I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 40

Reason pulled back Lu Ji’s thoughts.

Lu Ji: “Why are you here? Don’t you go back to the alliance?”

Zheng Yi’an asked calmly, “no matter what it is, once a large organization such as the alliance intervenes, it will eventually develop in a direction beyond your control. Do you want to achieve such a result?”

Lu Ji sneered, turned his head again and glanced at the pirates.

“So you’re going to expect such a group of people to complete the material test?”

“No more tests.” Zheng Yi’an gently clicked his chin. “You open things.”

Lu Ji frowned: “radiation…”

“If it’s not in the wormhole, it’s safe.” Zheng Yi’an answered.

Lu Ji sneered, but he didn’t stretch out his hand to open it, but threw it to Zheng Yi’an.

He is now in line with Zheng Yian’s goals.

There’s nothing to hesitate about.

And one is better than two.

“This is… This is brought out of the wormhole?” the pirates finally recovered from the shock trance, turned to knock and hold themselves tighter.

They have also heard that the rays in the wormhole can kill people.

Is it really all right to bring this thing out like this?

Zheng Yian lowered his eyes and didn’t even wear gloves.

In the surprised and frightened eyes of the pirates, he bent his fingers and pushed away the buckle outside the special vessel. In order to facilitate collection and loading and apply to any emergency, it not only seals the device, but also ensures its operability.

Snap open.

Turn the cover again.

The substance inside was exposed.

The pirates scurried with their heads in their arms.

And the corner of Lu Ji’s mouth moved: “a little familiar?”

Zheng Yi’an took a fist sized energy stone from his pocket.

He threw it on the table.

The energy stone rolled three times and stopped.

It looks very much like the material in the vessel.

But the contents of the vessel are more scattered and softer.

Lu Ji’s face changed: “that mine?”

The energy stone collected from the mine on the unknown planet finally divided by Zhou Yiqing and hols is actually the material in the wormhole!

“Why does it take on different forms? It should be because the material in the wormhole is exposed to a variety of rays and has changed under high temperature.” Zheng Yi’an said faintly.

Lu Ji tightened his lips.

This will be a major discovery in interstellar history.

With its discovery, it seems that it is not so difficult and distant to find Qin Yi.

“I will cooperate with Mr. Lu until I find Qin Yi.” Zheng Yi’an followed and made a sound.

Lu Ji was killed in his boat.

Lu Ji also knows that only under the cover of military forces can we better push things forward.

But this is a fucking rival.

Lu Ji: “then what? After finding Qin Yi, will you share it with me?”

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes moved slightly: “it depends on Qin Yi’s meaning.”

Lu Ji:?

You have no shame. Better than me!

The two tacitly agreed to cooperate.

Zheng Yi’an even asked generously, “do you need a medical cabin?”

Lu Ji didn’t refuse.

Although alpha at his level cannot recover quickly in a short time once he is injured. But some are better than none.

The first thing Lu Ji asked Zheng Yi’an when he came out of the medical cabin. “How did Qin Yi get to know you? Please tell Mr. Zheng why did Mr. Zheng take him back to the alliance? Mr. Zheng likes him too?”


Zheng Yi settled down.

But it was no accident.

Zheng Yi’an knew that they were all interested in Qin Yi from the time when many alpha gathered together on the unknown planet and waited to be called by Qin Yi.

Do I like him? Zheng Yi settled down.

“What? What can’t be said?” Lu Ji asked, chuckingly.

Zheng Yi’an looked strange for a moment.

what did you say?

Said he fought with hols and fell on the planet at the same time. As a result, HALS was picked up by Qin Yi. And as soon as his snake met, he put a sword in his mouth? Still, when he found the mine, Qin Yi turned around and took hors’s mecha to recharge.

Or did Qin Yi pit him again when he finally left the planet?

Zheng Yi’an thought. He couldn’t help feeling angry and funny.

Of course, he would not say these words to Lu Ji.

Zheng Yian raised his eyelids: “he likes my… Snake.”

Lu Ji’s face changed and he was so jealous that he wished he could blow the man’s head out.

Zheng Yi’an was much more comfortable after saying this.

He turned and walked away.

Reach out and gently press the head of the snake in your arms.

“Well, you look much more lovely today,” Zheng Yi’an said happily.

Zheng Yian’s mecha has been seen by the league. Of course, he can’t keep a low profile.

After resettling Lu Ji, he returned to the alliance in a big way.

At the moment when the League representative saw him, his eyes flashed anger and hatred, but soon that emotion was suppressed, as if all the performance just now was an illusion.

“You are finally… Finally back! We are looking for you everywhere! Who is that mecha? Do you know him? Where has he gone? Has he got the material in the wormhole?” the representative asked a series of words.

Zheng Yian: “yes, I got some.”

He took a small amount of material and gave it to the alliance.

The representative reached halfway and paused again.

He smiled and asked his guard to pick it up. Then he said, “send it to the laboratory immediately.”

After the alliance was kicked out by Zhou Yiqing and hols, they couldn’t even touch the butt of the mine on the unknown planet. Of course, they didn’t know that the two substances are the same.

Zheng Yi’an didn’t mean to remind them at all.

The representative waited there for a while. After receiving a reply from his confidant that there was really a strange huge energy in this thing, he smiled again.

Zheng Yian didn’t lie to him.

The representative smiled and said: “Last time you informed us too late, the president resented not getting the energy mine… But Mr. is worthy of Mr. and can always do great things unexpectedly. The material in the wormhole contains more energy than we have ever seen. It must be much more valuable than that energy mine. As long as we guard the wormhole, we will become a great alliance with inexhaustible resources! What is important now How to mine wormholes… ”

Zheng Yi’an listened to his chatter without opening his mouth.

Do I have such a disgusting face when I calculate and plan?

The idea suddenly crossed Zheng Yi’an’s mind.

He suddenly felt really boring.

It’s interesting to be with such a bunch of fools… I guess I haven’t had a fight with Qin Yi yet.

Zheng Yi’an touched the snake in his pocket again.

Do you Miss Qin Yi?

Well, I know, you want to.

Zheng Yi’an quickly came to a conclusion.

Therefore, even through the wormhole, we should bring Qin Yi back to the alliance.

And before that

How about turning the alliance into ours?

Qin Yi, who is missed by countless people, is still on the huge wooden boat that can fly.

No one believed he could kidnap them.

Someone rushed forward angrily, but the next second, the small robot that Qin Yi had been carrying in his pocket flew out and hit his face.

The man was brutally bumped into the post.

There was a clear blood dent on his face.

He let out a cry of pain and stunned the others.

When the wooden boat flew into the camps of several major city states.

The whole ship has been controlled by Qin Yi.

Qin Yi put an insect like robot on each of them.

“Next, I’m still the one you kidnapped. Don’t talk casually.” Qin Yi whispered.

Men can only nod.

But looking at him again, he was full of fear.

It’s like looking at some snake, scorpion and beauty.

They can’t even help thinking.

Maybe the king of Pali will thank us for taking away his vicious wife.

Watched the wooden boat fly lower and lower.

Some people are afraid of being found rebellious by their city-state, or rebelled to such a beauty who looks harmless to humans and animals!

He kept on asking, “you just said that you wanted to continue to be a believer in the gods with us… Do you, you don’t do it now? Everyone is a believer. Do you think about the consequences of this to us?”

Qin Yi: “well, I won’t do it.”

He said carelessly.

Wu Hong: “……”

The speed of light in one second is loved.

Another second, the speed of light is no longer loved.

“You, you are a blasphemer! You…”

At this time the ship swooped down.

There was a jerk.

Qin Yi: “shh. Don’t talk nonsense.”

The man stopped talking again.

He could feel the worm like monster, cold against his back.


“Brought people back, didn’t they?”

Soon someone poured in from outside the ship.

Their clothes are very different, there are blue and red, probably according to this to divide the different city states to which they belong.

“Why didn’t you tie him up?” asked the man under the boat.

“Because, because…” “because of him, he also believes in gods! Yes, that’s why!” the people on board stammered excuses.

But at this moment, Wu Hong was very clear.

Teenagers don’t believe in gods at all.

He has nothing to believe in.

The tone on the ship just now was so careless.

He may not even care who the gods are or what they look like.


The people of other city states soon put Qin Yi in a round arched tent.

When the war begins, they will take him to the battlefield.

Qin Yi leaned lazily against the pillow and said to the big man, “what kind of poor, bad and stupid believers are they? It can be imagined that their gods should not be much better.”

Wu Hong: ”

Almost half a minute later.

According to the usual practice, the taxi officer opened the oracle and found that there was suddenly a line of words on the oracle.

Not just him.

Many believers with the Oracle have found this change.

It says, “believers should be divided into good and bad, and the low-grade, inferior, stupid and vicious should be eliminated…”

The Oracle, which has never changed for thousands of years, has suddenly changed!

They were so frightened that they quickly reported it.

But how to eliminate it?

After several city-state ministers discussed, they finally carried out activities to the city-state


Shortly after the event was launched.

They found another line in the oracle.

“Don’t swear.”

Don’t swear at Qin Yi.

Fuck you stupid and mean believers.

Wu Hong thought.


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