I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 42

The old man of shenting exaggerated and knelt down to Qin Yi.

Because of his old age and weakness, he almost couldn’t get up as soon as he knelt down.

The little girl with strawberries printed on her apron came, followed by several people from the Federation.

The little girl looked over nervously.

Others are full of coldness.

But no matter what kind of eyes, they all turned into shock when they finally fell on Qin Yi and the old man.

“Why did you kneel down to him?” the people of the Federation were shocked.

The old man is still in a trance.

Trembling, he opened the Oracle, opened it, closed it again, opened it again, closed it again. Yes, he’s not dazzled. Everything is true.

The old man pointed to Qin Yi and said, “he… He got full marks in the exam. He is the person who loves the gods most. He will be the most loyal and excellent believer of the gods! He will lead you to the top. He is the key to the kandarati civilization!”

In a trance.

The kidnapped Qin Yi, who had only been in the camp for four days, jumped into a higher position than them.

Only those people who were responsible for kidnapping Qin Yi could not help swearing in the corner.

Only they know the truth!

The boy doesn’t believe in God at all!

God… They let such a person become a divine official who led them!

Will their major city states have a future?

Qin Yi returned to the tent under the attention of all the people.

The big man began to pack up.

The big man is not surprised. Why can Qin Yi turn the situation around like this… After all, in his eyes, Qin Yi has long been almost omnipotent.

Qin Yi leaned there and poured himself a glass of water.

Wu Hong thought he would be happy.

But it doesn’t seem to be.

Until Qin Yi made a lazy voice and said, “what is kandarati’s God like? Why are His believers so stupid?”

Wu Hong: ”

Qin Yi turned the water cup in his hand: “but fools are also cute.”

Wu Hong.

Why do humans have such abilities?

In a word, it makes people feel unhappy.

In a word, it can make people feel comfortable.

Qin Yi: “it would be dramatic if I married Wang of Pali City State… The God married Wang. Well, it’s probably a terrible act that will lead to a large-scale powder removal scene for both fans.”

There won’t be that day.

Wu Hong thought unhappily.

Being a priest should be happier than being a king’s bride.

Then someone came in.

The people of the divine court handed Qin Yi a box: “please wear it.”


What crown is it? Or what accessories?

Qin Yi opened it and had a look.

… a pair of gold shorts inside.

There is also a gold key next to it.

“The chastity of a deity belongs to the deity. You can put this key in front of the statue of the deity. It means to give all your to the deity.”

“…” Qin Yi tilted his head, “your God seems to be ill.”

“Sick” Wu Hong: “……”

What are the rules.

Now being a divine official is better than being a king’s bride.

It’s hopeless.

Destroy it.


The whale knew that Qin Yi had disappeared three days later.

“The only good news is that at present, we have found out all the people in the city-state who are not obedient to you because they believe in gods.” the manager said and gave himself a meal, “Er, is this good news?”

The manager’s tone was a little uncertain.

“But it will also make the confrontation between the divine court and us more acute and serious.” the clansman said anxiously.

“Although we have been stationed in this galaxy for thousands of years, we are outsiders after all…” other people also intervened.

The whale, who never made a sound, suddenly answered, “it doesn’t matter.” he whispered, “we’re going to live on another planet soon.”

“The people’s lives are also very valuable. I don’t think we should pay so much for this…” another people interposed.

The manager couldn’t help interrupting: “Hey, but they kidnapped Wang’s bride…”

Clansman: “fuck his whole family! Which city state did it?”

The manager wiped the saliva on his face without expression.

At this time, there is no need to do other pre war mobilization.

“Where’s my weapon? Where’s my weapon!”

“I’m going to kill that damn kidnapper!”

“That’s right! It’s better to let these arrogant and stupid other city states lose their fertility forever!”

War is imminent.


Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale, of course, also synchronized with this memory.

He knows that Qin Yi is missing.

When he was young, he thought it was kidnapped by other federations.

But is that true?

After all, the old Mr. whale has spent a long time.

In fact, he had a little doubt that Qin Yi took the initiative to follow each other. But it is only a little skeptical and lacks more powerful support.

“Wang, we are about to reach the wormhole.” Alin’s voice sounded in his ear.

Mr. whale drew back his attention in time.

Perhaps, when he sees Zhou Yiqing, hols and Lu Ji… He can more thoroughly understand what kind of person his “bride” is and how many unknown aspects she still has.

“The battle is really big…” ah Lin quickly sighed.

Mr. whale smelled the prestige.

That’s why the news that everyone went to the wormhole shocked the stars.

The two empires, together with the prestigious alliance, built their own territory near the wormhole.

The three buildings have strong respective styles.

Or ancient heritage, or gorgeous style, or the beauty of modern science and technology.

Soldiers were patrolling around, and artificial satellites were hovering all the time.

Symbols belonging to the crown prince and general Zhou hang high there.

This alone is enough to make people feel tremor.

The arrival of Mr. whale and his party was soon seen by others.

“The Kayabi rarely show up in the stars? Why did they come here?”

“Who knows.”

“These monsters…”

The man below frowned and reported the news immediately.

If we say, the enmity between the Yanhuang Empire and the Limu Empire has a long history.

The alliance is the common enemy of the two empires.

So when the kiabi family moved over, they really made enemies with everyone. They unanimously regarded the Kayabi as the enemy of alien invasion.

If Qin Yi were here, he would lick his lips and say, “ah, a perfect hatred closed loop has been formed. Good.”

But Qin Yi is not here at the moment.

So only the brains of various countries are left to analyze the conspiracy theory. They don’t think it’s a good thing at all, but they think it’s terrible.

Even suddenly realized: “Your Highness (general) said that to find his fiancee through the wormhole is just an excuse to hide people’s ears and eyes? This wormhole must be of great value!”

“But this damned Prince of the rimu empire!”

“This damned enemy general Zhou Yiqing!”

Almost at this moment, the two sides reached a common agreement —

“What a shame! They even learned to say that their fiancee fell into a wormhole! Are they going to tell the world that all fiancees are the same person?”

Officials of the two empires cursed privately.

And the people of the alliance, although they didn’t get involved in a scolding.

But also after seeing Zheng Yian.

The representative of the alliance seemed to casually joke: “why don’t you join the fun and say it’s your fiancee? We naturally know what the two empires are playing. How can this abacus stand to be exposed.”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

You think it’s just a joke.

This is very rare. Zheng Yian abandoned his demeanor and gave a silent response.

The other party paused.

In Zheng Yian’s abnormal silence, he even felt that his blood seemed to be a little cold.

“Do you think this is a good choice?” Zheng Yian finally made a sound, and he asked faintly.

“This…” means choking in the throat. For a moment, I didn’t know whether to say yes or no.

Zheng Yian: “I’ll think about it.”

He strode away.

For a moment, I was a little happy, but I felt a little funny.

Even feel that if you really say that.

He might look like a mean mouse who stole jewelry.

Zheng Yi’an did not make similar remarks publicly, but he soon made an official appearance.

For a time, the attention of the wormhole has been improved again.

[what kind of place is this? Zheng Yi’an of the alliance and the king of the keyabi family are here!]

For the interstellar people, the keabi family is really full of mystery.

People who are ready to move are even more eager to go to the scene near the wormhole.

What’s more outrageous is that some interstellar businessmen are really preparing to open a travel route near the wormhole!

The propaganda is extraordinarily exaggerated.

See your idol up close! The moment you reach the wormhole, you can even imagine that you are their fiancee! You are the one who fell into the wormhole

At the moment, his royal highness, coldly turned off the publicity website.

It took a lot of effort to contain the impolite “Psycho” in his throat.

Ji Yang on the other side couldn’t help tutting: “the activities carried out by businessmen now are really interesting?”

Zhou Yiqing looked cold and said faintly, “once the war starts, the people near the wormhole will explode faster.”

Ji Yang was stunned.

The heart says you are still you. Once you leave Qin Yi, you have no gentle heart.

If you want to say this, keep your ten fans and scare off nine!

None of the three discussed.

But they finally unanimously chose a place to meet Mr. whale here.

They need to find out why the Kayabi are here.

When the whale brought people in.

Hols was looking at Zheng Yi’an coldly and said, “so you’re not dead.”

Zheng Yian: “well, your highness is disappointed.”

Zhou Yiqing was more sensitive to this. He asked in a low voice, “have I seen Mr. Zheng somewhere?”

Zheng Yian laughed: “at the annual video conference?”


It’s somewhere else.

Zhou Yiqing smelled the threat of Zheng Yi’an, but there were many people here. He held it down and didn’t ask further questions.

Mr. whale, like the flower of kaolin, found himself… Neglected?

He had to slowly stretch out his hand and say, “Hello, I’m a whale. I’m here to wait for Qin Yi.”


It can also maintain the atmosphere of dignified official greetings, which suddenly stops.

Instead, a silent cold.

After a while, someone asked coldly, “wait for Qin Yi? Who are you?”

“I am the king of keabi.” Mr. whale paused and said aloud, “Qin Yi is my bride.”

A sentence surprised four people.

good heavens!

Everyone looks complicated.

Didn’t Qin Yi fall into the wormhole? This can’t stop him from adding another rival to them???


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