I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 44

When Qin Yi left, people from several major city states came out to see him off.

They all looked complex. They didn’t expect to make a wedding dress for nothing. At such a great risk, they brought Qin Yi out from under the eyes of the king of Pali city states.

As a result, people have become gods!

“Then there will be no hostages in our hands.” they stammered.

The personnel of the divine court are ruthless: “we should distinguish the priority from the priority.”

Isn’t it the most important thing to attack Paley?

That’s what you said!

The heads of several major city states secretly shed tears.

What are we going to fight Paley now?

Just take your head?

The shenting staff seemed to be aware of this. The old man coughed and said, “I allow you to borrow the statue of the gods.”

Only then did the major city states show a cheerful expression.

When Qin Yi got on the boat, he looked back.

Soon a dozen people came out slowly carrying huge statues.

The statue was nine feet high. If these people didn’t have obvious exoskeleton devices extending from their arms, Qin Yi estimated that they should not be able to lift it.

People are very small in front of the statue.

The statue of the gods is particularly towering, with a strong sense of oppression.

Qin Yi glanced hastily.

Slightly flying long black hair, slightly raised hands, fingers down, made a slight downward movement. It seems that one finger can wipe out the mountains and rivers.

No one believed in gods in the interstellar age.

So Qin Yi has never seen a statue.

But he thought, if there is a God in the world, then maybe it is. Full of spirit.

“God officer……” a voice of doubt came from behind.

Probably ready to urge Qin Yi to get on the boat.

Qin Yi’s eyes lit up: “hmm? No face?”

The people behind him looked at him suspiciously: “don’t you know? All the statues have no face. Because no one has seen the Supreme God. Everyone has only seen the true face of the God of wisdom.”

Not just the real face.

Now there is another “real body”.

It’s real! The real naked body!

Qin Yi: “Oh.”

Wu Hong’s stiff and cold eyes turned.

Will he want to see me as I am?

Of course, there is no answer to this question.

Their boat soon spread its wings and ran in the air in another direction.

Qin Yi has now basically found out the world.

So he didn’t care and directly let them fly in the direction he guided.

“Why go there?” ah Fei asked.

“Can’t I get something?” Qin Yi turned to look at him.

At present, ah Fei is in charge of connecting with Qin Yi in the divine court.

A Fei’s eyes on Shang Qin Yi felt that the golden underwear seemed to be more tightly bound. He wants to cry without tears, and the shadow lasts forever. Had to squeeze out a sentence: “of course… OK.”

The next step is ah Fei to persuade others.

Qin Yi didn’t take care of it.

He drew a route map with paper and pen, and then handed it to ah Fei.

More than two hours later.

According to the meaning of Qin Yi, they drove the ship to the destination on the map of Qin Yi.

“What’s that?” they opened their eyes in horror.

What’s that?

That’s technology from another world.

Wu Hong recognized it at a glance.

But for the natives of this world, it is just like the legendary Noah’s Ark. It makes people feel shocked and numb.

It was an indescribable spectacle.

It’s tall, like it can pierce the sky

That’s Qin Yi’s starship.

Qin Yi: “wait.”

Wait? What are you waiting for?

The people in shenting were in a trance for a moment.

Next second.

Qin Yi took out the mecha.

The ship they took gradually decreased. When they were approaching the ground, a pink tall mecha rose up and quickly held Qin Yi’s robot and Qin Yi’s robot with two mechanical arms.

The big man stayed on board.

They watched Qin Yi walk towards the behemoth.

The coldness and sharpness of the behemoth made them feel instinctive shudder.

“Is that a monster?”

“It opened its mouth… It ate the divine officer!”

AFI said, “what fools are you? It’s obviously his stuff! Maybe it’s some kind of weapon, maybe a castle, maybe a means of transportation, but… It won’t be a monster.”

Qin Yi and his robot are full of electricity and some energy.

Wu Hong looked at the energy ore almost half full of No. 1 storage room.

He felt a familiar taste from them.

That should be what he once scattered in all aspects.

And with so many teenagers.

No wonder the mark on him is particularly obvious.

This thing should be a treasure for human beings.

If they fall into the lower dimensions, they may also lead humans to kill each other

But he looked at Qin Yi, turned the ore in his hand, smiled and said, “unfortunately, I only know that some mecha can directly use such things, but the robot doesn’t seem to be able to… Otherwise you can install one for you. In this way, you can probably use it for a long time.”

Judging from the technological level of starships, in the dimension of Qin Yi, they should still be valuable.

Does he want to put such a thing on the robot?

Qin Yi: “well, now let me try. Can I turn you on again?”

Qin Yi held his face.

When you get close, it will even give people the illusion of affection.

Turn on the audio.

Wu Hong heard another cold voice in his mouth: “master.”

Qin Yi patted him: “follow up.”

Then Qin Yi turned and walked in front.

The Starship soon reopened.

Qin Yi took Wu Hong out slowly.

He jumped off the Starship.

The behemoth was cold and ferocious behind him, but it seemed so quiet.

This kind of delicate beauty and the huge contrast between it made the people of the divine court unconsciously stunned.

Ah Fei murmured, “maybe it’s not a weapon or a means of transportation. It’s a miracle.”

What kind of shocking origin did their God officials have?

Qin Yi still left the Starship here for the time being.

It is too bulky to travel in space, not to move in the air.

Anyway, no one in this era can shake things like starships.

Qin Yi returned to the boat and followed them to the divine court.

Along the way, there was no doubt or disrespect for him. They looked up at him, and their eyes were full of fear, even awe.


The divine court holds the largest library in the world. Countless ancient books and documents can only be read in the divine court.

The little girl who printed strawberries told him all this.

Qin Yi wants to find out if there are any records about wormholes.

If he wants to return to the interstellar age, he can only pass through the wormhole again. Or… There are gods in this world. The gods will not only forgive his blasphemy, but also tear up the space for him.

But what is this?

This is a story that can only be done after eighteen daydreams!

Qin Yi yawned.

Stand on the edge of the boat and look down.

The buildings here are quite tall. They are all made of wood, and a high tip is built on them to connect with the clouds.

Qin Yi guessed that this is probably… They think this is the closest way to the gods.

Qin Yi’s eyes turned.

The ship slowly retracted its wings and landed again.

The dark crowd met him.

They bowed and shouted, “meet your majesty.”

Qin Yi tilted his head.

Why did he ever want to be a star? In fact, at the beginning, he just thought, how can a weak and young Omega who has even lost the attraction of pheromones overthrow the mountain of patriarchy?

If you can stand at the top.

All eyes.

Can he stop being oppressed by the family?

even to the extent that.

There will be many people who love him sincerely.

That will make up for the slightest love he has never felt since he was a child.

But it’s amazing.

He got his inheritance. He didn’t succeed in chasing his dream show business.

But countless people really bowed to him.

But no one really likes him.

Qin Yi pursed her lips and walked slowly forward in the eager eyes of the people and under their embrace.

“The divine officer is just in time. Today, an exorcism ceremony is being held. Please preside over it.” the other party said and stuffed a torch into his hand.

The torch is specially made.

Hold your hand cold, press the button above, the top will open and spray blue flame.

Qin Yi raised his eyes with a question mark on his face.

Then I saw the woman on the high platform.

Women’s hands and feet are bound.

There are firewood piles on the shelves below. As long as she goes up a little, she will be swallowed up by the fire immediately.

Qin Yi:?

forget it.

He’s still going to be a star.

Being surrounded by such a group of people is not a happy thing.

“Holy officer, please.” the people of the divine court urged.

“What should I do?” Qin Yi asked.

“You just need to light the firewood pile under her feet. If there is no evil power on her, the flame can’t devour the believers of the gods. If she has believed in evil and abandoned her faith, the flame will burn her.”

Qin Yi: ”

This retarded link setting.

It’s like asking a person to prove that he is not mentally ill is a completely false proposition.

“Holy officer, what are you hesitating about?” the other party stared at him and asked.


In addition to ah Fei and others, they have been stunned by him.

People here don’t care about Qin Yi, and even deliberately want to embarrass him.

But who the fuck cares?

Qin Yi nodded politely at him.

Then he opened the fire and lit him.

The man screamed and rolled down to the ground.

He rolled like hell.

But it didn’t work.

The fire even burned other people’s feet, so for a time, everyone was far away from him.

Qin Yi pointed to him and said lightly, “you see, the evil is on him. The fire burned him.”

The crowd was shocked and silent. For a moment, they couldn’t make any more voices, leaving only the man’s constant screams.

Qin Yi pointed to the tied woman: “put her down. The evil is gone.”

Then he turned and walked to the hall of the divine court without looking at others.

Everyone’s throat is tight.

After a long time, he looked in the direction of Qin Yi’s departure and showed his frightened eyes.

Wu Hong looked at the scene.

If he has a body.

He should have felt the tremor almost trembling. It was a tremor that could not be described in words, as if the brilliance of the stars fell on the young man.

He likes Qin Yi.

He likes Qin Yi very much.

Qin Yi’s life is meaningful.

His body carries the brilliance that Wu Hong has never seen.

Ah Fei’s lips trembled not far away.

The priest really looks like an evil god

Ah Fei doesn’t know.

Even evil gods. Their gods have turned against each other.

In another piece of time and space.

The alliance will arrange people to try to enter the wormhole first. The news spread on the star network.

At the same time, a list of candidates who will enter the wormhole is published.

The first one is Zheng Yi’an.

[is the League crazy? Why did they send Zheng Yian out?] [Zheng Yian is their king – blow up.]

[it seems that Zheng Yian’s alpha level is very high.]

[then no one dares to risk such a precious alpha! Even if it is likely to succeed…]

When the representatives of the alliance saw the news, they were actually ignorant.

He has no such idea!

His father, the president of the league, has no such plan!

“Why, sir? Did you release the list? Why did your name appear on it?” he hurriedly pushed Zheng Yi’an’s door open.

Just like when I met trouble countless times and went to find Zheng Yi’an to solve it.

Today, Zheng Yian also raised his head slowly, giving people a strong sense of peace of mind.

Zheng Yi’an smiled and said, “I am willing to devote myself to the league and die.”

But the representative can’t feel happy and proud as usual.

He looked at Zheng Yi’an and suddenly felt a chill from his back.

They can use Zheng Yi’an any way they like.

But here, No.

The alliance will accuse them of shortsightedness.

The outside of the alliance will accuse them of throwing away when they use up, regardless of meritorious officials.

Countless soldiers will feel cold.

“Sir… What do you want to do?” the representative squeezed his voice out of his throat.

Zheng Yi’an stood up slowly, smiled and asked, “do you remember the name Qin Yi?”

Of course!

Isn’t this the fiancee of the crown prince and general Zhou recently? Even Lu Ji and the keyabi family were strangely involved!

“Qin Yi fell into the wormhole. This is not an excuse to dig and study the wormhole, but a fact.

“Aren’t you kidding? I hope I pretend to have such a fiancee, too? Of course I don’t have such a fiancee.

“But I have a crush on their fiancee. I’m going to rob her now. What do you think of the alliance as a bride price?”


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