I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 45

A sound of “bang”.

The representative of the alliance knocked down the precision instrument behind him. Then he looked back in embarrassment, and realized that he was in front of Zheng Yi’an because of such a short remark!

He wanted to ask Zheng Yian, do you know what terrible words he was saying.

He wanted to express some threats more directly.

But he’s not qualified enough.

When he turned around and walked out of Zheng Yian’s temporary office, he realized that he had behaved more impolite.

He should have directly asked Zheng Yian!

Ask him if he has anti alliance thoughts!

Now go back and question, it has fallen down again

He stood there rigidly, neither walking nor staying for a moment, and his heart was like a thorn.

For a long time, he couldn’t help thinking that Zheng Yi’an had such a terrible idea because of the joke he played that day?

No, no, no!

He soon denied himself,

Zheng Yi’an is not such an impulsive person… If he wants to have such an idea, the other party must know him for at least a year. This may just be Zheng Yian’s excuse! He just wants to oppose the alliance!

The alliance representative gnashed his teeth.

Big deal

No big deal, I’ll poke your words to the people of the two empires! One of them won’t be happy? Whether he is true or false, the robbed fiancee will hurt his son if he goes there!

“What sound?”

The hum and noise from the distance, like the voices of countless crowded people, made the already upset mood of the alliance representatives worse.

The Secretary on the side dared to come forward and reply: “didn’t some businessmen set up a special wormhole tourism line before? This is the people who arrived at the nearby alliance. After hearing that Mr. Zheng was going to enter the wormhole, they came to protest…”

Represents darkness in front of you.

So fast!?

So what’s happening in the alliance now… He doesn’t dare to think about it.

Zheng Yian has always been the door of the alliance and is the official spokesman of the alliance. His meaning to the alliance is almost the same as Zhou Yiqing’s meaning to the Yanhuang empire. He’s a standard politician. So what?

People only care how much benefit and value he has created for the alliance.

From this point, Zheng Yian is the only pillar of the alliance!

The alliance can only regret it now. Zheng Yi’an is so easy to use that they are used to letting Zheng Yi’an deal with everything.

The more Zheng Yian does.

Now Zheng Yi’an’s behavior of entering the wormhole will set off how cold-blooded and ruthless they are!

The movement of the alliance soon even Zhou Yiqing and hols heard of it.

“Zheng Yi’an doesn’t really want to enter the wormhole?” Ji Yang, the adjutant, was shocked.

Zhou Yiqing only said faintly, “he is a political guest.”

Almost the same conversation took place here in hols.

“Will Zheng Yian really do such a crazy thing? The representative of the alliance is saying that Zheng Yian tried to enter the wormhole for the sake of Mr. Qin Yi.”

“No way,” said HALS firmly.

“Unless he wants to be cheated by Qin yikeng again,” said hors, with a smile on his lips. After all, Qin Yi helped him deal with Zheng Yi’an. Now in retrospect, it seems to be the only memory with sweet

Even if it’s been so long.

Now, in retrospect, he even felt that Qin Yi’s eyebrows and eyes were overflowing with sweet meaning.

At the thought of here.

Hols was suddenly in a bad mood again.

So when will Qin Yi find it?

The minister looked at the prince’s suddenly changed look and stopped his voice blankly.

The alliance is really emphasizing —

We didn’t force Zheng Yi’an to go to the wormhole. Where is there anything to rob? He really just took a fancy to someone else’s fiancee! And try to rob! It’s purely personal! Why don’t you criticize his immorality?

So exhausted.

No one believes it at all.

Most people increasingly feel that “Qin Yi” may be a code name for political action. There is a huge secret in the wormhole!

At this time, panda was in the first college on the star.

“Did you watch the news?”

“What news do you mean?”

“What else?”

“… do you want to say that general Zhou, the crown prince of the enemy country, Mr. Lu Ji, and even the king of the keyabi family rushed to the wormhole because of Qin Yi, and even blew up two command rooms? Or do you want to say that the diplomat of the alliance, Mr. Zheng Yi’an, recently, was all because he wanted to break into the wormhole?”

When that comes out.

Everyone has a moment of silence.

After a while, someone’s voice sounded low: “the eldest parent of the Qin family on Pan Daxing has a son named Qin Yi, right?”

“We have a younger student who has completed the course in advance. His name is Qin Yi, right?”

No one dared to answer the question for a while.

They never thought that the time political news related to big people would be so close to them one day!

People in the school dare not recognize Qin Yi.

But Qin Yi’s father dared to admit it, but what’s the use of daring to admit it?

He didn’t expect that as soon as Qin Yi left pan Daxing, the strength of Omega pheromone on his body came into play!

Originally, he just wanted to send Qin Yi to general Zhou.

As a result, it still attracts so many big people

The Qin family turned over all kinds of comments on the Internet.

Most people are asking “who is Qin Yi” and “how powerful he is”.

They can’t wait to cross the star net, grab these people’s ears and shout, Qin Yi, that’s the Qin family on our Pan Da star!

“Unexpectedly… Qin Yi is so capable. It depends not only on the attraction of pheromones in the test report… People like Zheng Yi’an are willing to go into the wormhole to find him. Does that have more attraction than pheromones?”

“Big brother! There won’t be many top alpha in the future. Are you in a hurry to recognize you as your father-in-law?”

The Qin family said with all kinds of words.

They can’t wait to go to the wormhole to replace the missing Qin Yi to enjoy those benefits!

These big people, any one of them, leak some resources to them from their fingers, which is enough for them to eat all their life

Only Qin Jianlin didn’t make a sound.

“What’s the use of people in wormholes?”

“You can’t say that… In fact, it’s even better if people don’t come out. When he comes out, you offend the other parties by marrying him, right? But if he doesn’t come out, he will become the white moonlight that everyone can’t get in their hearts…”

Qin Jianlin didn’t make a sound.

He knows alpha. The more top alpha, the less you care about Omega. Can Qin Yi have the charm that alpha will never forget after disappearing for ten, twenty… Or even a hundred years?

Qin Yi was writing a letter at this time.

To whom?

To the king of Pali.

No matter how simple the belief is at the beginning, once it is close to power, it will only become a tool to play with power.

The closer to the center of the divine court, Qin Yi felt this more deeply.

The divine court has many strange rules.

It demands the chastity of the magistrates. It wantonly punishes those who disobey itself. For example, the exorcism ceremony yesterday is one of the ways of punishment. It requires the people of several major federations to send their children to the divine court to test whether they are suitable for learning kandarati civilization

In this test.

Qin Yi found that these young children had the characteristics of ABO gender division.

Shenting also found this, but they don’t have the concept of ABO.

Only know that some young girls will be particularly attractive.

They called it “the gift of God”, and Qin Yi was speechless.

Private desire should not be above the law. Modern civilization is an inevitable demand.

Including alpha’s suppression and imprisonment of Omega is ridiculous.

He is temporarily unable to shake the rules of the interstellar age.

But now he can do a good thing —

Blow up the shenting before you leave here.

Wu Hong, whose consciousness is still projected into the robot, is standing behind Qin Yi at the moment. He watched Qin Yi write to whale.

Um… The words are also very good-looking.

Wu Hong thought.

It was written to the king of the city of Pali.

The king who will marry him.

At this time, Qin Yi suddenly turned his head and put the letter in Wu Hong’s storage bin.

Qin Yi whispered, “can you do this for me?” he paused, smiled and said, “I believe you can.”

Qin Yi tapped a few times on Wu Hong’s display screen and entered the map route.

I send letters to whales.

Let you work with the whale to blow up my God court and believers?

“No. 1 is not suitable to do this. I’ll stay here. You can only go.” Qin Yi said softly.

It means.

In the young man’s heart, he is at least better than the big man No. 1.

Blast shenting?

… it’s not impossible.

Wu Hong heard his cold voice and replied, “master, I will follow your instructions.”

Looking for Qin Yi’s whereabouts everywhere, the whale, who is ready to fight several major federations, received this letter from the divine court.

It is also a sign of a god official.

“What does this mean? Do you want to make peace with you?” the clan asked puzzled.

The position of divine officials in the divine court is quite high.

The young Wang slowly opened the letter.

He trembled a little.

He was shocked by the excellence of Qin Yi. In such a short time, he turned from the role of a hostage to a divine official of the divine court.

Where did he know that the robot in front of him was the one who cheated.

He paused, then squeezed out his voice from his throat: “he invited me to destroy the God court and protect the people of Pali city with him.”

His bride has greater wildness than he and his people.

When they are still thinking about how to solve the problem of being single.

His bride is already thinking about how to overthrow the gods.

Whales are thermostatic animals.

But he felt as if boiling blood was flowing slowly from his blood vessels, and his breathing became faster.

He liked the city and became more fond of his bride.

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale immediately sensed these memories.

For a king who has put the life of race above his own life and experienced thousands of years, his emotion has been almost numb.

When Qin Yi said “destroy the divine court and protect the people together”, it brought fatal attraction to our race and the people of our city-state, so that they were not afraid of the gods.

The young Wang fell in love with Qin Yi at first sight.

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. Jing finally understood why so many people gathered here because of Qin Yi.

That is independent of emotion – desire, heart.

Wu Hong left after delivering the letter.

This body is not very good and moves very slowly. At least in his eyes.

He felt that he was a little missing Qin Yi.

This may be the idea of robots.

No one has ever become a robot. Maybe a robot just doesn’t want to leave its owner.

Wu Hong thought so, so he simply joined a part of his own power projection.

The instant influx of power distorts the space for a moment.

Then he lifted the glowing robot arm, completely tore open the space, and then realized short-distance transmission.

But a wink.

Wu Hong returned to the divine court.

He walked slowly to Qin Yi’s side.


He screamed a little more smoothly.

Qin Yi turns back in surprise.

I didn’t expect the robot to come back so soon

“Let me see.” Qin Yi wants to touch his storehouse. Is the letter still there. But as soon as Qin Yi’s hand touched it, Wu Hong’s arm crashed to the ground.

Wu Hong: ”

This body can’t bear his strength.

Qin Yi bent down and picked it up: “is this trip very hard?”

Hard work? Or not hard?

Don’t wait for Wu Hong to come up with a better answer.

Bang, he lost another arm.

Qin Yi frowned: “I knew I wouldn’t let you go. How could it be so badly damaged?”

Then the big man came in.

He was stunned when he saw Wu Hong’s appearance, but he kept his voice down and reported to Qin Yi first: “I went to see the statue of the gods in the temple. I don’t know what it is made of. The knife is on the top and can’t leave a trace…”

Qin Yi replied carelessly, “well, it should be more difficult to explode.”

“Explode?” the big man was stunned.

Qin Yi: “yes, if we can explode together at the same time, the visual effect should be more shocking?”

Wu Hong:?

Want to blow up my statue?

Qin Yi tried to connect his arm to Wu Hong: “… How could it rot so thoroughly? I probably have to buy you two arms again.”

Wu Hong felt his consciousness and was gently swept and touched by Qin Yi’s fingertips.

Then there seemed to be a shudder in the depths of the soul.

He’s going to buy me an arm.

Wu Hong fell into a strange mood.

His mood was extremely bad, but he was extremely happy.

It’s not impossible to blow up my statue.

Buy two new arms and blow up two.


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