I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 33

Qin Yi thought about it seriously. Now he changed his mouth and said that I just strangled my son yesterday. Is there still time?

… Oh, maybe it’s the speed of light that’s waiting for him.

The world is too bad.

Qin Yi thought expressionless.

“You may not mind, but… Are you going to marry me?” Qin Yi looked at the manager and interrupted his excited voice.

The manager was stunned and quickly denied: “no, no, of course not! You belong to the king…”

“So have you asked the king’s wishes?” Qin Yi looked at the man behind the crystal curtain again.

The manager said, do you still need to ask?

If their Wang danfan is willing to fall in love, they will not face the crisis of racial decline or even extinction.

The man on the throne did not speak.

He seems to be still examining Qin Yi.

The manager couldn’t wait. He quickly said, “well, you’re a stranger, aren’t you? I don’t think you’re a resident here for a long time. Do you have any other family? I’ll take you back first. Will you discuss it with your family?”

That’s great.

We won’t have to see each other tomorrow.

Qin Yi smiled: “well, that’s trouble.”

The manager personally took Qin Yi out.

Until he stepped out of the hall door, Qin Yi could still feel that the man’s eyes still fell on him.

Outside the palace, the men and women were still holding the invitation. They all looked anxious. They didn’t know. They thought they had bumped into the new interstellar marketing scene.

“Has he been chosen by the king?”

“Will we have another chance?”

The manager didn’t answer. He personally took Qin Yi to the carriage.

Such a gesture undoubtedly highlights the final answer.

The other bride candidates are dejected and ready to leave.

Qin Yi poked his head out of the carriage and said, “please put my bed and toilet back in time.” otherwise, he would have to pay money for the hotel.

“Don’t worry!”

The manager didn’t know that Qin Yi was carried out of the hotel by the waiters.

He asked the waiters to take Qin Yi back, but he rubbed his fingers and turned to choose a more luxurious big bed and a toilet inlaid with gold for Qin Yi.

Qin Yi returned to the hotel. As soon as he jumped out of the carriage, the big man rushed towards him with red eyes.

“You finally came back safely…” the big man breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought you were kidnapped.”

Qin Yi asked, “have you bought the mecha?”

The big man had a meal. Unexpectedly, Qin Yi cared more about him first. The big man quickly nodded, his eyes moving. He whispered, “the mecha here is very strange…”

Qin Yi: “hmm?”

“All of them have only manual operation mode, and the technology is relatively backward, so it is difficult to store them at will. However… They are all done beautifully.”

Qin Yi: “it’s not surprising. After all, we were in time and space tens of thousands of years ago. Tens of thousands of years? I can’t accurately infer this value. It’s even possible…” Qin Yi paused and said: “this star field is hundreds of millions of light-years away from the star field where the Empire and alliance are located.”

The big man stared: “what?!”

Qin Yi walks to the hotel.

The big man followed, his brain was still in a trance, and he didn’t return to his mind at all.

Back to the room.

Qin Yi looked at the place where the bed was originally set up. It was empty.

Qin Yi: ”

I’m so tired. I’d better hurry.

Qin Yi immediately ordered the big man to go out and buy a map.

As soon as the big man left with his front feet, there was a noise inside and outside the hotel.

They exclaimed, “they are the servants of the palace! Why are they here again?”

“God?” the hotel owner stared at the luxurious big bed carried by the waiters, and the student was stuck at his gate.

After all, who has a hotel with such a big fucking bed?

Qin Yi looked from upstairs.

Qin Yi: ”

He is ready to ask the other party to return the original bed.

The hotel owner at the bottom took a deep breath and immediately raised his voice: “open the door!”

There was a loud noise of “collapse”.

The door panel of the hotel soon bid farewell to the latch.

Then Qin Yi watched the boss turn around and chatted happily with others: “ha ha, Wang’s bride lives with me, he lives with me! Have you seen him? He is very beautiful!” “Hey, when he came yesterday, I thought he looked like a great big man. I also gave him a discount. Oh, no, I should give him free…”

“What? Do you want to reserve the room where he slept?… I’m afraid it’s not very good.”

Qin Yi: “……”

Now he was fully aware of the weight of the king’s bride in the city.

Thanks to the big mouth of the hotel owner.

The news of the king’s bride living in this small hotel soon spread throughout the city.

After Qin Yi got the map, he went downstairs and practiced it.

He went to a restaurant first.

There is a sign on it – “fried brain flower”.

Before Qin Yi could sigh that the dishes of this era were so amazing, the people in the restaurant suddenly looked at him suspiciously, then got up and saluted him respectfully.

“Welcome to come here.”

“The shop is very dirty. I’m afraid it may pollute your shoes and socks. Please go to Juxing Pavilion for dinner.”

Qin Yi sighed and turned away.

The big man didn’t know what had happened. He said blankly, “the people here are quite… Polite?”

Then more polite people came.

A big eyed girl caught up with her. She carried a strange “weapon” made of straw in her arms. Is it a weapon? Qin Yi didn’t know. The straw was filled with round things of different colors.

The big eyed girl blinked, took a round fruit from it and handed it to Qin Yi: “please taste it.”

Qin Yi suddenly realized.

It was food.

Qin Yi took it and asked in a low voice, “what’s this called?”

The big eyed girl said, “the gods named it sugar gourd.”

Qin Yi walks away with sugar gourd.

The big eyed girl turned around and said with the same excitement as the hotel owner: “God, he’s so gentle…”

Qin Yi pursed his lower lip.

All right.

We have to run.

At this time, the manager at the other end knew that the “bride” was still living in a hotel!

How can that work?

“Maybe we can consider inviting him directly to the palace. I can take him to see the children in the nursing home…” the manager chattered.

Another gentle woman came in slowly with a jade plate and asked in a low voice, “why do you insist on choosing this human for the king?”

Manager: “he looks good.”

Woman: ”

Manager: “he looks so good.”

The man on the throne raised his eyelids.

His eyes were as clear and beautiful as blue crystal.

The woman bowed to him, knelt down to offer the jade plate, and asked in a low voice, “what do you think?”

“I think I fell in love with him… At first sight.”

Another distant time and space.

Zhou Yiqing has successfully returned to the Empire.

Mr. Zhou turned around him three times and said angrily, “the Presbyterian has more detailed matching information at that time, but they denied it. I think there are traitors in the Presbyterian, and they intend to thin your rights!”

Zhou Yiqing only answered calmly.

He is dealing with the accumulation of affairs in his mind.

Mr. Zhou no longer mentioned the Presbyterian, but asked another thing: “where’s your fiancee?”

Zhou Yiqing said softly, “run away.”

“Ran away?! you told me he ran away?! you are more ridiculous than the Presbyterian farting that there is no detailed test report!”

Mr. Zhou couldn’t wait to rush up, pinch his son’s neck, shake, shake.

But at this time, Zhou Yiqing’s eyes suddenly coagulated.

He sprang to his feet.

“What’s the matter? Is there another fight?” Mr. Zhou asked gnashing his teeth. “I’m worried about you? Is it so worried when your wife lost?”

Zhou Yiqing’s voice is as plain as ever.

But his tone was too light, too much, as if it could make people hear one of his worries and bad mood.

“The last time he showed up was near the wormhole,” he said

“What? Who?” before Mr. Zhou responded, Zhou Yiqing had already stepped out of the door.

At the same time, the news also reached the imperial palace of the rimu empire.

Zheng Yi’an received the news.

This is a push to the whole world where the star network can reach.

— scientists arrive near the wormhole, collect nearby materials, and determine that there has been a material fission in the wormhole. We also found some ship debris here. Perhaps a passenger passed here and was unfortunately involved in a wormhole.

A witness interview is attached below:

“I saw a huge starship swallowed up by the black vortex. You can even see a star rolled to pieces…”

The emperor of rimu whispered, “if our scientists can give priority to mastering the core of dark matter and gain power from it, maybe the Empire will go farther…”

Hols didn’t answer.

The emperor couldn’t help turning his head. He knows that his son is in a bad mood recently. No, it can be said to be quite bad.

The two empires cannot go to war directly.

All this needs to be deployed and paved.

But hols hates such inefficiency.

Hols logged on to his STARNet account.

It has been three years since he last released the news.

At the bottom of the star blog three years ago, someone left a message: “will your highness broadcast it publicly when she gets married?”

“Why hasn’t the Empire announced the information of the Crown Princess yet?”

What does the crown princess have to do with him?

With extreme anger and unwillingness, hols finally couldn’t help posting a new blog post.

[wife, ran away.]

Lu Ji at the other end almost did the same thing.

His personal space has been deserted for a longer time. He hasn’t boarded since he changed his career.

But now he gritted his teeth and posted a blog.

[Yousha pen kidnapped my wife.]

If Zhou Yiqing has the ability, don’t hide in the emperor star.

He’s going to kill Zhou Yiqing!!!

Lu Ji’s blog and hols’s blog have set off a storm on the Star Internet.

[the princess ran away? My God!!!]

[what a sad news]

[I remember your highness used to say… Never get married? Maybe his wife ran away and hit his Highness’s heart?]

What are you pregnant with?

HALS refrained from swearing and added an expression to the back of the blog:(


[? Are my eyes dazzled? Your highness doesn’t seem very happy]

[I can’t help asking, has general Zhou Yiqing found his fiancee back]

His fiancee has.

My wife is gone.

Did you say he found it?

Hols pulled the man black.

[what day is it today? Lu Ji’s wife is gone!]

[sleeping trough! When did Lu Ji have a wife???]

[doesn’t he want to be a lone wolf wandering all galaxies all his life]

[Lu Ji’s wife was kidnapped? Is it time to call the police now]

STARNet is in a shock and trance.

At this time, a message at the political and political level that was not much concerned by the public was also pushed to Xingwang.

General Zhou Yiqing suddenly led troops all night and rushed to the wormhole.

Zheng Yi’an noticed the news. Why did Zhou Yiqing go there? Isn’t Qin Yi already in his hands? Zheng Yi’an glanced a few times and finally turned around and said, “it’s time for us to set sail again. Next stop, we’ll go near the wormhole.”

In another distant star field.

The waiter waited on the man and got up slowly.

Even after tens of thousands of years, men’s faces have not changed at all.

He still looked handsome and cold.

His eyes are as beautiful as the sea.

At a glance, it seems that you can’t see the bottom.

Manager Alin broke off the monocle on his face, narrowed his eyes slightly, and carefully read every message on the Star Internet.

“People like Lu Ji and hols have wives,” Alin said blandly.

When he blurted out the next sentence, there was a trace of excitement in his tone.

“Oh, but their wives are gone at the same time!” Alin said. “I said, for example, alpha such as Wang, hols and Lu Ji, of course, they won’t have a wife in their life…”

The man sitting on the couch suddenly paused.

He raised his hand and raised the crystal curtain, revealing a face with little expression behind him. But today is not the same as usual.

If you look at his face carefully at this time, you will find that there is a trace of confusion in the bottom of his eyes.

“I had a long dream, Arlene,” he whispered.

“What did you dream about?” Arlene turned and bowed to him.

The man didn’t speak.

He was still quietly digesting the sudden memory in his brain.

More than a thousand years old, he sat behind the crystal curtain and looked down at the beautiful boy.

Those beautiful eyes were firmly printed into his mind.

Then there’s no more.

His memory came to an abrupt end here.

At this time, the waiter came forward and waited on him. He changed into a blue robe.

A group of people followed him and led him to the private sea.

This sea area covers an area of more than 400000 square kilometers.

The man walked in slowly without changing his face.

Then the sea rose rapidly, and the tide flooded the man from the head.

The people on the shore did not change their faces. It was obvious that they had long been used to such a picture.

About three or four minutes have passed.

In the sea, something huge swam slowly. It floated and exposed a light blue dorsal fin.

Countless krill landed on it, turned into a diamond blue light and jumped gently.

The behemoth slowly poked its head out.

Its body is so big that it takes up almost half of the sea area. Its head alone looks like a giant beast.

People can’t help but feel terrible when they see it.

That’s an ancient whale.

It made a sudden sound and issued a human, low voice: “I have a bride.”

“I fell in love with him at first sight.”

His body was so huge that his voice fell like a huge thunder, deafening.

Manager Alin:?

He looked up at the sky: “it’s not dark yet. My dear king, it’s still early to dream.”


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