I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 39

The man suddenly heard Qin Yi’s words. His expression was stuck on vigilance and surprise. It took a long time to recover as usual and squeeze out his voice: “that, that’s really an accident…”

“Well, can we go now?” Qin Yi asked.

“But… Yes.” but the man still couldn’t recover.

He couldn’t help asking, “aren’t you the bride of the king of Pali?”

Qin Yi nodded and said carelessly, “well, do you want to be? If you want to be, you can. As long as you walk in the street and firmly grasp a leaflet, don’t let go.”

Qin Yi did not mention that the king fell in love with him at first sight.

I fell in love at first sight and ran away. It’s too embarrassing to say it. This is the only thing he can keep for each other.

The man realized in a trance: “this is the selection system of Pali city-state. So you were selected like this.”

Qin Yi answered softly, “well.”

Then he turned to open the cabinet and took the robot out of it.

The man was on alert again: “what are you doing?”

He didn’t know why. It was clear that he had come to kidnap. On the contrary, he was vigilant and careful everywhere. It should be an easy task!

Qin Yi: “of course I want to take away my property.”

Man: “Oh…”

Man: “you look strange…”

Wu Hong: ”

You’ll die soon.

Qin Yi raised his eyes and asked, “is he strange?”

Why are you still holding on to this problem? Is that important?

The man frowned and looked at Shangqin Yi’s eyes, but he felt that the eyes of the excessively beautiful teenager in front of him seemed cold.

The man turned his eyes uneasily, and then fell on the robot again.

In his opinion, this dark, cold shining, whole body is composed of mechanical devices, like living people and dead people, such an unlucky and terrible thing

As soon as the man’s thoughts came here, he couldn’t help fighting a cold war instinctively the next second.

“Well, you’ve got the property, haven’t you? Hurry up!” the man said in a fierce voice.

At this time, the door was pushed open with a “squeak”.

The man jerked back and reached for his knife.

A big man who looked like an iron tower stood at the door and stared at him fiercely.

The man was staring all over and wanted to blow off half of the other party’s head without thinking. And dig out your eyes

“Hey, don’t move.” Qin Yi’s voice sounded behind him.

The man became angry and said, “who the fuck is this? Your adulterer?”

This – fuck.

Wu Hong’s eyes twinkled with colder inorganic light.

The corners of Qin Yi’s mouth drooped unhappily.

He said faintly, “that’s also my property. He’s number one and this is number two.”

The man choked on his throat and his face was livid.

It’s totally different from the king’s bride he imagined!

“You can’t take him,” said the man.

“That number one will fight you, and the movement will trigger the defense system here…”

The man turned black and said, “OK… Is he also a believer of the God?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

The big man didn’t ask what the believers of the gods were.

Anyway, what Qin Yi said is what he said.

He knows that his IQ is no better than that of your excellency Qin Yi.

The big man picked up the robot and Qin Yi walked slowly at the end.

One of Paley’s city guards was their inside man.

This man also seems to be a believer in the gods.

The soldiers watched their party go away with feverish eyes.

The man ran all the way with Qin Yi and didn’t dare to stay at all.

When we got on the boat, someone immediately surrounded us.

“Brought it back?”


The people on board vaguely saw the three figures and were surprised: “which the fuck is Wang’s bride? Or does he marry three wives at a time?”

“What’s strange? If I were a king, I could marry thirty…” the man’s voice suddenly stopped. He looked at the big sandbag’s big fist and the cold and terrible Wuhong.

I dare not ask for more than one!

The man jumped back in fear, and then he saw Qin Yi. He was stunned and said in his heart that there was no doubt about it.

“This, this is it?” he said in a trembling voice.

“HMM.” the man who kidnapped Qin Yi answered.

“Then why the fuck did you get three back? Are you sick?” the other party slapped the man on the back.

The man opened his mouth, but the voice didn’t come out of his throat.

His back seemed to be suddenly pulled out of the tendon, and a mouthful of blood gushed out. The whole man knelt down and fell to the ground.

Scared the whole boat.

“Lying trough! Lying trough! I don’t have thorns on my hands!”

“Come on, look…”

“How is he?”

“Out of breath…”

“I slapped him to death?” the man was still in a trance.

Qin Yi also felt a little strange.

However, in this era when theology is higher than science, nothing seems strange.

And others don’t care.

“If you die, you’ll die. Anyway, our task has been completed.”

“From this point of view, the first skill still falls on us.”

“Where should I be placed?” Qin Yi interposed.

His voice was very good, and he held down everyone’s discussion at once.

Everyone looked back at him.

Their eyes could not help but flash a little amazing color. At that moment, they could understand why Wang, who had been single for many years, chose him as his bride.

And the more perfect the bride is, the more attention will be paid to the Pali city-state?

Their plan worked.

“He should be tied up,” someone said.

Qin Yi asked softly, “have you really thought about it?”

The other party didn’t expect Qin Yi to talk back.

They were stunned and smiled: “of course! Not only tie you up, eh… We haven’t seen such a beautiful person yet…”

Someone said and pinched his fingertips suggestively.

Qin Yi: “that’s a pity. I wanted to continue to be a believer of the gods with you.”

They were stunned again.

What’s the meaning of this?

Qin Yi leaned over slightly.

Wu Hong could feel that the young man’s eyes fell on himself.

Uhong paused.

Then Qin Yi bent his fingers, pressed his head, and gently stroked it.

It seems to be a kind of intimate tone – feeling.

But soon there was a “drop” sound in Wu Hong’s mind.

… obviously, the teenager is just manipulating him.

“What mysterious trick is he doing?”

“Who knows?”

“Pa” made a light sound, like a bean sized raindrop hitting the hull.

But soon, the “pop” became dense.

“Pa Pa Pa”.

One after another.

The noise was so fine that it made people hair at the bottom of their hearts.

“Is it rain?”

“No, No. It seems that something is hitting our ship…”

Someone said, hurried out, and then a scream burst out of his throat: “God! That’s a bug!”

The wormlike robot loaded on the starship is activated through the ID card embedded in Wuhong’s brain.

They hijacked the flying wooden ship.

This is something completely absent in this era.

They are hard, cold and well-trained.

Qin Yi’s super-high spiritual power can accurately give his own orders to achieve the purpose of controlling them.

Qin Yi pointed to them and said, “now, I announce that you have been kidnapped by me.”

It’s a myth!

How can a man kidnap all of them?!


In another space-time.

Zheng Yian actually arrived near the wormhole earlier than hols and Lu Ji, but he never showed up.

The pirates have no objection to this.

They are a group of pirates. How can they show up? Of course, only continue to linger!

Half an eye trembled and asked, “are we going to rob the wormhole again this time?”


Half an eye sighed: “be simple, be simple. I heard that the material near the wormhole is full of energy. It is ten million times more powerful than the energy mines found today. If a country can enjoy it alone, they will get a huge energy reserve that no one can match. Alas, let’s follow behind and pick up the leak.”

He has given up his great ideal.

Just ask their division’s little mother not to appear again, damn it!

As for the high-level of Yanhuang Empire, they asked them to kidnap the fiancee of general Zhou.

Hey, hey, let alone.

My fiancee fell into a wormhole.

They can’t finish the task in their life.

And Zheng Yi’an didn’t speak again and paid attention to half an eye.

He walked out slowly.

The sky is foggy. It’s hard to see the wormhole when you look up.

In this short period of more than ten days, he has quietly driven the biological mecha and searched near the wormhole many times.

Of course, nothing.

If the secret of the wormhole can be easily excavated… It won’t bother scientists for so many years.

But Zheng Yian knows very well.

He is different. He has top alpha physique… His biological mecha is also top.

Maybe he just needs to move forward and closer

His strong physique can support him to carry the destructive power of the moment when he crossed the wormhole, and he collected some materials and brought them back

But what if, dead?

Zheng Yi’an has been planning to live and live better all his life until he turns the alliance into his own.

How could he be willing to die?

But he also wants to take Qin Yi back to the alliance.

Why are people always so greedy?

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes looked at the top gloomily.

It’s 2:11.

It was the time for the change of Posts between the Limu Empire and the Yanhuang empire. Due to the joining of the alliance, the vacant time period in the middle is now handed over to the people of the alliance.

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes moved slightly.

He took out his own spaceship and biological mecha again.

His mecha has been fully charged, and its scales are black and bright. It looks powerful, like the ancestral witch in ancient myths and legends.

Zheng Yian’s mecha entered near the wormhole.

The Union soldiers were so frightened that they immediately tried to shoot, but were stopped by the union representative.

“Wait!” only he could recognize Zheng Yian’s mecha.

Because for so many years, Zheng Yian’s mecha has been locked in the league.

“Don’t move,” said the representative, sipping his lips. “Observe again.”

Zheng Yian’s mecha is getting closer and closer to the wormhole.

Closer and closer.

Seeing the unknown material around the wormhole, he almost swallowed the body of the biological mecha.

Zheng Yi’an paused for a moment.


back off?

He has scored more than yesterday, but he still found nothing.

Then we have to move on.

But maybe there’s still nothing.

Zheng Yian’s calm, rational and extremely selfish brain is undergoing a short tug of war.

“We cooperate.” the radio waves from other devices were suddenly tuned to the same frequency as him.

Zheng Yi’an heard the sound.

“Are you from the alliance? The alliance soldiers didn’t stop you.” the voice said again.

Zheng Yian recognized each other.

But the other party doesn’t know his identity. That’s right. All they saw on the previous planet was his class B mecha.

“I will try to collect materials deeper in the wormhole and bring them to you, but you can’t share this with the Empire. I need to borrow your alliance’s machines and researchers to find out the principle of the wormhole and the feasible way to enter the wormhole. Therefore, you can get a leap in resources and technology. I can also get what I want…”

“Yes.” “but you want to…” how to collect?

Did you know that the gamma rays in the wormhole will turn you into powder?

Zheng Yian’s voice didn’t finish.

Just then, the Union soldiers looked at a spaceship and rushed to the wormhole.

The ship disintegrated in place before it approached the wormhole.

Instead, there is a blue gray mecha standing on the sky. The watch case of the mecha flows with blue light, like a round flame.

The soldiers shouted, “attack him!”

Zheng Yian immediately turned to the command communication channel: “don’t move!”

Cyan mecha step into the wormhole.

The flowing light disappeared in an instant.

Then the protective paint on the surface.

And thighs.

The mecha bends down steadily, stretches out the mechanical arm, and bends its fingers into a holding shape. He collected the material in the wormhole and quickly put it into a special vessel before his fingers melted.

The mecha began to reverse.

If you go back, you’ll lose a part.

Its body slowly became bent from the sky.

No one wants to understand why Lu Jihui, which is so popular and has 10 billion fans, changed to be a pirate.

Just like this moment.

No one can understand.

Why did a strong alpha with a top-level mecha break into the innermost circle of the wormhole against the huge radiation in the wormhole.

As we all know, the top alpha and top mecha may be able to withstand wormholes.

But no one will try.

The top alpha and top mecha are too valuable. Not only they are unwilling, but also their country will not.

If you ask Lu Ji in the cyan mecha now.

He will probably have the same tone as when he casually told Qin Yi that he wanted to have a planet when he was filming at Beman star, so he changed his career.

He wants a planet.

He changed his profession.

He wants Qin Yi.

He took it himself.

For a moment, Zheng Yi’an at this end closed his lips. Lu Jigan, why don’t you dare?

Zheng Yi’an has been used to the thinking of politicians for many years. At this moment, he collapsed from one side of the balance.

Reason is held down.

His biological mecha rushed forward at a faster speed.

The representative of the League almost lost his eyes: “what is he doing?! is he crazy? He wants to die? Someone has gone!”

Zheng Yi’an’s huge snake tail rolls Lu Ji’s mecha.

Quickly dragged out of the wormhole.

Lu Ji’s mecha was almost stripped of its skeleton and exposed in front of the neural network connected to him.

The whole snake tail was scorched by gamma rays and rolled up.

But they got the material in the wormhole.

Lu Ji collected the mecha and crawled out with blood all over.

Only to find that he is not in the alliance headquarters at the moment.

Lu Ji looked around.

A half eyed pirate.

Shit, it looks familiar.

Lu Ji turned around and finally fell on Zheng Yi’an.

What did he want to understand: “ha? You’re from the alliance? You robbed Qin Yi last time?”

The pirates were thrilled, too.

What? What?

Zheng Yian didn’t hide it.

He nodded softly, “yes.”

He even extended his hand to Lu Ji: “alliance, Zheng Yian.”

These words come out.

Everyone except Lu Ji was scared soft.

“Why are you here?” Lu Ji asked.

Zheng Yian was very calm: “in order to bring Qin Yi back to the alliance.”

Lu Ji clenched his fist and said expressionless: “… I should have pushed you into the wormhole and fried a snake just now.”

I just want to make an underground deal with the alliance behind Zhou Yiqing and hols, and find Qin Yi first. He thinks he’s fucking awesome!

As a result, your mother, your alliance diplomats have long wanted to fuck my wife!

Qin, Yi.

When we didn’t meet.

Where the hell did you go and who else did you know???


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