“Come to the great Pali city-state, please get off the ship immediately! Walk into the city!” the soldier shouted.

Qin Yi has never heard of this place, but the language is interlinked.

Do as the Romans do. There is no need to conflict with aborigines in a strange environment.

Just as Qin Yi was preparing to get off the ship with a big man, a small general with armor covering his head to his feet, taller and higher level suddenly came out.

The young general gave the soldier a slap: “shut up! Are you a fool?”

The young general raised his head: “Dear Sir, you are a distinguished guest of Pali city-state. You will have the right to fly a spaceship into the city-state.”

His voice fell.

The gate is wide open.

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows in surprise.

What’s going on?

The big man was also nervous: “are these people plotting against you? Are they in the urn…”

“Catch a turtle in a jar?”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, took the look of the soldiers and generals into his eyes, and then he said decisively:

“Let’s drive in.”

The soldiers and generals looked up at the spaceship entering the city.

“That doesn’t look like our ship.”

“Of course not, because he is the person around the God.”

“How is that possible?!”

The young general led firmly, “I detected the brand of the gods from him. There are three!”

“Three… I’ve never seen so many…” the soldier took a breath, envious and shocked.

Then he turned to look at the distant ship, and the soldiers’ eyes were filled with awe.

What kind of scene did Qin Yi see after entering the city?

The original steam train shuttled through the city along the track.

Some of its tracks are built on the ground and some in mid air.

On the clean and wide ground, you can still see the carriage.

A lady in a large skirt gracefully gets on the carriage. As soon as the coachman waves the whip, the horse will flutter its legs.

It is also very much like a painting recorded in the history of the ancient earth.

But the next moment.

On the horse’s back, a pair of mechanical bones and wings broke the skin and suddenly unfolded.

The horse rose into the air.

The carriage flew away in their sight.

Qin Yi suddenly felt that the spaceship was boring.

He soon found a hotel.

The hotel covers a vast area. Looking from the sky, you can vaguely see the place where there are vehicles. Although compared with those means of transportation, Qin Yi’s spacecraft is too huge.

Qin Yi asked the big man to negotiate.

In three or four minutes, the big man came back.

“The boss said no problem.”

Qin Yi stopped the ship slowly.

As soon as he came down, he met the respectful eyes of the boss.

The owner of the hotel seemed to recognize him as a big man. He talked with the big man very enthusiastically. He soon arranged a room for them and even gave him a discount.

“If you have any instructions, please feel free to contact me. My name is LAN.”

Qin Yi could not help but tilt his head when he heard this.

The people in this galaxy are very “friendly”.

The name is short and easy to remember.

After booking a room, Qin Yi wants to confirm whether his common currency can still be used.

He found a carriage of the kind he had just seen on the spaceship and asked the other party to take him to the bank.

The coachman nodded.

This time, Qin Yi saw the moment when the mechanical bone wing broke from the horse’s back.

The cabriolet fluttered high.

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly to isolate the wind.

At this time, countless papers with silver blue light were sprinkled by a gust of wind.

Qin Yi raised his hand and grabbed one.

The paper says:

Who will be the king’s bride

Qin Yi flipped. Detailed selection rules are written on the back page.

A little Omega pheromone escaped from Qin Yi.

The paper turned red unexpectedly.

Qin Yi:?

The words on the paper quickly became:

You will be the king’s bride

Qin Yi:???

Is that how you abducted your wife???


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