I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 4

Mr. Zhou scolded happily at home. When he came to the military headquarters and saw Zhou Yiqing, he restrained his anger.

Even if it’s his own son.

There is also a hierarchical pheromone suppression between them.

Mr. Zhou got up from the sofa and looked at Zhou Yiqing’s cold face. There was more proud light in his eyes.

“Father.” Zhou Yiqing nodded at him, “what’s the matter?”

The Zhou family is a military family.

But Mr. Zhou retired and planted flowers as early as 40 years ago.

Qin Yi’s school wanted to send the orchid to general Zhou’s desk. In fact, the original intention was more to please Mr. Zhou.

Because general Zhou is cold and rigid. We only know that he has an iron hand, but we really don’t know what he likes.

… do you like military training?

Mr. Zhou first handed a glass of water to Zhou Yiqing.

“Look at your sweat. Drink two glasses of water first to replenish water.”

Zhou Yiqing had no sweat on his forehead.

With the development of science and technology in today’s society, Zhou Yiqing wears special clothes. It perfectly wraps and covers his body, which can keep people in a refreshing state all the time.

Zhou Yiqing saw that Mr. Zhou’s intention was unusual.

But he took the glass of water.

Water is slightly sweet and contains all trace elements that people need to supplement after a lot of exercise.

Mr. Zhou got some confidence when he saw him drink the water.

He coughed softly: “this morning, the Civil Affairs Bureau handed me a report.”

Zhou Yiqing is not surprised: “well, is it the matching feasibility comparison report between me and multiple Omega?”

“No.” old Mr. Zhou said with great emotion, “this time it was handed over by the hand of the Presbyterian. Do you know what this means?”

It means that after waiting for more than 100 years, he finally came Omega that matches him well.

Otherwise the Presbyterian would not be so impolite.

Directly raised such a private matter to the height of the Empire.

Before that, he vaguely remembered that Omega had the highest matching degree with him, which was only 3%.

It will not be displayed by the detection system when it is too low.

It’s pitifully low.

But even so, Zhou Yiqing does not intend to get married immediately because she welcomes a highly matched Omega.

Mr. Zhou waited for a long time. Before Zhou Yiqing received the second half of the sentence, he cleared his throat and was preparing to continue his words.

Zhou Yiqing calmly said, “why is the report handed in now?”

“Hmm?” Mr. Zhou was stunned.

“This means that the other party is just an adult and has just carried out the first matching test, so the central brain has collected his and my matching data for the first time.”

Zhou Yiqing paused: “he has just turned 18.”

Mr. Zhou rubbed his hands before he realized the problem.

But is that a problem?

“More than a thousand years ago, scientists re measured human genes, blood and bones. With the growth of science and technology and the progress of gene replacement, in order to adapt to this era faster, human beings will still mature at the age of 18, realize the maturity of various organs and pheromone at the same time.

“However, human youth has been extended from 18 to nearly 100 years old. Human prime has been extended from 100 to 260 years old. Depending on the advanced technology and even the race with superior genes, their prime will last longer

“This ensures that human beings can inherit more excellent genes in these long years. Otherwise, alpha and Omega would have been extinct many years ago.

“You’re still young. And this Omega, he’s an adult and has the conditions to get married. I don’t think it’s wrong.”

Mr. Zhou didn’t jump, but explained to Zhou Yiqing objectively and calmly.

Because jumping is here with Zhou Yiqing, it’s useless at all.

Even if he kisses me.

And if you explain it calmly with him, maybe he can hear a word or two and analyze it politely with you.

“Physical maturity does not mean psychological maturity.” Zhou Yiqing’s attention was not here. As he spoke, he sorted out the military affairs sent to his desk.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t the children very cute?” Mr. Zhou retorted.

“The time gap of more than 100 years cannot be bridged.

“When I was dealing with affairs, he would only want me to accompany him to the streets to buy sugar. When I held a meeting for three hours, he would just keep trying to connect my communicator and hope I could watch a love movie with him. When I went to the battlefield with my mecha, he would only ask me if I could take him with the army. If I couldn’t, he would only cry and complain that I didn’t love him enough

“Do you think it’s cute?” Zhou Yiqing asked calmly, looking at Mr. Zhou.

Mr. Zhou: ”


Let your dog finish!

Mr. Zhou: “I thought about the Omega selected before. You didn’t pay attention to any of them. How did you know that Omega must be like this?”

Zhou Yiqing: “Ji Yang is divorcing his Omega. It has been three years and has not been successful.”

Ji Yang is Zhou Yiqing’s deputy and has been with him for a long time.

Jiyang’s Omega has also met several times. It’s weak. No, it’s fragile. It’s fragile both physically and mentally.

The other party shouted for divorce, but he didn’t really want to divorce Ji Yang. Both sides were tortured to death. This is the most difficult thing for Zhou Yiqing to understand.

Mr. Zhou: ”

It’s all from here!

Mr. Zhou couldn’t help saying, “not all Omega in the world are like this…”

“They have no difference.” Zhou Yiqing said firmly, “I don’t want to take children.”

Mr. Zhou choked with old blood in his throat.

That’s your future wife. You say she’s a child?

After a long time, Bai Lizhi?

Mr. Zhou humed and smiled in a strange way: “so what? He’s already on his way.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Zhou Yiqing: “he can’t see me at all.”

Mr. Zhou: “I’ll bring him to the military headquarters. I’ll tell your subordinates that it’s your fiancee.”

Zhou Yiqing raised his eyelids: “then you have to do well. He will cry and shout. He will never want to see me again.”

Mr. Zhou walked out of the military headquarters unhappily.

He sat in the suspended car and sulked for a while, then waved his hand: “go to the mall first.”

Mr. Zhou has prepared many gifts for Omega, who has never met.

What aircraft.


What mecha model.


What energy knife, lightsaber.


At this point, Mr. Zhou’s adjutant finally felt that something was wrong.

“That’s an omega, maybe… He won’t like these things,” the adjutant said politely.

Mr. Zhou always forces Zhou Yiqing, the straight man of dog day.

It’s his turn. It’s not much better.

It took him a few minutes to accept this reality, and then quickly reorganized his mood and bought a lot of pink goods again. He bought a dozen love movies alone.

Mr. Zhou doesn’t think it’s enough.

It even spent a lot of money to change the huge protective cover shrouded outside the Zhou family building into pink, with the innocent little broken flower pattern popular in ancient times.

The Zeng family, who also worked in the military headquarters, slipped on the soles of their feet when they passed by the Zhou family.

“The kiabi have invaded the Empire?”

“General Zhou died suddenly?”

The next day, the Zeng family knew why.

There was a faint wind in the Presbyterian courtyard.

It is said that general Zhou has found an Omega with a matching degree of 100%.


How is that possible?

It’s impossible!

This was the first reaction of Zeng’s family.

Oh, even if the Zhou family has great powers, they really found such a person for general Zhou.

Can he walk to the emperor star alive?

This was the second reaction of Zeng’s family.

Qin Yi, who attracted the attention of imperial officials, is still on the spacecraft.

The commander’s bedroom on the military spaceship was assigned to Qin Yi. The officer of Pan Daxing also made a full gesture.

Adjust the temperature in the bedroom to the most appropriate. In front of you is a rich lunch made specifically for Omega instead of nutrient solution.

Precious vegetables and fruits.


Where’s the meat?

Qin Yi picked his eyebrow.

Can it be done without running?

He doesn’t want to be a regular Omega that can only eat these foods every day.

Whether you like it or not is one thing.

But others must not take away his right to choose.

Qin Yi slowly ate the food in front of him, then stood in the middle of the bedroom, began to untie the buttons slowly and took off his coat.

And a shirt.

His hands are beautiful.

One round button after another passed through his fingertips until he exposed a large area of white and light pink skin underneath.

At this time, the people behind the monitor had their eyelids jumping fiercely. They didn’t dare to look again and quickly turned off the picture.

The surveillance was ordered by Mr. panley.

At that time, Mr. Qin stood aside, and he acquiesced in such a move.

Are they afraid of Omega running away?

He actually thinks it’s funny.

How can a little Omega who is about to marry an Imperial General escape?

He didn’t dare to see it anyway.

Although the young master of the Qin family is really beautiful, he is a general!

Whenever he looks more, he has to worry about his life.

Qin Yi changed his clothes into a nightgown.

Then he packed up a set of casual clothes, put them in a compressed pocket and hid close to his body.

The Nightgown is wide.

There was only a tie at the waist, which loosely tied the thin waist.

Qin Yi walked out slowly in slippers and stopped a beta soldier at will: “will we pass the bright star?”

In order to avoid suspicion and avoid being blamed by the Zhou family, all those escorted by the spacecraft this time are beta.

“Of course,” said the beta soldier.

Bright star is called this name because it has rich gem mineral resources.

When the spaceship approaches, you will see the brilliant light of countless gemstones.

“I’m going to buy something here.”

“What to buy?” the soldier frowned.

Qin Yi slowly raises his wrist.

He was wearing a beautiful sapphire bracelet on his wrist.

Gemstones are cut into multiple edges to reflect brilliant light.

Qin Yi said, “I don’t think it’s beautiful enough.”

How could it be? Clearly

Qin Yi put his wrist against his cheek: “look, it looks bleak.”

The beta soldier’s eyes immediately turned to his face.

The young man’s facial features are picturesque.

It’s breathtaking, but it’s not aggressive.

When the beautiful gem was lined with his cheek, it really faded at once.

The soldier opened his mouth and closed it again.

In front of such a beauty, he suddenly felt a sense of involuntary shivering.

At this time, the beauty frowned slightly, seemed worried and said, “I’m going to see general Zhou soon. I’m very afraid. He must have seen a lot of beauties. I’m nothing…”


You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.

The soldier opened his mouth and couldn’t speak out.

Compared with general Zhou, of course, he is not as knowledgeable as general Zhou.

“I think maybe I should buy some more beautiful gemstones to decorate myself.” he knocked on his communicator.

It was bound with his bank card.

He said, “100 million general currency should be enough, right?”

“Of course!” the soldier answered heavily.

His thoughts have been completely led away. What he can think of is to appease Omega in front of him: “the gems of bright star are beautiful enough. Because this is a mining area, the gems here are much cheaper than other places. You have made a correct choice. It is quite cost-effective to buy Gems here.”

Qin Yi smiled: “thank you. I’ll go to sleep and wake me up.”

The ship arrived at bright star three days later.

Qin Yi slept for three days.

So that the beta players on the ship were worried that the fragile Omega would starve to death.

When Qin Yi woke up, he took a bath and changed into a more relaxed bathrobe.

When the soldiers came to deliver the meal, he leaned lazily against the table, his sleeves slipped down, revealing a large slender and white wrist.

He looked pale and thin.

It looks like an ancient porcelain.

Everyone’s eyelids jumped, but they still didn’t dare to look more.

This Omega is probably a little worried that the general’s position is far from that of the Qin family. He has no appetite and just eats a little fruit.

Then he asked to enter the port of bright star.

“No, don’t you need to change a dress?” the beta soldier stuttered unconsciously.

“Well, wearing pajamas will make me feel more secure,” Qin Yi said.

The beta soldiers could not help showing some pity.

He is just an adult and is leaving his home. Fear is normal.

Maybe it will make him feel at home.

what’s more.

The soldiers blinked and thought that no Omega could run away in their pajamas.

Mr. Paley really thinks too much.

Following the soldiers, Qin Yi visited the bright star for two hours and chose a very beautiful pink gem.

It’s the size of a fist.

Who doesn’t like big gemstones?

The soldiers live by themselves and feel that the gem chosen by Qin Yixuan is very perfect.

After paying 20 million general currency, Qin Yi returned to the spacecraft.

By this time, the person in charge of escorting him had reduced his vigilance to the bottom of the valley.

Look, what a gentle and clever Omega it is. There are no rude requirements in the whole process. After buying the gem, he returned to the ship in time.

The next day.

Qin Yi stopped another beta and asked about the same thing as before. This time, he asked, “will we pass the vast star?”


But beta responded, “of course.”

The tone is much lighter this time.

He has unknowingly given birth to a few threads of tenderness to this Omega. He thought that the ethereal star was not far from their route.

“Maybe I can use the remaining 80 million general currency to buy an expensive mecha here and give it to the general as a gift. I don’t know what the general likes, but people marching and fighting should like mecha?”

you ‘re right!

Beta heart said.

In his dreams, he wants to have his own mecha, not the low-level mecha distributed by the officer.

80 million… What a powerful mecha you can buy

Even if he doesn’t eat or drink for a hundred years, he may not be able to afford it.

Beta can’t help but envy general Zhou.

He can not only have supreme status and power, but also have such a beautiful and considerate little Omega.

This time, Qin Yi doesn’t have to take the initiative to say.

When the spaceship arrived at the misty star, they woke Qin Yi.

If master Qin can really succeed in getting admiral Zhou’s love through these methods, they have deep feelings.

Then pan Daxing will also get more benefits.

They have no reason not to support master Qin’s practice.

Qin Yi, who woke up this time, looked even paler.

He said, “I’m a little nervous. After buying the mecha, I can have a solid sleep.”

The soldiers nodded.

I wondered if he would faint in the mecha store in a moment.

Misty star is actually a very promising planet.

There is a family here whose surname is Lin.

The Lin family created a unique technology integrated into the mecha. This technology was soon coveted by the enemy country. At that time, the Lin family had not emerged in the Empire, and the misty star was a famous remote land. Therefore, it was not discovered until the planets were quietly occupied by the enemy country for several years.

That year, general Zhou was only nineteen.

He had just entered the military camp for training, and then he took a small team of only 20 people and launched a fierce struggle with the enemies buried in every corner.

A hundred years later.

The unique technology of the Lin family has been supplied to the imperial army alone.

However, the mecha manufacturing industry on the ethereal star has become particularly developed.

Many mecha stores were born one after another.

Most of them are selling cheap mecha to some military cadets, or the rich second generation with a small foundation at home, and so on.

Buy the mecha on the planet where general Zhou launched his first battle as a gift to general Zhou.

That’s a wonderful idea!

The soldiers thought.

Qin Yi went straight to the door with the sign of “Yin”.

The Yin family is second only to the Lin family and sells machine armor stores to ordinary people.

Qin Yi enters the door and opens his mouth to buy the most expensive mecha here.

The person who received him smiled helplessly: “people say this every year, but some people can’t afford it every year. Even if they buy it, they can’t drive it.”

Qin Yi: “give it to my husband.”

Soldier: “poof.”

The receptionist opened his mouth: “… So it is. Are you sure you have enough money?”

Qin Yi: “I have a lot of jewelry.” he turned his head and said, “please carry down everything in the spaceship. Don’t give it to the robot. I’m afraid I’ll be robbed.”

The soldier hesitated for a moment.

Qin Yi no longer looked at them. He said to the receptionist, “take me to see your most expensive mecha.”

The receptionist nodded.

Take him inside.

The soldier hesitated and decided to move the jewelry first.

Young master Qin is willing to give so much money. How can they be stingy?

Qin Yi soon saw the mecha placed in front of a huge glass display cabinet two stories high.

The whole mecha is painted black.

If hidden in the dark, it is probably the most beautiful night walker.

“It needs 300 million general currency,” said the receptionist.

Qin Yi: ”

thank you.


“I’ll buy the second most expensive one.”

The receptionist was not surprised.

There is no pheromone smell on the Omega in front of him. I’m afraid he’s just an empty looking Omega, and his husband should be no better

“This one needs 100 million general currency.” the receptionist pointed to the pink mecha and said, “it was customized by a rich daughter. It’s a pity. After it was completed, the rich daughter fell in love with an ugly omega and was driven out by the family. After that, she couldn’t afford to pay.”

“That’s it. Can your staff go out and count the jewelry later? I’ll be here and have a look at it again.” Qin Yi’s eyes adhered to the most expensive mecha.

The receptionist was not surprised.

He nodded: “maybe you can consider painting the mecha you want black. It doesn’t look different. Your husband will be more satisfied.”

Qin Yi didn’t answer.

The soldiers soon brought the jewels.

The receptionist went out to greet them and checked them here. The total value was 26 million general currency.

Then he returned and provided the bill to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi readily allocated another 74 million to him.

He also used the last six million given to him by the Qin family to replace it with mecha maintenance tools, mecha energy storage warehouse, and a small lightsaber that can be loaded on the mecha or held in his hand.

Then, under the guidance of the receptionist, he reduced the mecha to the size of a backpack for the first time.

This is only possible with expensive mecha.

The top-level mecha can be reduced to an insignificant chip, even an earring, a ring

The Qin family’s money is really good.

Qin Yi thought carelessly, then turned to the receptionist and smiled, “thank you, I like it very much.”

The receptionist said, shouldn’t your husband like it?

forget it.

Most of today’s Omega care more about their own ideas.

At this time, the soldiers received a regular daily inquiry from Mr. panley.

“What is master Qin Yi doing now? I need to talk to him.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll call him right away.” the soldier entered the room.

There are many guests in it.

He goes in again.

There are fewer guests.

In this way, I went through six or seven rooms to the most expensive exhibition room.

It was empty and there was no one in it.

The soldier’s cold sweat came down on the spot.

“Mr. panley… We, we can’t find him…”

Qin Yi sold his communicator to the underground exchange.

In such a place where a large number of mecha are sold, it is inevitable that there will be such underground transactions.

Qin Yi also abandoned his bank card.

Anyway, the money in it has been spent.

With the only two gemstones left in his pocket, he bought a tattered second-hand spaceship with one of them.

When he sailed out of the port.

Panley is still struggling to negotiate with the misty star.

As a trading planet where countless people come here to buy things every day, they can’t close the port for panley.

When the message passed through an unknown number of layers and finally reached Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi bit off the stopper of the nutrient solution, sucked two tubes in a row, and then threw it into the trash can.

His face grew ruddy.

Between the eyebrows and eyes like ink painting, there is finally a trace of publicity.


Zhou Yiqing raised his face and looked at his father: “the Omega is gone.”

Mr. Zhou’s face changed greatly and beat the table angrily.

A slap smashed most of the table: “who? Who tied him away?”

Zhou Yiqing looked complex, mixed with a trace of subtlety: “the supreme officer of Pan Daxing said that he ran away by himself.”

An omega.

Can you run away by yourself?

Mr. Zhou stared at him.

Soon Mr. Zhou recovered and said loudly, “it’s impossible!”

Zhou Yiqing: “whether it’s possible or not, an Omega runs outside,… He will die.” he quickly takes off his military cap and buttons it on his head. Under the brim, he sees more cold and sharp eyebrows.

Zhou Yiqing: “I will find him myself.”

Mr. Zhou:?

From your ancestors.

You said this Omega didn’t want to see you ten days ago.


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