I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 46

While waiting, Qin Yi looked through a large number of books stored in the divine court.

It really made him find records related to “wormhole”.

However, in this era, there is no such saying as “wormhole”.

“January 22, 1811, should be between 22:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. the next day. The specific time can not be tested. Mei, who lives in Pali city state, saw a black spot above the sky. The black spot became bigger and bigger in his eyes until it turned into a hole full of swirls…”

This is recorded in ancient books.

They even think that it is the door to hell.

So until the last hole closed, none of them dared to approach.

This is not the first time a wormhole has appeared.

In the new era, it appeared in 1927 and 2033.

There was a farmer in a remote country whose sheep were lost in the cave.

Beside the pages of this ancient book, a vivid picture of the sheep was even drawn.

The exposed mechanical skeleton is wrapped by the vortex of the wormhole. The skeleton is folded in half. It is like being caught by a devil.

How to put it?

It was a terrible death.

Qin Yi pressed the forehead.

He suddenly wondered if he could go back.

Suddenly, there was another bang.

Qin Yi looked back.

The back armor of the robot also fell off, and the left thigh even faltered.

Qin Yi’s thoughts were blocked. How to open the wormhole → safely pass through the wormhole. Such trouble became insignificant.

“We’re going to fix your body now.” Qin Yi agreed with the ancient books at hand, stood up and said.

He said and walked ahead.

Wu Hong dragged the broken body of the robot and walked slowly behind. This speed is very slow, but at least it won’t suddenly fly off a thigh.

“Lord, where are you going?” the people outside the door heard the news and immediately turned back respectfully.

It’s not how much he respects Qin Yi, but the amazing performance of Qin Yi at the scene of exorcism a few days ago, which makes people afraid of him at the bottom of their hearts.

In addition, the shenting personnel who came back from the front line repeatedly stressed that the Shenguan was favored by the gods and that he was the one who knew the gods best.

At the same time, someone said with a complicated look that his origin should be very shocking.

Especially Fei. Every time I mention this God official, I will walk with my ass between my legs. I don’t know what’s wrong

This is a combination.

The new young god official who had just arrived at the divine court suddenly became unfathomable.

No one dares to provoke!

Qin Yi’s eyes fell on the personnel of the divine court and looked at the other party’s face changing.

Qin Yi:?

Why does your face seem a little frightened? Huh?

Qin Yi whispered, “is there any machinery shop nearby?”

Hearing the sound, the personnel of the divine court suddenly set their eyes on Wu Hong.

He looked strange and said, “of course… But is he alone? Why do you bother to assemble limbs for something that has no life at all?”

Qin Yi doesn’t intend to talk to each other about robots.

He paused and said, “because it’s beautiful.”

Because it looks good = I look good in Qin Yi’s eyes.

In Wu Hong’s mind, such an equal sign was drawn quickly.

Just no one knows what he’s thinking.

After Qin Yi got the address of the machinery shop, he went out immediately.

The transportation of shenting is the same.

Small trains and cars pulled by mechanical horses passing through residential cities. He can only choose the latter because he is a “high status” deity.

When his cars and horses passed through the city, some residents even knelt down in his direction.

Qin Yi walks into the machinery shop.

He turned and asked, “number two, what kind of new limbs do you want?”

The big man stood there in surprise.

No matter how intelligent artificial intelligence is, it is just a robot. After all, it does not have human emotion.

But does your highness Qin Yi have to take care of the wishes of the robot?

Perhaps this is what moves people under your highness Qin Yi!

Wu Hong at this end also paused.

What kind of new limbs?

This body is so rotten that it can’t be recovered.

But Wu Hong still opened his mouth. His robot body is tall. When staring at Qin Yi, he should slightly lower his head.

Wu Hong stared at Qin Yi and said, “please make a choice for me.”

This most basic interaction also makes Qin Yi feel very happy.

It’s like he really gave his robot a soul.

Qin Yi soon chose new limbs for him.

“God officer, this is the most expensive mechanical part in our shop.” the shopkeeper said nervously.

He was very worried. After a while, the priest took things directly and left without paying.

“Never mind, I have money.” Qin Yi readily took out the checkbook given to him by Melly bank, wrote down the amount on it, and then signed his name.

No, he is too rich in this age.

Money is one thing.

But who is willing to spend the money on is another matter.

This is probably a line that Wu Hongdu saw in human TV dramas thousands of years ago, which he was about to forget.

Qin Yi is willing to spend money on him.

Wu Hong thought.

The shopkeeper probably hasn’t seen such a forthright deity.

God knows, the Wuwu God court is poor – much older!

The shopkeeper excitedly personally sent Qin Yi out of the door. He firmly held the check of Melly bank, and the checks were folded.

“You will have a after-sales period of up to 100 years! I welcome you at any time!”


Qin Yi soon returned to the divine court.

On the way, he also saw someone selling the “periphery” of the gods. For example, the quotations of gods, the replica of vessels used by gods.

And those who sell clay models —

A pair of jade like, bony hands tore open the black night.

“What is this?” Qin Yi asked.

“This is the hand of the God, my Lord. He opened the door of space and time and came to the world.”


If you want to say so.

Is “wormhole” actually the door of space and time opened by the gods?

But are there really gods in this world?

Qin Yi tilted his head.

He has no faith, of course, he can’t believe it.

Qin Yi still spent a little money and bought the model.

He wanted to find out how wormholes were formed.

After returning to the hall of the divine court, Qin Yi spent another full day to reassemble the body for the robot.

The shenting personnel are very satisfied with this.

“I thought the new God official would be eager to control the power of the divine court after he gave us a blow with his backhand. But it seems that he… Doesn’t care about these at all?”

“He’s only interested in the iron monster around him! That thing can talk!”

“It’s terrible… Does he really have the preference of gods? I think it’s more like evil attached to the iron monster!”

When the members of the divine court were sighing.

News came from the front.

The whale officially fought against several major city states.

Not only that, he also made a war to the divine court.

The divine court robbed his bride to be a priest.

He will overthrow the divine court.

What? What?

Is the priest the bride of the whale?

The divine official is not interested in being in power because he is waiting for his man to lift the whole divine court???

The divine court personnel almost split on the spot.

In the face of the provocation of several major city states, the whole family poured out.

They attacked several major city states with an immortal attitude, and swept the holy court all the way.


“Is the Kayabi crazy?”

The people of several big cities shuddered.

At this time, Qin Yi sat in the hall, slowly lowered his head and took a sip of black tea.

Then he looked up again.

The tall robot stood in front of a huge mirror.

His new limbs, because they were not purchased in the same store as other torso, will inevitably appear out of place after being matched together.

Well, it’s polite to say that you don’t fit in.

To be exact, after the repair, because of the differences in color and material, it clearly uses the top mechanical materials, but it makes it look more dilapidated.

Qin Yi was silent for a moment: “number two, do you like it?”

Black torso and thighs, silver arms and back armor.

Wu Hong said, “I like it very much.”

His voice has just dropped.

The door of the main hall was suddenly knocked open from the outside.

“My Lord,” said the man, with a hurried and gloomy face, “can you tell us what your relationship with the king of the city of Paley is?”

Old God Qin Yi said, “ah, didn’t they tell you? At first, people from several major city states kidnapped me from the city of Paley to threaten the king of Paley.”

“God! How could this happen?”

“How can he get in?”

“Because of him, the divine court and the Pali city-state have officially started war!”

“My God, have you seen his evil deeds?”

Wu Hong:.

I saw it.

I really like it.

Nothing else.

In fact, in addition to the statues of the supreme gods, the shenting also enshrined statues such as Rui, the God of wisdom, Tai, the God of war, and the God of dawn. There are seven or eight in total.

They think kandarati is the kingdom of God.

The supreme god ruled over his subjects in kandarati.

Now the high level of the divine court kneels down in front of the God of war.

They asked for his help.

“Please send down a miracle,” they repeated.

But some people quietly asked, “is it really useful? None of us have seen gods, haven’t we? Our understanding of gods only comes from those ancient books related to kandarati…”

“Have you forgotten the miracles on the oracle?” the old man standing in the middle opened his eyelids.

The old man paused and said, “who says you haven’t seen a God? I did see a god last month. Then beg.”

His voice has just dropped.

A white light shone brightly.

A hole was broken in the sky of the main hall, and a vortex was formed in the hole, with terrible pressure.

The rolling of the high dimension over the low dimension is ruthless and rough.

The hall collapsed in an instant.

“Miracles… Miracles!” they only had time to shout, and most of them were covered under the ruins.

A voice came from the cave: “do you say there are believers who betray the gods?”

“… yes, yes,” the old man replied weakly, “there. He has reached a despicable cooperation with the kiabi.”

At this time, Qin Yi raised his eyes in a panic and frightened cry.

He could clearly see that the top cover of the hall where he was located was lifted by a strong suction.

Then he saw a hole at a glance, and it was suspended in mid air.

Is this the “miracle” of this era? Qin Yi’s face didn’t change much.

He looked up slightly.

At the same time, he raised his hand and gently swept the button on Wu Hong’s body with his fingertips. The main brain is turned on, the ID card plays a role, and he quietly mobilizes all the insect robots again.

“Are you from level 3 civilization?… you even have level 4 civilization on your body. No, level 5? Level 7 traces…” that hole can speak.

According to the most common division rules.

When man’s ability to travel between planets is considered to have reached the first level of civilization.

When human beings can realize the ability of communication between stars and even steal the energy of stars, they have reached the second-class civilization.

When human beings can shuttle freely between galaxies and survive for a long time, they will reach the third level of civilization

The fourth level civilization represents that human beings have been able to use wormholes and other ways to travel in leaps and bounds.

The five level civilization can realize the transformation of low-dimensional and high-dimensional space.

The life bodies of the sixth civilization are no longer limited to material forms. They can cross the parallel universe.

The seventh civilization cannot be observed by lower civilizations.

They are considered to be the existence of controlling cosmic games. They observe all low-level civilizations from above.

So it is also called divine civilization.

Just like the oldest people on earth, imagine observing whether Schrodinger’s closed box is a living cat or a dead cat.

The seventh civilization really observes and overlooks all the lower civilizations.

“I want to eat you,” said the voice in the hole. Maybe he will move towards the seventh civilization.

Qin Yi:?

Wu Hong:.

Stop writing.


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