I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 47

Qin Yi had no faith and never ridiculed others’ beliefs.

But for the gods who want to eat when they open their mouth, he thinks he doesn’t need to be polite.

“Is this the god they worship?” Qin Yi’s tone is light. If you listen carefully, you will find a trace of mockery.

This is not me.

Wu Hong raised his eyes, which were originally cold and inorganic, and belonged to the robot’s eyes. Now they looked more dark, like two bottomless abysses, with a terrible smell.

Outside the black hole should be the same as his men Rui.

In the description of the interstellar age, it is life from the fifth or sixth civilization that exists in high-dimensional space.

Wu Hong recalled it carefully.

I can’t tell which of his men is this kind of hidden thing.

However, the power of high-dimensional space to low-dimensional space is almost crushing.

It’s like people can tear a piece of paper wantonly by gently closing their fingers.

Now Qin Yi and his party are like a piece of paper for things outside the cave.

Wu Hong was suddenly a little unhappy.

At this time, other people in the divine court also heard the movement, and they ran out one after another.

“God, what’s that?”

“Is it a miracle?”

“The temple is collapsed! The central temple is collapsed! The elders are still inside!… and statues…”

They shouted in panic.

“No, you… Look up.” I don’t know who made the noise.

I saw that the statues enshrined in the temple were defective except for the statue of the Supreme God. Either the arm is missing, or half the ear is missing. More importantly, only half of the head and half of the body are left.

Only the statue of the Supreme God, whose face was not carved, stood tall and straight among the ruins, pushing away all the dust and gravel.

It seems that he is the only one left in the world.

Unspeakable shock and towering.

Even after Qin Yi looked at the past, he couldn’t help but gently pick the tail of his eyebrow.

The old man of shenting climbed out of the ruins.

While spitting blood, he pointed to the black hole and said, “that’s… That’s the God we begged to come after we summoned it with sincerity and sacrificed it with blood in our heart.”

The people of shenting have believed in God for so many years.

But when they really saw this moment, they only raised uncontrollable fear from the bottom of their hearts.

The real gods have such magical powers

The bottomless black vortex seems to be as terrible as cannibalism

The old man is old enough to eat more salt than they eat rice.

Facing such a strange situation, he didn’t change his face. He even took a deep breath and said, “God officer, do you have anything to say?”

The old man is a little afraid of Qin Yi.

After all, the changes in the Oracle are still vivid.

But the more so… The more he hoped that the magistrates would only be loyal to the gods. Not with the king of Pali.

With the old man taking the lead.

The others were able to return to God. They immediately seemed to have gained the backbone and confidence, and said one after another: “please speak to the Lord of God!”

Qin Yi laughed and said, “what are you talking about?”

At this time, Wu Hong slowly pulled out from the feeling that he was unhappy, his fingertips itched and wanted to collapse the whole space.

His remaining light swept to Qin Yi.

It’s such a moment.

It is clear that there is a great disparity between the forces of the enemy and ours.

Even if the king of Pali had an enemy, he couldn’t get here immediately.

But Qin Yi seemed to have no fear.

It seems that no one in the world can manipulate his emotions.

Qin Yi’s calmness made Wuhong suddenly calm down.

At this time, someone shouted angrily, “the king of Pali city leads the whole family to move! It’s a game at all costs! What’s it for? Isn’t it for you, the God official?”

Qin Yi:?

Who first besieged the city of Paley?

“You have been favored by the Supreme God, and you have become a priest. But how can you give your loyalty and love to two people at the same time? Please write a letter to prove it, and then draw a line with the city of Paley, and never have any contact with the king of the city of Paley!” the old man snapped.

“That’s right! The divine court can’t accommodate people with two hearts!”

“Our whole life can only be dedicated to the gods…”

“You seem to have forgotten that if people from several major cities had not kidnapped me, I would still live my leisure life in Pali city.” of course not.

But Qin Yi never gave up the moral commanding heights to others.

“You seem to have forgotten that you came to ask me to be a divine officer. You hope that through me, you can strengthen the relationship between you and the gods.” Qin Yi reminded faintly.

The old man looked calm and unmoved. He just repeated, “you were appointed by the gods.”

A deity favored by the gods.

But turned against others.

Once it gets out, what a scandal it will be! Where is the prestige of the divine court? This will shake people’s faith!

Qin Yi didn’t say this to the old man and his party.

It’s for others.

If there are three or two sober minded people who can play a role in listening, it will be immeasurable merit and salvation.

If no one can be saved, pull it down.

Anyway, it will blow up together.

The rest of the divine court couldn’t hold it at this time.

They didn’t expect that the new God official was so difficult. Even in the face of such miracles, he did not waver or yield.

A little indescribable shame rose in their hearts.

We all have to bow down to the gods.

How can he be fearless?

“Would you rather die than draw a line with the city of Paley?” someone shouted.

At this time, Fei mixed in the crowd and was a little at a loss.

Why, why didn’t anyone pay attention to the divine court personnel under the ruins of the collapsed temple?

Why do they only keep an eye on the new gods?

Fei murmured: “it shouldn’t be like this…”

He grabbed the people around him: “have you forgotten? The God official has a huge monster!”

The arrested man was frightened for a moment, but soon shook his head and said, “so what? The God is on…”

At this time, they heard that the new deity, dressed in white robes, looked beautiful and gentle, asked softly, “what if I say so?”

This sentence immediately caused an uproar.

Wu Hong looked at Qin Yi’s figure with a slight trance.

Conformity, betrayal, incompetence.

Like dirty mud on the ground.

It makes people not even interested in seeing more.

Brave, arrogant, free.

It became a great hymn.

Wu Hong was so fascinated that he even completely forgot that he was the God Qin Yi wanted to overthrow.

The shenting staff suddenly knelt toward the big black hole: “please lower the divine punishment…”

As they spoke, they quietly did not turn their heads and looked at Qin Yi’s face.

Seems to want to intimidate Qin Yi.

Only Qin Yi is very clear.

What threat?

The creature outside the black hole has made it clear that it wants to eat him. It was only for some reason that he didn’t start immediately.

At this time, Qin Yi lifted his eyes and swept them.

The black hole has changed.

The whirlpool inside turned faster and faster. It really looked like a big mouth.

Qin Yi snorted with a smile: “who will accompany you to play such a game of family rights?”

His voice fell.

Countless insect shaped robots on the eaves moved quietly. They grew from small to large, spread their wings quickly, like breaking a cocoon, and turned into a dark place in the blink of an eye.

The mechanical wings fluttered and made a cold collision sound.

For a moment, half the sky of the divine Court seemed to be covered.

The other half is occupied by the huge black hole.

The crowd stared in horror.

They shouted hoarsely in their throats and were extremely frightened. They seemed to turn into a pair of big hands and strangled their necks.

“Insects, insects…”

“Insects have turned into monsters!”

In their trembling and fearful eyes.

A pink giant suddenly stretched out his limbs and rose from the ground to occupy the whole altar.

Their God officials, just like gods o, were lifted up by the cold and ruthless giant with both hands and then disappeared.

The big man also took out his new mecha.

Because it was purchased in this era, they certainly recognized it at a glance.

But this thing is compared with things in the interstellar age.

It’s very different.

The mecha of this era is full of romance and is not as big as the mecha of Qin Yi.

Not to mention that the mecha of the interstellar age is only a pure weapon. Even if it is painted in a pink color, it is also full of the natural strong killing intention on the Cold machinery.

Qin Yi has never manipulated the mecha so seriously.

The heavy and tall mecha, like a mountain opening giant, became extremely dexterous under his control.

Step out.

It’s tens of meters.

Running, the earth seemed to tremble.

Bricks and tiles fell.

Ground collapse.

The wormlike robot and the black hole together to block out the sky and the sun. All this seemed like the end of the day.

At this time, the big ship of shenting flew.


“Stop it!”

“Ask the gods to punish…”

“Please give us strength…”

The divine court is in a mess. You can kneel down and shout anything.

The old man also murmured, “God of war, God of war, please bless your believers and win every war in the future…”

But the black hole was strange and there was no other movement.

In addition to lying there quietly and revealing its horror and mystery, it has no, have, don’t, and.

In fact, Qin Yi didn’t have a clear concept of how strong his learning ability was. After all, when he was on Pan Daxing, he read all the necessary subjects of “a good wife and mother”.

He has never been formally exposed to subjects such as mecha and conducted examinations.

He used to ride in the Pali Royal ship.

He stood with the king and witnessed how others manipulated the ship.

Later, I took several other federal ships, shenting’s ships.

As soon as experience accumulated, it was not very difficult for him to start this thing.

Qin Yi quickly manipulated these older buttons and steering levers. He looked back and said, “No. 1, I’m a little thirsty.”

The big man was still immersed in the excitement of running away from the God’s eyes just now. His brain roared and his heart beat fast. He didn’t respond for a moment.

At this time, a beautiful water cup was handed to Qin Yi. Qin Yi: “I have no hands to spare.”

So the water cup was sent forward again, all the way to Qin Yi’s lips.

Qin Yi slightly bowed his head.

The cup tilted up slightly, and the water in the cup came to Qin Yi’s mouth.

Qin Yi licked his lips and moved to the beginning.

His eyes fell on the silver arm.

That’s the robot’s hand.

He brought the water.

Qin Yi’s eyes turned again and caught a glimpse of the pattern painted on the cup.

That’s a painting of the falling star river.

The painter has a superb memory. After the water poured in, the star river seemed to ripple, and the whole painting moved.

Qin Yi jokingly said, “No. 1, did you take this? It seems to be a sacred vessel in front of the statue of the Supreme God.”

The big man recovered. He said, “no, I didn’t take it.”

Qin Yi: “hmm?”

Qin Yi turned his head.

He looked at the cold robot: “is that you, number two?”

The robot then squeezed a word out of its throat: “HMM.”

Qin Yi looked at the robot and didn’t know why. He felt that his simple face seemed to be alive and had a little human flexibility.

More pleasing.

Qin Yi smiled and said, “if the people of the divine court knew that their sacred vessels had been brought to me to drink water, I insulted their gods again. They would probably die in situ?”

The robot stared at his smile and squeezed a word out of his throat: “HMM.”

Qin Yi looked back at the robot again. He said, “No. 2, you’re so brave. Just take it. Why did you just pick such a thing?”

The big guy wants to say that robots can’t answer such questions, can they?

But the robot spoke again, and this time, it was much longer than the single word just popped out.

“It’s the best,” he said

What does the people of the divine court have to do with what they offer?

He wants to give the good things to Qin Yi.

He thought it was better to be a divine official than a king’s bride.

But Qin Yi doesn’t like shenting.

Then don’t use the divine court.

Wu Hong thought carelessly.

His life is too long and his strength is too strong.

It was engraved in his bones to do whatever he wanted.

It’s as simple as eating and drinking water. It doesn’t even need extra brain.

The big head was surprised at the sound.

He once heard about the news that artificial intelligence is out of control… But he didn’t expect that artificial intelligence can be out of control to this extent —

“Give the best to the master”.

This is more flattering than a human!

Qin Yi leaned on the chair and tilted his head.

After a long time, he said, “yes.”

He smiled and said, “I like the best things.”

Qin Yi actually has no memory of his mother.

Only a warm vague impression.

His imagination of good parents came from Kong Jiaxiang.

At that time, Qin Yi was still young, and Kong Jiaxiang knew that Lai Sao disturbed the most beautiful Omega. Young Master Kong is tired of talking to others and can no longer show his superiority.

So he chose Qin Yi, who looked the best.

“My father made some money in business last month. It’s not much. Just 80 million. Then he bought me the most expensive Xingyao mecha model! It’s not fun at all. But it’s just good-looking.”

“Do you know what’s popular in Dixing recently? What’s the best dessert shop? The” star explosion “of Pepe dessert. My mother asked someone to bring it to me from Dixing all night… No one on panda should have seen it.”


So many.

At that time, Xiao Qin Yi knew that the best thing was for the people he loved most.

When he was young, he even thought about it for a moment. He thought that a fool like Kong Jiaxiang should have a father like Qin Jianlin. And I want Kong Jiaxiang’s parents.

But later Qin Yi gave up the idea.

Because he came to understand.

Love is great not because I love you when you are good.

But when you are no longer good, I still love you.

Parents will bend over to love a fool.

This is the most moving place.

But I still like the best.

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at the tall and bulky robot. He smiled slightly, and the tail of his eyes was elongated a little, as if there was a romantic wave in his eyes.

The robot no longer makes a sound and only looks at Qin Yi with the cold eyes of the machine.

Qin Yi’s mecha was left along the ship and was not taken back.

The big head of the mecha hangs down.

In this way, with a giant looking down, it gradually disappeared in the panic of the divine court personnel and several federations.

The ship didn’t know how long it had passed before it sounded again.

The big head asked, “aren’t you afraid of the God? When I ran away, I heard them say, it seems to be a god of war… It sounds like it’s not easy to deal with.”

The big man now believes that there are gods.

Otherwise, the sound outside the black hole cannot be explained at all!

Wu Hong’s eyes moved.

God of war, he still has an impression.

This one today, not him.

Wu Hong couldn’t remember who it was.

The people of the divine court wish they could make up 108 gods. Over time, some things were stained with the light of God because they got faith, so they changed and were also called God.

But in Wuhong, it’s not even a fart.

Farts are more existential than them.

Is this kind of thing difficult to deal with?

He can kill one with one hand.

At this time, Qin Yi’s voice also rang. He asked lazily, “is this kind of thing difficult to deal with?”

Wu Hong’s eyes fell on Qin Yi again.

The big man was stunned: “but, but we are just humans…”

Qin Yi: “well, I know. Have you ever wondered why the voice of the God came out from behind the black hole?”

The big man stuttered: “because, because it’s terrible?” a voice came from a hole. The deterrent force was really not generally strong.

Qin Yi shook his head: “because it can’t come in.”

The big man was stunned.

Yes, really?

Is there such an interpretation?

Qin Yi: “if it is really a God, what do you think the power of the God should be?”


Qin thought his vocabulary was withered, so he added: “it is more powerful than human imagination. If the world is compared to a glass container, then the gods are an energy group enough to blow up a galaxy. When this energy group is forced to enter the glass container…”

“The container will explode,” muttered the big head.

Qin Yi nodded.

“The low-level world should not be able to bear the energy from the high-dimensional world. Therefore, it can only open a hole, shout into the hole and exert pressure. This greatly limits its ability. This is also the normal development rule of things. Otherwise, if it is out of order, all the low-level worlds can be destroyed at will.”

“Well… Can the hole move? Can it expand?”

“I think it can move, but it will consume a lot of energy. Tearing up space should be more difficult than coming directly.” this is just Qin Yi’s guess.

Otherwise, these worlds will not be a sieve? There are holes all over the sky?

“If you expand the hole… Unless it wants to destroy the world again,” Qin Yi whispered.

Qin Yi is right.

Wu Hong stood in front of Qin Yi, but he could clearly see that thousands of miles away, because the black hole had not moved for a long time, the shenting personnel couldn’t help but make a voice of doubt.

So the black hole seemed to be humiliated and immediately tore the hole a little bigger.

The bigger the hole, the stronger the suction.

Qin Yi didn’t catch it, but first sucked in two or three people from the divine court.

Now all the people in the divine court shut up, not to mention chasing Qin Yi.

Qin Yi is so clever.

He clearly did not believe in gods, but he was able to analyze the things that the divine court believed and studied for several years so thoroughly.

Wu Hong thought.

At this time, the big man opened his mouth in doubt: “if I were a God, it doesn’t matter if I blew up the world. Anyway, it’s just a world… Why is it afraid of the collapse of the world?”

Qin Yi paused: “There are two possibilities. First, it doesn’t want to give up the believers in the world. Second, the world belongs not to it, but to the Supreme God. It doesn’t dare to offend the Supreme God. The biggest evidence is that I was very close to it before, but it didn’t suck me into the hole. It didn’t start until the people of the divine court knelt down and begged it, and it had a legitimate excuse.”

But that thing probably didn’t expect Qin Yi to slip so fast.

Slip away when you’re done Hey!

“But in this case… Isn’t that God useless? They can’t interfere with the operation of a space at all?”

“Maybe there’s a way.” Qin Yi thought about it and asked, “have you seen some film and television works? There’s a type of terror called upper body. It can be on human body.”

you ‘re right.

Not just humans.

Any object can.

The earth, mountains and rivers can even become the conscious projection objects of gods.

Wu Hongxin said.

Without his explanation, Qin Yi has deduced the general rules.

“In this way, it seems meaningless to be a God…” the big man sighed, and he was not so afraid of gods at once.

He’s a little shy now.

He was not as calm and fearless as the Omega under Qin Yi.


Think about it.

It seems that there is nothing that Qin Yi is afraid of.

“It’s boring,” Qin Yi said.


Wu Hong answered softly in his heart.

Qin Yi suddenly stood up and said, “well, it’s time for us to go back to our own base camp.”

Below the big ship.

The star ship is faintly visible again.

Qin Yi pointed to the Starship and said, “well, if the God wants to eat me, I welcome it to swallow it together.”

Hearing this, the big man felt a stomachache.

“I really want to try it from its belly. Can I go through it and return to our original era?” Qin yiruo thought.

Want to… Go back?

Wu Hong stared at Qin Yi.

How can you need to pass through the stomach of such a fool?

This is the third day that Qin Yi fled from the divine court.

The huge black hole suddenly disappeared from the sky.

The people in the divine court are at a loss.

Did God give them up?

At this time, the energy group outside the big hole projected consciousness onto a member of the divine court.

He is young and strong, full of strength and full of faith.

But when it opens its eyes.

But I found my face wet.

Why does this person… Cry?

The person next to him was comforting: “no, don’t cry. Alas, I know that your key is still in the hands of the divine official. No, the traitor Qin Yi. The key can always be taken back…”

What key?

Before it could trace back the memory of the body, the great grief hidden in the body came up first.

His eyes are black.

Passed out uncontrollably.

“No! No! What’s the matter with you! Don’t worry, you really can’t cut off your ass and replace it with a mechanical one!”



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