I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 41

A sudden examination temporarily blocked the “conspiracy” of several major city states to jointly besiege Pali city states.

Qin Yi fell asleep, as if the sky had changed.

Qin Yi:?

The big man first asked his doubts: “they seem very nervous… The atmosphere has become very dignified. Why? Don’t they feel that the next battle has become very easy because of your arrival?”

Qin Yi doesn’t know.

He’s not in a hurry anyway.

“We should have breakfast,” Qin Yi said.

The big man nodded and hurried out to ask the people here for food.

Now we haven’t had a frontal fight with Pali city states. Of course, people in several big city states won’t starve to death.

Not long.

A little girl with a ponytail came into their account with a heavy plate.

In front of the little girl was tied an apron printed with strawberries.

The pocket of the apron was stuffed up. It looks like it’s moving in with a belly.

“Thank you.” Qin Yi quickly took the plate in her hand.

The little girl was stunned and shook her sour hand.

She couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi more.

In fact, as soon as the teenager arrived at the camp yesterday, she wanted to take a closer look at him.

There are many people watching him secretly.

This is the most beautiful person they have ever seen, and it doesn’t look like them. Like… Like from a more distant galaxy, Gentiles.

Qin Yi let her look at her calmly. At this time, he politely asked, “when will you start attacking the city? When will you be ready to put me on the high platform to threaten the Pali city-state?”

The tone of the beautiful boy is too gentle and polite.

So that the little girl couldn’t understand what he said for a moment.

When you understand.

The little girl’s eyes widened.

How could he wait for everyone to put him on the platform in a tone of almost expectation?

Little girl, I don’t know. Qin Yi has written the script by now.

Hey, go to the high platform first before they say anything threatening.

After all, when the threat is over, it’s too solemn and stirring. It’s easy to get people’s Thoughts on it.

So jump down and make a decision!

As soon as he got there, he performed a performance of falling off a building on the spot.



Pali city-state defeated other city-states. The king took his people to a place suitable for recuperation, and he would try to pass through the wormhole or return to the interstellar era tens of thousands of years later.

There are no city states there.

There is no king.

Qin Yi thought the plan was good.

The little girl stood opposite him, opened her mouth, and her eyes showed some unbearable.

She was thinking.

This is the other party’s last resort. Let it go? Or… He naturally has a calm?

The little girl suddenly shook her head and said, “I’m afraid it will take two days. Several generals in the camp have been called back.”


“The divine court believes that the warriors fighting for the gods on the front line must be loyal supporters of the gods. Otherwise, it will become a disgrace to the city-state. Therefore, they were called back to take the exam first.” the little girl said.

“Examination?” Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and tail freshly, and the narrow phoenix eye tail leaked a little brilliance.

“Well, it’s the test to test whether they can become a qualified believer.” the little girl said and patted her pocket. “I’ll do it, too.”

“Have you finished?” Qin Yi asked as he filled the soup with a spoon.

“No, I can’t do some questions…” the little girl said with a broken face.

Qin Yi smiled: “let me see for you?”

Qin Yi seldom smiles.

Because for a long time, he no longer needed to pretend that people and animals were harmless as in the past. And when he is really happy, there are not many.

The last time Wu Hong saw him smile, he just projected onto the body of the robot. When he opened his eyes, he saw the scene.

Wu Hong couldn’t help looking at the little girl more.

Is there anything special about her?

The little girl was stunned and hesitated.

But the man who thought of bringing the boy back said that he was also a believer in the gods. The little girl was relieved and put the neatly folded paper in her pocket in front of Qin Yi.


good heavens.


This is more exaggerated than the imperial college exam.

Qin Yi turned over.

There are many things that he saw about this era in the history book of the interstellar age.

For a moment… Qin Yi almost doubted that the history of the interstellar age was all because he picked up these examination papers.

Qin Yi: “shall I try it for you?”

Little girl: “can, can!”

She said nervously, “I don’t want them to say that my reverence and love for the gods is false. I, I really love kandalati…”

Qin Yi paused.

I really like kandarati civilization in this era.

So does the so-called God have anything to do with kandarati?

Qin Yi lowered his eyes and held the pen.

Check the roll quickly.

The first few pages are normal things.

Most of them are related to kandarati civilization.

Perhaps we should thank them for all the multiple-choice questions.

Qin Yi also obtained some new information from it.

Wait until you turn to the last page.

“God’s favorite fruit?”

“God’s favorite flower?”

“God’s favorite animal?”

Qin Yi: ”

Have you seen gods? Can this thing have the right answer?

What’s worse, it’s not a multiple-choice question this time.

Qin Yi finally filled in strawberries, orchids, snakes

Why strawberries?

Because when he first saw the little girl, he saw the strawberry print on her apron.

Why orchids?

Because the most beautiful thing planted by Qin Yi is the Su Guan he Ding.

Why snakes?

Because he only briefly thought of Zheng Yian’s huge, ferocious and dull snake that bit his energy sword.

“What if it doesn’t pass?” Qin Yi put down his pen and asked.

In exchange for the little girl’s burning and reverent eyes: “you’re great! You know a lot! You even know what the gods like in their underwear!”

Qin Yi: ”

Of course it’s nonsense, children.

Wu Hong… Wu Hong’s mood Xue is a little complicated.

Because Qin Yi wrote three words: he doesn’t wear it.

The shape is beautiful.

“If I am unqualified, I will be excluded from the believers of the gods by the divine court, because the divine court says that there is no need for fools to serve the gods.” the little girl said dejectedly.

Qin Yi said softly, “but God will favor lovely fools.”

Little girl: “really?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Qin Yi returned the paper to her: “if it doesn’t pass, tell them that I took it away.”

Although the little girl’s belief is difficult to understand, Qin Yi rarely finds out her conscience. He doesn’t want to screw up her exam and let her be eliminated.

The little girl took the test paper and left.

Qin Yi also finished his breakfast at this time. He leaned against the pillow, pulled up Wu Hong’s arm and fiddled with it.

Wu Hong suddenly had a very strange feeling.

The boy’s hand has just described his preferences, although many are not in line with him.

The next moment, he held his cold fingers tightly.

It seems that they are very close.

This broke everything in the middle.

He thought.

God doesn’t favor cute fools.

But God will favor lovely people and like people.

Qin Yi suddenly holds Wu Hong’s face.

He got closer and stared at Wu Hong’s dark eyes belonging to the robot.

“I have to go back to the Starship earlier to replenish energy for you.” Qin Yi paused and said, “I’ve begun to look forward to the day you move.”

Wu Hong can move now.

But he didn’t dare.

The gods are trapped in such a narrow body.

This seems ridiculous and unimaginable.

But Wu Hong has never looked forward to tomorrow like this.

From higher dimensional space to lower dimensional space.

Narrow the large perspective to a very small area.

So on the contrary, it seems that the flowers close at hand have color and fragrance. Looking up at the sky, it seems vast. When people approached, his expression became vivid and vivid, and his eyes seemed to be filled with light.

In an instant, it forms the most gorgeous puzzle in the eyes of the robot.


The examination papers handed in by the little girl were quickly collected in the divine court.

The day after Qin Yi did nothing in the camp, the little girl was called away.

The people of the divine court came here in person.

They asked her coldly, “did you do this?”

The little girl still remembered what Qin Yi said, so she had to tremble and say, “no, No.”

“Who is that?”

Unexpectedly, this answer paper can be almost full marks!

The little girl said, “it’s our hostage.”

The divine court asked her to take them to him.

The little girl had to do it.

When the people of the divine court entered the account and saw Qin Yi, they unconsciously shook the God.

But they quickly reacted.

“Did you do this? Are you also a believer of the gods?” they laid out the examination paper in front of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi: “HMM. what’s the matter?”


Qin Yi looked down.

It says: it is recommended to be elected to the divine court.

Qin Yi:???

“We believe you are the most faithful believer of the gods. You almost got full marks, but this is not quite right… If you have seen kandalati’s back garden In a book, you will know that the God’s favorite animal is the unicorn, not the cold snake, which symbolizes evil… In addition, the God can’t be blasphemed. How can he be… Naked under his white robe? If you have visited the statues of the twelve courts, you will know that the God should be solemn, solemn and compassionate. ”

The one who spoke was an old man from the divine court.

The old man tried to have an academic debate with Qin Yi.

But is this still debatable?

It’s all my nonsense.

It’s really my luck to meet a blind cat with a few dead mice.

Qin Yi was speechless.

The old man finished his speech fiercely. Seeing Qin Yi, he didn’t speak up. He just regarded him as a young man and listened to the old man’s advice.

So he resumed his gentle expression and asked, “would you like to go to the divine court with me?”

Qin Yi:?

Don’t jump?

It’s more or less a pity.

After all, there are few opportunities to act.

The old man took his silence as his acquiescence, and soon stood up proudly and left with the rest of the staff.

When I left, I left a sentence: “someone will pick you up tomorrow.”

Dark light flowed in Wuhong’s dark eye socket.

The shenting personnel with wrinkled skin have never even seen him. Why should they say they know him better than Qin Yi?

The old man returned to his temporary residence.

First burn incense, close your eyes and recite Wu Hong’s name several times, and then open the oracle.

A few days ago, there was a heavy book of the new Oracle, and suddenly there was another line of words.

“A unicorn has a silly horn and a Griffin is heavy. The mystery and beauty of a snake are just right.”

The old man was thrilled.

A tumbler sat up.

And the gods are still thinking.

Is it necessary to leave a nude – painting.

Finally, Wu Hong struggled to find a name in his mind.

– Josephine.

This is also a god believed in in the kandarati civilization. Rui is his subordinate. The divine court regarded Rui as his messenger.

the second day.

From ancient books, we read the God of wisdom, Rui’s naked – painting.

It can be seen that whether the trousers are well worn has nothing to do with blasphemy!

The old man trembled with horror.

Then he ran all the way to Qin Yi’s tent.

“You, you are full marks!” the old man said in a trembling voice.

Qin Yi:?

Why did you go there all night and change your score?


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