I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 32

“Have you got the invitation?” asked the coachman.

“HMM.” Qin Yi said faintly, but quickly folded it in his hand and put it into his pocket.

“You can have a try. You look so good… Once you are selected, you can go from the countryside to the city. They will love you like their eyes.”

But Qin Yi was not interested in this. He asked quietly, “can those who receive the invitation not go?”

The coachman was baffled.

Probably never thought about this problem.

“Does the king have great power?” Qin Yi asked another way.

The coachman nodded, “of course, the Pali city is strong because of him.”

Then Qin Yi asked some things piecemeal, and most of the Coachmans couldn’t answer.

Qin Yi resolutely gave up asking.

Just then the coachman’s voice rang out again. He said, “the bank is here.”

Qin Yi got down from the carriage with a big man and looked up. There was a sign in front of the red building, which read “Melly bank” in fancy characters.

Is there a Melly bank here?

The business is so far away.

Qin Yi walked in boldly.

It was not a robot that greeted him inside, but a beta woman. She looked at Qin Yi in amazement. A pair of manipulators moved gently under her cuffs.

Qin Yi swept her, but finally his sight fell on the wall.

The wall clock on the wall emits a faint blue light, which reads “20:42 on July 3, 3099”.

It doesn’t follow the cosmic calendar at all.

At this time, Qin Yi finally remembered what the “new era” was in history books.

Human beings moved away from the earth into the universe and went to various galaxies to build cities suitable for human survival. This beginning is called the “new era”.

In 3099, the distance from Qin Yi’s cosmic calendar should be calculated in light years?

Anyway, if the wall clock doesn’t lie.

Then this era should be between human beings entering the universe from the earth and dominating all galaxies.

Qin Yi is surprisingly calm.

He remembered that there was a book in the library that recorded this era, but the description was very short.

Only for the human beings of this era, their belief and enthusiasm for kandarati civilization have reached the peak.

Science collides with theology.

Then historians believe that there is no such group of people in history.

It’s all fiction.

Recalling this, Qin Yi even thought about the possibility of changing his career to be a historian after returning to the cosmic calendar.

If we can prove the real existence of this era, we may also get a large amount of research fees.

Or, I can rely on what is behind the wormhole to get a life of food and clothing.

“Hello, sir, can I help you?” the female beta asked aloud, interrupting Qin Yi’s thoughts.

Qin Yi: “I want to check the balance of the account.”


In half an hour.

The female beta respectfully sent Qin Yi out and prepared some hand gifts for him to take away.

As soon as Qin Yi went out, she couldn’t restrain her excitement. She turned to her colleagues and said, “God, he’s too rich! He’s still so young… It’s a pity that he’s an omega. I don’t know if these are from his husband’s inheritance.”

Qin Yi outside the door: ”

Although not.

But thank you for providing me with a new good idea.

Qin Yi didn’t expect Melly bank to be so powerful.

Even in an era separated by several years, his balance can also be displayed, and can be spent normally through the bank.

What’s more shocking is that hundreds of millions of people who are not particularly great in the cosmic calendar exist like huge wealth in this era.

Can’t I exchange less money for more happiness?

The names of people in this era are also very short.

Even because it is several years away from the cosmic calendar, he will not meet the remaining two alpha with 100% matching degree in the test results!

He doesn’t have to get married here!


Very good.

He likes this place.

Qin Yimei gently raised her tail, and then took the big man back to the carriage. Ten minutes later, they returned to the hotel.

Qin Yi generously gave the big man a sum of money so that he could buy mecha by himself tomorrow.

As for him… Oh, of course, it’s reasonable to sleep in!

Qin Yi slept very relaxed until he heard the door knocked vaguely.

Qin Yi turned over lazily and pulled the cable at the head of the bed. He said, “come in.”

The door opened with a squeak, and a line of people in white robes came straight to him.

“Please come with us to the palace.”

Qin Yi didn’t move lazily: “who are you?”

The white robed people were stunned, and then squeezed out a voice from their throat: “we are… The waiter of the king. You have been invited by the king’s palace and may become the king’s bride.”

Qin Yi yawned and asked, “did you detect where the invitation is now? Go and find it.”

After hearing this, the white robed people looked at each other.

Is there a second person in this room?

Didn’t the beautiful boy in front of me get the invitation?

The white robed man took out a palm sized box. When the corner of the room responded with a “drop”, they rushed forward together.

Then I saw the invitation, which was inserted upside down in the gap of the toilet.

“You can take it with you,” Qin Yi said softly.


The white robed people looked at each other, turned back to Qin Yi’s bed, and then raised the bed.

Qin Yi:?

So they carried Qin Yi into the car.

And the toilet.

The other guests of the hotel could not help stretching their necks and exclaimed, “he must be special. I have never seen the people in the palace before. They carried him.”

“Are we going to have a queen?”

Qin Yi stroking the mecha button: “…” he doesn’t like this era.

Turning a wife is more outrageous than the age of the cosmic calendar!

The palace of the city of pari, built of shells and crystals, is tall and dreamy.

In an hour.

Qin Yi sat in one of the palaces.

The palace is like an open giant clam. They sit in its “belly”.

Qin Yi looked around and found that there were more than ten men and women with different looks. They all had an invitation in their hands.

Qin Yi:???

Boy, it’s even more outrageous!

You abducted your wives here and abducted more than a dozen in one breath?

At this time, a man like a manager came out.

The men and women greeted him with excitement.

“Can we see the king?”

“Of course, after our preliminary selection, the last person selected will see Wang.” the manager answered, and his tone suddenly changed. “Why is there a toilet here?!”

The others said, “is the toilet still holding the invitation?”

The manager’s face was as black as ever.

He muttered and approached: “although the bride is a fraud, it is to let as many people as possible see the king. Maybe the blind cat meets a dead mouse, and the king will get married one day

“But these fucking fools brought back a lame man and two old men last time. This time they brought back even the toilet? They won’t share the invitation regardless of people?” the manager tried to suppress his anger in his throat.

The waiters trembled and pointed to Qin Yi: “this is his thing.”

Qin Yi wanted to correct and said, no, it’s from the hotel.

At the sound, the manager turned his head angrily according to his anger.

Then at the moment of seeing Qin Yi’s face.

His momentum vanished at once.

“He! That’s him!” the manager suddenly raised his voice, “he is the bride ordered by the king!”

Qin Yi: ”

You just said it was a hoax. I heard it.

But the people in the palace suddenly became boiling because of the manager’s words.

The waiters raised Qin Yi again.

They looked at him with envy, jealousy and hatred, and watched him go to the next palace, which was located in the center of the palace and sat the inaccessible King’s palace.

In the towering palace.

Behind a string of crystal curtains, a tall and straight figure can be glimpsed.

He looks very young.

Her handsome face is as cold as frost and snow. It reminds people of the flowers standing on tens of thousands of feet of mountains and the solid ice on the sea floor tens of thousands of feet deep.

Long blue hair and shoulders slide down.

The crown on his head is full of precious stones.

The waiter knelt down at his feet and cried sadly, “you are a full thousand and one years old. You are an adult! If you don’t get married, how can our ethnic group continue?”

The young king was unmoved.

He only hung his eyes, which were cold and indifferent.

At this time, the manager hurried into the door: “Wang, your bride… Has been delivered for you.”

“The bride of July?” Wang said coldly.

May and June ahead?

Qin Yixin said he could force you to the cow!

The manager said excitedly, “maybe he will be the last one.”

“Have you finally learned to give up your obsession and face the reality?”

“No! Of course not! Please look at him carefully…” the manager couldn’t wait to give up Qin Yi behind him.

Qin Yi raised his eyes to meet the eyes behind the crystal curtain.

He said softly, “although, I have to remind you. I’m a widow. I’ve been married and have children. I don’t think I’m suitable to be the king’s bride.”

The manager froze.

At this time, the people on the throne printed the appearance of Qin Yi into their eyes inch by inch.

Beautiful eyes with slightly hooked eyes.

Straight nose and petal like lips.

White and flawless skin, like some kind of silk and satin, also like some kind of jade.

After looking through the fine crystal curtain, the scattered light seemed to be cut into bits and pieces by the crystal curtain and printed on the bottom of his eyes.

It also seems to fall on the boy.


He looks like a treasure in the palace.

The young Wang thought unconsciously.

The manager at the other end finally recovered from the huge shock. He was so excited that he burst into tears and jumped at his feet: “God! He is a widow! A widow with parenting experience! God! What kind of surprise the old God has given us! The newborn children of the keyabi family must be able to live well! Good widow, wonderful widow!”

Qin Yi: “…?”

You people in the palace seem to have a serious illness.


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