I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 36

Glaister, who has not received a response for a long time, has changed from crying and choking to stumbling gossip.

“Are they wrong? But they shouldn’t. The soldiers at the gate swore to me that they did see the marks of three gods on him.

“I’ve only seen one. It’s on the sign of Melly bank. That’s what you left.”

“Who has seen three? No one has seen three.”

Glaister said, crying with jealousy.

“If it weren’t for deeper and closer contact with you, who could have so many marks?

“He will be able to take your mark and go freely to and from each city-state. He will be a guest of each city-state.

“He will be your last spokesman in this star field. He will be recorded in history…”

My God?

Glaister was even more jealous.

“If it weren’t for your mark, I wouldn’t personally go to a remote township to deal with his account errors.

“I am your faithful believer, woo woo.

“If you are really dead, should I stop him from remarrying for you? God, if I were your wife, I would be widowed for you all my life, all my next life and all my life!”

Glaister said excitedly.

Wu Hong slowly opened his eyes: ”

Are you widowed for me?

That’s not necessary.

Glaister was old after all. He chatted sparsely for a long time. He was tired of crying and howling.

So he fell down and fell asleep in front of the statue of the gods.

Wu Hong: ”

Wu Hong has many believers.

Glaister is just one of them.

Wu Hong also has many names.

Even in different histories, there are different records about him.

In Oriental Fantasy, some people think he is the embodiment of candle nine Yin. But he always thinks that a red skinned, footless dragon with a face is ugly.

In Western Fantasy, someone will call the strange appearance when he came “indescribable terror”.

In the age of interstellar, according to the rules that they divide the world of different levels into dimensions, such as the first dimension, the third dimension, and the fourth dimension mentioned in a film “interstellar journey” that spread far on the ancient earth… People think he comes from the seventh dimension.

Only one record is universal.

Every aspect of mankind believes that believing in him will gain strength from it.

… just farting.

Wu Hong raised his eyelids and thought. Does everything deserve strength?

But Glaister did something useful —

Believers who know Wu Hong’s name, as long as they call his name, the other party’s words, thoughts and actions will be clearly seen by him without reservation.

Glaister’s cry fell into Wu Hong’s ears.

So what’s the point of believing in gods?

The point is to open your brain and let each other in and out freely? Even sometimes, the gods don’t want to go in and out of your waste brain.

Wu Hong stood in place with his eyes down for a moment, then raised his hand and gently hit his fingers.

The dark space swayed a few lights.

The man’s face was revealed in the light.

Long black hair.

Black and white is too clear, so it seems indifferent and even terrible pupil.

Straight nose, thin lips, eyebrows like green feathers, and skin as pale as snow.

He walked along the fire.

The back is tall and straight, lonely and cold, becoming thinner and thinner.

It was like a shadow cage on him.

Wu Hong is going to have a look.

Just one look.

See if his “widow wife” is an individual or another species.

He thought.

At least it has to be a person.


Walking in the street, Qin Yi sneezed.

The big man asked nervously, “have you caught a cold?”

Qin Yi shook his head.

The catkins in the wind floated into his nose, a little itchy.

This time is very different from his time.

In the interstellar age, there were no trees or flowers on the streets, of course, there would be no flying catkins of plants. Most interstellar people may not be able to distinguish several plants in their life.

That is, Qin Yi had a special class of this kind before he knew that it was catkins flying.

In fact, this era is also good.

Life here is more exaggerated. They believe in gods and have a smooth nature. Even with the development of science and technology, they will never replace the gentle and romantic parts of life that belong to mankind alone.

And because of the belief in gods.

They don’t pursue stars at all.

In other words, there is no star in this era!


The next actor star is me.

Qin Yi’s idea of pursuing his dream in the performing arts circle jumped Q twice in his mind, ready to move.

Seeing Qin Yi’s face relaxed, he looked around quietly.

The big man breathed a sigh of relief.

Your highness Qin Yi should have no problem.

The big man lowered his voice and asked, “are you remembering the terrain and route here?”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “No.” he pointed to the wall not far away: “I’m looking at how big a poster can be pasted there.”

The big man was stunned: “huh?!”

“I seem to have a little foreboding…” Qin Yi murmured.

“What’s the matter?” the big man alerted.

There is no star in this era, of course, there is no film company, no crew, no screenwriter… Good guy, there is nothing!

Qin Yi licked his lips.

forget it.

I don’t like this place.

I’d better go home early.

Far behind, on a large ship flying with mechanical wings in mid air.

The manager said nervously, “did they find us following?”

After a few seconds.

The whale slowly turned his head: “is this tracking?”

Manager: “isn’t that right?”

The whale thought for a moment and said expressionless, “this is chasing love.”

Manager: “poof, cough, cough…”

He almost choked on his saliva.

Now he is a little afraid. He doesn’t know what the hell Wang, who is single and inexperienced, learned after being rejected. He not only painted his beard, but also dared to talk about it.

Whale’s blue eyes, watching Qin Yi turn a corner in front.

Finally, I watched Qin Yi enter a shop.

There is a sign on the wall: the king of machinery.

There is also a shop to rob business next to it. Its name is Xiao Wang of machinery.

But it’s not important. The important thing is… The manager said stupidly, “does he like these things?”

Yes, the purpose of their quietly tracking today is to find out what Qin Yi likes.

In this era, there is no concept of robot.

Even with the most advanced technology at that time, artificial intelligence could be completely created.

People integrate all kinds of mechanical arms and legs into the human body and replace the original bones with them.

There are also some strange people who ask to integrate guns and swords into their bodies.

What’s more interesting is to install a mechanical tail, mechanical wings and the latest sensors.

Make sure you feel it when you touch it.

Really, it’s strange to change (play).

Qin Yi smacks his mouth and finally selects a mechanical arm, mechanical thigh, mechanical trunk, mechanical brain, mechanical tail… And a mechanical sword.

The shopkeeper held up his knife and asked enthusiastically, “do you need me to help you with your body transformation? Install all these things for you?”

Qin Yi refused for three times and hurriedly withdrew.

Qin Yi walked out with his front feet.

Stretch out your fingertips and flick the tip of the tail of the mechanical tail.

The black texture, the cold tip of the tail, lined with his fingertips, has an unspeakable beauty.

The whale said expressionless, “he’s so cute.”

The voice of the whale over there has just fallen.

Here, Qin Yi bumped into a man.

On the other hand, the color is blue and black, the color is hung on the chin, and the body shape is unstable. Only the clothes on the body, um… They look familiar.

It’s Kong Jiaxiang.

Kong Jiaxiang suddenly raised his head and reached out to grab Qin Yi’s arm, but Qin Yi dodged.

“I finally found it! After you left that day, you never came back! It took me a long time and many difficulties to find here! The soldiers here almost didn’t let me into the city!”

Kong Jiaxiang took a quick breath when he said this, and then followed his voice: “you know, I seem to be tens of thousands of years ago! A completely strange era that has never been recorded in history! It’s the wormhole that brought us… What should we do? We can’t go back… This era is too backward! How can we live?”

When it comes to the last sentence, Kong Jiaxiang’s face has shown a faint fear.

After all, he hasn’t graduated from school.

Even if it is a naturally proud alpha, it is not so easy to cultivate the perseverance in the bones.

The big man disdained to say, “Qin Yi knew it early in the morning. You don’t need to repeat it.”

Kong Jiaxiang was satirized by him, but he immediately stood up again.

Kong Jiaxiang said coldly, “but I can protect him!”


“It’s not me. Do you expect you to be a B-level waste?”

“Hey…” Qin Yi couldn’t help interrupting them.

Kong Jiaxiang clenched his teeth and said, “Qin Yi, don’t speak for him! I will lose to him that day because I just experienced a wormhole, my state is unstable and I have injuries! Today is different…”


The last word hasn’t been said yet.

Kong Jiaxiang suddenly heard a gust of wind approaching.

He turned his head sharply.

Then, in the reflection of his tight pupils, a huge, strange ship with gemstones and a pair of mechanical wings bumped him out.

Kong Jiaxiang’s throat was sweet.

The blood vomited out.

If it weren’t for his S-class alpha and exaggerated strong physique, he should be sent to cremation immediately.

“In this era… Can you kill at will?” Kong Jiaxiang raised his sinister eyes. He bit his teeth and pressed the mecha button with one hand.

On a big ship.

The whale came down slowly.

The people around were surprised and said, “king!”

“It’s the king!”


Kong Jiaxiang’s eyelids jumped. Unexpectedly, he provoked the leader here when he came.

But where did he offend each other?

The whale didn’t look at him.

The whale went straight to Qin Yi and said, “I really didn’t follow you.”


There is no silver here, king! Have you had a good fable class?

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “ah, I don’t believe it.”

The expressionless whale slightly tightened his body. After a long time, he squeezed out two words from his throat: “really?”

Qin Yi nodded and didn’t answer again.

The manager sighed bitterly.

You see, this conversation is dead, isn’t it?

Kong Jiaxiang now understood.

Do you know each other?

How many days did Qin Yi arrive here before him? So you know the king of the city? Even the other party would because he just wanted to grab Qin Yi’s arm, so he bumped him wildly!

“What’s your relationship?” Kong Jiaxiang asked calmly.

It’s fucking changed time and space! I don’t believe it. I have an alpha with 100% matching! There’s no fucking alpha in this era!

But it was not Qin Yi who answered him, nor the king who looked like a flower of kaolin and was particularly difficult to provoke.

But a timid shopkeeper next to her asked, “don’t you know?”

Kong Jiaxiang frowned and said unhappily, “do you know if it’s difficult?”

“Hey, I really know. Our whole city knows! That’s the king’s bride!”

Kong Jiaxiang digested hard for a while, and then his face turned iron blue in an instant.

He knew that the match between general Zhou and Qin Yi was as high as 100%. He was shocked and he couldn’t believe it. But because I didn’t actually see each other, I didn’t have any special sense of reality.

up to now.

The king of the city.

At present, this man who seems to be more powerful than ordinary alpha and holds the power of a city-state.

He also likes Qin Yi.

This kind of shock and incredible really rushed into his brain.

Those thoughts he once had were set off so ridiculously all of a sudden.

Qin Yi is a cloud.

But he was proud of the Kong family, and even the young master who made the whole pan Daxing proud of him turned into mud at his feet.

Qin Yi whispered, “do you want to fight again?”

Kong Jiaxiang immediately looked on alert.

Is Qin Yi going to let a man teach him a lesson?

“If you don’t hit me, I’ll go first,” Qin Yi said.

He is anxious to go back and play with the robot arm.

Kong Jiaxiang choked in his throat: ”

Now he feels that Qin Yi seems to… Never look at him at all… Even the most basic hate is not willing to give him a trace.

The manager quickly said, “we’ll see you off!”

Qin Yi looked at him with a smile, then nodded: “well, let’s go.”

Kong Jiaxiang looked up in embarrassment and watched him leave.

A thought came into my mind… Will Qin Yi’s father and stepmother be as shocked as I am when they see him? Or change your face and become more exaggerated?

Oh, No.

We can’t go back at all.


Qin Yi got on the big ship.

The whale finally found another topic.

He asked, “who is that?”

The manager was surprised.

The heart says you can’t talk for three or two sentences, and your EQ is three miles away. But now you’re paying attention to all possible rivals? There’s nothing wrong with your talent!

Qin Yi: “and I come from the same place, fellow townsman. My father and his father are family friends.”

The manager was shocked: “it’s the kind of childhood sweetheart and baby kiss?”

“No.” Qin Yi smiled gently, “I don’t like being silly – forced.”

After sending Qin Yi back to the hotel, the whale stared at the “small” building in front of him: “it’s not as big as my tail.”

“Yes, so try to find a way to connect people to the palace.” the manager answered.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t say a few words.


After these three months, I may only say good morning, good afternoon and good night when I meet.

Whale: “HMM.”

“You have to make progress!”

“There’s progress.” whale paused. “I know now that he doesn’t like being stupid.”

The manager was stunned and stammered in horror for a long time: “well, what’s the matter? Then we have to measure our IQ?”

The whale did not answer.

I also know that he likes tails.

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale soon synchronized these memories.

He pressed his forehead.

At that time, he couldn’t even have a three or two sentence dialogue.

If it were him now

Mr. whale began to think seriously about how he could carry on the topic without talking to death.

Think about it.

I can’t sleep.

Qin Yi didn’t know that there was a Mr. whale losing sleep because of him in the interstellar era tens of thousands of years later.

In fact, he almost forgot the name of the race of keabi.

Three words.

It’s hard to remember.

He only vaguely remembers that there is a king who matches 100%. What is better than people?

forget it.

Anyway, this era can’t appear. Any of the six people with 100% matching degree!

Qin Yi took out all the things he purchased during the day.

“What are you doing?” the big man asked curiously.

“Assemble robots.” use those robotic arms to arm the thighs

The big man exclaimed, “can you still this?”

“Just learned.” Qin Yi didn’t lie. He learned it from that ancient light brain. It is the optical brain used to insert ID card to control insect robot.

I want to make one —

Beautiful, mechanical, maybe very cold, without a trace of human feelings, only belong to me, there will be no love, but there will be no hatred and betrayal, robot.

To this end, Qin Yi spent a full three days.

On the way, he didn’t step out of the hotel, so that every time the whale ship squatted quietly outside the hotel, but every time it was exposed because of its huge hull, the hotel felt trembling.

It’s over.

Why hasn’t the bride come out yet?

The bride opened a bottle of juice.

He poured himself a cup and put it in front of the robot.

The formed robot has a tall, thin and dark body. As soon as the light is sprinkled, it will slide from its smooth body and turn into a beautiful arc.


Wu Hong picked and chose an easy thing as his projection carrier.

He can only visit the world in this way.

Otherwise, the huge energy he carries will collapse here.

When he opened his eyes.

The young man with a pair of Ruifeng eyes slightly narrowed and the tail of his eyes slightly turned up. Obviously, he was just drinking fruit juice, but he drank the taste of wine. He smiled at him, held a cup in his left hand and drank up, revealing a beautiful Adam’s apple.

His eyes slanted on Wu Hong.

Then he bumped the juice cup in his right hand into Wu Hong and made a cold sound.

He heard the boy laughing happily and saying, “celebrate our meeting! Cheers!”

When Wu Hong saw the Star River falling, he didn’t think it was a bad disaster. He will not feel a trace of grief.

But he once thought that scene was really beautiful.

While the boy looked up and drank the juice, he looked back and looked at him. When he smiled, it was like a galaxy falling.

The narrow, hard and cold body and the sound made by the collision of glasses seem to be the music of celebration.


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