I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 34

The Kayabi people existed in the ancient ice age of the earth.

At that time, their bodies were larger and their longest life span reached 1570 years. When they die, they will turn into a wider sea area.

With the advancement of the times and the progress of science and technology, human beings have migrated from the earth to other galaxies.

It was at this time that the Kayabi family ushered in a huge ethnic shock.

During their migration, they mistakenly entered another rather distant star region.

Here, the keyabi family completed the evolution of new species.

Their lifespan has been extended to ten thousand years.

New era 1999.

A new king of the Kayabi family was born. His name was whale.

Because life becomes long.

The desire – desire for foreign things becomes weak, which becomes a natural thing.

One of the most intuitive manifestations is that it is difficult for the Kayabi people to have newborns.

Alin stood by the sea and sighed gently.

Ten thousand years ago, I also thought that I could have a wife.

Even did not give up, in a hundred years, conscientiously selected a bride for the king who was only over a thousand years old at that time and was not yet fully adult.

But reality tells us.

Forget it. There’s no result. Hey.

Ten thousand years ago, the king didn’t want a bride.

Ten thousand years later, the king began to dream.

Is this lonely time too long? So that my respected king is hallucinating?

Or… A more terrible guess came to Alin’s mind.

After the day.

The Kayabi people were plunged into unspeakable grief.

They believe that this situation may be their king… Dying.


the second day.

The whale, who had regained its adult form, lay on his wide crystal bed.

He closed his eyes and sank into sleep.

But this time, he didn’t have that dream again.

The whale could not tell whether it was a dream or a memory he had forgotten in his mind.

He just instinctively wants to see more.

… maybe we need a new occasion.

The whale thought.

So he went back to the sea.

With his huge body hanging vertically in the sea, he began to try a new round of sleep.

Other creatures on the bottom of the sea swam past him tremblingly, and two molas with less strong psychological quality were scared to death on the spot.

He is the king of the sea.

The natural gap in species level allows him to be in the sea, which can bring a great sense of oppression to other marine creatures.

“Usually only stay in the sea for two hours.”

“It looks like I’m going to spend the night in the sea today…”

“They will be scared to death…”

The Kayabi sighed with anxiety.

And the king of this day.

Still did not dream of his “bride”.

Zhou Yiqing at the other end has arrived near the wormhole.

It’s said to be nearby. In fact, it’s 800 kilometers away. They dare not approach easily until it is unclear whether the dark matter near the wormhole has disappeared.

A video was taken to Zhou Yiqing.

This is a satellite video.

The moment of material change in the wormhole is recorded. It is clearly visible in the picture that the huge starship can be swallowed in one bite.

Zhou Yiqing watched it many times and finally confirmed that it was the Starship Qin Yi drove when he left i7.

Zhou Yiqing’s heart sank suddenly.

The people around him were excited and said, “admiral, did you find it? It hasn’t changed!”


“According to the previous theories, there is a lot of radiation in the wormhole. When a human enters the wormhole, he will die immediately. Objects will also be distorted or even destroyed due to huge energy…”

Zhou Yiqing’s face suddenly became more heavy.

In other words, if Qin Yi is really involved, he is not likely to survive.

“But!” the people around Zhou Yiqing suddenly gasped and said excitedly: “You put the image to the maximum. Although it is very blurred, it is not worth mentioning compared with the huge starship. But have you noticed? Under the shadow of the starship, there is a spaceship here. The Starship squeezed in intact. And it, it has a moment of deformation, and the shell even seems to have the sign of zoom. Why?”

The man turned the video forward: “look at this paragraph again. This is the man-made satellite involved earlier. It turned into powder in an instant. Why do the three objects change in varying degrees?”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

He didn’t know.

But he knew that according to the other party’s statement, Qin Yi seemed to be the only unharmed miracle.

But what happens after entering the wormhole?

If the theory of space-time travel holds, where will Qin Yi go? Can he… Come back?

The man was so excited that he danced: “you know, tens of thousands of years ago, the wormhole was just a human hypothesis. Tens of thousands of years later, humans finally detected the wormhole. But it was only detection! After many observations, nothing could be found. But it…”

Pointing to the Starship that Qin Yi piloted in the video, he said: “It will mark a brilliant turning point for our times! As long as we find out why the starship is intact and what the difference between them is, maybe we will find out what the matter in the wormhole is… Whether it will become a new and more terrible energy… The power of the empire may rise to a higher level because of it. Even we can pass it Through it, you can touch a higher dimension! Maybe the sixth dimension, the seventh dimension… ”

The other party stopped talking and looked at Zhou Yiqing awkwardly.

Not all the generals of the Empire have the patience to listen to so many words said by scientific researchers.

But he still wanted to brazenly apply: “can you ask the Presbyterian court to issue funds for us to build a detection field nearby?”

By the time he said this, he was ready to grind hard and get no results.

Next second.

Zhou Yiqing: “well, I will personally sponsor you another billion stars. I want you to find… A way to enter it.”

The researcher was dazzled by the huge surprise.

He said in a daze, “you,… Thank you. Do you also want to experience space-time travel?”

Zhou Yiqing: “No.”

He paused, pointed to the Starship and said, “there’s my fiancee sitting on it.”

Researcher: “shit!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best…” he quickly said a beautiful word, and then he couldn’t help smacking his mouth and muttering, “you said it’s really strange. Just now I heard from my colleagues that many people have lost their wives recently. Have they all fallen into wormholes?”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Ji Yang’s mouth beside him asked, “who lost it? Your colleague? Why didn’t you call the police?”

The researcher shook his head: “who are my colleagues? They are all unattainable people… For example, the crown prince of the Limu Empire, the Crown Princess ran away. It is said that the wedding could not be held. For another example, Mr. Lu Ji, he said that his wife was kidnapped… I wonder who has the courage to lay hands on their wife. Unless there is a wormhole like the general.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Ji Yang: ”

Ji Yang gave him a complicated look.

Ignorance is a blessing!

After confirming that Qin Yi might survive, Zhou Yiqing turned to deal with military affairs.

But today he opened his light brain, but he didn’t move.

Ji Yang couldn’t help comforting: “are you worried about master Qin Yi?”

Zhou Yiqing: “I was thinking,… Why do so many people know that the rimu empire lost the Crown Princess and Lu Ji lost his wife?”

Ji Yang immediately turned around and asked someone. At last, he touched the star online.

“They posted a blog in the personal space of Xingwang.”

Zhou Yiqing looked up and thought for three seconds: “how to register this thing?”

Ji Yang:???

The process is not complicated.

In less than three minutes, Zhou Yiqing also sent out a blog.

[fiancee, gone.]

Because Zhou Yiqing never had his own private social account, the people didn’t notice him until the people of the Presbyterian court rushed up one after another for fear of slowing down and paying attention to him.

[I thought it would never be possible to wait until the day when general Zhou has a social account]

[no? What’s the matter? You lost all your wives??? Your wives have the same feelings!]

The star netizen who left this message didn’t know it and missed the truth.

More people are still developing conspiracy theories.

[it is seriously suspected that after the crown prince of the enemy country announced that he was going to get married, the Empire was afraid of causing public panic and quickly arranged a non-existent “fiancee” for our best alpha general Zhou.]

Zhou Yiqing was speechless when he saw this one.

When hols and Luji saw it, they were not only speechless, but also angry.

Qin Yi was quietly taken away by you. Do you have the face to say that your fiancee is gone?

… Oh, did Qin Yi run away again?

Hols and Lu Ji are happy to be close to the same state of mind at the moment.

The former is so happy that there is no mountain and no dew.

The latter almost didn’t write schadenfreude directly on his face.

They sent a call request to Zhou Yiqing almost one day ago.

The contact information of Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing was left when Bei manxing joined hands to find someone last time.

How fucking ridiculous.

The pirate leader and the Imperial Admiral are all friends in the address book!

When he found that Qin Yi was taken away by Zhou Yiqing, Lu Ji refused several requests for calls.

And this time, it was finally connected.

“Qin Yi is gone again?” Lu Ji asked directly.

Zhou Yiqing: “not to go.”

There was a slight heaviness in his tone.

Lu Ji is nervous now.

Yes? Married a wild man?

Zhou Yiqing: “Mr. Lu, look where I am.”

From the perspective, Lu Ji saw the equipment being erected not far away and the wormhole in the distance.

Lu Ji understood at once: “grass?! you said he was caught in a wormhole?”

Lu Ji couldn’t sit still. He swallowed all his schadenfreude.

Communication is lost here.

On the other hand, as the crown prince of the enemy country, hols finally received Zhou Yiqing after being summoned by the foreign affairs department and public to public.

The diplomatic departments of both sides will also record their dialogue in detail.

After all, this is a political political dialogue!

As soon as hols opened his mouth, he asked, “where’s Qin Yiren? He’s gone again?”

Will he return to the rimu Empire?

Although he knew it was impossible, the “naive” idea flashed through his mind.

Leaving the diplomatic department, I sprained my hand as soon as I began to remember the first sentence.


Who is Qin Yi???

Zhou Yiqing at the other end: ”

The staff of the Ministry of foreign affairs scratched their heads and wrote down a sentence: General Zhou showed the majesty of the empire with silence.

Hols said slowly: “seeing general Zhou’s face so bad, I knew that general Zhou was not there, so I’m relieved.”

The diplomats of the rimu Empire wrote down the words word by word.

Then remember: our great crown prince, using his elegant style, defeated the general of the enemy country, making the general of the enemy country show a thorny look. This is extremely rare.

Zhou Yiqing finally moved his lips. He asked, “Your Highness, do you want to know where people are?”

Hols made a movement in his hand.

“What do you want in exchange?”

Diplomats of the rimu Empire: shameful enemy generals have threatened our crown prince with indiscriminate means.

So who is Qin Yi?

Zhou Yiqing: “no exchange.” he said coldly, “people are in wormholes.”

Hols’s expression was distorted for a moment: “what did you say?”

Zhou Yiqing cut off the communication without expression.

The diplomats behind Zhou Yiqing were stunned and continued to remember that general Zhou succeeded in making the crown prince of the enemy country extremely embarrassed in one sentence. Admiral’s reputation, deterrence!

So why does Qin Yiren change his face when he is in the wormhole?

Only the researcher who was allowed to enter without exception thought blankly, isn’t that general Zhou’s fiancee???

Less than two hours passed that day.

Teams from three different directions rushed to the wormhole.

When the news is pushed to the star network.

The people of the universe were shocked.

[the crown prince went in person…]

[is there anything unique about this wormhole]

[will it push our technology to realize again □□

[already looking forward to time travel]

The Starship on which Qin Yi rode also hung high on the front page of the news.

They called it “a symbol of the coming New Era”.

Only hols and others know it clearly.

What the hell?

I just want to find a wife.

Under another star field tens of thousands of years ago.

Before Qin Yi packed up, he was invited to the palace again.

The manager couldn’t help but say excitedly, “you don’t have to discuss with your family. We’ll have a wedding right away. What do you think?”

He shouted, “our king fell in love with you at first sight!”

Qin Yi:?

He turned his head and looked at the young man behind the crystal curtain.

So the whales tens of thousands of years later.

He finally dreamed again.

This time he woke up and said to arlin, “I’m probably going to marry my bride.”

Alin, who didn’t sync up his memory, was very sad.

My king may really be dying.

Daydreaming is even more outrageous. Bihors, Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing made up that they all had wives at the same time.


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