I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 37

“OK, finished.” Qin Yifei quickly took back the cup and stuffed the robot into the wardrobe.

Wu Hong, whose consciousness is projected onto the robot:?

Qin Yi also conveniently locked the door.

He patted the door panel and whispered, “there is no product like you in this era. I hope they won’t think you are a monster when they see you. There is no charging cabin here. When you leave here, I will take you back to the Starship and fully charge.”

Then there was only darkness left for Wu Hong.


No one has ever locked him up so quickly.

However, Wu Hong did feel his brand from the young man.

But he has no impression of teenagers.

And the other party looks very young. They should never have met.

It may be that his things fell on the boy.

It’s just a coincidence.

He didn’t have many things left in various places, but the boy had three at one go?

Wu Hong’s thoughts came to an abrupt end here.

He heard o @ outside the thin cabinet.

The boy is taking off his clothes.

But the idea was only a flash.

Soon there was silence everywhere.

The next day Qin Yi got up.

Wu Hong heard the boy brush his teeth and casually say to him, “I have to install a brain for you.”

Wu Hong: ”

That sounds a little abusive.

“I have never set up my own artificial intelligence.” the teenager’s voice was a little excited. It sounded better.

Qin Yi gulped his mouth.

Then he took Wu Hong out of the cabinet again.

Next second.

Wu Hong’s head is separated.

Wu Hong: ”

He looked at Qin Yi and took out a piece of light brain that did not belong to this era.

The light brain is old and backward, and the shape is still mottled.

Wu Hong recognized at a glance that it probably belonged to the era product of the cosmic calendar around 1100.

Then Qin Yi stuffed his light brain into his brain.

Such a rotten thing… Stuffed into his mind.

Qin Yi combed the line of the body again, and then connected it. He lowered his eyes and whispered, “this can avoid failure and burn your only brain.”

Wu Hong’s eyes fell on Qin Yi’s face.

The youth looks quiet and beautiful.

But at the next moment.

Qin Yi clapped his hands and said, “OK, it’s set.”

Wu Hong heard a cold mechanical sound in his mouth: “master.”

Wu Hong: ”

“I’m your robot. My name is number two.” the mechanical voice followed.

He’s not even number one.

It’s number two.

Wu Hong suddenly had a feeling of extreme absurdity.

Then the door was knocked.

Qin Yi opened the door and the big man came in from the outside.

The moment he saw the robot, the big man instinctively stepped back.

The whole body is dark and tall. When you drop your eyes, it should be cold inorganic eyes. But it gave him the illusion of being stared at with a cloudy and oppressive feeling.

Qin Yi pointed to Wu Hong and introduced him to big head: “his name is No. 2 now.”

The big man didn’t feel that he was a living man and the same naming idea as a robot. What’s wrong.

The big man nodded. He pressed down the fear in his heart, faced the robot and said, “I’m number one.”

His name is always beyond your memory.

“No. 1” was specially set up for him by your excellency Qin Yi.

Number one is him. A very low level alpha.

I’m just number two.

Wu Hong felt a little more subtle at this moment.

The big man didn’t look at Wu Hong again.

He quickly turned to Qin Yi and said, “the king didn’t come to the hotel today.”

“Hmm?” Qin Yi answered.

The big man said, “I heard people in the city say that there seems to be a war.” he said, stunned: “you don’t seem surprised?”

Qin Yi: “have you seen the map of the world? Pali City States occupy the most superior position. There are five city states around, which firmly surround it in the middle.

“Do you remember how the people here describe their king? – the city of Paley is strong because of him.

“I’ve heard that the people of other city states believe in gods to the point of being almost possessed. They hope that the gods will give them strength to take the superior geographical location here.

“Pali’s faith in gods is not so pious. Only a few people worship at home because they believe in their own king.

“In such a huge difference, it will happen sooner or later.”

“The opposition between divine power and royal power?” said the big man in a stunned voice.

Qin Yi looked up and said, “it’s like two big fan groups tearing and forcing.”

Big guy:?

But what I didn’t expect was.

That night, Wang still came to the hotel.

The manager smiled and said, “as we agreed before, today is the date…”

Qin Yixin said, you are still very persistent about marriage.

But he said politely, “wait.”

Then turn back.

He stuffed Wu Hong back into the cabinet and locked it.

Wu Hong: ”

He saw the whale standing outside the door.

Now he knows that it is the whale that the teenager wants to “remarry”.

Even if you already know, the mark on the young man may only be because he carried items belonging to the gods.

But at this moment, Wu Hong still had a very strange feeling.

It seems that

The boy went out to date his adulterer.

Conveniently locked her husband in the cabinet [?]

And more importantly.

As the boy said.

Here, people’s respect for gods is far less profound than their worship of the king.


Wu Hong thought.

He wants to withdraw his consciousness and project it onto another body. Hmm? For example, the old big fish just now? That’s the manager of the whale. Or onto number one?

But in that case, he will not be able to return to the body of the robot.

Because of such a fragile body, it is difficult to bear his second projection.

Wu Hong’s thoughts moved and moved.

Finally, I pressed it.

The fish is too old.

Number one is too ugly.

forget it.

The whale went straight to the palace with Qin Yi.

He led Qin Yi all the way and finally stopped in front of a glass window similar to an aquarium aquarium.

Behind the glass window is a huge sea area.

Countless fish, shrimp, shellfish and corals are amazingly rich in ecology.

But even more amazing.

Floating at the bottom of the sea, a huge, independent ecosystem. They are scattered with light blue light spots, surrounded by countless fish and shrimp.

Shocked, sad and beautiful.

Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

In textbooks, it seems… It’s called whale fall.

So how many whales have died in this sea area?

Now Qin Yi really understood what a scene the “decline and fall of race” in the mouth of the manager was like.

“The evolution of our race has leapt forward step by step. Such an evolutionary process has led to the dating of civilization and inheritance. The life span of the keyabi people has been very long, very long. But it is difficult to give birth to a newborn. Even if there is a newborn, it is difficult to raise and grow up. No matter how long the life span is, it will eventually die.” the whale said faintly.

The manager is also a little sad. He whispered behind his back, “we are even planning to migrate to other star regions to seek humans who can combine with us.”

Qin Yi interjected, “why is it difficult to give birth to a newborn?”

On the whale’s indifferent face, which remained unchanged for thousands of years, a little imperceptible red suddenly appeared. He struggled to squeeze out a voice from his throat: “… Because the keyabi people are difficult to have sex from now on.”

The whale then shut its mouth firmly.

The manager shouted God at the bottom of his heart. He thought it was very sexual – Sao – disturbing.

I almost didn’t tell others that you are different. You make me have the feeling of love.

The manager wanted to find a hole in the ground and couldn’t bear to see Qin Yi turn over again.

But Qin Yi just gently picked the tail of his eyebrow.

Can he make a bold guess

It is difficult for the Kayabi to have sex again because after their evolution, they are comparable to the gender division of ABO in the interstellar age. But the Kayabi have no concept of ABO.

They can’t find a matching pheromone, so they can’t have sex again.

Good guy, think about it like this

Here a group of whales fall, all lonely to death, the mother and fetus are single.

It’s a little… Miserable.

Qin Yi turned his head and asked, “are your people powerful?”

The manager was stunned. Unexpectedly, Qin Yi was very calm and even took the initiative to ask questions.

The manager breathed a sigh of relief and said that the king’s bride was really good.

The steward quickly replied: “… It’s more powerful… Anyway, it’s much stronger than the people of Pali city state.”

Qin Yi suspects that their clansmen are actually a group of single alpha.

Most of the people of Pali city-state are ordinary beta.

There are very few Omega.

So there are not no newborns in their race.

It’s just too few.

Compared with the people who turned into whales, it’s like the difference between ants and elephants.

Although Qin Yi doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t intend to fulfill Omega’s obligation to have a child.

But he doesn’t look down on people who want to have children.


Pass down life and civilization.

It’s an instinct carved into human DNA.

Animals and humans.

It’s normal to want to preserve the whole ethnic group.

Therefore, it is a general iron rule to protect cubs in any ethnic group.

Qin Yi whispered, “can I have some of your blood?”

In this way, he may be able to confirm whether the king in front of him is an alpha.

The whale stood there and ate.

Suddenly there was nowhere to put his hands and feet.

The whale said, “wait.”


The whale turned.

Soon brought out a whole glass of blood.

Qin Yi:?

Not so much!

But he didn’t say anything.

It’s bleeding.

It’s better not to say it than to make the other party feel embarrassed and annoyed.

Qin Yi brought the cup closer.

In the blood, a faint sea breeze wrapped in the smell of saltiness floated into the nose.

It’s very much like the popular perfume in the universe, the smell of ocean tears.

This is indeed the pheromone of alpha.

Qin Yifei quickly put down the cup of blood.

The whale couldn’t help asking, “what’s the matter? Is there a problem with it?”

Don’t you want it?

Qin Yi raised his head and said seriously, “if you want to save the race, I suggest you immigrate to other star regions.”

Instead of abducting his wife with leaflets.

Mr. whale tens of thousands of years later.

Soon synchronized this memory.

He stood in shock.

Suddenly turned and asked Arlene, “why did we move to this star field?”


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