I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 43

Qin Yi.

This name has recently become the most commonly heard word.

So when it came out of Mr. whale’s mouth, the people around him immediately instinctively tightened their muscles.

Do you want to lift the table again?

But today’s crown prince seems to be very calm. Lu Jiren, who is burning and poisonous, is not here now.

So that the atmosphere was even a little strange.

Otherwise, Lu Ji may have spoken first by now. Please find a hospital and have a good look at his brain.

Zheng Yian finally broke the silence.

Reviving the stagnant atmosphere is what he has always been good at.

“How many years has Mr. Jing been single?” Zheng Yi’an asked aloud.

Mr. whale paused.

Even if he is mature and steady, he can’t help but feel a little inexplicable shame. Mr. whale whispered: “… 30000 years.”

Zheng Yi’an: “Oh, that’s not easy…”

Mr. whale felt ironic.

Zhou Yiqing and hols became more vigilant.

Single for 30000 years

And if I remember correctly, the keyabi family has been facing the crisis of withering of their children for a long time.

Doesn’t that mean the other party won’t let go and step back easily?

The atmosphere became sharp again in an instant.

Well, after all, Mr. Zheng Yian is not only good at mobilizing the atmosphere.

He is also good at stirring up discord and escalating the situation while mobilizing the atmosphere.

Zheng Yian finished his work smoothly before he realized what he had done.

Oh, but it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, everyone is the enemy. What should we do if we want to be so harmonious and have love?

“Is there any evidence for Mr. Jing to say so?” Zhou Yiqing said coldly.

Do you need credentials?

Mr. whale was stunned.

Mr. whale said silently in his heart that I knew him tens of thousands of years earlier than you.

He said without any compunction.

Directly and selectively ignored his memory, that is, recently, because Qin Yi passed through the wormhole and just synchronized.

Mr. whale said slowly, “do you have any evidence to say so?”

Hols: ”

Of course not.

In fact, Qin Yi doesn’t even know who he is.

Zhou Yiqing’s voice was much lower and more powerful at this moment: “according to the regulations, my matching degree with him is as high as 100%, and I am his legal fiance.”

“According to Kayabi’s tradition, he changed the color of the invitation after receiving Kayabi’s invitation. He is my bride,” Mr. whale answered.

He again selectively ignored that in those years, whenever an individual received that thing, the invitation would change color.

No one knows anyway, doesn’t it?

The mature and steady Mr. whale lied a little.

Hols… Hols is still speechless.

He didn’t even have a legal chance to interrupt.

Huh? How should he make it up? Because Qin Yi played with my biological mecha, should he be my fiancee?


Why didn’t the rimu Empire write this article into law?

Is there time to write it in now?

“How do you know his name is Qin Yi?” Zhou Yiqing suddenly makes a sound again.

This made Mr. whale stunned again.

Does he have another name?

Mr. whale: “his name is Qin Yi, isn’t it?”

Hols: ”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Qin Yi calls himself “qilia”, which is still vivid.

Why did the kiabi in front of him get his real name for the first time?

Hols followed with a heavy face and asked, “what was he wearing when you saw him?”

Mr. whale:?

Mr. whale: “long clothes and trousers.”

Hols: no skirt


Mr. whale was stunned again.

What kind of… Mania is this? – okay?

Is Qin Yi still wearing a skirt in front of them?

Mr. whale: “No.”

Hols and Zheng Yi’an don’t look very good.

Think about them

The name is false, and so is the gender.

Why is it all true with the yappies?

Mr. whale’s expression was a little strange.

The way teenagers wear skirts

His eyelids jumped unconsciously, and then he realized his gaffe. How could he do this? Why does he seem to have a little sign of… Estrus?

The atmosphere stagnated again.

Zheng Yi’an said aloud, “what did Qin Yi say to Mr. whale when he left?”

The remark drew everyone’s attention again.

Yes, that’s important.

Mr. whale:?

Mr. whale: “no message left.”

He paused and said, “it’s like being kidnapped.”


These two words are very spiritual.

Zheng Yi’an smiled not surprisingly.

Hols also breathed a slight sigh of relief.

Zhou Yiqing calmly answered, “Oh, I see.”

Mr. whale: ”

Mr. whale: “you don’t seem surprised at all?”

“Yes.” Zhou Yiqing answered coldly.

Zheng Yi’an smiled: “it’s good not to rent someone as a husband and pretend to be pregnant and elope.”

Mr. whale:???

Mr. whale suddenly felt that all his impressions of the boy came from the young himself.

Young he, after all, has a narrow perspective and can’t fully understand Qin Yi.

Mr. whale is really a little curious.

What kind of person is Qin Yi.

He suddenly looked forward to it more. Can he get Qin Yi back?

Probably didn’t get it back.

If you find it back, he won’t be single for so long

The idea of eagerly wanting to go back tens of thousands of years ago and firmly grasp Qin Yi instead of himself when he was young suddenly appeared in his mind.

Mr. whale, who has been used to a calm, wave free and lustless life, was startled by his idea.

And Arlene is a little confused.

What’s going on?

Is everyone’s wife real?

Is even the king’s bride true?

You have the same wife? Have you even begun to discuss him “eagerly”? Why don’t you doubt that Wang’s words are Arabian Nights? That’s how you believe it?

So… How awesome is Mr. Qin Yi?

It’s not surprising that many alpha claim to be his husband???

Alin thought of this and his mind was in a trance.

“If you want to wait, wait slowly,” said hols, standing up.

His face is ugly.

To be exact, his face has been ugly for a long time. I haven’t seen it for a long time.

At least it’s just one more, isn’t it?

Hols so comforted himself.

It’s much better than when he sits in the palace and welcomes two rival lovers at the same time!

At this time, Zhou Yiqing turned and asked, “have you seen Lu Ji?”

Lu Ji has not appeared for several days.

This is unusual.

Although Zhou Yiqing hopes to have rival lovers quit one after another, for alpha like them, pride and persistence are the instinct engraved into their bones.

If Qin Yi is still in the wormhole, Lu Ji will not disappear for no reason.

Zheng Yi’an hung his eyes and made no sound.

Ji Yang, Zhou Yiqing’s adjutant, responded: “it’s a little strange. I haven’t seen Mr. Lu for a few days.” Ji Yang suddenly had an absurd idea: “won’t Mr. Lu enter the wormhole without authorization?”

“If he wants to enter the wormhole, someone must give him a way out. The two empires, or the alliance. Who will open this way for him?” Zhou Yiqing whispered.

Zheng Yi’an still has no expression.

Zhou Yiqing’s experience is much richer than that of the young crown prince. It’s not surprising to have such doubts.

He has to hurry.

Zheng Yi’an thought.

And now under another piece of time and space.

People in the divine court didn’t expect Qin Yi to be so arrogant. They even said that your God was ill.

Isn’t he the most loyal believer of the gods?

“How can the divine official say such presumptuous words?” the people of the divine court clenched their teeth. He thought about how to report the bad behavior of the divine official to the divine court.

Whether Qin Yi is a divine official or not is a very casual thing.

He said carelessly, “number one.”

The big man stood up at once.

Qin Yi pointed to him: “hold him down.”

“What do you want to do?”

In half an hour.

Someone came to urge, “how’s it going? Are we all packed? It’s time for us to start.”

“Don’t, don’t come in!”

“No, what nonsense are you talking about?” the man outside the tent said angrily.

“Fei” is the name of shenting.

The name is easy to remember.

Qin Yi easily changed it to “ah Fei”.

Qin Yi looked down at ah Fei.

He bent his fingers gently.

The key made of gold swayed gently around his fingertips.

What about those pants?

Now it’s on Alfie’s body.

Qin Yi smiled softly. He lowered his eyes and said, “the God will feel your loyalty and love. I will take your key for the God.”

Fei: ”

He was shocked, even collapsed, and looked up at Qin Yi.

In front of him was an extremely young god official with a pretty face. As beautiful as if he himself were the embodiment of God.

But if he is God.

That must be an evil god.

The one with the darkest heart.

Fei looked at his jaw line and white neck.

The numbness of hands and feet is a fear of the cold behavior of the youth.

But his ears were also hot. It was an uncontrollable reaction to the beauty of the boy so close.

So… That’s why it should be worn by the divine officer!

Otherwise… Otherwise, with his beauty, maybe there will be a ridiculous day to turn the temple into a place of wind and moon!!!

But at this time, no one cares about ah Fei’s thoughts.

This Wu Hong lowered his eyes and fell on Qin Yi.

The boy’s behavior was beyond his expectation.

White and slender fingers lined with gold keys, and the vulgar gold seemed to become extraordinary.

He’s so beautiful.

Nice cheers.

It’s beautiful to kidnap a ship of people.

It’s also beautiful to apply the absurd rules of the divine court to the people of the divine court.

Even when gently saying the words “I will replace the gods”, the lip shape is beautiful.

Wu Hong also felt that if the boy was a God, it should be an evil god.

He likes evil gods best.

Wu Hong thought.

Seeing the people outside can’t hold back and want to lift the curtain.

Qin Yi said, “I’ll be out soon.”

“Oh.” the outsider answered dryly. Although he was obviously dissatisfied, he was still very obedient to the name of a divine official.

Things have been packed.

The big man took the robot.

Qin Yi was ahead.

As soon as people outside saw Qin Yi coming out, they couldn’t help sweeping under him.

Qin Yi walked forward slowly as if he didn’t feel it.

More and more eyes swept over him.

Finally, they all unconsciously coagulated on his waist.

Ah Fei came out last.

Someone couldn’t help but be surprised and said, “ah Fei, how do you walk with your ass?”

Fei: “…”


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