I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 38

After a long time, people’s thinking will actually become particularly slow, and their emotions will become particularly indifferent.

Many important things have become less important.

Because you still have a lot of time to deal with.

After hearing Mr. whale’s question, Alin turned her head hard and finally said, “ah, I really can’t remember what you said. Maybe it’s because the original residence is not suitable for survival.”

Is it because of the boy?

Mr. whale thought.

Mr. whale thinks it’s possible.

When he was young, he seemed to have no resistance to the “bride”.

Arlene’s attention was soon distracted by the latest interstellar news.

Ah Lin exclaimed, “Oh! They fought for a wormhole!”


Alin: “general Zhou Yiqing, crown prince hols, and Lu Ji.”

Alin tut said: “what’s there to rob the wormhole? Aren’t you afraid to get involved in it? And it’s useless for Lu Ji. When can Lu Ji come back and continue making movies? Alas…”

Mr. whale didn’t answer.

When Alin said this, his tone suddenly changed: “hmm? What? Is it because of his wife? Who has such great ability? Kidnapped Lu Ji’s wife into a wormhole?”

Arlene opened the comment area of the news.

Dou Da’s words floated in mid air.

[I don’t believe Lu Ji has a wife]

[I don’t believe Lu Ji has a wife + 1]

Brother, is your wife the one who drives the Starship

Alin “puffed” a smile: “Hey, I don’t believe it. Who will drive a starship to tie people?”

On the interstellar network, which used to only talk about star gossip, it has become more and more lively because of a wormhole.

[I just want to know, who has the video near the wormhole? I haven’t seen what kind of battle this level of alpha is fighting…]

[it’s said that the newly built wormhole exploded directly, was caught in the vortex and broke in a moment]

[the command headquarters of the rimu Empire exploded directly into the sky] […? what a revenge?]

[sleeping trough! Are the two empires really ready to go to war]

[I’m not sure. It’s said that people from the alliance have also arrived near the wormhole. The situation may become more complicated]

[the explosion explosion you mentioned is quite like the explosion explosion of the imperial palace of the Limu Empire last time…]

[speaking of the last explosion of the Imperial Palace, no official statement was given in the end.]

[is it the treachery of the kaabi?]

Seeing this, Alin’s nose was crooked with anger.

How could it be our trick?

“These people are really capable of conspiracy theory!” Alin sneered. “All the pots are on our heads! We won’t say later that we abducted their wives?”

The more Alin thought about it, the more he felt possible. He couldn’t help but follow the conspiracy theory.

“Wang.” ah Lin said excitedly, “I think they don’t have a wife at all. They may use this as an excuse to prepare to join hands to eliminate us!”

And now near the wormhole.

Three alpha, barely sitting around a table.

Today they are staying at the headquarters of the Yanhuang Empire, the country where Zhou Yiqing is located.

no way out.

The command post of the rimu Empire has just been blown up.

The room was silent and no one spoke first.

So that the deputies and soldiers guarding nearby were all trembling and afraid to make a sound.

How did this happen?

In retrospect, everyone is still a little trance and incredible.

At first, Lu Ji sat down, sneered and asked, “Your Highness, what a big face! I heard that the emperor of your country announced that you were going to hold a wedding a month ago. At that time, you didn’t meet Qin Yi. How can your highness say that it was your fiancee?”

Hols raised his eyes: “what qualification does Mr. Lu have to send such a message?”

General Zhou interposed, “don’t argue.”

Just when everyone thought general Zhou was coming to persuade a quarrel.

General Zhou said, “only I am qualified.”

“Admiral Zhou really farts!”

“The account of taking people away without authorization last time hasn’t been calculated yet. You can take it with you and go back to the wormhole.”

The smell of fire medicine lit up in an instant.

Hols lifted the table first.

Lu Ji drew his sword in situ.

General Zhou’s mecha lifted the roof of the headquarters.

Things went in the worst direction with lightning speed.

And we don’t know what happened.

When I recovered, the observation points exploded.

Finally, Zhou Yiqing was the first to speak: “please your highness hols compensate for the expenses of the observation point.”

Hols raised his eyelids: “please compensate general Zhou for the expenses of the headquarters.”

Lu Ji leaned back on the chair. Don’t get involved at all.

He lowered his eyes, opened the communicator and quietly scolded star netizens for three rounds.

Losing your wife is enough to make you angry.

You fucking say my wife is fake now!

[my wife! Her name is Qin Yi! Thank you! He is still my fan. He sent me videos full of my movies!]

[is it a real person? Is it a real person’s online reply? Ah, I’m all right!]


[I’m shocked… Didn’t you say that you should be an unruly pirate leader and be a prodigal son with the wind all your life?]

[thank you. Those who don’t have a wife are called prodigal sons. For example, hols and Zhou Yiqing… What kind of prodigal sons are those who have a wife?]

[shit, some people are arrogant]

[well, will the headquarters really not blow up again?]

Then the next second, interstellar Netizens found that Lu Ji seemed to have lost contact with everyone again.

The one who lifted the table this time became Zhou Yiqing.

“Lu Ji, is straw in your mind? You just announced Qin Yi’s name!”

Hols was also extremely dissatisfied: “is that your wife? Do you have a marriage certificate?”

The three men who had just sat down calmly for less than half an hour bombed another headquarters this time.

When it’s over again.

All three were wounded.

Zhou Yiqing bent his fingers and opened the communicator. There was still residual blood on his Fingerbone, but he lowered his eyes and ignored it.

Then he did something calmly.

In three minutes.

Lu Ji clenched his teeth and shouted angrily, “are you still scolding me? You sent out all the photos of Qin Yi!”

“Anyway, you have done a stupid thing. I don’t send it now, waiting for you to tell the whole world that my fiancee is your wife?” Zhou Yiqing whispered coldly.

This is the most absurd thing he has ever done.

But he did it anyway.

Admiral Zhou suddenly felt that it tasted good.

Hols, who didn’t take up anything left behind:?

“Zhou Yiqing, I’ll fucking kill you!” Lu Ji lifted the table.

He and hols fought around Zhou Yiqing.

Fortunately, at this time, someone came trembling to inform: “the people of the alliance have arrived.”

When the people of the Alliance came in, they saw three people who were well dressed again.

The representative of the alliance is not Zheng Yian, but a young man. It is said that he is the real son of the president of the alliance.

Because the League was kicked out by them when they robbed the mine last time.

Now I have a long memory and want to carry out the tactics of pulling one by one.

So the representative shook hands with Zhou Yiqing with great enthusiasm.

This grip.

Huh? Wet.

The representative withdrew in fear.

All… Blood?

What does this mean?


The representative had to give up the idea of uniting with Zhou Yiqing and instead shook hands with hols.

But his royal highness was born noble and disdained to shake hands with him.

The representative looked at Lu Ji again.

Or we can draw this man to the alliance and make him the second Zheng Yi’an.

Lu Ji: “what can’t see the wink? It’s just this time.”

It’s like scolding him, not like scolding him.

Represents a suffocation of the chest.

In a trance, I have the illusion that I have stepped into some magic cave.

At the other end of the star network, there was an uproar again because of the new photos just released by Zhou Yiqing.

Zhou Yiqing announced for the first time why he came near the wormhole.

He said: [my fiancee entered the wormhole.]

In fact, Admiral Zhou also said to everyone that his fiancee was fake and was a little angry.

He was the one who deserved the most.

With the beginning of Lu Ji, he finally put down his rigid persistence.

He posted a picture of Qin Yi.

It’s a little fuzzy, but you can see clearly the black Qi’er short hair, a pair of beautiful Phoenix eyes, and the shocking beauty when he turns back and smiles.

Alin broadcast to his king in almost real time.

Alin chirped bitterly, “Oh, Lu Ji really seems to have a wife. People like him also have a wife. His wife’s name is Qin Yi and her name is very nice…”

“Even Zhou Yiqing, who is so old-fashioned and boring, has a fiancee. Her fiancee still looks so good!”

Does that “bride” look good?

Although Mr. whale thought that he was too young tens of thousands of years ago, he was too easily moved.

But he also had to admit that the bride was really very beautiful.

Mr. whale thought of this, turned his eyes and glanced at the light curtain in front of Alin.

This sweep.

And he saw the young man in the curtain of light.

Mr. whale stayed where he was for ten minutes.

He squeezed a voice from his throat: “who is he?”

“Wang, he is Zhou Yiqing’s fiancee!”

Mr. whale: “……”

Mr. whale pointed to the young man’s image and squeezed out a voice from his throat again: “he is my bride.”

Alin was shocked on the spot.

What happened to Wang?

Not only began to fantasize about having a wife.

Even take other people’s wives as their own!

Mr. whale can’t sit still.

He quickly stood up and said, “let’s go near the wormhole, too. Now.”

Qin Yi in another time and space has just returned to the hotel.

He paused as he stood outside the door.


Why do you suddenly have a bad feeling?

Qin Yi pushes the door in.

But he found a man sitting in the door. It was a tall and burly man with a foreign face.

The man sat on his bed.

This made Qin Yi feel extremely unhappy.

Wu Hong was not very happy at this time.

Who entered the teenager’s room? Is it number three? Will there be four or five in the future?

At this time, the man raised his head, looked at Qin Yi and smiled: “thanks to the boss here, the bride of the king of Pali city lived here. They talked about you vividly. This greatly improved my efficiency in finding you.”

He said, “introduce yourself. I’m from Wasi city state. Now several major city states are at war. I’ve been ordered to kidnap you.”

Qin Yi heard the sound, but gently picked up the tail of his eyebrow and said, “I forgive you for sitting in my bed. I’ll go with you.”

Tie it.

Tie me away.

You don’t have to think about how to “escape marriage”.

Qin Yi is so happy.

The man was stupid.

“You, what’s your plot?” the man looked at him warily.

Qin Yi was speechless.

He had to smile brightly and say affectionately, “because I also deeply respect, love and yearn for the gods you worship!”

Wu Hong in the cabinet suddenly gave a meal.


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