I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 35

You really don’t speak the basic law when you get married here.

Qin Yi sighed softly at the bottom of his heart.

The manager knew nothing about his attitude and continued: “you don’t have to bear any psychological burden. We will prepare rich thank-you gifts for your family. In order to marry you, the king will give you several cities. Do you see that direction? There is a sea area in that direction, and that sea area will become your territory…”

The big man stood beside Qin Yi and was stunned.

Why does Qin Yi, your highness, have come to a completely strange place, but someone still wants to marry him?

At this time, Qin Yi had put away his eyes. He whispered, “it sounds very moving.”

The manager’s eyes brightened: “of course! Our conditions are quite rich…”

Qin Yi interrupted him, “can I ask what Wang likes about me?”

I’ll change it.

It’s not because I like that I’m a widow.

Manager: “this…”

The king didn’t say either.

Manager: “of course I like you…”

Qin Yi tilted his head: “don’t I deserve to hear the king speak in person?”

“No, no! Of course not!” but the manager’s sweat came down. A mother like Wang is single. Can you answer this question? If I like your face, people will not like it. They will think Wang is a superficial man!

The manager racked his brains.

He didn’t wait for him to come up with a panacea.

The man behind the crystal curtain opened his mouth low: “… From head to foot.”



Qin Yi: ”

How can I change that?

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale updated this memory synchronously.

“King?” Alin found that he was distracted again and couldn’t help making a sound.

When I was more than a thousand years old, I would have said such things.

This idea slowly emerged in the whale’s brain.

Like your head to toe.

Like a minor confession.

Qin Yi said lightly, “so, have you ever thought that I don’t like you?”

The man behind the crystal curtain paused and asked seriously, “don’t you like me?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

The manager was dumbfounded.

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale was stunned.

After a while, Mr. whale squeezed out a voice from his throat: “Arlene, it seems that I can’t get married.”


Mr. whale: “the bride doesn’t like me.”

Ah Lin murmured, “Hey, it’s normal.”

Your story is quite logical.

It’s much more reliable than the one in front of you!

Wang, who was more than a thousand years old, suddenly raised the crystal curtain and came out: “then can I ask why you don’t like me?”

The first to be stunned was the big man.

The big man looked up at the man and felt that he didn’t look like a real person. No swearing. Just think so.

Qin Yi took each other’s appearance into his eyes.

Blue shoulder length hair, clear eyes, especially young and handsome face, and the crown on his head is blooming with colorful light.

At this time, the manager couldn’t hold his voice: “maybe you haven’t seen our king before, so you can’t like it from your heart… Now? Now you feel it again?”

“Well, it’s over.” Qin Yi was very calm.

He said, “I don’t like it.”

The manager’s eyes widened in shock.

Once upon a time, only Wang despised it! Never looked down on the king!

The steward couldn’t help reminding him, “this is… The king of Pali city states.”

What about Wang?

Have you seen the admiral of the enemy country? Have you met Mr. Zheng of the league? Have you ever seen the imperial crown prince waiting in line to see Qin Yi? Have you seen Mr. Lu Ji with fans all over the universe? You haven’t seen anything.

The big man disdained and said in his voice, “it is not just the king of Pali city that has the crown.”

The manager was shocked to hear this.

Do the kings of other cities also try to rob the young men in front of them? That’s right.

The widow even has a bit of heart when I listen to it. She is still so beautiful

Only then did Wang, who was more than a thousand years old, notice the big man.

He thought of what the teenager said before. He was a widow and had a child.

The king moved his lips: “is he your son?”

Qin Yi: “…?”

It’s not impossible.

“I will treat him as my own,” Wang said.

But Qin Yi didn’t change his expression.

Wang asked, “isn’t that ok?”

Qin Yi nodded. He found an impeccable reason. He said, “you look too young.” he pointed to the big man: “he looks older than you. I don’t like too young friends.”

“I’m a thousand years old.”

good heavens.

Pretty old.

This is beyond the scope of normal people.

But Qin Yi has to continue to pick and choose each other’s age. So he asked, “how long do you live?”

Wang said, “maybe 10000 years, maybe 20000 years.”

Because of the genetic optimization, he will become the longest living king of their race.

Qin Yixin said, if you are still alive, I have become a human being.

But with this answer, Qin Yi knew how to make it up.

As Qin Yi guessed, Wang quickly asked his age: “how old are you?”

Qin Yi: “7325 years old.”

He lied and didn’t have to draft.

He blinked and said, “you see, you are so much younger than me.”

Wang was suddenly silent.

His face looked as cold as ice, but it was impossible to distinguish an emotion.

Disappointed or happy?

No one knows.

When he looked at a person calmly, his eyes were too clear to give people a terrible feeling.

The big man couldn’t help tightening his muscles. His brain had begun to imagine how to cover Qin Yi’s escape.

The manager murmured, “seven thousand three hundred and twenty-five years old… Should have raised many newborns for your ethnic group? You should have quite rich experience. To be honest, there are no ethnic groups over three thousand years old in our race. There is a gap in the experience handed down by our ancestors. You may be able to make up for this.”

He looked at Qin Yi’s eyes and became more and more enthusiastic: “it’s not easy for Wang to grow up to this age. You really seem to be a surprise given to us by God. Please stay here…”

Qin Yi:?

How about it? It’s all your race likes?

If so, it would be a little troublesome.

In the other party’s words, his fate and stay will affect the future of the other party’s race. He doesn’t think they will give him up easily.

The manager smiled eagerly: “do you think so? I’ll pick you up here every other day and try to cultivate feelings with Wang. If you still don’t have a trace of emotion after three months, I’ll send you away? In these three months, we will prepare a generous reward for you to thank you for your cooperation.”

Racial interests are present.

Don’t intensify conflicts with each other on the spot.

Qin Yi did not reject the proposal.

three months.

He could fully understand the place and ran away.

“Can you prepare me an identification here?”

“No problem!”

The two sides reached an agreement amicably.

To show his sincerity, the manager also took the reward and personally sent Qin Yi back to the hotel.

When entering the hotel, the manager couldn’t help but suggest, “Dear Sir, how can you live in such a place? How about I buy a house for you?”

Qin Yi: “no, thanks.”

The identity certificate is something he cannot or lacks, and the remuneration is the compensation for the other party’s unreasonable interference with him.

If you want another house, it won’t be necessary.

The manager left disappointed.

The big man grimaced and asked, “what should I do? They deceive people too much. They must covet your beauty…”

Qin Yi: “it would be nice if it were just like this. No one can keep a permanent and warm love for an invariable face. What’s more, beautiful things in the world are perishable.”

The big man was stunned.

Why do you say that?

In his opinion, Qin Yi’s cabinet is worthy of being loved by others all his life.

Qin Yi licked his lips: “I knew I wouldn’t talk nonsense…”

Widows and nonsense age are right in the arms of this strange race.

“Why don’t we sneak away now?”

“So tired, such a stupid way to escape will be so tired…” Qin Yi said lazily on the sofa. Then he turned over and said, “no hurry.”

The big man had to press his impatience.

In his opinion, Qin Yi, who can easily handle multiple top alpha, has almost the same incredible ability as a God.

Qin Yi slept comfortably.

When I got up the next day, I found that the rumors about him had escalated again.

When he went out of the door and passed the Melly bank, he heard someone whispering about his “bride of the king”.

In the palace at this time.

The young king looked at the crystal mirror, held a pen in his slender knuckles, and gently described that what came out was not a magnificent chart.

But a beard at the corners of his mouth.

“It is said that this is a proof of human aging,” he said expressionless.

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale finally had a little shallow lines between his eyebrows.

He did not expect that tens of thousands of years of himself would have such a ridiculous time.

Mr. whale’s brain flashed the bride’s face again.

You were all fooled by him.

He promised that it was just his delaying tactic.

“King!” Alin’s voice called back Mr. whale’s thoughts.

Alin asked, “did you dream of the bride again?”


“What did he say this time?”

“He said he didn’t like young people.”

He doesn’t like me in the past.

This made Mr. whale feel very strange.


You are thirty thousand years old.

Don’t you mean that people only like you!

Sure enough, Wang was still ill! Still very ill!

Pushed the time back to the Pali city-state tens of thousands of years ago.

An elderly man, leaning on a civilization stick, came out of the Melly bank slowly. He stopped the people talking outside the door: “are you talking about him?”

With that, he took a look at Qin Yi’s back.

“Good day, Mr. Glaister.”

“We are really talking about him. He will become the bride of the king. Don’t you know?”

Other people cut in hurriedly and quickly replied to the distinguished Mr. Glaister in front of him: “he lives in the Alan hotel in the country.”

“He’s a widow!”

The man showed a very strange look: “widow? How is it possible?”

The man smiled and said, “thank you, I see.” then he turned quickly.

His gait was so bad that he seemed to want to fly up and report it.

But when he returned to Melly bank, he slowed down again.

He bathes, changes clothes, perfumes, orders incense, then kneels down before Melly bank signs, closes his eyes.

Not everyone can see that big man.

No one in the world has his contact information.

Only one.

Mr. Wu Hong.

Mr. Wu Hong.

Mr. Wu Hong.

He called respectfully at the bottom of his heart three times, and then asked the first sentence: “you won’t die, will you?”

He is not young.

But the old Mr. Glaister could not help sobbing and crying: “why is your wife a widow? He even remarried.

“Mr. Wu Hong, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you really sobbing…”

In Wu Hong’s long life.

I’ve seen a sesame point bloom from his fingertips and turn into a gorgeous Galaxy universe;

I have seen the giant’s body collapse, gasification of the wind and cloud, the sound of thunder, and the eyes become the sun and the moon;

I’ve seen the Star River fall, the mountains and rivers overturn, the flint people take fire, Fu Xisheng’s eight trigrams

Calm, plain and mediocre.

But he never thought about it.

The first excitement in his long years is —

He suddenly had a wife.

His wife became a widow.

And will remarry at the speed of light.


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